Taylor Momsen Smoking Hard Nipples

Taylor Momsen

Well it turns out I was wrong about Taylor Momsen. No not that she is a piece of gutter trash, but that she is 16-years-old. Because in the pictures below she is smoking and not wearing a bra. Both of which are illegal for 16-year-olds to do in America.

I am starting to get concerned about Taylor’s well being though. Not because of the smoking, but because of the fact that her waistline seems to be rapidly expanding. I commend her on picking up smoking to try to curve her appetite, but at the rate she is going she might want to start sticking those cigarette stained fingers down her throat as well. Black is supposed to be a slimming color, but the only slimming it is doing in these pictures is to the odds that I’ll be able to rub one out to them later.

Taylor Momsen definitely has a Lohan-esque career ahead of her. Smoking and braless pics of her hard nipples are just the beginning. I can hardly wait until we get to see the good stuff, but until then these pics will have to do.


Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen

  • wtf?

    did you seriously just call this girl fat?!! you are utterly pathetic she’s 16 years old!! no where near fat, omg shes not wearing a bra and smoking o_O give me a fuckin break..retard.

  • Ally

    I think she’s a total b*tch and tries way too hard, but then again most 16 year old girls do to please others. You pointed out she’s 16, but you talk about her nipples which is a given they’re showing but must an ADULT stare at and talk about a minor’s breasts? I don’t think that’s appropriate…but what tops that is the fact you’re saying she’s fat! I’ve seen her when I visited a relative in NYC not too long ago, that chick is a PENCIL but in those pictures (because that dress looks like it’s more of a body shaper slip than an actual dress) she looks like she’s of average HEALTHY weight around her waist…but then again, she’s anorexic in person. hello, look at her legs. they’re chicken legs! you can’t have those when you’re fat. my God, you need some help if you think this young girl is fat.

  • K

    excuse me fat? what the fuck, she is so skinny. and she’s talented. Why are you wasting your time talking about her? Right now she’s probably busy expanding her career..who cares if she’s trying to hard, shes a different person than you and me and she’s being who she wants to be. why does it bother you so much? jealous much?

    • Alemao

      She’s talented? At what?

  • J

    If you stop posting about her, then this lame try hard will eventually vanish.

  • Lily

    Calm down kids, i think hes being SARCASTIC.

  • Marie

    Wow is this like, a site for people to dis celebs? I like Taylor Momsen, sad that she’ s smoking, even sadder is that people have to do this to them, so what? She’s not wearing a bra!? OMG! That’s NOT illegal! Yes smoking under 18 is, but still.. really? You really had to go there commenting on her body like that? -.- its disappointing what society has come to these days. Its even sadder that I’m her age and i see this corruption and perverted world..

    • shut up

      shut the hell up

    • Surfer

      Well I stumble across this page, to be honest mate it is true that these comments are unbelievable and that your comment is probably the most mature, but then again looking through it seems that your metal age surpasses most other posters including the author’s.
      Also is wherein no bra under 18 illegal? as there seem to be conflicting theories.

  • boomer

    Dayymmm she is hot! I’d do her… fap fap fap

  • Taylor momsen fan

    Dude really! I’m a huge fan of Taylor momsen and I’m going to defend her. First of all do she look fat to you or any one else. HELL NO!!! . So what if she looks a little over skinny. But she’s super talented so back the hell off. Ok she smokes. It’s probaly just a faze. Just let it go. And what the he’ll you’re actually talking about a 16 year olds body. That’s fucking sick. Leave her alone she’s just a kid.

  • you need a reality check

    First of all Seriously?

    Shes only 16 give her a break yeah she shouldnt be smoking but the other stuff. this is the reason young girls end up sticking their fingers down their throats because of rude comments like this. And how much of a perv are you shes a minor dont you have somethin better to do than look at her!

  • ashley

    To me Taylor Momsen rocks. She is doing her thing. She is making a name for herself. What in the hell does Lindsey Lohan has to do with any of this. Everyone makes their own damn decisions. So what if she smokes she can be doing stuff a lot worse then most kids her age is doing. Give the girl a break no one is perfect. And their is not one inch of fat on her. lol

  • Danielle

    Maybe Taylor should move to Holland:) Smoking and drinking is legal for everyone above 16 here:)
    I love Taylor Momsen she’s beautiful and talented:)I think this is a site for jealous people:)

  • calm the fuck down bitch.

    Okay, first of all. Taylor is her own fucking person, if she wants to be a fucking mess that’s up to her. i personally think she’s cool, as a person, actor and singer. Her style is punk, that’s what she likes, so what if she smokes and does shit that you disapprove of?! It might be a phase, it might not but just because she’s in the public eye doesn’t mean that she needs to be careful with what she does. she doesn’t care about you. get that. her style goes with her attitude. and tbh dude, if you’re looking at her tits then you need to sort it out. yes shes 16, legal in most places but seriously, only just!
    I’m her age, i smoke, i like the same stuff as her. i have the same attitude… but just let it go. stop picking out bad points in people and focus on your life and why you’re doing this. you’re obviously insecure.

    • dickhead

      You have a lot to learn about the world little girl.

  • Akab Gninihs

    she’s sexy as hell

  • anonymous

    I’d luv 2 fuk her !!

  • Bra-Not-Required

    It’s not illegal for someone to be in public without a bra? Where do you get your facts from?…
    Seriously? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

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  • Taylor Fan

    Who gives a f*ck if she smokes?! Well, I know some people do, but those people are just overly conservative. Most people start smoking as a teenager, anyway. Big deal. & how is she even close to fat?! Taylor’s tall: She’s 5’8. & I read that she’s 108 lbs. That’s fat?! PUH-LEEAAASSE! Last, since when is it supposed to be illegal for someone to walk out of the house w/ out undergarments? I sure didn’t get that message. Some people are just stupid.