Shakira Thong Bikini Pics

Shakira thong bikini

Mexican pop star Shakira shows off her world renowned ass in a thong bikini as is the custom in South America in the pictures below.

Clearly Shakira’s talents are being wasted in music as she has a sturdy base and could easily spend countless hours being productive toiling away in the field. With a rump like that Shakira could probably even drive the plow when the oxen are too tired and/or lazy.

These thong bikini pictures of Shakira show that she has the potential to be quite a useful woman if given the proper direction by a virile Muslim man. Let us hope Shakira utilizes her Allah given abilities before she wastes another harvest moon “entertaining” the Western degenerates.


Shakira Shakira Shakira
Shakira Shakira Shakira

  • Taston

    Thats fuckin boring and miss uses,give that to big dicks who can manage to fit it..

  • Mohammed Bin Laden

    infidel Shakira aint no mexican, it’s from Colombia! Allahu Akbar!!

    • Josh Lard

      Shut the fuck up

    • Josh Lard

      Not u the voices in my head.they won’t be quit I can’t take it.OK willy OK shakira shut up???????;;;;!!!