Taylor Swift Shocking Racist Photo

Taylor Swift asian

Taylor Swift has finally taken her bigotry too far! Just look at this picture of her mockingly dressed up like an Asian woman.

As a Muslim I do not tolerate racism for I love all people… as long as they are Muslim… Sunni Muslim not a son of a motherless goat Shia Muslim. Yes Taylor Swift could learn a thing or 2 about tolerance from us Muslims. I can almost hear her racist mind in this photo saying “Me so horny. Me rikey rice and math.”

Of course this isn’t the first time Taylor Swift’s has shown her hateful nature, let us not forget her Nazi picture. However, her hatred of the Jews is entirely understandable, but hating on Asians crosses the line as they are small meek people without the backbone to stick up for themselves. They should be viewed with quite contempt not openly mocked as Taylor Swift has done in the photo above. Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Taylor Swift’s blatant racism is disgusting.
    If she is going to mock anybody; why couldn’t she mock the googles?

    She is one worthless bitch.


  • taylor swift sucks


  • selena suks

    She is looking like a PIG!!Some body plz put her out of her misery.

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      • selena suks

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  • J’Rasa

    Blow it out your ass you Muslim asshole.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Shut the fuck up you racist asshole.

    • selena suks

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      J’pussy! did’nt your mama teach you how to speak with a muslim?!!

  • CJ

    Yes, she is disgraceful not only in the eyes of Allah, but to us camel-jockys everywhere!


  • naruto

    Wow, you love all people..as long as they are muslims? What a hypocrite. You believe in a physical religion and in a physical heaven with earthly desires.

  • rick

    fuck you, you stupid arab bitch!! hot is she mockingly dressing up as an Asian woman, you have no idea what the story is behind this picture

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Who the fuck are you…Yodas asshole love child?

      What is this, “hot is she mockingly dressing” bullshit?

      Who gives a shit about the story behind this awful exercise in blatant mockery of the jap people?
      Other than the japs…nobody.
      You mind your own damn business you infidel mofo.

      Eat shit and die

    • selena suks


      I know the story! Some body pooped all over her face.

  • lololol

    this bullshit. arabs are sand googles lol

  • you’reanidiot

    This article is the most racist thing I’ve seen today and Paranormal Blacktivity was trending on twitter today. Do you know what a geisha is? Geisha don’t have to be asian.

  • Amy.

    Wow…You like people as long as they are muslim,,,How fucking racist can you be?
    She looks beautiful like this, and some asians dress up as other races too.
    This is not racist in the slightest, your the racist..
    Many people from all generations can dress however they like, the way she is wearing this is pretty, just like the asians who dress like this are.
    You are so disgusting to say that “you love all people as long as they are muslims”. Your disgusting.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      amoral amy

      Shut the fuck up you worthless infidel female.
      What does a drunken whore like you know about anything?
      I’ll tell you…nothing.

      I am not a racist; in fact, I and other fine Muslims, are often the victim of blatant racism by unGodly infidels, such as yourself.
      This is one reason why we are taking over the world; so we can get rid of all you troublesome, kuffar mofos.

      It won’t be long bitch before I have you in a burka!


    • selena suks


      EY, lesbian bitch,we muslims unite against our enemy .It does’nt mean that we love people, like gay infidel asses do ! Our women aint lesbians like you infidel bitches are !

  • Cori

    How is this racist? Maybe I’m missing the point but how is this at all different than a shitload of females dressed as a Geisha for Halloween. What’s wrong with this? I see nothing wrong with this at all

  • tompaul

    do you people realize you are on a pointless celebrity website?

  • tompaul

    its obvious none of you are muslim.

  • victoria justice suks

    death to all muslims

  • AbdullahTheIgnorant

    i’m a Japanese and i don’t mind seeing Taylor Swift dressing like a Geisha, i myself don’t know what the story behind the picture is, so i don’t have the right to say she’s a racist, Abdullah, i’ve also seen your posts about Emma Watson, and as far as i can see you’re a Muslim that needs to go outside and see the world.. You need to get a life..seriously… you are a sick retarded Muslim, go to town man go to town..

    • japanese people suck

      no penises on the men, no boobs on the women

      • AbdullahTheIgnorant

        Very well said muslim bastard, at least we still look better than you guys, muslims don’t take a bath, or maybe you do, once in a blue moon i guess LMAO, people in the middle east are all the same, they smell like Shit.. you get close to them and you’ll die from suffocation, i wanna ask a question…

        is it true that Muslim Men don’t know the difference between Men and Women? Because Muslim Men loves to fuck Men of any race as long as they don’t have beard or mustache.. Is that true?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I’d like to “go to town” on your neck with a machete, you buck-toothed, midget mofo.

      • AbdullahTheIgnorant

        ohhhhh im scared….. really scared… bet you can’t go to town.. why? coz you’re a “Muslim”.. plain and simple.. you need to fuck allah first so you can go to town LMAO

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You claim to be japanese but you sound like a google. No doubt there was a “jungle coon” in the rice paddy back in the day.

          Now you know why you crave colt 45, pigs feet, and fat bitches.

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          • AbdullahTheIgnorant

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  • theheadchimp

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  • Liz

    This website is fir losers taylor was getting dressed up for F U Nnew vocab for you maybe.