Taylor Momsen Puts On Teen Sex Show

Taylor Momsen sex show

“Gossip Girl” star, singer, and 17-year-old slut Taylor Momsen is performing her teen sex show in Europe this summer. As you can in the pictures below Taylor Momsen flashes her underage breasts and ass to the crowds in the vain hope of distracting them from her horrible music.

While Taylor Momsen obviously has some lucrative deal with a nipple tape manufacturer we can not help but feel that at 17-years-old she should be spending her time doing other things besides putting on sex shows for throngs of horny Europeans. For instance marrying a Muslim man and birthing him at least 3 children by now.

Yes these pictures of Taylor Momsen are an excellent example of what happens when you follow the foolish infidel practice of not marrying off a woman when she reaches the breeding age of 12. When left to her own devices Taylor Momsen (like all women) inevitably became a tremendous whore.


Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen
Taylor Momsen Taylor Momsen

  • Infidel

    Waste of good genes. When you see stuff like this, Islam doesn’t sound like a bad idea anymore. This site is probably meant as satire, but it works surprisingly well as a straight-up critique of Western society.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I hope this slutty infidel keeps each “X” taped to her scrawny tits.
    They will make good targets for us Muslims to aim at when she gets stoned.

    I hate to play favorites, but when Islam takes over, this common street slut is moving to the head of the line for Sharia Court.


  • theheadchimp

    This is what passes for talent in the US. Paint your face like a raccoon, jiggle your ass and sing like shit. They have a million more just like her. Death has already came to America and this is what it sounds like.

  • victoria slutice

    another whore

  • I killed Osama

    Fuck all u America hating sand googles. If you guys dont like the way we do things here n the states, take ur smelly, no deodorant wearing asses back to ur shitty tents in derker- derker land. America!!!!!!!!!

    • Ali bin Fuqrab

      Take your left-wing, white liberal pervy patriotism elsewhere. And talking about smelly people living in tents…that’s you, your family and your friends once Obamanomics has done its job and Chinese troops come into the USA to collect on their debt!

      BTW, they’re already in Idaho — google: China National Machinery Industry Corp Idaho. Don’t forget to buy a Chinese-made American flag and Chinese made fireworks for the 4th of July infidel!! They own you and your economy!


  • Notyalc

    Infidel: It’s not meant as a satire. The person writing it actually stated that he lives in a psychiatric ward.

    • theheadchimp

      Tell me you are not as fucking stupid as your last post suggests….

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Momsen has amazing music and a beautiful face and body. she is in no way just a slut. it’s the 21st century demands. everything nowadays has to have some sort of sexual orientation in order to be even slightly “enjoyable”. she’s not the slut, America is.