Sophie Monk Nip Slip Photos

Yesterday Sophie Monk was at the beach filming a docudrama about the life and times of Mother Teresa. She was just about to shoot the scene where Mother Teresa has an epiphany and realizes that God wants her to move to Calcutta and work among the slum dwellers, when lo and behold her right nipple fell out.

Obviously everyone on the set was rather taken aback by the accidentally nudity, so much so that the director decided to scrap the project altogether and have the film destroyed.

Luckily someone kept these still photos of the event so that you could enjoy looking at Sophie Monk’s nipple. Knock yourself out.


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  • Licky Lick

    she may lick the tip of my dick and sit on it.

  • please

    water was obvioulsy cold

  • mongotz

    nice nips

  • LoveNipples

    love those nipples! i want to suck them!

  • KP

    She needs some waterproof nipple covers like Nippies..they make them in black satin and lace, so they would have matched her swimsuit and not spared her the embarrassment. But I guess she wouldn’t have got as much attention if she covered up… ;)

  • Dead Ed


    Why do bunnies have wet noses?

    Because I love to lick ’em.

  • mr jack

    sophie youre soooo f>>>>n HHHOOOOTTTTT i wish i was there to see your sexy niples i would of suck both of them baby youre super sexy super hot youre eyes are killing me gooo girrrllll

  • Dead Ed

    She’s so hot, heated blankets are now called Sophie Monk blankests.

  • sarah

    Im ashamed to call this plastic too skinny now days sophie Monk an aussie! she is a nobody! what has she done? afew crappy bimbo roles in american movies…..Pfft and getting more plastic surg…posing for pics like a tart!. how can she think she looks better than she did years ago when she was natural and had a pretty face, but as always shes ruined it! yuck!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I have never seen anything so disgusting.

    This skinny, pale faced whore, with her perky tits and hour glass figure, is a 100% dong killer.
    And not only is she ugly ass hell…just look at those bony arms and dainty hands. What kind of work could this infidel whore do? I’ll tell you…..none!

    Compared to the beautiful Iraqi women in my harem….this vile westerner is nothing more than a shaved ape.

    The only thing that would improve her looks is a burka. But that would still not help with her malformed body and underdeveloped arms and hands.

    I suppose the only true solution to her pathetic physical condition would be a good stoning…followed by a big bonfire….with her as the main “bon.”

    Now I must go and tub salt into my eyes in an effort to erase her image from my brain.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      And for you smart ass infidels who might wonder why I said tub, instead of rub….it’s because the image of her deformed body was rammed into my retinas with such force….that I need a tub of salt to burn the image away.


      • AD

        Hey Abdullah the MORON!!!! Come on over!! I have some salt for you to use!!! Bring it on you rag head!!!!

  • open the scroll

    This was no accident.When she landed on American soil she automatically felt it was proper to expose herself as most of that filthy depraved society on the west coast is accustomed to. She then bought a rock of coke,fucked a darkie and applied for welfare. You are on my list of sluts to publicly strip naked and bury in a hole. I will hold the robes of respected men as they stone you..