Taylor Swift Parties With Nazis

Taylor Swift swastika

Blond hair Aryan super race beauty Taylor Swift partied with a Nazi at Katy Perry’s birthday paint party this weekend. As you can see in the photo above the guy dancing with Taylor has a giant swastika painted on his shirt.

According to Swift, “There ain’t no party like a Nazi party, because a Nazi party don’t stop!” Taylor continued by saying, “Nazi parties always bring the heat, probably because they have such large furnaces.”

I for one say kudos to the guy in the swastika t-shirt. It is about time the swastika became an ironic hipster symbol. It says “Hey look at me I hate Jews and want to conquer the world by force. Isn’t that soooo 1940’s?!?”

I can see it now a whole army of people wearing swastikas and drinking their Chai lattes from Coffee Bean while twittering on their iPhones about global warming “@Todd – Did you know Jews admit twice the amount of CO2 of a normal person because of their enormous noses? The science is clear, wake up people!”

  • Dead Ed™

    CO2 has never been dangerous to humans but helpful.

    Plants crave CO2 and convert it to oxygen. We breathe in oxygen, breathe out CO2.

    Dumb ass Liberals confuse carbon dioxide with carbon monoxide.

    Al Gore won an Emmy, an Oscar and the Nobel Prize for a propaganda film. All awards are head by a liberal committee staff with an agenda.

    Get a clue. Global warming is a farce. We just had snow in the midwest and east coast in early october. Earliest EVER!

    • Jake

      I agree with you 100%

    • Panfi

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  • God

    Wondering if Dead Ed read the same thing as me??

  • Some Other Guy

    @dead ed. The problem with CO2 is not that it is harmful to humans, it is how CO2 affects the environment.

    • Dead Ed™

      It’s the distance the Earth travels from the Sun every 30 years, stupid. Remember the 70’s? The same damn dirty Liberals that preached “global cooling” are the same dame dirty Liberals preaching “global warming”. We are now ending the warming stages. So bundle up, it’s gonna cool again.

      By the way, how do you explain global warming on Mars? There are no “evil” SUV’s there, or “evil” factories.

  • God

    By the way some other guy, Global warming is a crock of shit. Weather happens in Cycles so get used to it.

    • Jessy

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  • Hannah Gigante

    This is disgraceful!!! Millions have died by what that symbol represents. This post makes me sick.

  • TaylorSwiftFan

    I think that quote of Taylor about Nazi is made up, I never heard her saying that. She’s not that kind of person and that guy behind her, she probably even don’t know her since it was Katy Perry’s birthday. It’s a friend of her not Taylor.

  • Eric Davidson

    by Eric Davidson 1993/104

    As the world spins around the sun
    … and darkness settles upon the land,
    a lone werewolf is on maneuvers
    … with a spray can in his hand.

    In his wake a trail of paintings,
    … length increasing with mobility.
    Unless it’s practice, he’s always sure
    … of their broadest visibility.

    Most of his targets are preselected,
    …on impulse he strikes others.
    This guy is real quick of course
    … his footgear’s soled with rubber.

    One thing never varies
    … in his steady paced routine,
    it’s the symbol found at sunrise
    … to the Jews it’s quite obscene.

    It’s the swastika he loves to paint
    … forget the krinklejammers*
    He’s very cautious on his missions
    … he can’t paint ’em from the slammer.

    What drives a man to paint such things
    … did he start when he as young?
    Sometimes included are racial slogans
    … which are easily read and sung.

    “Enjoy the Struggle” is our hero’s motto
    … he lives by it night and day.
    He’s motivated by love for his race
    … not by hatred or lust for pay.

    Occasionally a Semitic shopkeeper
    … will paint a swastika on his door,
    then break his cheapest window crying
    … “They’ve vandalized my store!”

    The rabbi in the synagogue
    … has been known to do it too.
    The kosher media portrays him as
    … “The poor tormented Jew.”

    Our graffiti artist laughs the hardest
    … when he sees this on the news.
    Crooked arms being rendered backwards
    … in tropically exotic hues.

    The Swastikaman, he moves around
    … he’s held many part time jobs.
    Diggin’ ditches, washin’ dishes,
    … cuttin’ lumber out of logs

    You can’t predict where he’ll strike next
    … he always works alone.
    As long as he’s equipped with paint
    … he delays in going home.

    Could there be dozens like him
    … out painting on their own?
    I’ve seen the markings everywhere
    … whilst the artist remains unknown.

    Somewhere out there he’s workin’ late
    … in the pitch-black of the night.
    Armed with paint and determination
    … he’ll be gone before it’s light.

    * “Krinklejammer” is old school lingo used to describe a swastika substitute being used by National Socialists.

    • Dead Ed™

      I am sick & tired, absolutely sick & tired, & I will face down any one of you left-wing pundits — I have other words for you, I am self-containing some of the words I want to use — I will face down any one of you, & explain to you, in historical context, if you NEED it, (because you’re too DUMB to understand it on your own,) THAT NATIONAL SOCIALISM IS A LEFT-WING MOVEMENT!

      You never hear the right-wing trying to nationize anything. That’s because they’re for small government. The smaller it is, the less we are taxed.

      Our Founding Fathers understood it. Our Constitution reflects it. And the right-wing preserves it.

    • fuck nazis

      Fuck off, dumb fuck.


    Taylor Swift is NOT a racist or a Jewish hater! JH on her shirt stands for JULIANNA HOUGH!!! They wrote their initials on each other at Katy Perry’s bday party. Taylor probably had no idea who was behind her or that he had that on his shirt! Please people don’t jump to conclusions, read her Twitter!

    • smileymiley


    • Skeptical

      Yeah right the JH stands for Jew Hater! or Just Hitler!

  • jys

    I hope u burn in hell

  • NaziSupporter
  • megan

    The dude in the swastika shirt is NOT a nazi, he is a model in LA and his BLACK FRIEND painted it on him. It was just a joke in a safe place with close friends. Nothing more.

  • Haviendo Hashinksi

    The only good Jew is a dead Jew.

    • A jew

      fuck you… are you serious, you racist son of a bitch?
      get the fuck out… you’re uneducated, and know nothing about the world around you. wake up.

    • Dead Ed™

      How does this racist comment about jews stay on and my comment about muslims get snubbed?

      Why the double standard?

      Why not equal racist comments for all.

      Not that I care. I hate jews.

      And muslims.

      And queers.

  • Dead Ed™

    A muslim, a jew and a colored queer walk into a bar…
    My crowbar.

  • fuck face maniac

    all i have to say, is all you racist fucks out there, are sooo fuckedddd hahhahahahahahahhaha yesssss! I always wondered why people take the time out of there day to blabber about other peoples religions, color ect… maybe to sad about there own lifes. Every religion or color has an extreme down side, just like there upside. You have crazy christians, crazy red neck hicks, crazy jews, crazy atheists, crazy muslims, crazy blacks… everyone just shut the fuck upp already

  • marsha

    i agree everyone shut the fuck up and mind your own business we all believe in one gd and it dosent matter what r religion is just fukin stop racisim….and steroytiping…

  • marsha

    and u arab morans belive in jihad like who da fuk would kill himself to blow up other ppl os dat wat ur gd wants from u …and how do i know ur religion is bullshit because a man made it up and spread it to another group of fags… christinas and jews and any other religiogn can get al;ong wat the fuk is ur problem


    Dear idiots of the internet,

    The svástika used to mean something prior to the Nazi’s usage. Do your research.

  • Tarynn

    I bet that quote has been totally made up, Taylor doesn’t talk like that.

    The swatstika symbol was painted on my his friends and JH stands for ‘Julianna Hough’. On Julianna Hough;s outfit, it says TS for ‘Taylor Swift.’

    In another thread, which I find much more confusing, what Taylor ACTUALLY says is an apology and her not noticing the symbol on his shirt.

  • minj

    well it isnt bad for zionist controlled holleywood because they took over nazism too. because the jew will always want whats cool and out of his grubby fingers. they now call nazis:
    Association for

  • Me

    This isn’t a nazi a nazi sign looks like this 卐 not like the tilted one this guy is wearing…

  • Jamal Zougam

    she looks like it

  • Der Führer

    Sieg Heil !