Sex and The City 2 Epitomizes Why Feminism Must Be Stopped

Sex and the City Feminism

The new movie Sex and The City 2 exemplifies the dangers of feminist thinking and the woman’s rights movement in general.

To understand how we got to the point were we have movies about menopausal tramps in stupid looking shoes running around the desert looking for penis, you must first learn about the history of feminism.

Feminism was started by homely looking women with the noble intention of getting better looking women to stop shaving their legs, so that they would be less promiscuous. However, gradually the feminist movement was taken over by sluts who wanted to make it socially acceptable for women to do all sorts of ludicrous and down right dangerous things like going out in public without a male chaperon, and wearing dresses cut above the ankle.

Because women in the western world, being the simple minded creatures that they are, have followed this whore mentality we are now exposed to movies like “Sex and the City 2”. A story of 4 women who spend their limited mental capacities thinking exclusively about consumer products and man meat. They then go to Abu Dhabi in search of both. Obviously the movie was not shot in the real Abu Dhabi, but rather a Jew run studio lot, because any self respecting Arab country would behead these gutter skanks as soon as they set foot on holy Muslim land.

Feminism in the west has succeeded in freeing women from the confines of a male dominated society. Unfortunately women, as epitomized by the floozies in Sex and The City, with their underdeveloped brains and lack of self-control can not handle such freedom, and have digressed into a base creature entirely consumed with shopping and f*cking.

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    I agree with this article. Women in the west are nothing more than sex objects for men to look upon! And this is how they treat it, and want it! If they truley respected their gender then they would make the move called “Knitting and the City” and it would encourage women to do all sorts of proper womanly acitivities. Like cooking food for her husband and his other wives.

  • Hillary Clinton

    Can’t argue with you there. I’d leave a more verbose comment, but I have to go make a sandwich for Barry.

  • aj

    You are a complete and utter misogynistic prick. Slut shaming women is exactly what fosters a culture of violence against women. This kind of disgusting and inhumane language is what makes it possible for over one billion women worldwide to be subject to gender violence. You are a perfect example of the ass-hole nutjobs that feminism needs to root out of social, cultural, and political relations.

    Seriously though – thank you for making it so blatantly obvious that the world still NEEDS feminism. It’s not okay for women to be objectified, but it’s also not okay for them to be controlled and manipulated.

    God will NEVER reward sexism – no matter how hard you try and convince yourself otherwise. Have fun rotting in hell for being an unethical and disgusting human being.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      Have fun trying to prove women are only useful for sex.

      • Cindy Goodrack

        We can clean and cook too!

    • Joey

      God is patriarchal, that defeats your argument of saying, “god will never reward sexism” because your god DOES!

      • mazz

        Sweetie, I’m atheist, just like hundreds of thousands of other people- but nice way to just go ahead and assume about people’s religious practices, it’s a great way to get your point across. Incidentally, so is sarcasm.

        Guys, this movie isn’t what feminism is about- I’ll be honest, this movie is totally about a bunch of materialistic skanks. I’m sorry, but this kind of ridiculous stupidity is amusing to Americans. Cheap humor makes for cheap laughs, and a really big paycheck for some producer. And apparently some really ticked off people who think that women are ruining the world for everything else.

        Real feminism is about not being treated like trash by the guys of the world, and having rights that are equal to men- it’s not like we’re suggesting we flip the situation and treat men like they’re dirt and only worth what they can cook and serve up in the bedroom. Women just want to have the same rights to life and happiness men decided they should have a long time ago.

  • aj

    I’ve never made that claim — you are the one that has jumped to egregiously false conclusions about feminism means.

    Maybe you should try opening a book. Feminism isn’t about proving women are only useful for sex — it’s challenging the idea that men have the RIGHT to tell women what they can or cannot do. Something you clearly have a problem giving up.

    And just an FYI – you should try reading some muslim feminist lit (on shifting ground) — this isn’t a western construct. Women in your own country are creating progressive feminist movements that challenge sexism internally. But then again, I wouldn’t expect you to have the mental capacity to pick up a book and read. Hell, you can’t even proofread/edit your own article.

    Nonetheless – it is people like you that force women into socially constructed dichotomy’s — either they are whores or they are prudes; naked or completely covered. Sluts or oppressed women who obey their husbands and fathers. Have you ever heard of a middle ground? Have you ever heard of, I don’t know, women making their own decisions?

    And on one last note – I think it takes a pretty insecure man to slut shame women. Not to mention the fact that your need to control and dominate women is a clear indication of your desperate attempt at compensation for lack of power.

    Let me know when you’ve landed on planet earth. Maybe we can chat more then.

  • lee

    is this site a joke?

  • Drea

    I am a college professor and i have seen and heard some oppressive, ridiculous, and shameful comments in my day, but this article is the very definition of abuse and hate. Not only are your arguments invalid, underdeveloped, and uneducated, you clearly lack the ability to articulate an argument and reasoning, evidentiary support and otherwise basic understanding of history, women’s movements, oppression, and feminism.

    I suggest before you construct an article such as this you actually pick up a book, you examine the issues, and then formulate an idea. As it stands this so called article is only opinion dipped in hate. YOu are clearly feeling inadequate and perhaps even rejected by women- perhaps this is why you reject women having the right to have opinions and god forbid enjoy sex, their bodies, or otherwise. If you really think feminism was started by an ugly woman please read. If you really think the goal was to make women not shave- please read. If you really think any of the claims you asserted please READ A BOOK.

    Part of me wants to cite hundreds of authors, critical thinkers, historical facts, but i wont waste my time for i think it is clear you cannot be reasoned with as not one of your arguments had logic. It is not possible to argue with blind hate and ignorance. In order for me to have a conversation with someone like you- you will have to become educated and logical. So please– start to study up because i look forward to verbally abusing the SHIT out of you.

    • colonel bat guano

      i hope ur not really a college professor. u can’t be so dumb not to know that this site is a joke

    • Trin

      If you’re so smart, why isn’t there cheese on my sandwich, bitch?

  • Anon

    lol wut

  • aj

    oh ya, because sexism and violence against women is just soooo freaking hilarious. forgive me if I didn’t get the joke.

    • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

      Yes! It is!

      • anon

        you’re disgusting


    Oh please, I am a feminist and a Muslim and as offended by the movie’s ignorance and Orientalist look as anyone. But stop with your hate against feminism. Feminism teaches open-minded about respecting all women for their choices – even it a conservative Muslim woman’s. So don’t blame feminism for SATC’s faults. I am a Muslim feminist and I take an issue with my ideology being blamed for the stupidity of SATC writers. If you are so quick to label simple ignorance as feminism, then I will say that you sound misogynist and ageist.

  • mtramp

    Menopausal tramps!!!

    • Drea

      Yes, i was informed before i posted that is is supposed to be funny- i fail to see the humor. If you are so bored with your life and so untalented that this is the best outlet you have you need to get a hobby a job, a life, a clue. WHat you write is common ignorance that is perpetuated everyday – you make no attempt to show that this is satire and if you do you failed miserably which means everyone who reads this whom are in agreement with your comments fill further validated in their oppressive positions.

      I can’t imagine what progress you think you are making here. I can’t imagine what someone like you must be like in real life. There is nothing funny about these issues, comments, or logic. If you have any decency you would recognize that you have only further injured the cut and remove this article.

      If you can’t see how this is offensive and clearly not taken in the way you “intended” than pleas re-evaluate yourself. THis is offensive. THis is awful. ANd there there is nothing positive to be gained. These are the kindest words i can muster

      • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

        Lol what a whore. To speak out like this.

      • Keith

        Drea,, it wasn’t funny to me either. But so what? It was funny to the author and several other ppl posting in the comments. “There is nothing funny about these issues…”. Seriously? There’s nothing funny about gender relations? Hell, that’s one of the funniest topics there is! It’s right up there with death and taxes, and no that isn’t sarcasm. Lots of human humor is about things that hurt. That’s how we deal with the pain, by laughing at it.

        While the author is off reading his book about feminism, you can work on appreciating offensive humor. It’s a part of what it means to be human; not something you’re going to change.

        • Lawl

          i had to lol because as much as you hate the content of this page, you have to realize the point of this website is twofold. 1. to make some people laugh and 2. to make some people really pissed off. either way by commented here you are still putting money in the pocket of the person who wrote the content. you are still supporting that which you loathe.

      • mtramp

        You must be a menopausal TRAMP!!!! Hot flashes, dusty muffined MENOPAUSAL TRAMP!

      • :)

        for an alleged professor, you have terrible grammar.

  • MissVampireDiaries

    Well, Celeb Jihad, I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY. Look all the nice comments from the men who naturally sex us as their equal. Not sexism here…

  • Joey

    In a post at the top someone commented that, “God will NEVER reward sexism – no matter how hard you try and convince yourself otherwise. Have fun rotting in hell for being an unethical and disgusting human being”. God and religion have been supporting the patriarchal society since it has been created.

    Boom Roasted.

  • The menstruator

    Is this supposed to be for real? Or Satire? Either way, must’ve been written by a male oppressor, real feminists. Real women… don’t say horrible things about other women. Go oppressor your dad.

  • google searcher

    I dont know what is more hilarious… the original article or the posts below it..

  • Bianca

    i have never been more disgusted with an article in my life

  • JT

    Do people really take this site seriously?

  • Marribell

    Wow…..You really feel that way? Will you still feel that way when your sister flees your sacred Jihad Muslim murdering land for a safer Western hiding place? I really don’t care what you sand monkeys think, I actually find it funny that the one place on the planet of thievery, greed and over abundance is considered sacred Muslim territory. If not for oil you’d be nothing. You are lucky by geography and dead animals. I actually cherish and honor my husband, your wife fears you and dreams of another man that doesn’t smell and beat her into submission. Good luck on all those virgins you’ll obtain…..i wouldn’t hold your breath………

  • jewb

    The article made me smile a little, but these comments made me lol. You know what makes me sick? Not this article. Sex and the city. and the fact that they’re making a second one. but hey, it’s nothing new. btw, I’m a girl and not a whore but sammich jokes make me laugh.