Shakira Sex Tape Video

Shakira sex tape

Reportedly a sex tape of Mexican pop star Shakira and her soccer star boyfriend Gerard Pique is being shopped around by a former employee looking for money.

Not surprisingly us pious Muslims have uncovered this Shakira sex tape video during our marathon late night research session of degenerate infidel sex sites.

We have posted the Shakira sex tape video below. May Allah and a Sharia court pass judgement on Shakira soon for this horrendous crime against morality.

  • AmericanSoldier89

    Shakira isn’t a Mexican. She’s Colombian. Oh, and I’ve killed three dirty, childing raping, Afghan Taliban Muslims. Enjoy that you Islamic scum.

    • Grand Kleagle Otis

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  • Claudia

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  • Alec Hamilton

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    • Imam Khalid

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  • Armus

    So yall watch porn all night until you find something you can pass off as a celeb – or edit one to add a celeb’s face – they write some crap about them going to hell or whatever? I think the sad thing is some folks actually believe you. I can understand when you show this to a goat hearder in Pakistan but folks on the net should be a little tech savey and know what Photoshop is. And you think the West is stupid? We know a fraud when we see it and this site is one.

  • Assad

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  • Willis

    Correction Shakira is Colombian. Whatever the hell she is the tape is hot

  • Yesi

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  • paul

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  • paul

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  • use your brain thats why you have one

    like a bunch of broken needles you are all completely missing the point yes we are all different but we need to put those differences aside and learn from each other instead of getting bogged down with semantics this is our only chance to survive. the machine (elite) does not care about race, religion, nationality or sexual preference it only cares where you are on the socio economic ladder, the bottom rung is already being pulled out systematically country by country war by war. the machine (elite) is counting on all of you to continue your petty squabbles, nonsensical rants irrelevant opinions its not Christians vs Muslims its rich vs poor and make no mistake we are not the rich, we are the poor nothing more than glorified cattle to the multi billionaires of the elite. they control the world using the simple tactic divide and conquer they use our differences to entice hatred between us dont let them do it, just remember we are all people of earth none of us are perfect nor will we ever be perfect so just love people for who they are and remember all belief systems deserve respect even if it is not your belief, there is no reason to fight each other over it that is not the path you should follow because it never ends well. focus on the good things in your life: family, friends and faith and forget about the rest because life is like a midget its just too short……………….love for all people…………………….. beware of the nwo its already upon us and dont believe the news its a propaganda tool for the machine…. deity bless us everyone

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  • DestroyIslam

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    • Al Mujahid

      Excuse me. You should learn about our faith before judging it. According to islam many of the crimes you mentioned are in fact illegal, and islam uses science to strengthen our faith in allah. For example do you know that the quran mentioned countless scientific phenomena more than a thousand years ago and these phenomena where only proven about 50 years ago. We will not destroy the west. You will destroy yourselfs in wars over resources, and geopolitics. Then we will come and rid the world of the corruption that the west created and impose peace, justice, and order to this world.

      • Wingman

        You act as though all Americans are bad. Some Americans aren’t all retarded. It’s only the south that is. the rest of us in the States are smart. You can’t blame every American for what has happened in the world. As the same as if i say i can’t blame you for 9/11,

        • tkb258

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      • Joe78man

        Faith requires ignorance, otherwise it’s knowledge. You cannot have faith in what you know, you don’t believe in water, but you can believe water heals love wounds. You can only believe (and thus, have faith in) what you are not certain of. There is NO way you can use science to help faith, Science, actually, banishes faith and beliefs and replaces it with knowledge. There is no war over science, yet, there is over religion. Science does not require you to believe, faith, on the other hand, depends 100% on what you think it might be, and not on what you know

        • Gotcha

          No wars over science, but science is what makes wars worse.

        • Luke

          So true!

      • xder

        ya its not like u guys are killing eachother over there or anything right

      • xder

        ya its not like u guys are killing eachother over there or anything right

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      • west

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      • XDer

        yes abc thats an amusing point but do u see all the people saying death to america and all westernes are infedels snd crap it seems like we have had enouf

  • Knowledge

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  • The Imam

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  • Lucifer

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  • Joe Bob

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  • John

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  • pjamese3

    This isn’t Shakira. Wish it was. It’s a porn star from the 80s. She’s since found religion, believe it or not.