Taylor Swift Pulls Up Her Shorts To Show Her Butt

Taylor Swift butt

Taylor Swift pulls up her short shorts to show off more of her butt cheeks while performing in concert in the video above.

Apparently it isn’t enough anymore for Taylor Swift to constantly flaunt her tiny flat ass in short shorts, now she has to hike them up even higher to try and get more attention.

If Taylor Swift thinks this is going to help her attract the “man of her dreams” she is sorely mistaken. Unless of course Taylor’s been dreaming about a righteous Muslim man who comes upon her with a vat of acid seeking justice for this ass attack against Islam.

  • The Reaper

    I will be her toilet and paper wipes.

    • AssMan

      I want to lick the shit off of her ass right after she takes a monstrous diarrhea dump.

      • Troll

        Ya know – I believe you would.

        You’re one sick puppy!

      • al Mujahid

        Have fun being inflicted with HIV. You filthy asshole.

    • Team America

      Ass Raper

      You just stick to being Abdullah’s butt plug and the poster boy for aids treatment.

      America! We the people!

    • al Mujahid

      I would like to wipe your face all over her shit covered ass then use acid or maybe clorox if you are lucky to cleanse your face. By the way if your face was covered with shit if it would make a difference on how look. A good one.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    You cut off the part where she sniffs…..

  • Smellgibson

    Why the fuck does she dress like that?

    • Because she is a frumpy Western whore.

      • mf

        i swear to jesus one more bad word about taylor and will haunt you down and cut off your dick with a steak knife

  • Mrsexyguy

    I will fuck that ass

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      If you want to fuck a ass, call one of the members of the Three Stooges gang.

      I’m sure Team Nelly, Mr Ed or shemale Nobrain are eager to have some action, if you know what I mean…

      • Nobody

        Where’s my sandwich you lazy jew. Fuck good help is hard to find.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


          I’ve a sandwich for ya, alright: it’s made of steel and lead and soon you’ll taste it on your kaffir skull, just between your eyes.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • yhggrdd

            Has anyone else noticed, hashim never says – Allahu akbar?

          • Nobody

            Because he’s a jew.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            I’m as much Jew as you are straight. This means: nothing.

          • Nobody

            Going by your words of wisdom you just admitted to being a jew.

          • guys are assholes

            the fact you needed to explain that makes you an idiot and jews are better then moslims so just admit it jew

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            That’s a lie!

          • Imam Abbas

            Brother Hashim

            I couldn’t have said it better myself…

            Allahu Akbar!

          • infumo-catswarie

            your f—ing lucky we let you breath you ignorant little trannys, keep hiding in this chat forum your safer here just stick your little head out of your hole in the ground like saddam did we will get you. justice is just around the corner

          • Nobody

            In your dreams hashbrown. In my dreams you’re making me a sandwich you fucken lazy jew.

      • Mr E

        We can arrange for MSG to do that. Is your ass free tonight, hashbrown?

      • Subrovski

        I dont know whats worse brother. Taylor not becoming islamic or the fact that china is now making everything

      • Imam Abbas

        Brother Hashim

        I know what you mean. I would have included un-kosher Moshe if that raging homo-queer was still here, instead of full-time glory-holing in Haifa.

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    As soon as Islam takes over the U.S. of A., I’m going to kick taylor in the ass so hard, that her lesbodyke lover, selena, gets a toothache.

    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Abdullah

      My only hope is that I will be there to witness that glorious day!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        You will brother…you will!

        • gh

          f u

      • jesus rocks

        war is against islam i think and well youre already going to hell for being moslem and raping camels

    • Lin

      Fuck you and Islame. Your trashy, child molesting, goat fucking god is false. Just like your islame.

      • al Mujahid

        Can you communicate without a dick in your mouth? Maybe when you get it out of your mouth you spell islam right. MOTHERFUCKING JACKASS. Probably graduated high school being illiterate.

      • jane

        that was good!! lmfao

    • I Support Autism

      Well as soon as I take over the Middle East I’m gonna move all the Nigs there to fuck all your “women”

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        supports ass licking

        Shut up fool. Niggerrs wont enter Arab lands. Us Muslims hang bars of soap along our borders …which runs them off. And if your gay ass shows up…expect to eat the AK-47.

        • Anti-Camel Jockey Guy

          The Ak-47? You tool. Eating metal it pretty damn hard. Besides well just drop miley Cyrus in there when we conquer you. Besides we all know your just bitter because the British refined the condom by talking it out of the goats ass first. Funny.


      If you want to insult Tay,You should go fuck yourself.Because,If you won’t do this,we will take care of you :D

  • al Mujahid

    Her ass is flat as hell.

    • john bailey

      Her ass is not flat at all retard

  • I Support Autism

    Maybe she was just itchy

  • Victor Cifuentes Jr.

    Yeah, right! Show her butt! You camel jockeys make me laugh, why don’t you get off your high horse and eat a grenade!

  • herby

    are you retarded? She didn’t pull anything up! thats pathetic

  • Brad Porter

    Her ass isn’t that flat. It just looks like small.

  • Brad Porter

    Her butt isn’t flat. It’s just small.

  • RapeISFun

    I would still fuck her

    • Lin

      You guys fuck goats. Of course you’d fuck a clean American girl.

  • Nice guy

    Taylor swift can I have your phone number I am your biggest fan

    • wtf

      really ?? really dude??

  • Lin

    Whe should make the middle east as flat as her ass. I think a few nukes would work.

  • Lin

    I think all you towel heads should go take a bath in pigs blood.

  • zghuZug

    suck my american nutsack

  • zghuZug

    suck my american nutsack

  • Jesus defeats Mohammed Ali

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  • all american

    watch out she don’t kick your ass to hell where 72 more fagots are waiting to fuck you into eternity

  • all american

    First things first , lets get all those little ignorant bastards into a school, and teach them how to read and write instead telling them to go and get killed, which they will surly do when they run into an angry American. Let them make there own minds up,.and .stop filling them up with your puke minded ways maybe. then we might just might get through to that over heated little pea brain of yours that you will be exterminated like the rodents that you are. its a shame your a disgrace to your religion and other god fearing muslims. please take the rag off yor head and let your little pea brain breath and coooooool off.