Soulja Boy’s Twitter Pictures

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy the musical genius behind such hits as “That one song with the dance about Superman” posted the following pics on his Twitter page with the caption “Ladies only”.

Unfortunately for Soulja I’m a Celeb Jihadist, so I posted his pictures in the “Casual Encounters” section of Craigslist under “M4M” (male for male). I included this write up and will be forwarding Soulja Boy the responses.

“Sissy boy power bottom seeking verbal top for hard backdoor banging. Please be extremely well hung and rough. Here are some pics of my extremely gay self.”

soulja boy
soulja boy

  • wow

    What a queen.

    • Dead Ed

      Jah, he should be fitted with a crown.
      Lil’ Ru Paul


      Thts his new nick name now. Lil’ Michelle Obama, er, I mean, Lil’ Ru Paul!


  • Swack!

    Holy Shit! He’s definitely holding up the belief that Black men have big dicks! That’s got to be 9 or 10 inches long. I’m drooling!

    • Liz

      Actually Soulja Boy’s dick is only 5 inches long, he is just 3 ft tall.

  • Maria

    That is not his dick, that’s the toliet paper holder shoved in his pants…

  • right

    thats his crack pipe in his pants,

  • girlygirl

    lol you can see the toilet paper right there wonder where the holder is lol!

    • tiffany

      what u aint got toilit paper in ur bath room bitch

      • tiffany

        that most likley is his real dick

  • girlygirl

    and look at the rediculous faces he’s making

  • micahel presberry

    leave my man a lone, let him take his pic, he sexy wit his shit, dont get mad yall dinzel ant swel

  • micahel presberry

    hit me up on youtube, byonciebarbie, and i love him so much i would die if i meet him iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i lo ve you so mush

  • micahel presberry

    hole up is myy baby were fruit of the loom sexy i like

  • a whitey

    yeah that really doesn’t even look real. i mean not to say he couldn’t be sportin that but it just looks like he shoved something down his pants. im no crotch expert but

  • Greg

    U can obviously see hes restin his fake dick on some red platform, definitely a fake shot
    he’s pullin on his shorts in the earlier pics

    • Michelle

      it isnt some red platfrom…..omg those are his shorts. and it can sure be his dick…b.c if u look near the head it kinda forms the shape of a dick.

      • a whitey

        he coulda stuck a dildo down his pants or something. Im not saying its fake for sure but it looks like he shoved something down his pants, just dropped it. it doesn’t even looked connected to him. it starts like half way down his leg.

    • Adrian

      THOSE R HIS SHORT U DUMB ASS OBVIOUSLY UR JUS A HATER 2 LEAVE ALL DEZ COMMENT U BI POLAR BYTCH and they’re 2 different pictures his phone has a cover 2 da 2nd n da 1st doesnt IDIOT

  • aisa

    hi i’m 19 and i want to know if i can get your number

  • Michelle

    i do think it is his cock. its in like the right area it should be and it looks like one. and not everyon uses a toilet paper holder some people just put it on the counter.

  • micheal jackson’s numba 1 fan

    oh my lord dat is not real jesus help us lord damn

    soulja boy can i have ur numba ?

  • Pitote

    Pinche negro,joto, travesti

  • Dead Ed

    Wow, you people are such cock experts. Why don’t you go look at some Lindsy Lohan, Jessica Simpson or Emma Watson pics?

  • Mizz_froSt

    WoW Thats A Big Dick N Hiz PaNts I likEy KeEp uP ThE GoOdWoRk I ReAlly THiNk He’s BlesSed EsP.@ Nite WeN We R ToGethA I LuV HiM So MuCh

  • souljaboytellem

    First and foremost that is my dick…lol jk this is not him :] i jus love him so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • neylah

    real or not i still wanna suck his d***

    • tim

      i will love to suck his dick 2

  • ily

    you can see the head lining look closely ! idiots !

  • ilovesouljaboy

    wow i would totally fuck the shit out of him and i will make his fat ass dick cum

  • ilovesouljaboy

    i would totally let him fuck the shit out of me and cum in my pussy

  • ilovesouljaboybig ass dick

    i want soulja boy to get me pregenant

  • ilovesouljaboybig ass dick

    i would suck his dick and let him nut on my mouth and i will swallow it

    • miley fucks niggers


  • b

    Damn big dick… i want it

  • kayz

    thats not his dick!!!

  • kayz

    durka durka mu jihad

  • Dead Ed

    A thug walks into a large homosexual gathering. Better known as a Lil Wayne / Soulja Boy concert.

  • zillaman

    noticed that racist little bitch is not on this page yet. im talking bout the head giving chimp. that mother fucker is a coward white trash racist fuck. come out and playay, chimp boy come out and plaayyayy..

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I see you’re still talking your retard, special ed, ghetto google bull shit.

      Then again…you can’t do any better……. can you “boy?”

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    soulja-coon was just offered the role of “clyde” in the remake of, “any which way but loose.”

  • Jamairika

    I love you so a boy kiss me

  • Jamairika

    I love you so a boy kiss me get me pregnant

  • aaliyah reese

    First of al soulja boy dick iz not lil……..if u look up sum mo of his picture u wil see the real dang………nd I bet yal dudes dat commented nd laufin nd shit ain’t workin wit shit yo damn self………..for yal to judge sum one yal don’t even kno make yal a less of a man nd wat was yal even lookin up soulja boy dick for dat iz so damn gay…………….yal iz real retarted becuz afta al dat laufin nd shit dat yal doin soulja boy iz stil doin lke three times betta den yal

  • Moeisha

    I would deep throat that shit and let him fucked the heck out of me 24/7