Sofia Vergara Is A Sexy Maid

Sofia Vergara

ABC’s “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara is one sexy maid. We first caught Sofia embracing her Mexican roots, when she was photographed arranging the pool chairs in a bikini at a Ramada Inn in El Paso a week ago. Now the picture above of Sofia Vergara in her official maid outfit has been leaked to the web.

No doubt Sofia Vergara will soon quit showbiz to concentrate full time on her new exciting life in hotel services. From cleaning up hooker blood to blowing visiting French dignitaries for pocket change, the life of a hotel maid is many times more rewarding and glamorous than one spent working for the Zionists in heathen Hollywood.

I have no doubt that Sofia Vergara will finally find contentment fulfilling her destiny as a sexy maid. Allah be praised for setting this once wayward slut on the right path.

  • nolanbautista

    ohh knob needs a little polishing..

  • Anubis

    It looks like she is ready for her next paying client to service. Then being an efficient maid, she will clean herself, her client (or clients in case of an orgy fest) along with the bed up after the mess.

    Being industrious, she may then later change into a bikini maid outfit then service guests around the pool with hand and blow jobs for extra tip money. Sofia finally found a job she is quite suited for.
    Allah be praised!

  • ahhgmed

    Cum in her ass, shit on the bed, leave it to her to clean up. Dump sopalilla money in the ashtray. Praise Allah!

  • Mohammed Al-Islam Shariff

    Mohammed be praised! I love to “cleanse” Sofia’s “sins!” When I say cleanse, I mean rape. When I say sins, I mean all orifices!

  • The Intimidator

    Allah sucks pig cocks.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      enema drinker

      I command that your mother change her name from Allah to “porky.”

      Also, when Islam takes over. Your granny and grandpa will pay for their arrogance and abuse of the Holy name Allah.
      They will be stoned.
      You’ll be shot…just because you’re related to those assholes.

      • Lol

        Ah ha Kslam takes over lol, nice joke btw

  • iris

    She’s not Mexican.

    Colombiana!!!!!! 100%


    • Kahlid

      A spic is a spic is a spic.

      Now eat shit and die, mofo.

  • manny

    Hey are guys just mad because we killed osama

    • Mahmoud

      Thanks for the comment, Ana Paula. I acuatlly have to disagree with you. Almost half of Kmarts sales are from hispanics. Sofia is HUGE in the Latino community and she is a role model that many Latinas can identify with. I suppose only time will tell though. I love her!

      • Kahlid

        She is a fake titted greaser donkey show performing harlot on a show about faggots.