Taylor Swift Goes Naked Tubing

Taylor Swift naked tubing

Taylor Swift appears to embrace her country bumpkin roots by tubing down a river while completely naked.

After recently being dumped by her limey child boyfriend (One Direction’s Harry Styles), Taylor is in desperate need of a new guy to have a horrible relationship with, so that she can write more pathetic whiny songs for her next album.

Since 80% of the world’s population lives near water it makes sense for Taylor Swift to prostitute her naked body while tubing until she finds a man desperate enough to put up with her crazy shit. One can only hope that parasites, piranhas, or a waterfall stops Taylor before this happens.

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  • Taylor Swift

    That is not me.

    • Jayden :)

      Amazing body either way :)

    • Classy Country

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          The naked tart Taylor Swift poses for photos while skinny dipping so as to keep her horny fan base perked up like her nipples after a dip. She figures if she can keep her fans aroused enough they’ll continue buying her shit kicking music.

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    • Classy Country

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  • N.R.B

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      • Daniel Staggers

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