Selena Gomez Tweets Bikini Butt Pic

Selena Gomez bikini

Selena Gomez shows once again why she is one of the most degenerative whores in all of heathen Hollywood by tweeting the above pic of her tight ass in a bikini.

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    • Rusting Toenail

      It’s so cute watching you give the logical readers of this site something to laugh at. I still find it hard to believe how someone could be this oblivious.

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  • NotGay

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  • Anubis

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    Now that her Disney wizards show had come to an end, she must resort to prostitution and performing in Tijuana donkey shows to earn some pesos.

    Rest assured my brethren, that brother Durka Durka will keep us informed with his news updates on these degenerate celebrity harlots.

  • Kahlid

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    selena’s “beaner genes” have really kicked in lately.
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