Taylor Swift Does Artsy Naked Picture

Taylor Swift naked

Taylor Swift has come under fire recently in the West for being a talentless whore who simply recycles the same played-out melodies and storylines in her music.

To combat this bad press it appears as though Taylor Swift has resorted to posing naked for what the infidels would consider a “artsy and classy” nude picture. Of course artsy and classy are not the correct adjectives to describe a naked female body like Taylor Swift’s, as sinful and nauseating are more apropos.

Though Taylor Swift may have prolonged her career in the West with this disgusting naked photo, she has also prolonged her torture in hell from eternity too eternity and a day. Allahu Akbar!

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

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    • bdog

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Taylor needs to understand one thing: when Islam takes over, no Muslim man will have her for a concubine because she is way too old for us Muslims.

    And when I showed this pic to my camel, he immediately threw up. This rules out her working as a “camel concubine” as well.

    However, I do look forward to paying her back, for her years of screeching like a wounded goat, with a fierce stone to the skull.

    If only I could stone her and her lesboqueer girlfriend selena at the same time. Now that would please Allah!

    TAWAK-KALTO-UL-ALLAH, La hawla wala quwata illah billah


    • Anubis

      Brother Abdullah, showing this slutty nude photo of the talentless country bumpkin to your camel would be considered animal cruelty by the sick animal rights group PETA. If they give you any guff for this, they’ll need to be stoned as well.

      But you left out the Satanic skank Emma. Allah would bless the jihadist with perfect stoning aim if we can get all three rug munchers in one place at the same time.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Anubis

        Killing all 3 abominations at once…thats a guarantee of them 72 virgins in heaven.

        • Toilet John

          72 male virgins and Assnubis will be one of them for you!
          USA rules

          • Anubis

            Shit head Johnny boy –

            You’ll always have shit for brains with your mindless homoqueer rants. The only thing that rules for sure is your penchant for lurid stupidity. Go play in the street and get run over like a good little perverted toilet boy that your are.

          • Toilet John

            I’d like to slap your pee pee till it falls right off.

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Assfucker Abdullah

      Taylor couldn’t be a concubine because she’s older than nine…….and a woman.

      The Quan is very clear about this……boys are for butt fucking and girls are for us klansmen.

      You muslims are sick homopervs


      • Abdul Rasul

        Gay fag Pete

        When in the presence of us Muslims please do not speak, your breath smells like jizz of you newest klan recruit. The quaran is very clear on two thing and that is destroy the USA and never let American harlots feel the joy of our mighty Muslim meat poles.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Rectum Rasul

          That smell of jizz is coming from your upper lip……must be some crusty semen in that hideous mustache of yours.

          The Quran is a book of camel shit . You need the Holy Bible in your life to reach the heavens and you need Jesus to guide you.

          Also……Jesus would kick Mohammed’s ass.

          Suck cock mofo


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            little gay pete

            you seem to be angrier than usual, no doubt gay west screwed you in the ass and went cheap on the ass lube.

            And when it comes to jizz…you are the “jizz queen” of the glory hole.

            Hell, you’ve sucked down so much jizz that you’re a walking sperm bank….and all you take are deposits.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

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            If you’re lucky……maybe one day I’ll bless her with some of my seed in her twat and give you a brother to “play” with.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            little gay pete

            Stop with the compensating and the lies.

            You know the closest you’ve ever got to a woman, was when you sucked chaz bono’s fake cock.

          • Adams

            Hey fucking Dragon pete
            You should tell your jesus to wear his clothes

            JESUS IS NAKED

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


      “She” looks like a young boy who took hormones and had “her” pecker surgically removed. Disgusting. Another proof of the decadence of the so called “Western Civilization”.

    • you’re busted !!

      what a great actor .. and it’s obviously very hard to an ABDULLAH !!!

      one note so you ‘ll make a awesome FAKE Muslim ..
      avoid the stereotypes .. you ‘re trying too hard son

      I wish you know what those words in Arabic means you Hateful Ass .

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        busted ass homo

        keep your stupid opinions to yourself.

        I don’t go to the glory hole and tell you how to suck cock, so don’t come here and tell me how to Jihad.

        eat shit and die stupid mofo

    • Revel

      Yeah, listen to the camels right? Go camels, though I’m not sure to ask their opinions… Now you Muslims are really into stoning I see. And really, Anubis (or Brother Anubis) I am in favor of the animal rights group. They probably would not mind about showing pictures to camels though. So you don’t need to worry about, um stoning them or anything. They are trying to care about the animals. And you sound like there’s going to be a whole lot of stoning if the Islam takes over. Ouch. Gotta reuse the stones. Or make your own out of play-dough and quick dry clay.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        So, you don’t like the stones?

        Too bad asshole…you’ll get plenty before the “death crack” stone pops off your infidel noggin.

  • Kyle the Rapist

    A knock on the door, she answers, she doesn’t look worried and smiles, big mistake, I lurch forward and by the time she realizes what was happening my fist was already connecting with the side of her head, she drops to the floor. Locking the door behind me I pounce on my prey, grabbing her skirt and ripping it from her body, she’s moaning and trying to sit up, I grab her shirt and roughly pull it over her head. Rolling her on her stomach I use the shirt to tie her wrists together and then roll her back over, her eyes are fully open but she is still stunned from the blow and groans. My hands around her neck, I push her legs apart and enter her forcefully. Strained gasps, tears smearing her makeup, I’m sure she would beg or cry for help if I wasn’t squeezing so tightly. The more she fights the harder I squeeze and the closer to climax I get. Her moaning is pushing me to the edge, I look into her eyes and as the life leaves her body I explode deep inside.
    I stand up and look down, bruised neck, wet smeared makeup, lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling. I look over to the dressing room mirror, I thought I would feel regret but the smile on my face proves me wrong. I pull my pants up, slip on my Security T shirt and straighten my hair. I bend down to close her eyes, gently kiss her on the forehead and quietly slip out of the dressing room. Exiting the Stadium I’m washed in the cool night air, for the first time in my life I’m filled with a feeling of satisfaction, I don’t know why I did it but I know I will do it again.

    This totally has nothing to do with Taylor, I was just looking for someone to proof read this section of the book I’m working on.

    • arn

      you are way too sick even for this site

      • Whatever

        Shit I am with you arn!this one is Kyle convict in waiting.Sick motherfucker!

        • Faisal

          When you fucking americans watch and encourage shows like ‘Dexter’ what the fuck do you expect??

          Hugs and kisses??

          • Kisuke

            A show is just a work of fiction, if in any way you are encouraged to mimic the portrayed acts then you my friend are one stupid mother fucker.

          • Kyle the Rapist

            I’m sure after ever episode of Dexter he calls the cops to report a murder. he sounds like he’s holding onto reality by a thread and can’t tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction. i really hope my story didn’t inspire him to kill or rape because i would feel bad. Sick fucks like “whatever” need to die.

          • Faisal


            You are either the most retarded person to post here or a serial killer yourself.

            Motherfucker, when my 13 year old, suseptible boy,who has no knowledge of the world,sees dexter taking a knife and sliding other person’s throat and getting paid millions…

            He sure as hell will not become Mahatama Gandhi anytime soon.

            YOU AMERICANS GLORIFY VIOLENCE! And later weep that your family member was killed/mugged/raped…pathetic

            Iwish you had an IQ higher than a google to comprehend what I just said

          • Faisal

            Kyle the rapist…let me start by saying this….You are an asshole!

            Now…what you are doing is..you are mocking an act of violence. When such things happen….the issues like these become ‘commonplace’

            When this happens..consequently…the ‘taboo’ which was assosiated with these kinds of acts..is eradicate..and this issue become much more vulnerable to become ‘acceptable’

            When things like rape, murders, etc are made commonplace and joked about..people do not take them in the seriousness that they should..and become much more prone to carry out such acts themselves.

            I am not saying that out of 100 people who watch such shows become killers.
            I am sayin that out of 100..2 of those whom were ‘potential killer’ become ‘killers’
            and 10 who were showed ‘maniacal’ symptons get and excuse to pursue their manias

            The rest 88 remain largely “not significantly affected’

            But I ask you..those 12 that you helped become the killers/assaulters of the future…whas it worth that fucking 1 hour show??????

          • Faisal

            Typo – Eradicated *

          • Kyle the Rapist

            i’m sure you also blame rape on the victims for what they are wearing, you are sick in the head. Making up stats on the internet doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look stupid and sad. You need to educate yourself and stop making up nonsense. Look at some of the most violent countries in the world that don’t even watch American television and then ask yourself how fucking stupid you look.

          • Faisal

            I don’t even know why am I replying to a person whose name is “Kyle the rapist”

            You seem to have mistaken “Free speech” with “Free crime” asshole

            You nitwit,what I am trying to say is not that these shows make the killers…but these shows hel the potential killers who are already on the verge of become killers.

            They give some sort of a ‘push’ the motivation that thse degenerates require.

            When you glorify any act such as homicide,drugging the other person,kidnapping etc.
            these are bound to have an ever-lasting effect on the feeble mind.

            Those who are mature..who know how thae world works…who have morals..and an average IQ…will surely take this only as some kind of entertainment.

            BUT..those who are feeble minded..prone to crime..inherently violent and dangerous..will have their situation exacerbated.

            You are watching and enjoying the show..but the very same show is meticulously simulating the criminals..


          • Kyle the Rapist

            You are right, we should turn off all electricity and huddle together in our closets so we can all be safe from the few sickos out there.

            i don’t see what my name has anything to do with my comments, I’m a rap artist in my spare time but i thought Kyle the Rap Artist was too long so i shortened it, strange that your mind goes to dark places like that, maybe you should have someone monitoring your internet use.

          • Faisal

            Well look at that!

            A rapist suggesting monitoring to a normal citizen.

            Rap artist is not that far from rapist by the way. Rapper= google=criminal

            Are you telling me that you are a google who rapes?

            Are you the epitome of redundancy?

          • Sir David V. Thomas

            Faisal is one of the most intelligent and socially minded Musulmen I have ever encountered.

            He is quite right that we spread such filth masquerading as ‘free choice’ or ‘art’ at our own mortal peril.

          • Faisal

            Why thanks good sir and might I add that insightfulness is one among the innumerable qualities that the great Britishers possess

            You,sir are a perfect example.


          • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

            Oh Faisal, jacking the likes and dislikes make you look desperate. You do realize that that many people don’t even frequent this site don’t you? Funny that everyone passed over the other comments just to like and dislike the ones in your conversation. Sad sad man. i think you both need to get a room and jerk each other off because you’re both sad lonely individuals with numerous login names and just end up talking to yourselves. I’m 90% sure that most of the people that post on this site are just 3 or 4 lonely virgins.

          • Faisal

            What the fuck are you implying pete’s gay dad?

            That the great Sir David V. Thomas (who is the the best addition to celebjihad by the way) and me are the same person?

            Are you out of your mind Pete’s Queer Dad??

          • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

            At least you don’t deny messing with likes and dislikes. I guess you aren’t totally dishonest, just a sad loser.

          • Faisal

            I didn’t even understand what ‘messing with likes dislikes’ are you referring to moron!!

            If you are talking about ‘thumbs up’ and downs..then what the fuck once again!

            I don’t have the magical prowess to suddenly increase their numbers moron

            I guess stupidity runs in your genes. You are even more retarded than your son. At least he has some sense.

          • Faisal

            PS- You gave yourself away. You are none other than Kyle the rapist !!

            Pete’s Queer Dad is Kyle the Rapist !!

            Also..You started posting right after Kyle had disappeared..what are the odds..one wonders.

            What happened..did Pete piss you off someday that you want so back to get back at him so bad huh loser?

            Man you are one desperate chap! :)

            I pity you…

          • Pete’s Queer Dad, Super Mega Grand Dragon

            So by your logic you must be Sir David V. Thomas since he posted right after you. You are truly retarded but playing dumb at the same time, it’s amusing to see.

            It’s easy to see that you and Kyle the dicklover are changing IPs to thumbs each other up and down, your homoerotic foreplay is not that big of a topic to attract 10-20 people to vote on just your comments within minutes. Why you think everyone on the internet has just arrived here and won’t catch on to your bullshit is beyond me.

          • Faisal

            By your appearence I meant on the website itself and not on this particular post.

            And please don’t tell me that you are seriously keeping a track of the thumbs up because that would really prove that you are nothing more than a sad pathetic loser who has nothing else to do.

            Which would make me look stupid as well for being the one to have replied to you.

            My suggestion- Get a life, life is much bigger than these trivial pursuits. Don’t indulge in such trifling details. Have some respect for yourself damn it!! Your name itself is extremely shameful as it is.

            Only a person devoid of all dignity would use such a name..smh

      • David

        The twisted fucker needs a bullet you dont treat women like that

    • Umar the Brown

      You left out the part where her bowels released all over the floor. This always happens when you strangle someone to death, even when you use a garrote. Nasty, but true.

    • Umm…

      There is a lot of shit on this site but that crossed a line man

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    This dirty slut needs a dam good fisting i mean a stoning. Bloody western women giving me sinful thoughts again. Kyle that was a very romantic story i met my third wife in similar circumstances.

  • Emile Heskey

    When our brothers invade the West, she shall surely be one of the first to be sent to the eternal hellfire.


      the musslum can try but the u.s.a will always have there land, no one can take the united states from the free man… go find bin ladin why dont you, that is a better chance

  • may Vishnu kill you all

    fake. the real taylor’s tits aren’t this big

  • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

    I am so sick of this over-exposed stinking backwoods no-talent hick bitch.

    Thank Allah (SWT) for CelebJihad & the courageous Brother Durka Durka who is always there to take this whoring infidel tart down a few pegs!


    • Imperial Dragon Ellis wallace

      Homoman Kahlid assholei

      I would think you would be more sick of Abdullahs dick in your mouth.

      The Brotherhood will rise


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        gay pete

        When Islam sentences you to death, instead of a last meal, you’ll ask for a last visit to the glory hole for a belly full of jizz and a dirty sanchez.

        But all you’ll get is a mouthfull of stones and a bullet from the AK-47.!


        • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

          Asshole Abdroola the butt fucker

          My sentence right now is having to look at you ugly face in that penis head looking hat and reading your stupid posts braging about your feats at the glory hole about the amount of cum you can take down in a nite you filthy muslim queer.

          And dickhead Iam not Pete.

          The Brotherhood will rise

  • Sir David V. Thomas

    Salutations good sirs. Within a fortnight I shall set forth, with my Queen’s congee of course, on a voyage to the Southernmost Colonies. In the Southland I design to retrieve a large shipment of these newfound creatures called “Negroids”.

    Upon my return from the colonies I would be happy to bequeath you one or two for your sport. However, an exchange must take place. I require several daguerreotype depictions of bantam youngsters in “salacious” poses to add to my quite substantial collection.

    I propose we form a gentleman’s agreement, if you could supply these daguerreotypes in advance of our exchange I would happily supply a half-ape-half-man creature at the time of our meeting. Do respond in haste my good sirs for I dare say my interest has been piqued.

    I have included a related vignette of my cargo for your appraisal. If the benevolent proprietors of this fine establishment are to find my libidinous requests deviant, then I suspect a ban from the premises and an assemblage of celebratory buggies outside my residence may be in order.

    Sincerely and with great respect,
    Sir David V. Thomas

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Her tiny tits suggest the futile struggle of the West against our muslim goat-fucking horde’s ultimate victory…….

  • Andrew123

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  • Max

    Please show me where anyone says she’s a “talentless whore”. The fact that she hasn’t been seen with or accused of having sex with anyone, and the fact she is one of the leading country artists of this era tells me your a dumb a-rab that hates his life. If anyone is spending eternity in hell it is all of your bitch ass Muslims who think killing other people is good. God is greater, which means you are not to judge someone else’s life but to rather live the one you were given. The Muslim religion is the devil and is hell and we should shoot every damn one of you towel heads in the face. Peace bitch

  • stiffupperlip

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    That “headband decoration” that slutty taylor is wearing is in fact an exact replica of little gay pete’s asshole.

    This is what all you homoqueers have to look forward to…the condition called….”ass-pirate asshole.”

    • Imperial Dragon Ellis wallace

      Asshole abdroola the butt fucker

      You fucking queer muslim pervert how do you know what pete’s asshole looks like you must be a voyeur homo muslim and have been spying on pete he better watch out you may sneak up behind him and do a famous muslim butt fuck jihad that you morons train for in your homo jihad camps.

      The Brotherhood will rise

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        litle gay pete

        Shut up fag.

        taylor is the one who has been spreading the word about your giant asshole.

        she calls it..”the flaming rose of glory hole town.”

        • Imperial Dragon Ellis Wallace

          Asshole Abdroola the butt fucker

          Queer muslim homo

          Sure blame taylor swift for your being a homo who likes to look at other males assholes she calls you”the muslim cock craving madman” .

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            Dopnt get huffy with me homoqueer, I’ll split your noggin with a rusty hand-axe.

            Taylor is the one laughing about your flabby asshole and telling her drunken friends that your asshole looks like a purple sunflower.

            You knew this would happen when you started ass-fucking, so don’t get mad at us Muslims. Just go away and kill yourself.

            eat shit and die little gay “sunflower” pete

  • language barrier bro

    i love my brothers from another mother
    and i love obeying the rules
    stoning them is not the way
    i blame the tongue, it’s been the wicked thing that slaps most men
    beans are for stew
    shag eats the fish
    potty mouth heals the bonk
    but photoshop can cure all my ills

  • jpm

    Taylor Swift is a wonderful kid. She is full of life, love and talent. Leave her alone and let her sing.

  • jpm

    Taylor Swift is a wonderful kid. She is filled with life, love and talent. Leave her alone and let her sing.

  • Alyssa

    Listen up! It’s All fake! Look up these photos! This whole website is crap! It’s photoshop!!

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    this is fucking sad but funny and to easy to guess its fake.
    what sort of muslims are you

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    Red Blooded American

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    Ha ha ha, this isn’t me guys and girls. Yes I am the actual Taylor swift. Don’t judge me for being nominated..
    If you want good fake shit go on google…

    • Taylor lover

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  • Swiftie

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  • Tom

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  • Tired like hell

    Lol this IS fake. If you pay attention the body colour and face are different. Body tanned, fair face?? O.o

  • Haha

    What’s hilarious is to get these images you would have to of looked them up

  • Brandon Blair

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  • Melvyn Foster

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