SI Swimsuit Models Gone Wild

SI models

These Sports Illustrated swimsuit models have gone wild!

Just look at these candid pictures of the SI swimsuit girls giving in to their base instincts of alcoholism, lesbianism, and failure to wear the burka-ism.

However, if there is one bright spot to these photos it is that they prove once and for all that “professional photographers” are completely unnecessary. These photos were taken by some sloppy slut and they are a million times sexier than any of the professional pictures SI is going to put in their magazine.


SI models SI models SI models
SI models SI models SI models

  • Akbar Goldstein

    This further illustrates the decline of the West. They let their womans parade around naked. They are all godless, hedonistic infidels and must be exploded out of existence like it says in the Quran. We have no violence because we kill at the slightest disobeyance of Allah’s word. When tolerance is allowed look like what happens in Egypt. Firm hand and harsh punishments make womans obedient like the dogs they are!!! Praise be to Allah!!!!

    • Jésica García

      You are sick! You are sick! How can you say that? You say that there’s no violence in your countries? You are talking about your countries as if they were a paradise, and I laugh on your face. That’s because you consider killing “infidels” the right thing, and noooo, that’s not violence, that’s just cleaning the world. If your god makes people kill, destroy people’s rights and threatening the world, I pee, vomit, pooh and let all my body fluids get to your evil god “Allah”, because you are not servants of god, you are the servants of Satan, and you have been killing people for centuries because of that Quran. Did you know who are dogs? The people that do what you do. And shouldn’t you be admiring your wife’s beautiful burka instead of looking at those almost naked women? You little piece of hypocrite shit.

      • MOM

        I think his statement is a touch Ironic.

      • Akbar Goldstein

        You are typical Western dog and a liar. Islamic peoples are peaceful as the Quran and Allah teaches us to be. The infidels invaded our lands during the Crusades and now. We are simply driving the dogs out like we have always done. The dirty Jews stole our lands and made the illegal Israel. All womans want to be with Muslim mans because we will not let them get fat like typical American womans hahahahah. Praise be to Allah!!!!

        • lil bitch

          Hey dipshit are you aware that Goldstien is a Jewish name. Lets face it you are a geek that has no friends that relies on the internet for for all your entertainment. All I can say is you better have a good job because the only way you are having any sex in this lifetime is if you pay for it , little bitch

        • jesica garcia

          I don’t think your women are with you because you don’t let them get fat, you kill your women for nothing, you hit them for nothing and the quran says it’s right to do it, well, I would think that they are still with you because they are afraid, because, believe me, a person does not stand cruelty because of stupid reasons like getting fat, I prefer to die that living the life of your women, I pity them and I hope that some day they can be free. And if you are so peaceful, why are you always in wars? There death in all of your frontiers and out of them, and I don’t think it’s because of infidels, because you kill them. I’m a woman I don’t want to be with a muslim, it would be the last thing I would do in my life, I’d rather slap your face. Praise to peace and not to genocides!!!!!!

          • I’veneverseenthismanyidiotsbefore

            You’re not really taking him seriously are you? The Quran says nothing of the sort, this is just some idiotic guy who finds it amusing to play to the stereotypes.

        • Murad Jewstein

          We can play that game to you mother f*. Praise be to Jews who practice incest (a fact all Priests, Muslims, Knowledgable people are concious of – filth that Hollywood is introducing into movies slowly) who consider themselves as the chosen ones, and depict every other humans as swine, & denizens of the hellfire. Whom masterminded, September 11(youtube “Israel did 9/11 – All the Proof in the World”), taliban, whom control the media & have successfully created and depicted muslims as terorists within the past 3 decades. A race who only defends themselves, whom will continue to takeover land & kill innocent civilians untill the greater Israel is sustained. Christians will get their turn, muslims are seen as a bigger threat hence all efforts are upon them currently.

        • Random guy

          actually dude it states right in the koran that women are “fields of wheat that need to be nurtured and cared so that man may go and reap the crop when ever he pleases” aaaaaaaaaaand in many middle eastern countries women are sentenced to death because they were raped. sooooooooooo im afraid you need to reevaluate your education bud if your going to fake being a hardcore Muslim you might as well do your homework first.

    • deejayp6969

      LMFAO, here we go again, another filthy disgusting jawa (sand person if your kind isnt familiar with star wars). Unfortunately akbar, your disgusting kind is not fit to live on this earth, for thousands of years your kind has failed to act as simple human beings. You had your chance, but what it comes down too, is no one else on the planet wants to be around you. I mean lets be honest, you go to the store and you see one of these filthy camel jockeys, and they always smell, no matter what. So how about this akbar, when your kind can learn how to be civilizied humans, not smell like shit, not abuse your people, not smell like shit, and not be filthy disgusting wastes of life, then you can stay on this earth. But until then your disgusting worthless kind needs to be whiped off this earth. Like how us Americans kill roaches in our cities, I know you filthy jawa’s welcome roaches =)

    • MuslimBro

      Treat women like the dogs they are? My friend, you give a bad name to Islam. Shame on you. Exploded out of existence? And still you claim that you are peaceful. People like you are the reason everybody hates Islam. Shame on you, my friend.

    • lol

      He’s a troll guys
      A TROLL
      even his name.

    • bill boy

      Screw religion. Live and have fun, life’s too short to bother with stupid “Gods”.
      Muhammed (or whats-his-name) is a pig, by the way ! Wooohoooo!

    • danhaz

      why did you come and check them out?

      you give our religion a bad name … fucker!

  • Smith

    And can I ask what “Mr. Akbar Goldstein” doing in this website, if he is so religious….Oh I got it ogling girlie pictures just like the rest to us. In my culture these people are called Hippocrates”

  • Jésica García

    I can’t believe that Akbar got 3 thumbs up, that’s the proof that the world is sick.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    These ugly lesboqueer sacks of bones aren’t fit to tend to goats.
    When Islam takes over, they will all have to answer to Sharia Law.


    • someguy

      and when you die you will face god’s wrath

      • bill boy

        god’s wrath!? ooooh i’m so scared….. BULLSHIT lollollol

        • BULLSHIT

          KILL MAIM BURN!!!!

    • jesica garcia

      It’s better to not be able to tend goats rather than being a radical islam pig, the islamic part of the world is the proof of the humans cruelty

      • theheadchimp

        jesica garcia
        You got a beaner name and you are worrying about pigs and goats? Hell I have seen some Mexican shacks that a pig or goat wouldnt step foot in. Try going south of the Texas border if you want to see some cruelty dumbass. 34 Mexicans hiding in the trunk of a VW coming across the border….now thats cruel.

        • lil bitch

          you know whats cruel is that your mom didn’t abort and left the rest of the world to live with a pencil neck self rightous miscreant like you. You probably still suckle at your moms tit for comfort you little faggy bitch.

          • theheadchimp

            dumb bitch
            If you are talking to me……go fuck yourself
            if not…go fuck yourself anyway.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            lil google bitch

            You’re just another big talking, faggy ass homoqueer, who feels bad about being gay and goes over board attempting to look macho.
            However, if you want to appear “not gay” you can’t call yourself “lil bitch”
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            You no doubt earned that title in jail…where you were everyone’s “lil bitch.”

            When Islam takes over, you’ll have a new name; “lil corpse.”

            Eat shit and die mofo

        • I’m from Texas

          Fuck you racist piece of shit. I have Mexican friends that can kick your and all your racist white trash friends’ ass. You’re only writing this here because you are a big flabby vagina and can’t say it in front of a Mexican.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            texas asshole

            If you want to talk about flabby vagina, I can give you pics of your mother that will keep you talking for weeks.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        jizzy garcia

        Shut the fuck up bitch. If I’d wanted the wet-back opinion, I’d have called selena gomez.

    • Random guy

      lol he spelled Allah wrong tehehe

  • sullyj3

    Seriously people, learn to tell the difference between seriousness and parody. They aren’t REALLY islamic extremists. Get it through your thick skulls.

  • selena suuuuuuuuuuuuuks soooooooo bad

    jesica garcia

    Now,now BITCH thats enough ! What the fuck do you know about Islam ! Did you know that islam means PEACE ,if not ,you have no right to comment .Point out even a single verse to us that shows Islam is a barbaric religion. You people just run away from the truth.

  • selina
    • Some guy that that thinks this entire argument is retarded but it made me LMFAO

      This is not a sex chat web site.

  • Drunk allah

    once again proof of the beauty of western Christan women of the world rule! continue to enjoy those goat faced things that are so fugly you must hide their faces in shame while we all bask in the beauty of the lovely women all around us…….and the goats you tend are complaining of you having butt sex with them!

  • Haydar

    Im a Muslim and the way that akbar goldstein behave is wrong it’s right that Islam means peace so when he starts to swear and argue without reason it means he doesnt know enough about how a good muslim is in the holy quran it says that people should live in Peace and harmony so dont judge Islam from his point og view he is the reason why all the muslims has this bad reputation

  • jet

    Lolz, you guys are so lame. No-one could even be called Akbar Goldstein, it’s just some silly arse who makes ppl go nuts by trying to pretend his some radical brainwashed idiot, which he is, but not the kind he pretends to be. Or he’s just a dumb kid, anyways, Akbar being Arab, and Goldstein being jewish, some ppl should just inform themselves before going wild on the net for no reason. Peace.

  • mmm

    first of all “akbar” is surely a dumb person trying to have replies on his comment and i dont know why… but what strikes the most is the fact that some people believed what he said and started talking about Allah and Islam… guys, you should know it by now that Islam is really a peaceful religion but some muslims are idiots the same way that some christians are idiots but Christianity isnt… just read a bit about the religion and you will see.

  • theheadchimp

    What the fuck are you Wikipedia? Take you stupid opinions and shove em up your ass….

    • mmm

      coming from “theheadchimp” i take that as a compliment :)
      luv u :D

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mmm aka faggopedia

        After you shove it up your ass…eat shit and die

      • theheadchimp

        If I implied that you were a dumb asshole I am Sorry.
        You are a stupid asshole…..big difference.

  • zillaman

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  • zillaman

    Head giving chimp.Take you stupid opinions? Hahahaha what an idiot. White trash fuck..

  • zillaman

    Head giving chimp. Abdulla the cunt claims to be from iraq. What about you what place are you from?

  • zillaman

    And to the mother fuckers using my name go suck a dick and make your own name mother fuckers….

  • Haha!

    You all are a little to judgemental. I recommend you all take time to reasess your train of thoughts before lashing out at eachother like some second graders. Objectivness, compassion and “being the bigger person” will get you far.

  • zillaman

    haha, then celeb jihad is not for you so can just leave.

  • joey

    This idiot is not a Muslim,he is just pretending.I wont be surprised if some lame ass Jew or Christian wrote this just to see the crowds reaction.By the way,which monkey speaks like that,its all propaganda, losers.

  • allan

    fuck the quran,,fuck muslims and fuck u if u like muslims….

  • miller

    two birds on the tra. making love everyday

  • JLP

    Akbar-Akbar … eyes like a frog …. get down on your knees and let me f _ck you like a dog!!!
    I define irony, as a presumably religious A-rab ranting about godless infidels letting their women run around naked …. while his remarks and drool can be found on every page of Celeb Jihad – TMZ – The Superficial and any other celebrity web site where half naked women can be found.
    Keep up the good work hypocrite