Snooki Nude Photo Leaked

Snooki nude

The above nude picture of the creature known as “Snooki” has just leaked to the web. Finally the world can see what only 7 million men have seen before, Snooki’s vagina.

Snooki’s snatch is very different then one would imagine (if one was criminally insane and liked to imagine horrible things) as its teeth appear to be retracted and the warts that surely cover it are hardly visible.

Today has been a tough day in the celebrity news business with Madonna showing her breasts earlier and now Snooki flashing her vagina. I think it is safe to assume the worst is behind us though, unless Rosie O’Donnell suddenly decides to release a pic of her asshole.

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      • Dex

        For some reason I expected it to be gaping huge.

        • Abu Al-Wadi

          I did as well, but then I realized the weight of her porky little legs was pushing down on her twat walls and compressing it, to create the illusion of an almost human-like form.


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    • Snooki

      WuTz YuR # bOo? <3

      • Daniel

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        • Alla

          That’s not the real snook I replying dumbass

      • Daniel

        Hella pretty() (:

  • aghmed

    Infidel Pete has no doubt spilled his knob cheese on his keyboard while rubbing his tiny pecker furiously with a pair of tweezers to this photo.

    • Big Pete

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          • Whore.Slut.Bitch

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

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