Taylor Swift Nude In Photo

Taylor Swift nude

Taylor Swift appears to be finally showing her true nature with the nude photo above.

As Taylor Swift continues to get passed around from guy to guy in heathen Hollywood, her fake sweet and innocent public persona has grown tiresome.

Clearly Taylor Swift is a lecherous degenerate who loves getting new dick stuck inside of her. That is why this nude photo of Taylor showing off her swollen red genitals is so refreshingly honest. Though rest assured one day it will still earn Taylor a lapidation in Shariah court.

  • dubydaboo


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        • little timmy

          is that really taylor swift?

          • Bubba

            Yes, She is shaved.

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    • Drop Ball Ghost

      Drop Ball is an extremely addictive, high intensity game designed for people everywhere.

      With Taylor Swift’s distended and probably teeth filled genitalia, she could be a Drop Ball champion.

      Heck, she could even beat my high-score of 6!

      • mokey man

        i think so to

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Come to daddy, Taylor. Come to daddy.


    • Kristen Stewart

      Taylor Lautner (Jacob) ?

    • aghmed

      Taylor Lautner will cum in your homqueer asshole, you don’t have to ask him twice fag. I’ll kill you.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        You know you’re a homo when you see the name “Taylor” and the first person that comes to mind is a man.

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  • Senhiah the Keeper

    Her pussy is an insult to Muslims everywhere brothers please do not judge the infidels by her.

    • The Reaper

      Shithiah the Peeper

      That’s because Muslims everywhere want dick cause there all homos.

      • Bobert

        Hashim is for sure. Have you ever read some of the gay ass bullshit he posts here?

        Fucking Freddy Mercury reincarnated or some shit.

    • TrueTexan

      Oh, I’m sorry if our “infedel” love of shaved, tight pussy is a crime you camel fucking queer bait. At least we respect women enough to let them show their faces (and any other parts of their body) whenever they please. You dumb fucks make your women cover their entire body with a damn blanket, and are able to stone her to death if she cheats on you. If a chick cheats on us, we don’t kill her, we go out and fuck her sister, best friend, and any other hotties we feel like after we dump the cheating bitch. Unless you have been in America and witnessed our greatness, shut the fuck up!


      • Zohair- The Good one

        I’m all for treating women right…….but “Respecting’ ???????

        Have women descended from the sun or something??

        The feminist media and the mangina culture has really brainwashed you poor Americans.

        You cannot understand just how much they’ve taken over your minds ! SMH

        • Moshe Dayan

          The biggest mangina on this site is Anal Abdullah. That fag has gone way past the vagina stage.

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    • Moshe Dayan

      Next time then we’ll post a picture of a boys asshole, that will keep a whole pile of muslims happy.

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  • Umar the Brown

    Filthy harlot! What has she not done to anger Allah?

    May your decadent Santa Claus fill your stocking with stones as a reminder of the stoning you will one day receive.

  • Yum

    If only this were real. She is the hottest chick of all time

    • OO7ELAD

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    Ya think her vag is beaten up enough or what? It’s all swollen and red.

    • Anubis

      It’s swollen and red from beaner Selena Homez going at it lustfully with a double dildo. Ever since Justine Beaver dumped her for his younger sister, Selena has been on Taylor like flies on shit.

      No one but her naive horny fans believes Taylor’s goody goody fake image. She’s as slutty as the rest of the western skanks that are discussed here on this holy Muslim site.

      • Moshe Dayan


        I guess that means you’ll have to use your fist tonight since Selena took your favorite double dildo. What a sick muslim fag.

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          Douche bag Gayan –

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  • Hassad

    After viewing this fine specimen of a woman I never need to pay for sex again. I’ll just close my eyes and spank my monkey to my remembrance of her.

  • Mike

    Oh yea, so you praise her so-called honesty, but you still think she’s deserves a stoning. haha

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  • Beshiri al-Saud

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    I was recently at a security checkpoint at Denver Airport, and a female TSA officer patted me down. Then she slipped her hand into my pants and between my legs and she actually pushed her fingers into my vagina. I’d sue, but the truth is it got me so wet and I blushed.

  • Ryan

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    • John


  • Ryan

    Stupid fucks dont know your own history that is sad

  • Ryan

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    • John


  • american Billdo

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  • Ian

    I am totally offended by the engorged clitoris clearly visible on this shaved, waxed, rubbed, pounded & throbbing pussy. As I reluctantly zoom in to confirm, I am repulsed to see her soft pink labia puffed out as though multiple large penises, or perhaps artificial vibrating organs were recently thrust repeatedly and with masculine force into that tender but shamefully eager vagina.
    This must not be allowed! If she would just turn and bend over I could confirm her lack of virginity to report in detail to the supreme leader and his men.

  • Akinfenwha The Tank

    Her pussy smells like Rotten Fish and has the faint wiff of Harry Styles.

  • Neon Trees

    I can feel the chemicals kicking in.

    • Smarterthanyou2

      Says the fan of one of the shittiest and gayest American bands in existence.

      They make the Bee Gees look macho by comparison.

  • a

    this is riley jensens body. i recognize that vag anywhere

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This infidels pussy looks like it has a bad case of “chapped lips”

    I suggest some Jihadist immediately cure her with a shot from the AK-47.

  • littleblackdress

    This is sick. It just is. Why would someone do something like this? It is insane portraying a young woman the author of this post/man behind photoshopping this picture doesn’t even know. Right, yah, I don’t know her either, but I’ve heard enough of and seen enough about her to know that this picture is just a stupid picture with her head stuck onto that body as if it belonged there naturally. Why don’t you just get a life and delete this picture. This is just sad.

  • Lilly

    I don’t like her as a brunette.

  • Anwar

    When Islam comes to burn your cities I will take this whore as my personal sex slave.

  • Nark

    wow you guys are pathetic thats not even Taylor Swift fake

  • Taylor Swift

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  • prince

    it is very nice pic

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  • fuckislam

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  • Countryboylovestatlorswift

    i would love to have her as my baby momma

  • Anonyme

    Elle est bonne.

  • angry kid

    fuck off i love your songs angd your boobies

  • taylor

    Look . This is the real me
    I know I look like a nice country babe but this is me. Accept it. Plus… stfu

    • Charles

      If you truly are Taylor, one thing, from a fan who never liked much country.
      Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing, it’s who you are and the world will just have to accept you for it. Have fun in Hollywood, most of us don’t get that chance.

    • poot

      yeah, right.

  • Nice

    Damn she is fine

  • AmericaBitches

    Go America!!! Fuck Muslims!

  • Charles

    I think you all have to just stop this senseless badgering of each other, and over photos of American celebrities, too. Sure Taylor may be known as a whore in Hollywood, but do you have to put a Jihad on her? Sharia court can only be applied in the Middle East where it was originally developed. Stop thinking that one country is going to take over the next, the truth is that the only countries that we’re really worried about taking over the US is Russia, and China. Everyone else is just a bomb drop away from being wiped from existence. Threat? No. Promise? No. Possible? Very Much So. You all are just so hateful, and it’s because of all of you, Americans and Other countries included, that make this world the shit place to live that it is, all of you seem to want peace but, NONE of you are even taking the first steps to give it the chance it deserves. May God, doesn’t matter whose, help us all.

  • kasunma

    Her head was photoshopped on to this photo. Incan tell because she doesn’t have her belly button pierced, and I’ve seen her hair and makeup and her head like that in another photo. p h o t o s h o p

    • poot

      Not to mention a huge shadow under her chin, but nowhere else–because the body shot was front lit.

  • That white guy

    Are they all real or are there some fakes?

  • Shit girls say

    This is a fake pic because she dosn’t have a belly button ring

  • sir hiyler the 2nd

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  • John

    I bet taylor has a much prettier pussy than that, sure would like to find out, I would eat her asshole in a minute.

    • EastEndDefender

      You had your chance John Mayer.

  • iamauneek

    You are using slang. You are making your lips dirty. Don’t you think all humans are same? I am a fundamental Muslim. If I wished, I could use bad slangs to you. Don’t heart anyone. May Allah bless you and keep you in peace.

  • TheTruth

    muhhamad suks prophet like shit hes not evefn a god u say racism u racists just coz they are famous and not u shitty muslims doesnt mean you have the authority to post FUCKING FAKE PICTURES MAYBE U SHUD POST A PIC OF NAKE MUHAMMAD

  • a real person

    you know i find it funny you post these fake pictures of all these celebs i can look at this pic here of taylor and see it is fake a good fake but a fake at that. i find this very funny

  • fuck

    she is a gorgeous lady