Taylor Swift Nip Slip

Taylor Swift

Look at this Taylor Swift nip slip photo. I can not believe Taylor would do something like this!

Taylor Swift wore a dress that has her nipples just hanging out. I know she is tall, but did she ever even consider that she may walk by a giant, and that he would be able to see right down the top of her dress?

Maybe Taylor Swift is a slut for giants and this is her way of trying to attract them. What a size queen whore!

  • taylor_Swift

    this is stupid. team taylor!
    get a new gossip subject.

  • Marina

    I agree with the person above me. You can’t even see anything. If you want to talk about her, talk about the three million records she’s broken or something.

    • Crot

      Good one Marina. She has done quite well for herself and I hope she does continue to make people green with jealousy. Carry on Taylor and let us the supporters even be more proud of your accomplishments.

  • taylorswift13

    1. This is SO old so really nice job there
    2. You can’t see sh!t
    3. Really? this is the biggest story you got? What are you half-retarded

    • floridagirl

      you cant see shit cause she has no boobs! plus her shoulders are so slumped forward she looks humped back..the girl never stands up straight…she is flat as a guy, but still….a slut, going for anyone who can get her in the news..they get what they want and leave, or they hear her sing without auto tune, then they run! hahahah

  • Leo

    Sweatheart what are you doing or appear to be doing? They don’t need to see your beautiful body,
    especially under your clothes. Remember you are a christian. Love you Taylor!

  • IamLegend

    and a cute LITTLE thing it is too…

  • hahaha

    this is lame
    u really cant see anything
    pretty dodgy article !

  • God

    I can’t wait for her to go all Britney Spears and Show us all the goods!!!

  • Homo

    Omg, you can’t even see anything. And even if someone could actually sneak a peek, big deal, that doesn’t make her a slut, or a whore, or whatever you wanna call her. you’ve got notihng better to write about?

  • Dead Ed

    This was a waste of everybody’s time.

    Where’s the nipples?

  • Lyka

    Bozos , u can’t even see anything .
    Wanna talk about her ? Then talk about her awesome voice an her acting . And that she’s gonna be in a movie with the hottest teen ,, Taylor Lautner .

    • floridagirl

      good god, lets NOT talk about her singing or acting..they both suck///Daddy bought her way into the business,and bought her a recording studio so it is there job to promote her and they do it so well, people are tired of her…She didn’t even go to high school, so now she is making up for lost time, screwing her way to the top, what ever daddy didn’t buy!

      • Crot

        Jealousy makes u nasty. So just keep your nasty comments to yourself.

  • drizzle

    My god if they actually had a good nude photo of her the world die bc every guy would stop what they were doing and jack off to her but till then the world goes round………..

    • floridagirl

      if they do, then they like little flat chested humped back girls or maybe boys, either one, ones that can’t sing either1

  • Emi

    This is fucking stupid, Taylor is not a slut or a whore. She would never do anything like this on purpose.

  • Kiana Reece

    taylor swift is not a christian, she’s a man stealing whore!!

  • Steph

    wat a fucking slut!!!
    i fucking hate this horny nasty ass bitch!

  • Tim

    Who are you guys kidding She has gorgeous tits!

    • floridagirl

      what tits?haaahha her shoulders stick out more than her boobs do!

      • Dudestfu

        Wtf, why Waste Ur Time hatin Ehen you urself suck
        If you wanna hate, Then First post a vid of urself trying to sing

        • Mark

          What the fuck does singing have to do with this

  • taylor swift is a pedophile

    she spread her bony chicken legs for taylor lautner

  • loopyi81

    94.6 % of us like small breasts presented well. She has the typical “Cover chest syndrome” because she was raised to make them appear smaller than they are so -OLD men of the chirch- wouldn’t be staring at them all the FKn time. I Cheer, and it is something We have to TEACH new girls even in college ” Knockers Up” bc thay have been shamyed to repress them since childhood. and now she is falling prey to the Loose moreal of the fringe she is in.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What google college would let an asshole like you in?
      I’ll tell you…I don’t give a fuck!

      Mind your own business mofo.
      That skank Taylor is insulting Islam with her tits and she will pay.
      If you don’t like it; you’ll get a few stones yourself.

  • Jack

    This site reminds me why Muslims keep the world screwed up.

  • Corgi Puppies

    This happens to people everytime (especially women) they dont to it on purpose it happens be accident