Taylor Swift Really Wet And Naked

Taylor Swift wet naked

Taylor Swift appears to soak the ground with her lady juices while naked in the photo above.

How dare Taylor Swift squirt her vaginal excrement so close to a pool! This is a public safety hazard as someone is likely to slip in her slimy discharge and crack their head open!

This wet naked photo proves that Taylor Swift is a danger to society. If the infidel authorities do not take action to put an end to her whorish rampage soon, her cunt spit will seep down into the ground, contaminate the water supply, and infect millions with AIDS.

  • Firsties suck

    First this!

    • Abdullas Brother

      May I lick the water Mama?

    • Justin Bieber

      Fuck you

      • AbuBalls Inyamouza

        I would renounce Allah, pray 5 times a day towards Disneyland, and eat some pork ribs with the finest Jew wine for this infidel.

  • Imam Khalid

    I am in the middle of the Iraqi desert in my palace but, looking at this disgusting pic, I can smell the ocean.

    And hear it, too.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      With alot of dead fish, brother?

      • Imam Khalid

        I’m afraid so, Brother Hashim. I am afraid so.

        Western women do not have the benefit that ours do of chastity, piousness and Islamic bidet technology.

        • Wickedleaks

          Imam camel fucker Khalid

          That’s because unlike you sand monkeys who fuck camels, western women are used to being satisfied by our big western cocks. Maybe you should try fucking your woman instead of your camels. You may like it and you might not be so pissed of at us all the time for having fun and getting laid.

          America! Shock n awe, bitches! Shock n awe!

          • Murderous

            I’d like to face fuck you with a baseball bat for about an hour, you fucking puerile liberal cum-gargler.

          • Team America


            You want to fuck me for an hour? Fag! Go hit on someone else, homo.

            America! Shock n awe, bitches! Shock n awe!

          • Team America


            What the fuck is this liberal shit? I’ve already made it clear that I think liberals are faggots and that Barry Buttfuck Obamass and the other DemocRATS are lying pussies. I’m not a liberal or a conservative so don’t include me in your narrow minded view of the world. I find the cum-gargler comment less offensive than being called a liberal homo.

          • Team America

            This is my take on Republicunts and DemocRATS

            Republicans are evil but their honest about it. If a Republican presidential candidate was running a campaign based on the promise to bomb Canada into rubble, you can at least know they mean what they say and will follow through with it. That way, if you don’t want to see Canada bombed into rubble, you at least know where the douche bag stands and just not vote for him.

            Democrats are pussies and liars. If a Democrat presidential candidate runs on the promise to not bomb Canada into rubble, I’ll assume that the turd sandwich is lying and that’s exactly what he intends to do.

            So your choice is between someone who will look you in the eye and tell you he’s going to bend you over and fuck you in the ass or someone who will smile at you and pretend he’s your friend and then bend you over and fuck you in the ass anyway!

            Change you can believe in? Yeah, when asshole. Everyone wanted Bush impeached and put on trail for war crimes but Barry Buttfuck Obamass gets away with doing exactly the same thing. Nobel peace prize, what a joke!

            Anyway, this is getting too political for this site so lets just get back to insulting each other.

          • Imam Abdul Hussein

            Team HomoQueer

            Once again you demonstrate why our Al Qaida allies in the Re-tard-lican party and George W Bush gave is Islamists a staggering victory, and accomplished in only 8 years what the USSR couldn’t in 60:

            – Break the economic back of the infidel United States
            – Divide the people of the united states
            – Destroy the financial and real estate sector
            – Leave behind a military at its lowest state of readiness since Viet Nam
            – Leave the rest of the planet believing the USA is a larger threat to world peace than Iran
            – Obstruct any efforts on the part to repair the economic damage done by our Jihadi
            allies in congress since our hero George Bush screwed you all over, causing the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression.
            – Fucked up FEMA, making it almost impossible for your nation to recover from hurricane Katrina (admittedly, his killed off a lot of coons)
            – Cause the worst collection of foreign policy and national security disasters in US history.

            And you STILL believe the Re-Tard-licans did something useful for you. Dead WRONG you MORON. Look at the EVIDENCE, and what you see is VICTORY for JIHAD. And by the way – all 16 of YOUR intelligence agencies, NATO, the British, the Germans, the Canadians, the Dutch, the Saudi’s, and Israeli’s, amongst others, agree with THIS assessment. NOT YOURS you ASS-WIPE.

            We jihadi’s love fucking morons – and that’s why we love you! You further our cause by being too stupid to see what our allies did to YOUR nation.

            We loved it when we said: BEND OVER ASSHOLE – and you DID!!!

            We Jihadi’s hate that mother-fucker Obama, who killed our beloved Bin Laden, and has persecuted us to the ends of the earth. But YOU are too fucking stupid to have a clue.

            That’s why we LOVE MORONS, and that means YOU!

            Welcome, to our world, you beloved JIHADI! You are a traitor to your own nation!

            Now, all you need to do is convert to Islam, and your journey to the side of civilization is complete!


            I hereby re-annoint you TEAM JIHADI!

          • Caleb Hasty

            To make a partial counterpoint, mein freund, America was never a very smart nation. I’m American myself and I already know that. Trump would just fuck the country up more than your little “plan” ever could. Yes I’m just a teen and yes I quite clearly cussed. No, I don’t give a shit that I shouldn’t be. Like I said, I’m an American. You Muslim radicals can just stop trying. We don’t need your help anymore. Trump can ruin America on his own.

          • oscar pistoffious

            Yep theres no doubt about it your all fucking gay

          • Team America

            Imam Abdul Hussein the delusional

            You need to stop sucking camel dick it’s making you delusional. Then again who am I to bring harsh reality to a delusional fool. You keep thinking Islam defeated America and that you’re gonna take over the world. It will help you sleep better until Seal Team Six comes storming into your home and shoots you in the head as you hide behind a woman.

            America! Osama Bin-Ladin was a pussy faggot!

          • Team America

            Imam Abdul Hussein

            I know I’ve posted this before but I feel I have to reiterate. What is it about you Muslims that makes you illiterate morons who don’t seem to understand a simple post. Where exactly did your retarded rant come from? What exactly were you responding to? There must be something in camel semen that causes brain damage if ingestered because that’s the only thing that could explain why you’re all dumb shit brain dead morons.

            America! Shock n awe, bitches! Shock n awe!

      • AbuBalls Inyamouza

        You’re all a bunch of sheep! America created radical Islam to fight the Soviets. It turned on them and bit them in the ass. Praise be to Allllalalalalahhhh

    • islamsucks

      find peace and Jesus in your life, when u die, this sentence will betray you…..

    • aperson

      You wouldnt be looking at this other than to be jerking off. So why r u complaining you fucking queer.

  • david h

    taylors hotter than any muslim whore u stupid fucks dumb sand googles

    • islamsucks

      take a minute to ask God for forgiveness, he doesnt condone hate speech…. when u die, u will regret this post…

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    That’s the point david. That’s why they’re on here watching her. Very good david.

  • Secondies


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    If that french fag jacques costeau had seen taylor’s pussy, he would have sworn she was holding a manta ray between her legs.

    But us Muslims know it is just worn out from fucking donkeys in Tiajuana.

    • Gay Bob


      Sounds like you hate pussy. That’s great since it means you love brownhole. Head on back to my Dubai office and we’ll do it again. I’ll use lube this time too.


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Loose Caboose Moshe,

        You have a lot of nerve to harass a brave Jihadist like brother Abdullah.

        If you weren’t under the effect of a cheap crack trip, you would understand that a pious Muslim will consider a Jew homo useful only for practicing shooting.

        ESAD mofo.

        • Umar the Brown

          They make good speed bumps, too. Also very good for filling in large holes on your property.

        • moshe dayan

          Homo Hashim,

          If your breath didn’t smell like the crotch strap of Beyonces leather thong after the superbowl half time show, you would have a multitude of young dancing boys eager for your homosexual lust.

          As it stands, the only ass you have is the skanky smelly hole of that retard the Ass Reaper.

          Do the world a favor fag and follow Brangelinas lead. Cut your remaining testicle off to eliminate you prostate cancer chances and hand it over to Anal Abdullah for his juicer.
          With the resulting homone imbalance in your body, you will then be able to grow that set of tits you want so badly and you will be the star for singing soprano at the door of Turkish steambath houses i.e. fag holes.

          eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Instead of the super bowl show you do the “super blow” show at your glory hole. Fags “cum” from miles around when you give it.

            I hope the next one you do gets bombed with a pressure cooker and it sends all you homos to hell.

          • oscar pistoffious

            That was absolutely pathetic abdullah we have come to expect a certain level of comebacks on this site your last post the super blow was at a third grade level you really need to prove you have some form of intelligence or we will be forced to believe that you are in fact one of hashims 9 year old dancing boys

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          ALLAHU AKBAR

      • Najid Hussein

        Tranny Bob

        Brother Abdullah is a pious, virile muslim man. He cannot be bothered to waste his valuable time trying to pork a female who’s twat has been mistaken for the Holland Tunnel.

        If her taco has been banged to the point where it flaps in the wind and she isn’t even useful to the donkeys anymore, then she’s pretty well used up.

        Brother Abdullah is merely making an astute observation. That doesn’t mean that it creates a new opportunity for your special brand of disease-spreading deviancy.

        Maybe Moshe would like to again experience your pole of pestilence.

        The best thing about you promiscuous, disease-ridden homo-queers, is that you’ll eventually drive yourselves into extinction.

        • Imam Khalid

          Subhaanallah, Brother Hussein, it is as if the Prophet (SAW) himself is speaking through you!

          JazakAllahu Khair!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brothers Najid and Khalid

            With pious Muslims like both of you as my friends and allies, Islam will soon rule the world.

            Death To Infidels
            Death To America

            Allahu Akbar

          • Najid Hussein

            Brothers Khalid and Abdullah

            We pious and virile muslims must stick together to vanquish the trannys, homo-queers, lesbo-dykes, skypes, googles, and other disease-carrying vermin from this holy site!

            Allahu Akbar!

          • Caleb Hasty

            CelebJihad. Come for the pics, stay for the Muslim equal of Nazism.

  • Travoit

    Taylor swift reallywet and naked

    • Bree

      She’s naked. I’ve seen wetter girls.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Well, I’m always wetter than she is here.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Some fan swam for miles to get to Taylor’s pussy today. It’s on the news. So I guess people want that pussy.

  • Heydrich

    Ms. Swift can get away with it because she’s an Aryan. Although she does need a talking to – by me, preferably.

    • moshe dayan


      Why don’t you come visit the Holy Land. One of our Jew Bear Sephardics will be happy to give you a talking to with his fists. After that a fellow righteous Jew, Gene Simmons of Kiss, will give you a personal concert, starting with his famous fire spitting act and finishing with his axe shaped guitar with the really, really sharp edge.

      Eat shit and die nazi fag

      • Murderous

        One Nazi is worth 6 million lying, cheating, treasonous Juden.


        • Murderous

          *worth more

          Damned Zionist malware on my computer.

          • moshe dayan


            Seems to me your grammatical errors are more likely caused by Heydritch’s hard cock slapping impatiently against the side of your face as you type.

            What’s an AIDs tainted nazi worth?

            Eat shit and die mofo

        • Umar the Brown

          We will clothe her sinful nakedness with a holy burka. After we cut her head off for her wanton, John Mayer-fucking ways. Nasty kufahr whore.

          • Guest

            You could only hope to get near a woman like that, all you have is dirty dogs that cover their shame and ugliness with cloth.

  • Gay Bob

    Still looking for some horny muslims to meet me in my Dubai stall. The door is always open and I have a brand new tube of AstroGlide (shouldn’t have said that I’m going to have a stampede). The first in will be the one who gets the creampie.

    Come on down brothers of the ummah, turn my dick even browner.


    • Najid Hussein

      Gay Bob is once again advertising the use of his Pole Of Pestilence to all the fags, tranny’s, homo-queers, and other degenerates on this site.

      Since us pious, virile, and masculine muslims detest the lot of you – please Please PLEASE take him up on the offer. This sooner you do, the sooner you’ll all die from the multitudes of plagues and social diseases this man-whore carries.

      That will return this site to what it was truly intended for: Holy Jihad!!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • guest

        Pahahahahahaha, ‘masculine muslim’? dream on all the ‘people’ you speak about and to on here are dirt.

  • Umar the Brown

    We will clothe her sinful nakedness with a holy burka. After we cut her head off for her wanton, John Mayer-fucking ways. Nasty kufahr whore.

    • islamsucks

      u need hope and faith in your life, find Jesus

      • Team America


        You need a big hard cock in your mouth, fagtard. Go find a glory hole.

        America! Shock n awe, bitches! Shock n awe!

        • The Reaper

          Team Tranny

          Not everyone on this site has a dick sucking fetish like you and only a complete faggot would use the word”Fagtard” And what’s with you and glory holes 99% of your posts you are talking about glory holes we all no you are a faggot who spends most of your time a such places so you don’t need to post about them so much gay boy.

        • Abdullah

          Team Tranny

          The only shock and we we’ll ever see out of the likes of you would be the discovery that you have more than two useful brain cells to rub together!

  • John Travolta

    Heeey, Just because I suck a few cocks, like to rape straight men and moan like a baby when my ass is being pounded, that don’t mean I’m gay, ok! I just happen to like dicks being stuck up my ass.

    And you will too if you bring that ass any where near my crotch.

  • Team America

    Okay, you caught me. I admit it. I’m Wickedleaks. It’s true, I fucked up and exposed myself and now everybody knows my secret. All those things I posted about myself were a lie (except for having a huge cock, that’s true) I’m not really fat and I don’t live with my mother. I’m actually really fucking awesome and if anyone else post under the name Wickedleaks their an imposter and their full of shit and a stupid fucking liar and a fag. So now that we have that cleared up can we just ignore the Wickedleaks imposter.

    • Umar the Brown

      You are possessed by a Djinn. There is only one way to purge you of this evil spirit. Your body must be cut into four groups. Your arms must be buried in the west, your legs in the east, your head in the north and your torso in the south. You will then be free of this horrible curse.

      You’ll also be dead, so everyone will benefit from this treatment.

      ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Murderous


      • islamsucks

        find Jesus

      • Faheem

        Fear not brother Umar,

        Representatives of the sharia court are en route to purge the vermin that is the multi persona team fag america, he will be hung from the statue of liberty itself, more infidels will follow this path unless they give up their ways and commit to Islam.



        Imam Faheem
        Abdul Rahman Mosque

        • Imam Abdul Hussein

          Brother Faheem,

          Team Jihad (also known as Team Home-queer, Team Douche-bag, Team Tranny, etc.) is an unwitting ally to the jihad! He still supports our Al Qaida allies in America (all the GOP leadership, and our hero, George W Bush, who granted us such a massive victory).

          The more idiots like him live and support the traitors in their midst, the more successful our jihad in the long run!

        • Umar the Brown

          It warms my heart to know that experts like you are on this case, brother.

          May Allah bless your work.

          الله يبارك فيك و الأيام

    • Imam Abdul Hussein

      Team Jihadi

      When are you converting to Islam? We already know you’re a traitor to your nation and allied with our allies who have taken over what used to be the republican party.

      It’s about time you join civilization, and accept the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH)

      • Team America

        Imam Abdul Hussein

        It’s about time you pulled the camels cock out of your ass and came back to reality. I believe in Jesus the son of the one true God not a false profit who worships a false God so I could never convert to Islame. Also, I don’t fuck camels or dancing boys and I don’t have a single digit I.Q. You keep sucking camel cock and believing in your false God and book of fairy tales. Ignorance is bliss, dumb ass.

        America! Shock n awe, bitches! Shock n awe!

    • The Reaper

      Stupid faggot team tranny

      We all no you are fucked up that’s true and you having big dicks up your ass is as close as your going to get to having a big dick. Now admit to all the other names you post under and to all those imposter posts you do.

  • nathan rawson

    That pool is full of her squirt

  • islamsucks

    this website really sucks…. thought you jihadist would do better…

  • find peace, not hate

    this site is just an example of everything wrong in society… posting opinions so blatenly bad is not something to take lightly, yeah, ill hear shit for this comment, but if good-hearted people wont disagree…..

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      The Jihadists will kill you. Its as simple as that chief.

  • Wickedleaks


  • F**k You

    For all of you cum-sucking sand-googles, I have a mesage for you: Go crawl in a fucking camels ass, and dont come out until you have a cock that you don’t have to use a microscope to see it, you fat-ass desert-bitches!!!

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      You sound like you did a tour in Iraq?

      • gguuuuutttttsssss

        You think you’re Fuckin hard but ur not

  • austin

    Now this, this is hot… I don’t care what anyone says. This picture is HOT!

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      It is indeed. Austin has good taste.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • james a smith

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  • tyler

    Best pic ever

  • Penultimate Penis

    Why does she sing something about her birthday?
    Dance like you’re 22.

  • Penultimate Penis

    Why does she sing something about her birthday?
    Dance like you’re 22.

  • Ryan Christopher Wolfram

    All hair the great and powerful Odin

  • jamie

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  • TheTruth

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  • Asalamwalekum

    All this misery will end when the Sharia law is imposed on the world.
    The infidels will burn and die as we strike deep in the heart of the enemy shouting war cries in the name of the almighty Allah!

  • Ricky B

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  • Nick

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