Taylor Swift Sex Toy Controversy

Taylor Swift has no class. Just look at this sickening photo in which she poses for a picture with a pink sex toy. Disgusting.

Unable to find a real boyfriend, Taylor has resorted to pretending that this over-sized pink dildo is her man. Sources say that Taylor and the pseudo-phallus are inseparable. She takes it to concerts, clubs, and even brings it along when she meets with her fans.

What kind of message does this revolting public display send to children? Before you know it, we’ll have high-school girls ditching their boyfriends and taking their vibrators to prom. There will be a break down of the social order. Men will find themselves relegated to second-class citizens. Taylor Swift should be ashamed of herself.

  • Ronnie

    LOL the guitar does look like a dick but its just a guitar. Taylor is so hot.

    • Francilene

      perky5 on August 30, 2011 I love that I can be myself wuhtoit a care. I love about myself that I can be silly in public and not wonder what is that person thinking?

  • Marina

    this is so retarded

  • Louise

    this article is stupid and a waste of time

  • tswift supporter

    whoever runs this site has no life whatsoever and is a complete asshole.

  • a whitey

    shes a whore. she parties w/ nazis. when will people turn on her?

  • lolo

    first of all, that’s a fake guitar. if you were an educated, intelligent person, you would clearly see that, and not bash at the 19 year old girl. does taylor smoke weed, take risque photos, or have a teenage pregnancy, as other young “role models” have done in the recent past (miley cyrus, vanessa hudgens, jamie lynn spears)? i could go on about more girls…

    also, your blog name is extremely offensive. jihad? really? you’re a fucking terrorist, too?

  • solidpytohn

    Fuck, I love how people take this site seriously! The comments are always more fun to read than the articles!

  • Scargasm

    @solidpytohn this is a serious site for serious people and if you don’t agree then go back to CNN.com

    I’ll have you know that without this site we would never have found out that Obama’s real father was the lone surviving alien from the Roswell crash. How else do you explain his silvery skin and super intelligence.

    P.S. Taylor Swift is incredibly hot

    • Victor

      something about Chuck that I was otualsbely not at all threatened or nervous about letting him into my condo. Actually, that says something about YOU. He was a STRANGER that you met on the internet and had a drink with, ONCE .and you let him into your condo?! Not trying to judge = just trying to show you how overly trusting you are. You are putting yourself in unsafe positions and you dont realize it. Read about boundaries and please be more careful! (No, this is not your mother. Just another former online-dater who is worrying about you

  • Mary Cann

    epic humor fail

  • hash

    who ever wrote this is a dush who got nothing to do in his real life

  • sweetsister

    Um, dude, you spelt ‘douche’ wrong..are you really in a place to judge?? also, sometimes I think the comments are funnier than the posts..do people realize this is a satirical, fake tabloid site?

    • shhhhhh

      Shut up! You’ll blow the whole thing.

  • urmomsays

    HAHA! damn lesbo…only a lesbian would leave a hot azz boy like wolf boy. i love this site. funniest ever.

  • xxjunexx

    HAHA! damn lesbo… i love this site. funniest ever.


    she is stupid taylor LAUTNER is sexy and the only sexy guy on this planet she was dumb to dump him he should of dumped her

  • ljdiaz

    she’s better than what you think!! You can throw any bad words but admit it you’re just getting bitter in your life!

  • blackmancer

    maybe it’s just you who sees something that big and thinks “sex toy!!”


  • alyssa

    that is not true. it’s a guitar for crying out loud.

  • Tim

    Taylor is a good girl – ya dope! nice big pink styrofoam guitar though….

    • dimond

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  • sdfdg

    relax children masturbation is normal

  • jasmine

    HAHAHAHAHAH Made my day!

  • joseph

    thats not even naked. how can they say that is naked.

  • Your moms ass

    That’s a fucken guitar cum suckers