Tara Reid’s Playboy Pictures

Tara Reid

Well the day we have been fearing has finally come. Tara Reid’s Playboy pictures have been leaked to the Internet!

Thank Allah the Playboy Airbrushing department put in the countless hours necessary to make these pictures viewable. I think we all remember Tara Reid making headlines for her horribly mutilated body, after her plastic surgeon Dr. Hook carved her up. You can hardly tell this girl has a grotesque scar ridden body in these pictures.

Enjoy the airbrushed glory that is these Tara Reid playboy pictures.


Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid
Tara Reid Tara Reid Tara Reid

  • lamuella

    hahaha, what did they airbrush her with, crayon?

  • IamLegend

    someone sure knows how to use photoshop while some other person is a master with make-up for her to look like this

  • willibis

    fascinant au total

  • Ba Humbug

    Where’s her puss?

    • Jason

      Id do her

      • teshawn

        i already did

  • Tiny

    Airbrushing or not, she can ring my bell any time

  • taş yapıştırma

    very good pictures… :)

  • Jason

    She look pretty who think after all that?

  • Jocko

    Who is this woman? Like Elle McPherson before her, she bears no resemblance to her normal looking self. A travesty to be sure. Gobs of makeup obscure her face. Every blemish photo shopped out. Total crap for a woman who is pretty in real life but looks like a clown in these pics.

    • Erich

      my thoughts exactly…it looks nothing like her…at all….when i look at a celeb naked…especially one i’ve wanted to see naked forever…i want it to actually look like them…fucking terrible

      • custom

        I like to use ……… for pauses in my sentences alot. I dont understand why I dont just use a comma……..that would just be proper grammar.

  • Dj

    These pictures are so amazinly hot! It’s about time she showed us those glorious melons of hers

  • Steven

    Dude, they did a good job covering up her FREDDY KRUGER looking nipples. Not really…very noticable

    • dt

      she got ’em fixed for real.

  • e

    I wasnt impressed. Just another blonde bimbo with implants.

  • les

    art imitates life…..airbrushed, and fuzzy. playboys standards have hit rock bottom….worst issue ever…second worst was that ugly jerry manthley from survivor a few years back.

  • Brian T

    I was in love with this girl growing up and this “playboy shoot’ is about 10 years overdue and would have been 10 times better 10 years ago.Ok pics but dissapointed overall

  • abdullah

    the quality of these pics is horrible. Allah looks down on those who acquired them.

  • Cor

    Oh man….I’d do that bitch in a heartbeat. Granted, she probably looks a lot worse in real life, but all in all, the bitch ain’t bad.

  • dt

    I dont care what you all say, she looks damn good!

  • suckit


  • Charles

    Tara Reid looks a corpse with all that air brushing.

  • William Jefferson Anonymous

    I’d bang that azz from here to North Waziristan and back again (ah the beauty of Air Force One). I’d wear a condom tho, at least i’ve learned that much…

  • CommandoBrando

    Shes not american pie sexy again but she better than she was

  • eo

    barbie is more real

  • syck174

    wow no pussy pics wtf probably HIT

  • D

    What happened to Tara Reid from van wilder. That is when she looked the best!!

  • imAdem0n

    yeah, I’m SURE that with technologies like Adobe Photoshop having been developed since 1987 that they used a box of Crayola Crayons…What Are You Fucking Retarded?!?

  • tera

    sent to me nice pic

  • morgan

    She’s a fricken man,mil man,miley

  • daniel

    Taras not a man she’s a shemale,miley cyrus is hella fine,I would rape that bitch

  • salim

    what a nice girl

  • salim

    your boobs is so hot tara reid. i like it

  • Robert

    No talent in Hollwood, what’s a girl to do?

  • ugliesoftheworld

    she will not be on ugliesoftheworld.blogspot airbrushed or not dont care still looks good

  • me


  • aschalew befikadu

    wow sweety

  • hans glockler

    alter die is so geil ich will sie richtig durchficken und ihre muschi lecken und an ihrer klitoris krabschen bis sie schreit und abspritzt und alles voller muschisaft ist alter die knall ich tag und nacht durch so dass sie ein dauer-orgasmus hat und ich schlecke unbegrenzt ihre muschi und dring in sie richtig ein bis sie sich überschreit alter die is so geil ich will sie richtig durchficken

  • pompy

    She looks hot.