Shocking Britney Spears Bikini Pics

Britney Spears bikini

A day we hoped and prayed would never come is here, Britney Spears is once again prostituting her disgusting feminine body in a bikini.

Obviously these new Britney Spears bikini pictures are a test from Allah to see if we are pure of heart, and can stare into the eye of the beast (or in this case the flabby redneck flesh) and not waiver or lose heart.

Yes only the truly brave among us will be able to gaze upon the Britney Spears bikini pictures below. However, it will be us brave few that Allah will choose to be the vanguard when Islam takes over the West, and purifies its lands with the blood of frumpy infidel whores like Britney Spears.


Britney Spears Britney Spears Britney Spears
Britney Spears Britney Spears Britney Spears

  • Allah


    • Derick

      Motherfucker if only I could strangle you to death….May you and your family die in the most horrible fashion.

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      • moshe dayan is Gay Bob

        Well said!

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          • moshe dayan is Gay Bob

            Gay Bob

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      • The Guy With The EyE

        You do relize your angery words only make things worse.

        • moshe dayan is Gay Bob

          Yeah and what do you suggest? That we keep mum and continue tolerating your attempts at sabotaging the website’s productivity?

          This has been going on for more than a year. America does have s significant population that suffers from mental diseases. You are the perfect example

          • Cap’n


            Where’s her Burkha?

          • The Guy With The EyE

            Productivity? What Productivity its a Celeb RUMOR sight that post FAKES 90% of the time the other 10% is OLD shit stolen of nip almost a week late.

      • Derick is Gay Jim

        Yes it’s true, Derick is the one and only Gay Jim. and a true homosexual. Hats off and pants down to Derick, responsible for 100% of the faggotry on this site.

        • moshe dayan is Gay Bob

          Gay Bob

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      • 500 jews

        Hahaha he likes Jews……….

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      Allah… are an exceptionally quick refresher…..

      ….I’m glad we have your here….

    • The Imam

      Firsties? FIRSTIES?


      Allah knows of this trollop, and her lurid, sinful, and disgusting history!

      This show-biz slut’s carcass has to used so much that you’d be lucky to get ten-thousandies!

      She is known in the living example of Jahannam (Hollywood), as infested as it is with heretics and infidels, as the village mattress. This she-devil has worn sinfully short dresses and been photographed exposing her disgusting puss-and-disease-infused-camel-toe privates while she exits a rolling bin-of-sin, perhaps due to the dissolving of her undergarments seeking to escape the carrion-like stench that permeates per presence.

      Think of the horror and ridicule her spawn will endure as everyone they know repeatedly presents pictures demonstrating proof of her slut-ness that no amount of therapy can cure! These lamentable (and former innocents) will forever be burdened with the proof of her inglorious past!

      No male follower is Islam would dare risk his manly passion-pole on this infidel wench!

      Only the Prophet (PBUH) can save her now if she instantly converts to Islam.

      Failing that, we can only pray that a brother can get close enough to remove her with an RPG without passing out while suffering the foul oder of her twat rumored to be so bad so bad that it nearly causes one to seek a dung-hole for refuge.

      Allahu Akbar!

  • Not Gay

    Oh yeah, I’d accept her python.

    • Not Gay

      For science, to see how it works.

  • Dr.Frankenfurter

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        • Gweba the Green

          Ahezze assalaha merasswe alaiyakum enwazzehe.

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          Heahhere “throat” ewazzare pokkokko!

          Hebasse nogawamme!

          • Gaydullah the Buttchugger

            Who let the retarded google in here?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          I think this moron is a brat member of the firsties gang after being forced to read 2 pages of a book in school. He becomes dyslexic.

          • Gweba the Green

            Al hidwaias em ilaque lahawalla mehe, Hashim.

            Allah e ebiste neqarre.

            As alhubbe reqarre sadishuwe.

            Allah hafizze, ashutin, brebre Hashimme.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Spears has undoubtedly seen better days.

  • The Reaper

    Man she has gotten dumpy what a skank.

  • Patricia Kennedy

    Spears is a mother for God’s sake, and you Muslim men sexualize her like an object. You are disgusting mutants, every one of you.

    • Feminists Rule America!


      What do you think about husband taking his wife’s name after marriage? I am researching on this and soon I will post about it here

      I believe most, if not all, men should take their woman’s last name after marriage

      • Gaydullah the Buttchugger

        Bull dyke cunts like you need to be burned at the stake

        • Patricia Kennedy

          Black men and boys should take thier Mothers maiden name because the Father is usually gone after conception.

          • Feminists fuck dogs

            Son taking his mother’s name after father has abandoned them is something entirely different from Husband taking wife’s surname after marriage, which is what the issue at hand is.

            Fucking dumb women, cant understand shit, just have to complicate everything with their stupidity. Oh and by the way feminists fuck dogs

      • Patricia Kennedy

        In Latin America it is common for a man to take his mother’s maiden name. I agree with you Ms. Feminist, it would be a good practice for men to take their wives last names in matrimony.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          I agree. Because in Mexican countries most women don’t know the name of the father of their children.

          • balls

            You’re racist

          • Destroyer

            Good one, Hashim.

            As you know, I am not against you at all, only against your George Bush face attempting serious and earnest Jihad.

            I’m fine with you cracking jokes. And this one was very witty indeed.

            Don’t know the father, eh? Very witty indeed. Ha ha ha!


      • Carla

        OMG this website is getting sooooo much better now. I fully agree men should always take thei wives name i hatee those men who think their so macho that they cannot take wives name and i also think women are kind of superior as you said it is already been proven we multi-task better than men
        thank you for posting this kisses and hugs :)

        • Feminists Rule America

          thank you dear. hugs for you toooo :)) Patricia thank you as well and nice fact you informed me. more and more men are taking their wife’s name in America and we feminists should encourage them.

          By the way did you hear that obama just appointed a woman director at the US Secret service? she is the first to do so

          i soooooooo love obama and his feminist support. all us feminists do. women rule america!

          • ?


            so you’re winning argument is the notion that women are better at multitasking, which not only requires more research, but may not not reflect real life multi-tasking and last names?

            I have to say I’m disappointed in someone that argues so stubbornly.

      • Patricia Kennedy

        Black men and boys should take thier Mothers maiden name because the Father is usually gone after conception.

        • ?

          wow, racist also. in which way is this ”superior”?

    • The Imam

      To the infidel porn star Patricia Kennedy,

      That this tramp Spears is a mother isn’t what’s pertinent. The issue is that this infidel trollop disrespected the holy duties of motherhood, by flashing her disgusting and plague-infested lady parts in public. As if that isn’t bad enough, she allowed them to be photographed for all to see, and find, on the internet throughout the passage of time.

      Her children will have these unholy pictures flashed before them throughout their lives.

      This inexplicably foul example of bad judgement is enough to commit her to a burning eternity in Jahannam, but preferably only after stoning.

  • mayhem

    bet you sand niggaz wish you had real women instead of camels asses

  • Patricia Kennedy

    I’ll be back soon. I need a big google dick in my itching twat right now.

    • Derick

      Strange, I feel the same way. Maybe Gweba is still on the site. Time for some homo hookin’.

  • Feminists wear strap-ons

    I’ll be back soon. I’m in an abortion clinic aborting my 30th baby

  • froogle

    Britneys pussy smells madd good

  • Patricia Kennedy

    How would you know? She’d never let a loser like you near her?

  • Patricia Kennedy

    I love dirty smelly google cocks.

    • Imam Khalid

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