Taylor Swift Sets A Bad Example In A Bikini

Taylor Swift bikini

Has Taylor Swift no shame? How dare she flaunt her gangly boyish body in a bikini like this!

Taylor Swift needs to realize that she is a role model to billions of awkward teen girls. When they see her showing off her shapeless body in a bikini they are going to think it is OK to do the same.

It is never OK for a girl to prostitute her body in a bikini, no matter how flat chested and unfeminine it may be. Taylor Swift needs to learn that she is a role model and her actions have consequences. I suggest she is made an example of. A vigorous whipping of her pancake ass should do the trick. Allahu Akbar!

  • Akbar Goldstein

    Disgrace!!!! All womans should be undeducated, hairy, smell like camel dung, and bow before their appointed husband. Where is her burka? If she were in my village she would be stoned mercilessly. Praise be to Allah!!!!

    • BabyAngel

      So what.. you want your woman to be a wall?
      What are you God?
      You need to be praised for what?… Islam is about respect.. where is the respect there… where is the love towards the women.. why not, like I said before, drop the religion.. stop using it as an excuse to get what you want.. and just do what you want.. and have people criticize, insult, rape and murder because of your own actions that you just admit?
      What makes the world a better place is… Muslims leaving the religion, because they don’t truly believe, or have faith… they just want to have a slave and beat the shit out of women, rape them and get undeserved respect…
      isn’t that what you want? .. its a rhetorical question T_T

  • Salam the Sandalmaker

    The question is begged: where are her clan elders to administer discipline?

    • BabyAngel

      And why would she need someone to discipline her?
      Is she not a grown women?
      What part of your religion.. please I’m begging to know… states that a women needs to be disciplined and administered by others… rather then having her own judgment and free will of herself… and living and learning about life?
      Enlighten me

  • theheadchimp

    Salam the Sandalmaker
    The question is begged: where are her tits?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It’s too bad they don’t have “auto tune” for tits.

    • BabyAngel

      hypocrite Gay Lord

  • selena suks

    Bet lying nxt to her is loch-ness monster’s crap.And she sayin’ wow whats cookin’? Forget the tits, give me a gun I am going to shoot her dead! Ya won’t like me when I am angry..

  • jew boy

    she is a goddess you all will worship………………

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jew boy

      I suppose she is an improvement …..over those big nosed jewish women.

  • selena suks


    you’re screwed, the momment you wrote this comment. We don’t give a damn to Taylor Slut! BITCH.You may believe in God-dess but we muslims believe in Allah and there is no Allah-dess.you’re FUCKIN’ BIG TIME SCREWED and who the fuck are you to tell us whom we worship so FUCK OFF as you have been screwed up BAD!

    • cal

      no.just fuck u