Taylor Lautner Is A Real Fancy Boy

Taylor Lautner fancy boy

Foppish lady boy Taylor Lautner was photographed on the set of his new movie being shaded by a giant umbrella whilst getting a fan blown in his face.

Apparently while filming a scene Taylor Lautner came down with a case of the “vapors”. He tried dabbing a nice cool wet lace handkerchief to his forehead, but he still felt a swoon coming on.

Taylor was rushed under an umbrella were he was fanned and pampered. Luckily Taylor’s friend Ramon was on set, and he occupanied Taylor to his trailer with an emergency supply of fresh cut strawberries and chilled raspberry wine.

Six hours later Taylor Lautner was able to return work refreshed and relaxed, but with a noticeable limp.

  • redd1

    Taylor Lautner is black belt dumbass and he could kick your sorry ass anytime




    • taylors fugly

      he couldnt do shit. hes a pussy bitch

  • fuckyou

    What a prissy bitch-boy. I’m all about sensitivity in guys, but why do actors and celebrities have to be so pampered and lauded over..it only inflates their ego’s.

  • Fat Housewife

    I still don’t like this guy… I’m not sure why. Every female tween in my family thinks he’s gorgeous… I guess he’s just a little too child-faced. I’ll bet he doesn’t like ice cream either and I’ll bet he’s like Robert Patterson and hasn’t even read the Twilight books. At any rate, off to do some laundry and watch a few hours of soaps

    • robs tha man

      ok i agree with the taylor part but dont hate on rob. rob is awesome!!!


    anyone ever thought that since he was on a movie set, that he might be filming something and the director/producers are trying to keep his makeup fresh and not sweating it off.

    Stupid people should be fed to starving children in Africa.

  • gurunique

    taylor is hawt

    • taylors ugly

      no hes really not. hes got squinty eyes and a fucked up nose

      • taylors ugly is ugly

        no he’s not

  • twilightfan101

    to all you people that are bashing him you dont know him and you should NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER !!!!!!!!!!! i know how that feels it sucks just because you see one thing to bitch about him thats all you look at . what if someone judged you for one flaw and your actuly a nice person , or you seen something you dont know the whole story about and come up with your own conclusion . its not fair because you dont know the whole story just a glimps of it !!!!!!!! look at the bigger picture first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ruhhhtard

      u dont know him either u fucking ruhtard

  • miley cyrus

    I heard that he hasn’t been having sex since he heard that his assisyants strap on could get him pregnant.

    • erin


    • miley is so ugly

      ur just jealous cause taylor went out with selena while the only guys u can get are obviously gay and way too old for u

  • Mariana

    This Gay, prejudiced, spoke ill of the Brazilian’re looking not like to be touched by women must be gay even have to get out of the closet. It’s an idiot, like I said a Brazilian called the biased and aggressive of all. So do not fucking come here! Asshole. Then Taylor’s fans understand how it is instead of creating sites of my fan club and everything and see how it really is biased. I’m calling to Brazil to see if you open your eyes. Son of a Bitch

    • yeahyeah

      youre fucking dumbass. get a fucking life. your probably some fat bitch thats obsessed with him. get a fucking life. hes fugly

  • jena

    He super hot!!!

    • yeahyeah

      nahhh hes not

  • hahaha taylors gay

    hes ugly and gay as hell. this website is awesome!!

  • bailey

    taylor is a priss. hes super gay

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    “How did Taylor Lautner get ripped in 4 weeks?”
    He was probably getting laid whilst we sat there masturbating to Hot Latino Housemaids…