Taylor Swift Nude S&M Picture

Taylor Swift whip

Pop star and serial dater Taylor Swift appears to pose nude with a whip and black patent leather high-heeled boots in the sadomasochistic picture above.

When you’ve been with as many men as Taylor Swift has ordinary sex just doesn’t do it anymore. To get her sick kicks Taylor Swift has obviously ventured into extreme fetishes like S&M, and now can only get off when she is caused pain and humiliation.

Luckily for Taylor Swift when us Muslims get a hold of her she’ll receive more pain and humiliation then she has ever felt before, and she’ll no doubt orgasm furiously as we stone her and then urinate on her battered and bruised body.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Ohhh wooowww!!! FUCK ME BOOTS!!@!!

    • Justin Bieber

      OMG! Taylor..call me Baby.
      Call me quick. I have a long line forming at my bedroom door.

      • Taylor Swift

        I’m on my way Honey. I’m out of the Country now but I will be back soon.

        • KEn

          I fucking hate you muslim fucks. you all need to get murdered like your god osama alla. you think your nasty wives that are wearing my old table cloth look any better? you packy fucks must be penis loving sand googles Go suicide bomb your whole villiage already.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You hate us Muslims because we are great. Us Muslims hate you infidels because you are degenerate perverts and subhuman ape creatures.

            And, Islam is taking over and we’re going to kill all infidels.

            So, go fuck yourself mofo.

          • Jeffrey

            Dear Abdullah: We as an entire nation do not hate you. And your fixation with degenerate perverts….Where’ve you been hanging around man? Dullah buddy, we’ve gotta get you thinking about happier things. And then your thoughts have turned to subhuman ape creatures? Well to me these critter don’t have to have a visual resemblance of apes…..The intelligence and the manners- yes- that-. I have seen this sort of thing hereabouts also. Can you help? We (myself and two associates) are gathering the amount of 1 kilo of depleted uranium metals. Yes please help us gather. I have received information that the US military has dumped 400 thousand tons of this in the munitions of the last Iraq invasion. Don’t worry about safety. So far mostly just babies have died. We need some new cancers to study as well. I am sorry about the US military. Please believe that most people living here have nothing to do with it or its actions. (:)

    • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

      You know, I looked at the video of the two terrorist bombers in Boston, and I have to say that I didn’t recognize either of them. Very strange. Like how could I not know them?

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Breakin News from Klan Headquarters:

        I have found and detained the two muslim fags who committed the most recent terrorist (and heroic) act up in Boston. They were found and a Motel 6 in Pennsylvania giving rim jobs for McDonalds gift certificates and any spare change one could provide. The two young men who killed three and injured countless liberal queers who hate God will be given three square meals a day until Sunday, at which point in time they will be executed for crimes against God (being homos).

        Check back for further developments.


        • ?????


          It seems rather curious to me that you would travel from Alabama all the way up to a Motel 6 in Pennsylvania, with a pocket full of McDonalds gift certificates and spare change.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Shut up you dumb homo!

            The Klan has had pictures of the two muslims since Monday night. The FBI knew we were the men for the job. We head to the northeast and began the manhunt immediately. Our fag sniffing dog took me to a town in east Pennsylvania called Philadelphia, or as I heard googles say, “Philly.” After killing said googles, I was led to a Motel 6 on the outskirts of town, which is where I found the two mofos doing gay things. There was McDs gift certificates spread out all over the bed and spare change all over the floor, so the only logical conclusion is that they were giving rim jobs and taking it in the butt for said gifts. They were put on one of our private aircraft and flown to HQ, where they are in a 3’x3’x5′ cell.

            Also…..klansman don’t eat at them filthy McDonalds restaurants. We prefer a more upscale and American restaurant like Taco Bell or China Wok.


          • ?????


            I am utterly shocked that your fag sniffing dog would have the ability to pick up a homo’s scent, that would lead him anywhere out of the state of Alabama. Seeing as how Alabama has the highest percentage per capita of queers and shemales in the known industrialized world. I am afraid that your dog is defective since he didn’t sniff you out, and he should be humanely put down.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            You dumb cowardly queer.

            Everyone knows that the only place you find gays is California and the northeast…..and in all muslim countries. The only shemale ever to be found in the great state of Alabama was your daddy……and he’s now hanging in the Birmingham town square.

            My aryan retriever is worth more than you and your fat google wife combined. Another word about my dog and you’ll be licking shit out of the ass of my google slaves.


          • 55

            Fagon Pete

            That poor guy is trying to bring some variety on the table, and you still insist on Fagging it up with the usual mind-numbing, monotonous,done to death homosexuality.

            Change it a little. Encourage that guy and yourself to indulge in Heterosexual topics instead of Homosexuality that make me want to kill myself out of sheer disgust. Avoid Faggotry !

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            69s with men

            First off…..killing yourself is a damn good idea. It will save me the trouble of having to tie up another noose.

            Secondly…..if you want me to talk about heterosexual activity…..I’ll tell you about a story of me banging your mother while your wife sucked my balls and your sister licked my anus.


        • Abu Ali El-assaud

          Grand fag pete

          The muslims you speak of were in a shootout in watertown Mass. The two qweers in the motel 6 in PA. were the googles you were blowing you must have hit your head to many times on the head board while being butt fucked.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Abu Ali eli-asshole

            Shut up you dumb dick mofo.

            That nonsense up in Boston is just a smoke screen from some dumb pseudo terrorists trying to take credit for the marathon bombings. The media has you fooled.

            As I type…..fellow klansmen are interrogating the two queers while they’re being tortured by googles.


        • muslims lick ass

          Grand Douschebag Pete
          are you retarded I hve seen KKK mebrs sucking muslim balls burn in hell gay wierdo

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Licks muslim ass

            I see your name is a testament to your favorite gay sex act.

            I also notice that you grew up in a country where punctuation and proper spelling were either optional or not taught. This either makes you an African negro, a South American wetback, or an Alaskan eskimo…..all are the shittiest races on God’s earth.

            Tell your negro daddy Jamal and your negro daddy Trey that I look forward to killing them.


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    The horse whip would fit into the plans of most of the site commenters on here I would say. It’s mostly a bunch of sick, sexually deviant men who frequent celebjihad, and a few women ;-)

    • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

      Fuck up, bitch before we deglove your tongue and feed its skin to the dogs.

    • Grand Kleagle Otis

      My Aryan cock is so big; my erections cause a total eclipse.

      Burn in Hell with your false god, Muslim mofos.


    • Chrissy the Lesbian

      You make that sound like a bad thing…

      • the goat herder

        Goats are the best!

        • aghmed

          Allahu Akbar!

    • muslims lick ass

      grand fagon pete
      Go fuck a badger dumbass

      • KlansmanVorx

        Isreal is a faggot country.
        Did you not believe Pete was right about his fellow Klansmen?
        Fuck off, I do not wish to add you to the pile of blinded Muslims
        we keep I’m the back room for target practice



    • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

      I’ve been away on important oil business. Now upon my return I see that the extremely gay practice of saying ‘firsties’ continues on this site. I had hoped that those who engage in such queer commentary would have been eradicated by now. Ah well, hope springs eternal.


      Shut up homo! I am the real Firsties! You are dismissed.


  • Z

    that feminist bitch is back…

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

    Now more serious matters:

    The Mossad is recruiting new agents on Facebook. One of the conditions they impose to those that want to apply is that they can “excite” people.
    As some Jewish fags that infest this Islamic site like Miss Piggy and Moshe are only interested on arousing donkeys and gorillas, they are out of the job. So sad ;)


    • moshe dayan

      Homo Hashim,

      How dare you post a link to the site hosting your gay gloryhole gangbang porno. I turned away almost immediately, fell to the ground and punched the reboot button on my machine, but the split second image of you in drag (see bottom of Amanda Bynes ) being spit roasted by two googles was soul destroying.

      I am heading off to the wailing wall to try to cleanse myself.

      You are a disgusting transsexual homoqueer. The best thing that could happen to you is that your AIDs flares up and kills you.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Fag Moshe,

        What’s up boy?! Are you drinking donkey milk too?!

        Note: This only demonstrates that you and Miss Piggy are one and the same person, since she was also affected by the donkey milk syndrome.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are giving head at the wailing wall.

        Big deal…you suck dick there every day.

      • Abu Ali El-Assaud

        moshe the jew queer

        the Homossad is now taking googles and kkqueer as members It did not take you long to make this happen your fetish for black cock and queer white men wearing sheets is well known you filthy jew.

        • moshe dayan

          El Asshole,

          Your anal abilites are well known at the local Tikrit gloryhole where you are the master of the 1.5L pop bottle.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Your ass has been hit so often that the fags call you “the gay grand canyon.”

    • korean cannibal

      hashim the destroyer of male fertillity
      jews are good people fuck off douschebag

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    It is so sad that the 91% of Muslims who are terrorist extremists give the 9% who are are a peaceful loving people a bad name.

    • Word of wisdom

      “a bad name” is not the only thing we’ll give to these traitors : there are many, many 7,62 rounds ready for them.

    • ….

      Hey !

      You added and subtracted 1%. It is 90-10 !

  • City Killer (KKK)

    Oh look the crazy bitch who writes songs about every guy she’s dated. The Klan we be more then glad to place her in our hanging tournament we have each year! Let me get the noose!

    • ?????

      City Killer (KGAYK)

      “The Klan we be more then glad”. You sound suspiciously like a negro to me you dumb shit. Take your noose and hang yourself with it you poser pussy.

      • City Killer (KKK)

        It’s called a typo ass hole, everyone has it!

        You sir will get the noose and the flame thrower and i will get your wife! How dare you call me a google. I will enjoy pissing on your corpse, fucking your wife and killing your whole monkey race!

        KKK All day
        Googles will pay!

        • ?????

          City Killa (The only Black member of the KKK)

          Don’t hide behind a typo “Bro”, do you think that by saying I belong to a monkey race ( I am white ) you can fool me into thinking that you’re not actually a self hating negro. Well my dark skinned friend you’re sadly mistaken, I can smell the Jerry curl and Colt 45 oozing out of your postings. Quit hating playa, accept your lot in life and you’ll be happier in the end……..peace my nizzle.

          • City Killer (KKK)

            Question Mark Fag

            If i would have been born as one of those disgusting monkeys you call your family. I would have killed myself a long time ago, like you should!

            It’s time you been cleansed of all your sins because white Jesus will not allow disgusting creatures like yourself into his home. Only real human beings belong in this world. The rest of you sand googles and you negro googles belong on Satan’s pitch fork!

            Get in a bath tub full of bleach and cleanse your unholy body like Michael Jackson did. Once finish, take a noose and do the honors. This is the only way you might have a chance to be a “Real human being”.

            KKK All day!!
            Googles will pay!

          • Abu Ali El-assaud


            You fool the KKK loves black members they suck black members on a daily basis.

          • City Killer (KKK)

            Abu the Sand google!

            You better shut your mouth boy! We’re always looking for another monkey google to hang up on our tree,…. just like an ornament! You can talk all you want now but when we find you, you will be hanging from a tree along with your whole google family!

  • Alan

    Finally we have a pic that looks half-way like a grown woman. Not the thick 1970s triangle muff I’d prefer but it’s a start.

    Why yes Taylor, I’d get on my knees and give you a tongue-lashing your moist pussy will never forget.

  • mm


    Anyone want to do me?

    • Abraham

      moshe dayan, why did you change your name again? What kind of a name is mm ?

  • Heydrich

    So, Taylor has been exposed as a dominatrix at Auschwitz. It’s true Aryans like Ms Swift who are the backbone of the Reich. Working every day at mundane jobs for the glorification of the race. I have a special award I will present to her tomorrow, or tomorrow night, more appropriately.

  • Imam Abbas

    With that riding crop and those boots, she looks more like she’s about to go to participate in the camel races in Cairo. However, since she has once again graced this site with the picture of her overexposed semi-bearded clam, the Sharia Council is not amused.

    She cannot participate in the camel races without the obligatory burka, and since she has failed to convert to Islam, the council had ordered that she be taken into the desert in her current state of undress. Her wrists tie and ankles are to be tied to stakes anchored in the ground so she is spread eagle in the sand, after which the buzzards can feed on her as she bakes to a crisp in the desert sun.

    This is a “taylor-made” feast for Allah’s (SWT) creatures!

    If she is lucky, some pious muslim man will whip her with his riding crop to help finish her off.

    Allahu Akbar!

  • big dick

    she a country music star not a pop star im susprised no one corrected him on that if your going to inslut someone get your facts be4 hand

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      She has a nice snatch.

      • Chrissy the Lesbian

        Ok. You’ve convinced me… Tall, young, tight, and slurpy!

  • Kinshi Ying

    This site no right show women no clothes on body

    Japan show women many clothes in movies and singing. We have big stars and drive Toyota an Honda like Americans drive.

    • Abu Ali El-Assaud

      Fishy smelling ying

      You asian women are just as bad as the american whore you asian sluts let your pussies get bushy and they have a bad fish odor and you remove your clothes and do chink porn with the little dick chink men. Anyway Ying is chinese not japanese.

  • missile droper

    Wow,u muslim fucks have some confidence hey?well 1st of all u rag heads don’t exist in this world u r just the example of satans failure,like no 1 likes u,I mean no 1 even wants u 2 board a plane coz they know that all the rag heads like to blow their rag asses up,I don’t know why we keep u in this world of good people,we shuld have just wiped ur asses out

    • Imam Khalid

      Well, that’s not very nice of you.

      I don’t know what Muslims have ever done to make you feel this way so, I can only conclude that you’re a religious bigot and should be ashamed of your words!

      Your bigotry comes from ignorance.

      May Allah lead you to the one true faith of Islam.

      La Hawla Wala Quwata Illah Billah!

  • Mouth From The South

    You camel cum sucking ragheads better shut the hell up. How dare you dishonor a good white Christian girl like Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is an angel who praises Jesus and you pathetic goat fuckers are jealous because the reason your women cover themselves from head to toe is to hide the fact that they are hideous. Not that it matters because the only way you can get off is to suck a camels dick while you fuck a goat.

    You need to accept and understand that God intended for America to be the greatest nation in the world and accept your place as cave dwelling sand monkeys who God created so our mighty military can get some target practice, because that’s all you’re good for.

    Go with Jesus.
    God bless America.

    • nasty name

      Mouth sucks southern cock

      You may be right, but you sound like a religious shit head.

      • Jihad Jack

        Nasty ass licker.

        You sound like a Godless liberal fag. Accept Jesus into you life or burn in hell with the other liberals, Jews, Muslim fags.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mouth that sucks dick down south

      shut up infidel queer. the only reason you like this skinny tramp taylor is because you dress up like her at the glory hole and sing “what a girl wants” while you get ass fucked by gay googles.

      • Jihad Jack

        Abdullah the butt butcher.

        Don’t pretend you don’t like having a big google dick pump your asshole while you suck Jew dick. Now, that sort if behavior might be acceptable to Allah and that faggett Muhammad but my God, the white Christian God and the one true God thinks it abhorrent. Repent your sins Musscum and give your life to Jesus or burn in hell with the Jews, queers and liberals.

        Go with Jesus
        God bless America

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          goat jacker

          I like your mother’s filthy tongue up my asshole but that’s it.

          Now get back to your glory hole and spread the AIDS.

  • Unknown

    Why can’t we all be friends?


    u guys call urself a website so u can show the sins of girls and people? BULLSHIT! u like looking at fucking porn and an excuse to watch it is saying ur seeing which ones sinful and will go to hell. BULLSHIT; u LOVE watchiing porn and looking at nude photos.

    • the patriot


      Then what the fuck r you doin here coon? juss becus a small percentege of us are hetero doesnt mean a coon can talk outta line. now shut the fuck up!


    • Abu Ali El-Assuad

      Dashit packer

      You do the same thing but you look at nude men and gay porn you filthy american homosexual.

  • korean cannibal

    mm taylor swift looks tender

  • Lover

    Don’t you just want to have sex and fuck the bitches like taylor swift jennifer lawrence and selena gomez?

  • Sexual tiger

    This is awesome,.makes me wanna fuck Taylor swift

  • Kathryn


  • Steve in ky

    I would not fuck that nasty bitch after she fucked all those googles. Look it up yourself she says “I’m interracial and I date black men” She talks about how she stalks black rappers in Nashville a young Buck google. She fucked every Glee star that every lived on earth plus John Mayer and Joe Jonas and Coby Monteith and Jake Gaylenhael and Tom Odell and Harry Styles and Selena Gomez(mexican lover girl) and Dianne Argone(Her lesbian LGBT activist lover) and even Katy Perry and Emily her fiddle player and “Foster the people” The Lumineers and Kennedy plus Swarzenegger. She is eat up with (STUPID) and has AIDS plus she shoots needles(heroin) look at the needle scab on her arms in photos. I’d say Punch that stupid bitch out if you meet her!

  • Terry

    All you muslim assholes get your twisted ass out of my country. You are a bunch radical shit heads and this country you will not take over as we are armed to the helt.

  • Abadabashooter

    What the fuck is the matter with you fucktards? Taylor swift has made millions on SONGS, not nude photos. Talk about her SONGS. Not her nude photo.

  • ruari hart

    Man love ok.

  • Darryl Almack

    Abdullah the butcher smells

  • Corey Addam

    You fucking towelhead fucking beenie ass fucks i got ur fucking jihad, how about i jihad all over your fucking allah what a faggot ass name for a god and what a bunch of faggots that own this site

  • Jean

    haha this is great. shes such a whore as it is

  • Warrior of Christ.

    Allah is not God. You Muslims have been led astray by the fool Mohammed.
    I am truly sorry that Taylor Swift is so free with her body but you will NOT find favor with God for the things you say and do. God does not bless sexual sins and he does NOT bless homosexuality either. Pornography is a sin as well. The Bible is very clear. Repent of your sins and turn towards the only path to Heaven and the blessings from God. Amen.

  • Anonymouse

    Jesus was a Jew.

    But why are we all insulting each others religions HERE.

    Have you looked up there?

  • fuck osama

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  • jihadhater

    damn muslims. yall need to stay away from our fucking country. we should have bombed the hell out of your countries after september 11 2001 you are all to fucking blame

  • Hatealah

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  • Hatealah

    Alah is a fake god fucking suckers

  • Hatealah

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  • hoss50cal

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