Sofia Vergara Caught Flaunting Her Cleavage

Sofia Vergara cleavage

Mexican actress Sofia Vergara was caught flaunting her cleavage in the disturbing photos below.

Clearly Sofia is taking part in some sort of casting call, and when these pictures were taken she is showing the producer where she would like him to shoot his load.

These pics prove what many of us have long suspected, namely that someone with so little talent as Sofia Vergara has had more than her share of man juice blasted on her busty Central American titties in order to “make it” in heathen Hollywood.


Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara Sofia Vergara

  • Umar the Brown

    I cannot stress enough how I want this woman to become a Muslim. Ah, if it pleases Allah.

    • Zohair- The good one

      Brother Umar

      If the holy Quran has taught us anything….its that you never encourage a pretentious…stuck-up woman who refuses to let her “Goods” out.

      “Her highness” above has never gone nude..and with the stupid american men constantly revering her….there is no chance that she will either.

      At this point..converting to islam will raise her standards to imposible heights..which is the last thing you want to do. So I suggest we let her suffer in her miserable life

      • Umar the Brown

        I have a soft spot for this chunky Colombian, brother. I cannot help myself. Did not the Holy Prophet (mhnbp) himself long for the companionship that only a woman could give?

        • TBEAR182

          You cannot help yourself because you have a soft spot for her chunky Colombian brother?……you sick pervert you.

          • Umar the Brown

            Wipe the spunk off the screen of your Commodore 64, TurdBEAR69.

            I realize that you learned to read while being shuffled from truck stop to truck stop, but you really do humiliate yourself. Even your hero, the borderline illiterate child-murderer Boxcar Willie could read better than you.

            Please just go ahead and take that handful of pills that you are saving for when the police find your “special crawlspace” in your trailer. Us Muslims are tired of you and your shit.

          • TBEAR182

            Boxcar Willie was a child murderer? Thanks for letting me know that, i’m gonna throw out all of his 8 track tapes now.

      • cowbulls

        Do your research. She use to show everything and was all access on her way out of South America. My guess is she is a great titty fuck and it is well known she loves it up her poop chute.

    • Zultar Urandur

      Brother Umar

      Why would we accept this South American homoqueer into our religion? She should be stoned at once for showing any of her body in public.

      • Umar the Brown

        Why? So that I could marry her and not make another international incident by kidnapping her. You two are the homoqueers if you do not want to save this beautiful woman from the Hell that surely awaits her.

        • Raider

          Brown tumor with those shades on you look like the queer you kiddie perve

          • Umar the Brown

            faggot ass-raider,

            Do not presume to address me on this site. This is a matter among Muslims and for Muslims. Go back to your homoqueer pro wrestling sites and masturbate to the Rock or whoever and leave this Holy Site to us Muslims.

            I am getting a party together for you and all your homoqueer friends. First course is several RPGs followed by a heavy peppering of AK-47 rounds, finally ending up with lots and lots of bayonets. I am looking forward to a very good time.

    • Jeff Smithers

      It pleases Allah for you to suck my asshole.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    She is wise to provide direction…….those Hollywood producers are all Jews….and have been known to wander deserts for decades……

  • Imam Khalid

    There are far too many smelly whoring fence jumpers in Hollywood.

    • Billy Club

      Agree. But they can suck the chrome off a trailer ball.

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      I agree with you, Iman Khalid………….they should be forcibly bathed……and the cost of the “pay-per-view” should be subsidized by our Brother Hussein Obama……

  • TBEAR182

    Sofia Vergara has recently agreed to star in a new hispanic version of the old classic television show Three’s company.
    The new remake will be titled Thirty Three’s company, and it will air on monday nights following Geraldo on Telemundo. ……check your local listing for times and dates.

  • Imam Khalid

    What amazes me about this wetback puta is that she has the audacity to show her face in public after ripping a hole in her dress which a noxious taco fart at an infidel awards show.

    It was reported here on CeleJihad yet the flatulence loving masses can’t get enough of this overrated gassy beaner.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Khalid

      This fat old whore sofia looks like a mule thats heading to the glue factory.

      • Raider

        You should be thankful that shes heading to the glue factory that means job security for your children….

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          rump raider

          and your female children will be made into Islamic concubines and your filthy male offspring beheaded.

  • Crusher

    This is one sexy hot 38 year old woman. Ah, if it pleases Allah, but unfortunitely Allah likes girls about 30 years younger.

    • Umar the Brown

      That is a lie that is being spread by the snake-eyed and hook nosed Jews about our Holy and Serene Prophet (mhnbp). It never happened, it is all false and laughable.

      Since you have participated in the spreading of this lie, you are now under the same fatwa. Sucks to be you, kufahr. But then again, being you involves a lot of sucking in general.

  • Damn to

    Sofia Bergerac is Colombian you fucking idiots that fuck goats

    • Smarterthanyou2

      Damned Jew,

      No matter what third world shithole they come from, all wetbacks are Mexicans.

      Glad I could clear that up for you, cocksmoker.

      • Zeppelin

        You got that right


    After a film shoot I typically ice my pussy and asshole, but especially my pussy. But like first I take a shower to wash out all the cum. I don’t mind having guys cum in me but I wash up after a film shoot and then ice my vagina 10 min on and 10 min off and repeat for an hour or two.

  • Jimmy

    That makes sense Alissa C.

  • Daria

    Yeah but why talk about it in such graphic detail.

    • Jesse


      Because it is some lonely teenager jerking off while he types that shit.