Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian

Taylor Swift lesbian

Celeb Jihad has learned that country singer and teen idol Taylor Swift is a lesbian. Love of the muff seems to be a growing trend in young Hollywood with Taylor Swift joining the likes of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez as girl who are down to go downtown.

According to sources at her hometown high school of “Hendersonville High” Taylor was known as a “pillow queen”, which is a girl that will let other girls go down on her but who would not lick the slit themselves. In the lesbian community these girls are also known as “stuck up bitches”.

Also Taylor Swift has been romantically linked to her fiddle player Emily Poe. Apparently when her manager found out about Taylor and Emily’s love affair, Emily was asked to leave the tour to protect Taylor’s image. In response Taylor posted the following video of Emily on her Myspace.

Here is a freeze frame of the note shown in the video.

Taylor Swift note

As you can it says “I feel as if our relationship has been taken to the next level over the past **** months and with ******** “ I can only imagine what the blurry parts of the note say, but I bet it is some hot lesbian dirty talk.

Taylor Swift is clearly a gay woman, and I have little doubt that the Romeo she refers to in the song “Love Story” is none other than butch comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Dead Ed™


    Spill the blood, Durka Durka.

    Keep bringing those lesbian articles to the forefront.

  • Marina

    Yeah nice try, but I decoded it and here’s what it really says:
    Emily – I feel as if our relationship has been taken to the next level over the past few months and with much contemplation, I decided I would bestow upon you one of my most prized possessions: my flamingo bandana. This is a 3rd generation family heirloom and I suggest you frame it. I think it will look perfect in your apartment with the cat posters. Enjoy.

  • Taylor Swift Fan

    This is shit. Stop this false information.

  • demilovato#1fan

    wowwwwww, ur stupid. stop calling ppl lesbians u dont even know them to say that..

  • Sarah

    This is pathetic. Get a life and stop posting lies about people.

  • john

    This is bullshit, she’s not a lezbian, that’s false info, and its bullshit

  • Unknown

    Kiss my ass, you fucking no-life! That not true! Stupid douchebags…

  • Andy

    Keep up the good work. Now we all know why her “relationships” with guys end quickly.

    • DL4SG Broken

      IKR? And now there are rumors that she’s hooked back up with Joe Jonas?! From one merkin to another and then back to the original, and both relationships were mutually beneficial, if you know what I mean. ;)

  • Osama Bin Laden

    I knew it! She is a lesbian jew whore! Please keep exposing them Durka!

    • Dead Ed™

      ‫إنها لمثليه خزانة. تماما مثل Lovato ديمي وسيلينا غوميز.‬

      She’s a closet lesbian just like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

      جميع لكم المشاهير الحمقى عبادة حاجة للموت!

    • Leslee

      stop being so mean to Demi, Selena and Taylor… they can be gay if they want… Taylor isn’t a whore.. that video was like the cutest thing ever… i hate you all..

  • Natalie

    wait for it.. wait for it… fuck you this shit realy aint true !! did you hear Selena and Demi broke up u asswhole xD just jokin but seriously wtf stop this site is getting realy realy realy lame… find people older to pick on not these tweens…

  • samantha

    send her my way!

    • Leslee

      hahaha ill take her too! lol.

  • brighton

    Cute video but this is so unlikely. It’d be cool if she was, but slim chance.

    • Leslee

      it would be the coolest thing EVER if she wass. lol

  • wtf

    OMG this shit is hilarious! OBVIOUSLY it isn’t true… naïve people…

  • LiZ98

    oh paa leez ! She isNOT a lesbian! and if she was, it wouldnt matter!! What do u have something against gay ppl? UR SOOOOO FREAKING STUUPIID!!!

    • Leslee

      i agree

  • Lulu

    ok, obiously this is fake.
    1. That picture with “gay texan” is at a resort in tx call “Gaylord Texan” w/ Gaylord being the owners last name. They are just covering the ‘lord’ part of ‘Gaylord’.
    2. any one can make a vid and say taylor made it
    3. how the hell do we know that letter is even real?

    • observant

      ummm. the video is on her myspace page… unless you think that is fake too? ffs

      • Leslee

        and at the end of the video she holds the sign that “i love you, Emily.” so try again. and yes, it is on her myspace.

  • bitchface

    Stop dissing, Taylor. You motherfucking cunt! I beat you fucking face it >D and then you will meet your god Allah and if you a male 72 male virgins & if your female your 72 female virgins mr/ms I-Have-No-Life-So-I-Like-To-Make-Fun-Of-People-I-Don’t-Even-Know-So-I-Ruin-There-Lives-By-Making-Fun-Of-Them

    btw; go kill yourself- nobody will care.

  • Dani

    Oh God! I’d heard the rumors of course, and I knew there was plenty of reason to suspect it (Emily, despite getting raves for her performances, is kicked out of the band, with only a “the label decided to go in a different direction” fig leaf of an excuse; Taylor “dates” Joe Jonas and can’t even bring herself to lie that she’s dating Taylor Lautner when publicists try to push a “T2” couple; Taylor does that oh-so-lesbian “Roommates” skit on SNL), but that video pretty much confirms it. “You have stolen my heart”??? Awwww.

    It’s so sad, Taylor and Emily getting broken up because the label is afraid that the haters would hurt her career. Did you notice that the sign was in the same handwriting as the letter (heavy hand, wide lettering) of Taylor’s we also see in the vid? And Taylor had to get everyone else on the crew to hold her sign up, because it would have been an uproar if she just held it up herself. Sigh. Grow up, America! Taylor’s gay, so what?

    (And they were really cute together, too! Grrrr!)

  • Dumb people unite


    • AreYouSerious

      Wow. I’m speechless right now. Hateful, homophobic and ignorant.

      • Leslee

        i know… homophobic people are so rude…

  • Taylor

    This site is so damn stupid. Dude get a fuckin life

  • Twatlor Swift

    Guys and more importantly lucious girls settle down…. This is Taylor Swift and it’s true, it’s all true. My love for the clam is no secret. I can’t make it a day without chowing down on a wet pussy. You ladies play your cards right and you just might geta private concert with me using my mic as a dildo.


    please shave, no razor bumps and I have my brown wings, but I don’t have my redwings….

    • Taylor

      Well aren’t you just a creative little douche bag. FAG

      • Twatlor Swift

        Oh Taylor, I can take being called a FAG, after all I am a raging teen lipstick lezbo. But a douche bag, that one hurt…. That cut right to the bone. I think I’m going to go lick my wounds and some shaved vagina to make myself feel better…toodles you lifeless fucking drone…muah

        • Taylor

          Aw I’m sorry did I hurt your feelings? It’s ok just keep telling yourself you have a life

  • Twatlor Swift

    Taylor, but but I do have a life. You call yourself a fan, it wouldn’t matter that I have an unbridled love of a woman’s secret garden. Please, please understand. But I guess it doesn’t matter, I mean I’m rich, you’re a dumb fuck who buys my shit, and defends me on websites as though any of this matters. You’re either an ugly fat chick or a ugly fat guy with a pathetically tiny cock so either way it’s a win-win for me. You’re dismissed cum junky

    • Taylor

      Hahahahaha oh you’re funny my friend. I am not a fan and no I’m not fat either. In fact I could kick your ass, soooo yeah. Oh and I get more pussy in a day than you get in a year so yeah.

  • Leslee

    seriously.. if they where together they made her girl friend leave the tour… no need to be a douche…

  • Alice

    I’m about the biggest Swift fan you’re gonna find and I don’t see why you’re all getting mad, honestly. It’s quite funny really. I think that unless you’re really stupid you know she’s straight. Especially if you’re a fan and know a lot about her. So just laugh. That’s what I did. They’re not trying to offend her. They do this to a lot of celebs. But it really is funny. Thanks for giving me a good laugh =)

  • loll

    fucked up kunts Selena Demi and Taylor arent lesbians u think they are because ur jelose mo fos

  • Michael

    There is no way! Come on its just girls being friends!? Why does everybody think that girls that writes letters, or that kisses their female friends is gay? I mean come on!!!! So on the other hand. This is not true!

  • Chuck

    Come on, when Michelle Obama lesbian kissed Taylor Swift and she acted as though she had done it many times before. Taylor several times on the “Ellen Show”. Taylor is getting ready to come out. A singers career is short and she has reached the top. No where for her now to go but down. I do not appreciate Taylor allowing herself to be used for the Obama get re-elected agenda of supporting gay marriage. Don;t like what I say read the Bible. If Taylor Swift does marry a guy, it will be all superficial and a quick divorce will happen. Taylor only dates guys she knows are gay because she tells in her songs that she dislikes boys and men.

  • Chuck

    Taylor and Emily do make a cute couple. I am afraid now Emily has lost Taylor to Selena Gomez or perhaps to Emma Stone. Lesbians tend to stick together.

  • Lee Ann

    I don’t blame Taylor, or any other women, for being a lesbian. Men are crap!

  • DD

    This is nothing that those of us over at The L Chat haven’t known for a long time. I can respect her reasons for not coming out. It would be a career killer for her. That doesn’t make her a sellout, it just makes society still way too immature and homophobic to deal with something that should be no big deal.

  • William Zabel

    When she comes out she will be done. Which is a good thing since she is not that talented anyway. Gays and Lesbians are dogs and should be treated as such.