Selena Gomez’s Orgasm Face

Selena Gomez orgasm face

On the heels of the picture of Victoria Justice orgasming we posted yesterday, teen actress and Mexican Selena Gomez was caught on camera showing her orgasm face.

No doubt, like Victoria Justice before her, Selena Gomez caught sight of a Muslim man’s large hairy dong, and her body immediately erupted in spasms of erotic pleasure.

Hopefully Selena Gomez (and all the other Western teen whores) can learn from this experience that the pleasures of a Muslim man’s harem are great, and that if she converts to Islam and wears the burka maybe one day she can experience the awesome power of a Muslim man’s penis first-hand. Allahu Akbar!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Selena must be a real whore….her sex face by far beats the sex face of the big-assed slut victoria justice.

    • kyle

      نعم بالتأكيد

      • kyle

        or yes,definitely

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  • Derp

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

        Some days I really hate myself for loving the feel of another man’s cum splashing in my face.

        And then there is today where I just gotta have it.

    • theheadchimp

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  • nolanbautista

    praise be Allah for this picture..i can almost feel how wet she is..

    • Didarul

      one less lonly girl scrive:Minkia oh ma qatnuo cazzo la fte lunga ogni santa volta!!!!!!!!poi dite che sono maleducata!!!!MI FATE SCLERARE!!! Non si puf2 dire una cosa che subito selena the best GNE GNE GNE GNE GNE!!! STRONZATE!Pensatela come volete.Ognuno e8 libero di fare cif2 che vuole. VI RISPETTO.SIETE BRAVE PERSONE.NON CRITICO NESSUNO. STO SOLO DICENDO LA MIA.Quando tra 2 mesi o gif9 di li sare0 tt finito e lei sare0 in giro a farsi il primo che incontra x rimanere a galla vedremo. P-E-A-C-E!!

  • Hasan al-Zawahir

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  • Bob

    You got that off a movie..stop be mean to selena!she’s nice!

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Boo, hoo, hoo mofo.

  • MusfuckinLin

    Fuck u Muslims ..

  • Athena_Storm

    That is a picture of selena in Cinderella story 2. like i said before. GROW UP AND READ A DAMN BOOK. ANYTHING ELSE BUT THIS GARBAGE!!!!!!!

    • theheadchimp

      And like I said before KISS MY ASS……literally, not figuratively!

  • A Serial Fucker – Fucking Only Burka Girls

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Yomama

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  • adsfgaaa

    These kinds of sites give muslims a bad reputation…

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Says the offspring of a drunken prostitute…..

    • theheadchimp

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