Shakira In A Thong Swimsuit GIF

Shakira thong swimsuit

Mexican pop star Shakira took time out from her busy schedule of reproducing and scrubbing toilets to prostitute her big brown ass in an avant-garde thong swimsuit.

Maybe if Shakira spent less time taking siestas and rolling around on beds she could afford a real swimsuit that completely covered her shameful body.

Unfortunately by showing off her big ass in a thong like this Shakira is running the horrible risk of being inseminated by a black man. Of course the silver lining is that when a Mexican breeds with a black their offspring are usually too lazy to steal.

  • Muhammed sucks cock

    I think shakira is quite hot

    • aghmed

      How about we double tongue fuck her, dibs on the asshole tho

      • Muhammed sucks cock

        how about no

      • Team America


        Why don’t you go tongue fuck the asshole of a goat and leave the heterosexual men on this site out of your homo fantasies.

        America! We the people!

        • aghmed

          How about I send Brothers Hashim and Abdulla to DP your obese shitty asshole?

          • Abdullah The Loser

            haha Aghmed you just like anal admit it. Idiot

  • The Guy with The EyE


  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Shakira is Lebanese, Spanish and Italian. She is not of our race. She is not brown but white and Arab.
    So she’d be one of yours before she’s one of ours. The only difference is I guess she’d be a Lebanese Christian not a Muslim regardless of where in the world she was born.

    She does dye her hair thought to look more Caucasian though that much is for sure.

  • Imam Omar

    Shakira is a fuckin’ Columbian…

    • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

      Of Lebanese and Spanish descent. Look it up. She is not Columbian just because she was born there. Not to me. Columbians real Columbians are ethnic groups like the Wauyuu or the mestizo population. She is 100% foreign. Both to the US and Columbia. It’s called colonization.

      That’s basically like saying a white guy living in the middle east is Iraqi.

      • Princess.Peachess

        OMG is Colombian with an O and the poster is kinda racist is like everything on the south of USA is mexico….(sigh)

    • Jimmy

      I was like Mexican? WTF? Everything after that statement was null and void. i rejected that lol