Taylor Swift Rudely Photobombs Daniel Craig

Taylor Swift

I can not believe Taylor Swift did this! What an obnoxious ill mannered little girl.

Famed thespian Daniel Craig was out with friends last night when he decided to have his picture taken to benefit sick orphans. Unfortunately singer Taylor Swift was in the area and being the desperate attention whore that she is she jumped into Mr Craig’s picture rendering it worthless.

Taylor Swift thinks that because she is young and famous she can go around photobombing other people pictures to get her sick kicks. Someone needs to teach Taylor Swift some manners, and I am just the man for the job.

If Taylor was ever so bold as to photobomb one of my pictures I’d show her the meaning of the word. It is one of the reasons I never leave home without a little C4 strapped to my chest. Allahu Akbar!

  • ohmyguinness

    famewhore little tramp.

  • Givemeabreak

    Talk about OVERREACTING. You can’t judge anything by this. She could have just been taking a picture and the guy happened to be in the background and Taylor haters are simply trying to turn her very squeaky clean image into something negative. Desperate much? Taylor just donated 500K of her own money to the nashville flood fund and is always doing nice things, plus she doesn’t go around half naked. She’s not a famewhore. She’s is just super successful. Can she help that people lover her? NOPE. Don’t hate.

    How about ranting about Mel Gibson? Instead of bothering this sweet young girl?

    • Cole

      I totally agree especially with “She’s is just super successful. Can she help that people lover her?”
      The answer is NO, she can’t help that people lover her. She’s is just so nice and whoever’s wrote this is so mean :(

      I have three steps for you:
      1. get some brains, it’s a joke website. you know parodies and sarcasm. oh never mind…
      2. get a life, I appreciate Taylor Swift’s music as well but I don’t defend her to the death online.
      3. learn proper grammar, I know this is the internet but please don’t make yourself look stupid in more ways than one for America’s sake

  • lisa

    First this is so old…it’s from when he was on Broadway last year. And it’s her pic that he’s sneaking into! FUNNY!!!!

  • are you an idiot?

    obviously that girl that’s taking the picture with taylor swift WANTED to.

  • Jules

    You people are absolutely ridiculous! DANIEL CRAIG Photobombed Taylor Swift LAST YEAR and she made a comment about being photobombed by DC being PRICELESS. She obviously enjoyed it. Get your facts straight! This is what is wrong with online tabloids.

  • DARA


    • Joe

      Hey, fuck you

  • estella

    you can see taylrs are in steched out because she is holding the camera! This is from her twitter, he happened to be I’m the back of her photo and she thought it was cool! Go suck dick you attention seeking asshole because this is a lot of balls!

  • No….

    omg really.. taylor is taking a picture and sneaks in not the other way around!

  • wow!

    it kinda looks like taylor is actually taking the picture!


    All of you that are too moronic to realize this entire article is a joke do not deserve to use the internet. If I had written this post I’d be bashing my face into the computer right now.

    Here are two wikipedia articles you all might want to read up on:


    Also… girls, please stop making the “kissy face” in pictures. You don’t look attractive when you do that. Just smile like everybody else.

  • Amanda

    I’m pretty sure Taylor has manners.

  • gary alan

    What a piece of crap web site! lol All lies and is not worth talking about as this web site is nothing!! I like how they will not let you back out of the web site and that says it all! They are douce bags. lol

  • wow

    is that why she is holding the camera?

  • David

    ROFL people still aren’t aware this site is satire/sarcasm/fake LOLOL..Oi Americans are so dumb.

  • Manuel

    cant you notie that she was the one taking the picture with her firend and the guy just happened to be on the background?

  • Fat Housewife

    I wish I had looked that good in a picture next to Taylor Swift. That dark-haired girl is so lucky to have a celebrity friend. I’d probably look like some old depressed bat next to Taylor Swift… sigh…

  • Jahangir

    I wud fuck the hind legs completely off Taylor Swift. I may be 20 years older than her, but I’d ram that ass into complete submission and tantalize her sweet blonde pussy to the heights of exctacy with my rock hard brwn cock.