Taylor Swift Naked In Clear Heels

Taylor Swift naked

Once again Taylor Swift appears to be prostituting her shameful naked body.

This picture is most likely authentic as Taylor Swift is wearing clear heels, and if there is one thing we know about Taylor it is that she loves to dress (and act) like a hooker.

Taylor Swift obviously gets off on pretending to be a “good girl” while secretly taking naked pictures, and whoring herself out to scruffy haired teen boys. It certainly speaks volumes about the degeneracy of the West that after all this Taylor is still regarded as a good role model for young girls.

  • Word of wisdom

    I’ve seen sexier grilled dog carcasses on the butchers stands of the Khabul market.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      She looks like Miss Piggy (aka Small Worm Pete) after the operation and with a wig.
      This is really gross :(

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        PS – I’m considering passing some weeks in a oasis to clean my sight from all these Western rotten habits.

        • Black Knight

          Damn! She ain’t half bad lookin, naked.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Faggots

            Not cool you guys

            Now I have to scroll down 6 times to reach the comment section :(

            Not cool!

          • taylor lautner

            she is my girlfriend so what .

          • eric

            Damm She has no tits. And no ass to put some Cummings into her

        • Word of wisdom

          Make your spiritual retreat a short one, my friend.
          I understand, as even the finest scimitars from time to time need to be strengthened anew.
          Reforge yourself in the fiery hearth of our holy texts, and come back to us as sharp as ever, as you are one of the finest blades in the hand of the prophet (mhsh).

          As you know, the depravation of kufars never weakens, never rests ; it is a unending flow of offences against the true relligion that won’t dry until we have smashed the last skull and stricken the last neck, captured the last woman of this nation of perverse.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Word of wisdom,

            Thank you for your support my friend.
            And yes, you are right: we still have a lot of challenges ahead…

          • MaryJaneLover

            Listen up you no good religious zealot. Nothing you have eluded to indicates any sort of wisdom slipping from your immoral tongue. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY RELIGIONS ARE FUCKING STUPID and PEOPLE NEED TO SERIOUSLY rethink the nonsensical violence and about studying the ACTUAL REAL WORLD AROUND THEM…STUDY SPACE, learn how humans actually came to be on this Earth(evolution you dumb fuck). People like you give a TERRIBLE, DESPICABLE showing for you AND your people. I hope you know this basic fact. Nobody & I MEAN NOBODY respects you for speaking horse shit

      • Johnny Law

        Come on Hashim you would sitck your tongue right up her ass ifhe bent over in front of you.

        • Death2TheWest

          if he*

      • mr ed


      • a westener

        U pigfuckers must get your own country, where you can fuck your goats allday long. Leave the west alone. U steal everything from hardworking people, go fuck yourself!

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    She woild look WAY better in a Bhurka……or a Justice Vest…

  • Not Gay

    Didn’t you say she had a penis?

  • Aamil the Vengful

    These whores offend the greatness of allah, may they burn for their sins
    Praise Allah

    • MaryJaneLover

      Allah’s a bitch

  • Taylor Swift

    Not one of my better pictures. I was feeling bloated that day. Can you tell? Having regular abortions does that to you.

    • Not Gay
      • Taylor Swift

        Yes, 100% Not Gay, it is true. I am what the Japanese call a Futanari or Dick Girl. My meaty cock sprouts out from behind my clitoris whenever I am sexually aroused.

        I can also shoot copious loads of jizz but where it comes from (lol) is anyone’s guess.

        It was a curse I was smote with when I angered a Japanese god when I took a dump in the weeds at a shrine when I was visiting there . Apparently, that sort of thing is frowned upon.

        All a part of their backwards slope/gook culture. ]

        • Not Gay

          PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

          • Not Gay

            So I can like make fun of your dick and other straight stuff…Yeah I’m gonna make fun of u u stupid dick girl! I’m gonna make u tea bag me and instead of ur sack its gonna be ur cock! HAHA

          • N.R.B

            gees you seem to be slightly mental actually maybe that’s an understatement not entirely there would be more apt.

        • TBEAR182

          NRBBQ –

          Look, just because I love a thick, vein-y cock in each of my holes with one in each hand and two more beating off besides doesn’t mean that I am ‘slightly mental’ or ‘just not all there’.

          It just means I’m a giant man-queer.

          • N.R.B

            im referring to how this website and people commenting on it seems to continually attack mrs swift in such a grotesque manner i might not be a fan of her music (no offence mean’t) but we are all on this world together white, black, homosexual, heterosexual, Jewish and Muslim,transgender and transvestite and if we weren’t so quick to attack each other but were quicker to love and respect one another maybe just maybe the world would be at peace “we inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity.” Desmond Tutu

          • Brother Bobert

            Dezmond Tutu (real name Leroy Jones) was a filthy google. That you quote a coon shows how fucked up in the head you are.

            Prepare for execution.


          • MaryJaneLover

            lol if you rep the KKK, you are a dumbfuck with no brain and no balls…the most powerful man in the world is black hahahaha! fucking redneck bitch

        • N.R.B

          last time i checked the only difference between black and white was skin color and quite frankly who cares about that we’re both human.

          • Debunked

            Googles are not human beings.so therefore your logic is faulty.

          • Zohair- The Good one


            You have now proven that you actually have some sense. Keep it up

          • N.R.B

            they are human beings they can join in procreating life with whites or Asians etc they can have high iq’s like whites in fact i do believe it was a black man that invented modern blood transfusion. one of the heads of the U.K’s major pensions and insurances firms is black, Alan Keyes a 2008 U.S presidential candidate is black so you see Blacks are just as capable as whites and this is coming from a white who’s great uncle was black.

  • Alibaba the Tent seller

    “Good Girl ” Image???

    Every week,she is found with a new playmate,whether it is the baby connor Kennedy,the muslimah Hayden Pannetrie or the On Direction Gay….

    Her boyfriends are more than the number of camels I have

  • Anubis

    This risque photo was from a recent photo shoot, where she chose this particular one to be the cover of her next shit kicking CD. She figures the sales will go through the roof from her horny teenybopper fans.

    • Johnny Law

      Yeah right Anubis as soon as she got up from the chair she was in you were over there like a shot to sniff it.

      • Anubis

        Johnny boy, speaking of sniffing, it sounds like you’re rather high from sniffing some weed.

  • Ollie

    Poor Taylor Swift. She’s actually beautiful. This emaciated body is well, not so much.

  • Umar the Brown

    I have to say that this is a relatively accurate representation of her body type.

    Now that is out of the way… STONE THE INFIDEL HARLOT!!!!!

    DEATH TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Assido

    Taylor, please tell me that is not you!!!! You are my role model, and I really hope you are not a whore, that would ruin my life!!!!!

    • Umar the Brown

      Don’t put your hope in kufahrs, especially lesbodyke kufahrs. Say the shahada in front of three other Muslims and put your faith in Mighty Allah. Then you will see your life turn around! Allah will not love you like he loves me, because I am an Arab, but he will still help you out.

      • Umar the green

        Laughng my ass off here…LOLLL

        “Allah will not love you like he loves me, because I am an Arab,”


  • Jemima

    Dey aint nuttin wrong wit dat white chile dat a short stack o my cakes wit sum fat back on de side an lots o log cabin syrips couldnt fix. Mite take a few week but she fatten rite up wit de propper diets. An lots o butter milks.

  • Jayke

    This website is fascinating. By the way, all of these celebrity pictures are fake. Taylor swift is looked up to my many young, and hopeless, romantics…because of her lyrics. She is great! Love her!

    • TBEAR182

      Not all of pictures are fake, the photos of Miley Cyrus for example have been thoroughly examined and well documented by experts from around the world to be 100 percent authentic.

      • Johnny Law

        The pics. Yes but it’s miley who is fake

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Ha…tayler’s pussy is about as hairy as the beard on a 6 year old Muslim boy!

    She is about as disgusting and un-sexy as an infidel whore can get.

  • Timmy

    Im suprised she can even stand after i banged her last night.She was crying

  • How soon

    How soon can she fucking die to get rid of this prostitute negro loving crack whore..Who makes herself so nasty to children and the world over& over wanting them to print smut on herself thinking everyone should love her. She needs shot with an assassins bullet in the head. I hope she dies real soon or gets banned off radio and television “airplay” for all her scandalous lies and dirty sex life.I hate this bitch anymore she tried to fool us all at first with her catholic “good girl” scandal. Jihad is right, keep on printing the truth. Go to Celeb sites and dig up her Abortion she had with John Mayers baby. Its on Hollywood gossip or Evilbeet gossip I read she killed a baby.

  • Buckhorn

    Great photo shop pic. Any idiot that believes that pic is real probably has an IQ of 30 and lives in the middle east. Nice try to the ass wipe who put this pic online. Pure bullshit

  • You are fucking retarded

    You are fucking retards and you guys don’t know what your talking about first it’s god not Allah and half are probably not even Muslims and celebjiad is the most fake pics with the most replys and most fake comments in the world and America is better than all middleeastern county’s besides Lebanon so guck you and god bless me and all the Christians

  • Steve the man

    Look how deformed she looks. She has no tits, very short skinny skeletal remains upper body. But her looks are like 6 feet in length and filled out. Looks like she is a kid plastered on a 6 feet tall womans legs.HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Taylor Swift

    Ok people you got me busted. I have been prostituting since I was 15 years old but who hasn’t in this business. Do you think you can become a star for free? I’ve had to sleep with old hairy backed men like 50 to get produced. I sucked everything from Nashville to L.A. even Bill Clinton or Arnold Swarzeneggar. I poop on myself on stage becaused guys rimmed my rear out and I had to wear adult diapers. You can see that in my upskirt with my purple dress. I had sex with my father too to get money for my first album production. Now some guy breaks into my property to stalk or murder me and Harry Styles who is gay by the way gave me Hiv+. I didn’t know fags have aids or he was sleeping with a male radio Dj in England. My life is horrible. Can you people please show some sympathy for my hellbound soul? I’m in despair and I think I’m dying soon. Sorry to my fans, but my career is over anyhow. I lied to my fans and I deserve to be punished this way. I cry everyday now for all the broken promises I have made since my debut in 2006. Sorry! OK! Please let me rest in peace now. I am the worst human being with the most mistakes ever made in history of this world. I feel so rotten. Oh God! I’m crying again. Love Taylor Swift

    • A.martell

      stop lying you fucking troll god damn you son of a bitch

  • Johnboy

    Well Goddamn there you have it! That bitch just confessed to a world of nasty whoring shit. Hope that slut pays for her fucking sins in hell damnation fire. May God put that fucking dumb slut to fucking rest soon!

    • A.martell

      yeah if you believe that then you are a mother fucking stupid god damn mother fucking BITCH

  • the most muslim person here

    guess what guys, im in Iraq showing everyone the bottom of my feet while eating pork with my left hand and reading pornography with my right hand.

  • americanpatriot223

    i hear that muslims fuck goats in their spare time :)

    • Major Wood

      …and young boys!

  • Greenday727

    I just wanna shove my huge cock into her pussy and make her moan with pleasure

  • american and proud

    Why are Muslims and Hindus looking at white girls anyway? Your own women aren’t good enough for you? Oh wait…Muslim and Hindu women smell and look like shit ;)

  • hank hill

    bunch of fags on here

  • Amir

    U do realise this fake right???

  • ryan

    its not even her ffs wise uo photoshop nerds

  • wankin material

    fuck yeah i just had the best wank over this pic.. kill all muslims!!!

  • kole

    you are realy hot love you

  • Swiftie

    Do you guys realise this is photoshop? One: Not Taylor’s body shape. Two: You can clearly see its NOT REAL!

  • the fizzler

    anyone else see the comments from the muslims talking about cleansing themselves of this shameful western junk? you don’t get to this page without purposefully seeking said western junk… lol stupid hypocrites

  • jesus

    All u muslims that coment on pictures of sexy young ladies are only jeleus of them coz muslim women look like men. And if ur all so good y dont u try take over our great country and see ur fuckin dirty arses get fucked up n shot

  • Fleo

    That’s not her body. Where is the heart on her foot?

  • Bill Clinton

    Looks fuckable to me…

  • Praise Jesus

    How dare you sick people display this innocent young women with so much lust.

  • Random

    This body just kills my eyes. SO FUCKING UGLY.

  • Brandon Blair

    Taylorswift you give me your email

  • Brandon Blair

    I going to make your boobs big

  • max

    Who cares she is sexy

  • moi 77380

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