Taylor Swift Orgasming Video

Taylor Swift orgasm

In the disturbing video above, country music star Taylor Swift appears to orgasm hard while performing on stage.

This is the type of sick deviant behavior we have come to expect from Taylor Swift, and a direct result of the heathens in the West foolishly refusing to circumcise their women.

Because women like Taylor Swift are allowed to derive all manner of sexual pleasure from their sinful baby box infidel society is awash in whores.

The fact that at a moment’s notice Taylor Swift can explode in orgasmic ecstasy shooting disgusting lady juices out of her shameful cock sleeve like this is not only an affront to Islam but to Allah himself, and it must be stopped!

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  • Hungry

    Hope she squirts

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Women have Orgasms…..????

    …is there any scientific study of that assertion…?

    • Word of wisdom

      I know it’s considered a chimeric assertion to many, but female orgasm is a reality, only possible with muslim owners.
      That’s why women from all over the western wolrd, where males have micropenises shrinked because of the homonal pollution of the tap water, flock in muslim country to experience their first orgasm. A moment they will cherish for ever in their life, which is the cause of so many conversion to islam in vip and celebrities.

      And there’s a higher orgasm than the physical one that the swif trannyboy is mimicking : it’s the devout-to-her-husband one :
      once married, the formerly-kuffar woman gladly disposes of her obscene clitoridian apparatus in a religious ceremony (it’s cut while she chants the holy verses of the q’ran about the inferior condition of the females).
      This way, she won’t feel anything from the physical side, in the purpose of magnifying her intellectual orgasm : it consists in the IMMENSE AND HUGELY REWARDING CERTITUDE THAT HER HUSBAND ORGASM IS GREATER PRECISELY BECAUSE SHE WON’T EXEPERIENCE ANYTHING ANYMORE.
      This, in itself, is precisely the highest form of orgasm the islamic civilization has identified the female, made of altruism, self sacrifice, and dedication for her owner and protector. A GREATER REWARD, indeed, more fulfiilling than any carnal feedback she will ever receive during an intercourse.
      And it works !

      • Jackie

        It’s going to be a day to celebrate when your country is destroyed!

        • Habib the assassin

          Jack ass Jackie. your pussy has been destroyed by years of inbreed fucking.

          • Jackie

            Naw not really, but it’d be nice to get you and your people to acknowledge that you’re a horrible person and you and your people are slowly but surely bringing this world to an end. That and I’ve been saving myself for marriage! So yeah you’re a prick who will burn in hell for all eternity!

      • Jack

        Uhh, first, hormone pollution of any kind is distributed to the ocean such as the hormones in birth control and it causes fish to become mutated and ugly as shit. Go ahead and say what you want about micropenises but the fact still is that America has the world record for largest penis. If you have read any studies you would know that female orgasms not only exist, but are more intense than that of a male. More sensory nerves down there.

        • Word of wisdom

          You are full of shit with your so-called nerves, as you’ve never seen one for yourself but keep parrotting fake science. You’ll learn that I HAVE SEEN a lot of female sex nerves from the many stonnings of adultresses I participated in or led myself (they show up really well once the whore is really reduced to a pulp), and they are by far of an inferior quality to male nerves.
          They work only as receptors of the humourous system, out of which they can’t really work or respond. That’s why they need to be stimulated by a muslim meat saber which irradiate both yellow and black bile, as well phlegm, while the female adds the fourth element which is the blood.
          Civilizations with incomplete penises, like westerners, can emit only one kind of bile, and it is corrupted (that why you have in your countries so many reported cases of felling penises). With only one bile, it is an impair humorous cycle which installs in the female womb, resulting in melancholy, or any other boring attitude your whores are known to pester the males with. Therefore, the woman cannot reach real orgasm with a non muslim male.

          But it’s only the first part of the muslim science discoveries. The nerves, we determined, act as a net to capture these humors and it highly perturb the female nervous system, beings of sanguine nature. Years after year, the biles accumulate in the empty spaces inside the woman (mainly in the head area), where they favor the entrance of djinns. You have to beat your wives on frequent basis to remove some of these biles from their soul, but sometimes there’s just too much of it, and stoning is the only solution.
          It’s sad, because it may happen to a women you liked a lot for the way she cured the goats or wiped your prized camels.

          That’s where comes the muslim solution. When the clitoris, of “bulb of infamy” as we call it, is correctly severed, the male sexual humours are not captured into the female cavities and fly into the surrounding ether, saving the woman both from a stimulation she can’t handle during the intercourse, and from the djinns assault in the years to come. Even better for her : during the intercourse, once freed of her clitoridian apparatus, she can respectfully concentrate on the contemplation of her owner’s pleasure which then comes much greater (because I told you, the less the female feels, the more does the male – it is maybe linked to the way the male, who is allah’s favourite, is rewarded in his connection to the surrounding ether thru full muslimhood). And for a devout muslim wife, the orgasms of her owners should always be the only reward. Willing to selfishly experience some of it for herself is already a treason of islam.
          And allah doesn’t like treasons.

          • Dick Simmons

            You’re a closeted homosexual aren’t you?

          • No more muslim bullshit

            You are an absolute retard and need to get your yourself out of your gay muslim ass

  • HONG

    leave Taylor Swift alone

  • HONG

    and that’s not Taylor Swift. GO TO HELL

    • Huge Cock Habib

      Hong the Homo has halitosis

      • Jackie

        Even if Hong is a homosexual there’s nothing wrong with it. If there was you islamic and muslim pricks wouldn’t have a problem with it!

        • Huge Cock Habib

          Jackie, you homoqueer sympathizer, both Jesus and the prophet Mohammed clearly state in both the bible and Quran that homoqueer rectal rammers shall be stoned by the entire village. So in conclusion, Hong the homoqueer must be stoned for his crimes, and you must be 50 lashes to your backside. Allah Akbar!

          • Jackie

            Yeah anyone (and EVERYONE) with a brain has denounced the bible, and Koran as just books!

          • Habib the assassin

            Jack ass Jackie The only book you read and own is the redneck inbreed karma sutra.

          • Jackie

            Naw actually I’ve read Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and many other authors works. Try again I’m sure you’ll stop failing eventually (or more likely not).

  • Anubis

    After examining this video of Taylor Swift having an orgasm on stage, I am totally appalled by such a lewd disgusting act. Evidently she couldn’t subdue her carnal female urges, and started playing with herself while her teenybopper fans lustfully watched her get off.

    Grasping her phallus shaped mike with both hands, she obviously slipped it up her pantiless short skirt and began thrusting it vigorously up her lady stink holes. Such depravity! And her fans claim she is a “good” gal too. Good at masturbating in public that is. Stage hands will have to mop up after her with all her orgasmic squirting.

    Taylor must have seen Selena Homez performing such lewd acts on stage at one of Selena’s infamous Tiquana donkey shows and got horny thinking about it.

    • Jackie

      I’m appaled that you muslim, and islamic pricks still exist!

      • Anubis

        Jack off you ignorant cunt faced skank –

        You are obviously vigorously fingering your filthy stink holes while looking at Taylor’s orgasmic face like a true depraved lesboqueer, and also get off making vile remarks against us Muslims on this most holy site.

        You being appalled of me being appalled of the lewd act of Taylor Swift masturbating on stage, I find quite appalling as well. We Muslims find abrasive lesbo cunts such as yourself offensive.

      • Habib the assassin

        Jack ass fucker Jackie. The only pricks you know of belong to your 9 brothers and 4 uncles along with your father that have been pounding your stinky holes for years.

        • Jackie

          I really hope you learn that there are much more intelligent ways to respond to my attempt to get you riled. Oh who am I kidding you’re not a person so you’ll never learn!

  • jack meoff

    allah himself takes it up the ass

  • Princess

    I’m not a lesboqueer or anything but shes hot

  • Jackie

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  • Jackie

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    • Habib the assassin

      Cum slut Jackie you are a fool I know your diddling yourself over Taylor masturbating on video your just another fat american pig who needs some soap and water.

      • Jackie

        Your pathetic existance is a sad one. Oh and your peoples’ end can not come soon enough. Perhaps we should bomb you again and this time end all of you too!

        • Habib the assassin

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          • Jackie

            I see both my attempts to elicit a smart response from you have failed. I guess that’s because you’re not smart!

        • logan

          i agree

      • Allah fucks goats

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  • Fuck all you Muts-lims dogs

    leave selena gomez outta it man…lets focus on taylor and her sluttish ways
    i have to agree taylor is a “good girl” so to speak

  • Kahlid

    It is well past time for Swift’s father to have her clitoris removed and her vagina sewn shut as our Muslims brothers in North Africa do.

    I will even supply a broken Coke bottle or a round-trip ticket to the Sudan.

  • Roxanne

    You do know she was playing guitar in that video ==

    • Anubis

      rocks up Annie’s fanny –

      If you mean playing “GEE-tar” is a hillbilly slang for fingering or thrusting objects in the vag stink hole, which is obviously what the hick harlot is doing.

    • Habib the assassin

      Ratty ass Roxanne another american lie everyone knows that she is ramming a huge dildo into her foul smelling pussy.

  • Jafar

    Its a gif, you dumbfucks, not video.

  • Derka Derka

    This website is intended to be funny. Just an FYI for those of you trying to engage in verbal melee with these twits.
    The idea is to take on the persona of a stereotypical Muslim and insult the west, women, Americans, and the debauchery of Western Culture.
    And while there is the occasional semi humorous one liner, the comedic content is limited to crass name calling and strings of expletives and rings flat the vast majority of times.
    Tell the same idiotic mother/penis/vagina/come/asshole insult over and over and you could start your own jihad website.
    That is to say, I come here every once in a while to see nude pics of celebs, but end up remembering that this site is a steaming shit heap of moronic “humor” written by halfwits.
    Fuck this place and everyone who runs it. you are fucking hacks.

    • habib the assassin

      You are just another fool american. The good muslim who runs this site is Durka Durka.Not Derka Derka if you are trying to pose as him you spelled his name wrong and you are using the wrong profile pic. The words you speak of this site are all lies.

      • MuslimScum

        Eat shit you sand google. USA owned your ass in war and your still crying about it.

  • tswiftfan

    Now that osama bin laden is dead the scumbag that posts this shit should be the new public enemy number 1. I hope she gets to nail your terrorist ass to the wall in court

    • MuslimScum

      Amen! Fuck these muslim faggots. They are to much of a pussy to do anything expect online. Look what happened to them when we went to war. They sent they children to fight us and we glady killed them too.

  • gettin even

    at least my God doesn’t fuck 14 year old girls

    • MuslimScum

      No just your mother.

    • Josh

      Neither does ours

  • Allah fucks goats

    i just want to complain about being thrown out of a muslim clothes shop last night, i’m not sure why they took offense to me,,,, i only asked the sales lady if i could see their new range in bomber jackets

  • simmingsince2001

    it looks like she is just on stage singing.. well i feel happier now maybe there really is one female celeb out there that’s not a complete skank