Taylor Swift Caught Laying Topless On The Beach

Taylor Swift topless

If there is one thing we know about Taylor Swift it is that she is desperate to show off her flat bird chest.

That is why when we found this picture of Taylor laying topless on the beach prostituting her unremarkable body we knew instantly that it was legit.

Taylor Swift needs to realize that no one is interested in seeing her topless on the beach or otherwise. The fact that she persists in shamelessly flaunting her body like this, just shows how desperate of an attention whore she has become.

  • Afridi

    Where the hell has The headchimp disappeared???

    Miss his google bashing comments..

    • Cameo

      Who or what is the headchimp?

      • Afridi

        Have a look at posts made around 8-10 months back in 2011..you’ll see a frequent poster with the photo of a chimp..and name is the headchimp..that is him.

        • Bondie

          OMG. That girl DOES have an Ass!

          • oma

            It’s not org. It oma, oh my Allah

          • nimd4


    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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      • Abu al-Wahad

        My wise Muslim brother, may your fists grant you many wives, and may Allah grant you happiness.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Thank you brother for your most kind words and welcome to this growing community of kaffir obliterizers.

          As I use to say the path of righteousness is hard but at the end of the day America will convert to Islam. From the ashes of Las Vegas will grow the new Meca of the West, and the White House will become the big White Mosque.

          For the fouls that will not accept our rule, their faith is written: they will be sent to the Everglades where alligators will enjoy their rotten meat.

          Allahu Akbar.

          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim the destroyer of male ass
            Stop kissing each others asses and just stop pretending that your Muslims. The majority of people on this website are american and only a small minority are real Muslims, which you are not.
            As the Arapaho people say “Go Fuck Yourself, White Man”

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Ara Poo / Z Fag,

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          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim the poor excuse for a human being.
            Wow, you continue to prove my point of how your all obsessed with homoerotic tendencies. Both of you can’t seem to stop talking about and now it just looks like your obsessed with the male sex organ. Now why don’t you stop talking about penises and go find a cock you so crave. Go fuck yourselves.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Ara the camel poo,

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          • Arapaho Native

            Hashim the shit head.
            Ok, you and fagdullah always talk about disgusting homoerotic insults. And it “diarrhea” dumb shit. Take a english class, retard.

      • jack meoff

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Navel wax,

          Shut the fuck up. Go to the window and tell when it’s raining.

    • Ali hamidi

      Since Ramzan has started today..us muslims cannot use profanity anymore for 1 month..

      But since brother hasim and abdullah have a duty to fulfill..allah has given them the permission to abuse..and use profanity against filthy kafirs..even in this holy period..

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You are right brother Ali: Ramadan started on the 20th July. As you know, nevertheless, the war against kafirs has no rest. So we must carry on.

    • Devlin

      Alissa C DiCarlo or Allyssa Hall or whatever, you’re fuckin pig and mean and nasty too. I saw your videos. I actually threw up after about ten minutes.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Omfggg!!! Taylor Swift is gooorgeousss!!!! Look at her ass!!!

  • Moishe Goldberg

    This site needs to start hiring some Jews to do the photoshops because obviously you Muslims have not mastered modern Jewish technology yet.

    • Arcachnar

      Thomas Knoll a Jew? Oh sure.

      • Arapaho Native

        Moishe Shitberg
        Don’t flatter yourself, Photoshop or trick photography for lesser minds (You) was invented by the Japanese and white guys, though it can’t be proven, its the general belief.

  • billy

    Fake no ones head can bend that way

  • browns gay

    i dont know wtf there talkin bout that bitch is smokein

    • www

      Judging from your english..I bet you’re black..


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam takes over, us Muslims will show taylor the errors of her lesboqueer ways….along with a few rocks to the skull.

    Also…that flat ass of hers reminds me when an IED has exploded and wiped out a bunch of infidels and left the road “flat as a pancake.”


    • mow

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • problem?

          I like how muslims are so confident….

          But either way, look at the current war, and the death rate on both sides.

          When it comes down to it, US Soldiers are well trained, well equipped and well supported

          And then, The extremist like your can barely afford an AK, much less learn to fire it AND actually hit something.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay problem

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    • will

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    • fuckmusslims

      Wenn islam doesnt take over Al Qeuda and the Taliban will be gone for good


    that is not Taylor Swift. why cant u ppl just leave her alone???? why do u ppl hate her so much???

    • Sammyboy123

      Cause she is an Attractive slut who needs to have large hard dick shoved up her tight sexy ass


    way hotter than miley

  • Abdullah the Butcher

    That ass. I would tap that. Them titties. I would suck them.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Grand Dragon Pete

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      • Moishe Goldberg

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        • Abdullah The Butcher


          • Alissa C DiCarlo

            Now you’re preaching my Gospel big boy. Mmmmm.

          • Unknown

            Um……… I don’t know what this is or why Alyssa commented. ???

          • Kahlid

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  • God Bitches

    quick question what the fuck is wrong with all yall?? yall are som dumb ass bitches who need a life… Plus thats not taylor swift faggits

  • Cahi

    This IS taylor swift, i took this picture bitches, and i fucked her right after, so anyone that says its not her, is gay.

  • Reggie

    Yes that muthafuckin is Taylor Swift bitches!!!!

  • Reggie

    Cahi, great minds do think alike lol.

    • Cahi

      Yes they do.

  • steve exfan

    I believe this to be 100% Taylor Swift(the biggest liar scandal from Nashville,Tn)I know its her myself. Yes, she probably screws everyone who takes photos too. She screws so far over 15 celebs plus not counting women too. We just hate LIARS!!! of SWIFT TEAM…Keep it coming JIHAD!!! I LOVE THE EXPOSURE ON THAT TRAMP…TRAILOR PARK SLUT FROM PENNSYLVANIA…

  • Fuck em’ all

    I wanna pound that body and then right afterwards blackmail her with secret pictures and fuck her more and them beat the shit out of you muslim shits! Your never gonna win

    • Arcachnar

      Sure. Keep on dreaming.

  • Zoltar The Fortune Teller

    Zoltar predicts,

    Taylor Swift will threaten legal action against all on this site who claim that this picture is fake.

    I have spoken.

  • The messenger

    Please stop looking at this sinful crap.

    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      How is it sinful? There is nothing wrong with the expression of love or the beauty of the human body.

      • The messenger

        Lust is a sin.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        You ‘forget’ the money part, you infected whore.

        • The messenger

          What does mobey have to do with lust.

          The messenger says:
          July 18, 2012 at 7:52 pm
          The messenger says:
          July 6, 2012 at 11:42 am
          Please stop looking at this porn. It might lead you to the path of lust. Lust is a sin because it is the uncontrollable temptation to do something or use something for unneeded periods of time. One example of this uncontrollable temptation getting out of hand. People want to have sex so much that if they can’t find some one in thier own age group to mate with, they will have sex with a child of other person against thier will.

          Another example of the of Lust is when some one wants to become wealthy but they can’t get it because either they don’t have a job or the job they have doesn’t pay enough, they might steal the money they lust for or they will blackmail some one to get the money. Lust doesn’t just have to do with sex. That is why lust is a sin.

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  • phil

    What?! Taylor Swift has an unremarkable body? You must be gay then.

  • will

    You are all cock sucking muslim terrorists that can go eat donkey dicks, this is clearly fake due to the fact that your photoshop skills are so poor. God bless america.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Cum see me at Club Allyssa Hall. Ill be whoever you want me to be ;-)

    • dannie

      Alissa C DiCarlo if I cum for you will you cum for me? :-)

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        Dannie I will. Ill be there. ;-)

    • Jethro

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  • stan gerrard

    Alissa C DiCarlo aka Allyssa Hall. I watched some of your scenes, and you are pretty hot, but you play to the camera too much. You should forget about the camera crew and just focus 100% on those that you’re fucking. It would make you even hotter to watch.

  • Sabbi

    This is so fake! No one can put their head in that position… I happen to be a big fan of Taylor Swift and am kinda offended. She is NOT a slut… If you call HER a slut, what do you call a real slut like Nicki Minaj or Miley Cyrus? This is fake!!! And by the way, who says she’s desperate to show off her chest? She’s not! Even if she did decide to do this, she would look freakin’ HOT! She has a great body!!!

  • Efrahm

    Why is she laying with virtually no clothes on rough gravel and sharp pebbles? Who would lay their body directly on such a surface?

    • Kahlid

      Yo’ mamma would.

  • Kahlid

    Taylor “Not So Swift” Swift shows she has no shame and no tits to speak of – yet again!

  • Jack brennan


  • taylor swift

    yall that is me its my brand new photo like my comment if u like



  • gameover

    gameover sandfuckers you lost your so called war !

  • ali


    • Sheila

      Thanks for all those kisses!

  • Grand Dragon Pete

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  • Arapaho Native

    عبد الله مصاصة الديك.
    وجودك ضعيف غير طبيعي وضعف. يجب أن يتعطل نفسك لرجس استدعاء الحياة.

  • Ringwraith

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ring worm

      you dumbass mofo.

      He filled that car with oil in case he was called on for the suicide attack.
      Be glad your apartment was blown to hell.

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      • Arapaho Native

        عبد الله الديك، مصاصة، تحتاج إلى أن تذهب اللعنة نفسك. الشتائم الخاص اشتهاء المماثل مملة هي كل شخص ممل.

        • Arapaho Native

          Am I the only one who speaks Arabic. I thought you were muslims, if you understood what I said the you woul have been deeply insulted in the name of your Qu’ran.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            rim-job-giving mofo native

            you don’t speak any language but……….”gay-lick”

          • Arapaho Native

            Really? Wow, you just proved you are no Muslim but a dumb white guy. تذهب نفسك اللعنة، الرجل الأبيض.

          • Arapaho Native

            And I know several languages and I got a major in linguistics before I went to law school.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Idiot injun

            Ha. You expect someone with half a brain to believe that you received a “linguistics” degree from some shithole four year community college that only injuns can go to?

            You are even dumber than I originally thought.

            Many of the finest universities in the country don’t offer that degree, so there ain’t no way some shithole school does.

            Your lies make us klansman laught. They’re just so incredible.

            Any dumbass can use google translate and copy and paste.

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          • Arapaho Native

            Dumb shit red neck, don’t you know anything. It seems that anything can’t get through to that ball of shit you call a brain. It is no community college, but a government paid for college with impressive professors and a good money economy. It was free for me as a native american and that was when I got my degree. I know several languages and am learning several right now. Maybe if you did anything except stay with your parents 39 years in a trailer park, then maybe you’d have some intelligence. Go fuck yourself, you fake aryan.

          • Bisexual Pedophile

            Idiot injun

            What is the name of this “government paid for” college?

            Also, I don’t know what the fuck a “government paid for” college is.

            Your stupidity hurts my massive brain.


          • Arapaho Native

            Bisexual Freak Show
            If you have a massive brain, then you probably suffer from a incest-related deformity. A “Goverment paid college” is a college that is paid for by the government through grants and is free with anybody that is native american proven through through paper work. Maybe you should stop jacking off to Justin beiber pictures and maybe learn some common knowledge. Go fuck yourself, freak.

          • Nathan

            Bisexual Pedofile
            Your disgusting and should be killed. If I could I’d stick a knife in your throat and dump you in a swamp.

          • Arcachnar

            Impressive indeed. If you can Arabic than Russian and Farsi can be learned as well.

          • Arapaho Native

            Yes, thank you, this site is full of fake muslims,christians, and jews. In a short time, one or more of these fools will probably respond with a poorly thought out homoerotic insult that will surely leave them looking naive and stupid.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Your “arabic” is ridiculous and laughable. After others penises you just found a new toy: Google translator. Get a life you moron.

          • Arapaho Native

            Ha, retard, if you spoke the language then you would know that my puncuation and syntaxes are all correct and obviously done by a actual person. Stop pretending to be a extremist and go back to your boring americanized life. And I know four languages, English, Spanish, Arabic, and French and I am learning many others and by the time I’m thirty I’ll know up to seven languages. And the IP address you used is in America, if you go on word press and join there membership, you can see all the ip addresses because it’s a free web designer. And it can only be used in America as it is not multi-national. Eat shit, white asshole.

          • Arcachnar

            @Arapho Only used in America? Interesting. I wonder something and I think it is caused by a language barrier, but does it include registration for this site?

            Which other languages do you want to learn as well?

          • Arapaho Native

            Well, Durka Durka is actually a white or Jewish guy living in the midwest and made this web site using a free web designer and if you register you can see all the ip addresses used on this site but it takes some time to tell where it came from. And for the languages I want to learn, I would rather learn languages from the countries in the Baltics then other countries, although I am currently learning russian and farsi, both of them incredibly hard to learn and will probably take a year to master them. And the only reason I learned Arabic was because I wanted to impress my professor because it was an incredibly hard language to learn.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Ara Poo: you are really, but really, dumb.

            First, your arabic, I repeat, comes from Google. Second my IP address is not from America (this is a serious insult for me).
            Third, WordPress is not a “free web designer”; WordPress is a CMS made with PHP, you stupid idiot.

            I’m a software engineer and I make a lot of WP sites.
            Stop pretend to be what you are not. Everybody knows you are just an small worm among the kaffir jungle.

          • Arapaho_Native

            Hashim the poor excuse for a human
            First of all, you can tell my language is not a translation because I’m am not using English characters. WordPress is a free web designer and it clearly says so when you register. And lastly, your ip address along with your email are both American. You can’t fool me, you useless piece of fake Muslim shit.

          • Arcachnar

            @Arapho What’s with the _? Since when are you using this?

      • Ringwraith

        Abdullah the hamster,
        I have a nice water board waiting for you and C-4 shaped charges for your camel saddle.
        Iranian put 20 quarts of oil IN his engine, numb-nuts.
        I was trained by Spetznas as tactical shooter.
        Srat’ tebe v rot – we used to use your relatives for target practice.
        Zacroy svoy peesavati rot, sooka

        • Arcachnar

          I do not hope that you based the intellect of ONE Iranian to the Iranian people. Because that would not be very smart and alas ignorant as well.

          Target practice? Wow. That would make you so heroic. Only real men kills in battle, not tortures or killing civilians for fun.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          ring worm

          You were trained by barney franks to take it up the ass….as a “tactical pooter-rooter”

  • Jack E.

    Please speak for yourself. I am interested in seeing it. Most of Hollywood is full of phoney fake breasted egotistical idiots. In my opinion she is all women, and very refreshing.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    a ranting-mofo native

    the closest you’ve come to studying a foreign language is sucking some foreigners cock.

    • The messenger

      Stop with your hate. Jesus wants us to love. Everyone.




    Stupid idiots – that picture is a fake. This is Danielle Knudson’s body and only the head is Taylor Swift’s. The picture is reversed either….

  • Fakhir

    Infidels! You have all disgraced Mohammed with your comments! Taylor Swift is one of BinLaden’s 99 Virgins! Your comments are all a disgrace to the eyes of Mohammed.

    And she has a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ass.

  • Taylor Swift

    You guys are stupid Muslims. I did not get a blowjob, I did not lay topless on the beach!! I HATE MUSLIMS! Celeb Jihad should be closed and decapitated and Abdullah, Durka, (and other Muslims reading this,) I hate you all!!

  • Riccky

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • The Messenger says

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  • Fuckjihads

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  • Emerignaldo

    I agree with the last comment about hatred.

  • Tristan

    Can’t we all just get along?

  • Tam

    Are you Rodney King?

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I want to make a video of myself fucking the prophet Mohammed in the ass with a dildo, but I’m worried that if it goes viral it could cause one or more clashes at overseas embassies.

  • The Messenger

    Jesus died for you.

  • Drizzy Drake

    This girl would not qualify for my harem.

    • Casey Perretti

      She’s pretty.