Taylor Swift Offered Compromise In Topless Pic Scandal

Taylor Swift

Unlike the heathen savages in America, us Muslims are a loving and peaceful people. With that in mind we here at Celeb Jihad have decided to be the bigger man, and compromise with Taylor Swift in regards to our topless picture article that she is so upset about.

We will remove the article if Taylor Swift simply agrees to convert to Islam. To convert to Islam, Taylor Swift must publicly renounce her Jew God Jesus, and accept Allah as her lord and master. She must then sacrifice a goat and devour its entrails. Pretty standard stuff really.

Taylor we eagerly await your response to our most generous offer. Allahu Akbar!

  • james owens

    Unlike the heathen savages in America, us Muslims are a loving and peaceful people, what a load of bullshit. you muslim are a violent and sick bunch. you have killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children and call it justified in the name of your jihad, thats bullshit. And now to try and force someone to convert to a muslim it get you to do the right thing is just another example of what a sick religion you are. First any decent religious person would not be doing this to start with, and second i am quite sure the Allah would not be ok with any of this bullshit you are doing. you are a camels ass to yours and any other true religion. with these actions you have cemented your place in hell along with all your other sick ass muslim brothers and sisters. there should be someway for us to drop a drone on your sorry asses just like we have done to the rest of your sorry ass sick muslims brothers. just ask Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, or his sons. hahaha, and the many more we have removed from this world and freed the world of their sorry asses. and more to come, just hope you are one of them.

    • Johnny

      Man do you hear yourself? Did the satire fly straight over your head?! I’m willing to bet my mother than this site is not run by real muslims. SMH ur and idiot for taking the post so seriously.

      PS: Did you reallly believe that sacrificing a goat is part of the muslim conversion ritual? Maybe Americans really are dumb

    • ahhgmed

      james owen homoqueer, your rant is just laughable. I will flog your mother with a goat penis as you watch.

    • Nicole

      You dumb fuck. ALL religions have had violent histories. Christianity itself has had more incidences than any other religion.

      Does that make ALL Christians violent savages? No. Just like not all muslims are, either.

      You probably get all of your misinformation from FOX news. My condolences.

    • Daphne Riot

      As-Salamu Alaykum!

  • adam

    Yea, americans are dumb, because we live in a 3rd world country, right? The reason ur so angry is because ur so miserable. And we feel for u…

  • Sam

    Yeah….considering that Islamic men don’t actually like women, it’s unlikely they’d be posting naked pictures of them. It’s all a big joke to the people creating this website.

  • Bob Blaskis


    Well done!

  • leesha

    Your not Muslim if you talk like that,
    Your not Muslim if you have such distgusting websites on which you post horrendous pictures.


    • leesha’s an idiot

      Correct uses of You’re: 1
      Incorrect uses of Your: 4

      Impressive ratio. Throwing in your interesting spelling of “distgusting” & strange placement of the word punishment and I can only conclude that you’re simply too stupid to be a Muslim.

  • allah blows

    just shut-up, you towel head

  • Selena Gomez

    wow Taylor is mad about this picture http://www.celebjihad.com/celeb-jihad/taylor-swift-topless-private-pic-leaked I saw that picture 2 years ago and she just saw it now what is wrong with this woman.

    • Tim

      Seriously! How hard is it to google “Taylor Swift fake nude” and realize that there are hundreds if not thousands of these damn things out there? Are she and her crack team of lawyers going to sue every site that hosts one of them?


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This is an offer taylor can’t refuse…..unless she wants put on trial in Sharia Court after us Muslims take over.
    She just has to determine which is better: wearing the burka and becoming a concubine or being stoned and fed to crocodiles.

    The choice is hers.


  • Jow

    Did not take you long to crap your pants.

  • Dan No

    James Owens, you are an ignorant conceited prick. How many men, women and children did the Crusaders kill when they invaded Jerusalem?

  • LoveFearlessly_

    Covert to your religion? Wow, y’all need to show some respect and leave the girl alone. Just because y’all don’t see eye-to-eye on your religions or the way women should dress isn’t a good reason for your rude articles about her. And another thing, that picture isn’t even Taylor! Your only “proof” was the wood paneling in the background? Haha, I’m laughing at how pathetic you are.

  • Mahummed

    from what ive heard, you are to take down the photo before her lawyers come into your country and take all your goats as payment

  • theheadchimp

    This is no compromise, this hillbilly has probably been eating goats for years. And her daddy has probably been sleeping with the goats too. Notice how Taylor’s face reminds you of a cute little goat with those goat teeth and goat nose.

  • Paulie

    are you kidding me monkey you want Taylor Swift to be an Islam what tv show is this?

    • theheadchimp

      Who in the fuck are you calling a monkey? If it was me muthafucker you better bone up on how smart chimps are compared to Americans. It been scientifically proven that the Average american IQ is 76 while a Chimp is in the low 100’s.

  • Oh lol

    Hilarious stuff.

    Keep it up Durka; us Muslims will not stop until the heathen whore confesses to her immorality or becomes a powerful sheikh’s concubine.

  • qwerty11

    Everyone has different beliefs but most of us respect each other’s opinions. I’m Christian but my best friend is Muslim and we both get along really well, despite our differences in religion. Not all Christians are “heathen savages”, and not all Muslims are terrorists; hardly any in fact. We are all human beings and all equal, no matter what religion, race, sex or age. So please, all of you, stop being so racist and judgmental of each other. As for the people who run this website, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t real Muslims; they just started this website as a joke and their goal was to stir people up and start racial arguments. Don’t stoop to their standards.

  • 1x

    anything which prevents free thoughts is false..so are all freaky religions.

  • as

    fuck you muslims
    you are all fucking stinky idiots
    you all look like pigs!
    i will all feed you pigs

  • WORL

    this doesn’t make sense, Taylor’s not like those other actresses and she doesn’t wear revealing dresses and this stupid dude that posted this doesn’t know the first thing about Islam, guys like him should shut up and never speak so that others don’t think wrong bout islam.
    p.s: abou mosaab al zarakawi is a freak that isn’t an actual muslim because muslims pray god for peace and that dude is way outta the point of this holy religion

  • 12345

    u are a fucking bastard!!! U are a disgrace to muslims!!!!! u deserve to die and go to hell!! Taylor swift is a nice sweet and innocent person and how dare you insult her?! u even made me, a 10 year old child, use vulgar words. if u are not a bastard, u r a son of a bitch!!!

    i am not insulting muslims (although i am racist), i am insulting abou mosaab al zarakawi

    • ahmed al-said

      may the caliph behead you