Selena Gomez Tries To Makeout With A Baby

Selena Gomez baby

Selena Gomez’s propensity for underage girls was well established after her relationship with Justin Bieber. However, now Selena’s sick pedophile ways have really gone to the extreme, as you can see in the picture above of her trying to makeout with a baby.

I don’t know how you degenerate infidels do things, but us Muslims would never let someone sexualize a baby like this. That baby is obviously a good 5 or 6 years away from being ready to be married off and breed, and Selena Gomez trying to violate her before then is just plain wrong.

Selena Gomez has shown once again that she is one disturbed lesboqueer pedophile in this picture of her and a baby. One can only hope that she can be stopped before she is found in a planned parenthood’s dumpster scissoring with a fetus.

  • IHateCelebs

    This is disgusting. Just because Mexicans don’t have standards doesn’t mean they can go to the USA and act like this. Plus, Selena still has that tick on her breast. That tick could jump off and land on the baby and bite it!


    dayum nigga!!!! move over selelna honey, that baby be miiine. yea boi, geddem while theyre young!

    • Heil Jesus

      lern 2 spel, you fucking moron!

  • Anubis

    After crossing the southern border from Mexico once again, known lesboqueer and whore Selena Gomez has stooped to the lowest level now as she makes her move on some innocent defenseless little baby girl. Having her way with woods pooper Demi Lovato, the androgynous Justine Beaver and other disgusting sluts, now has her lustful eyes set on this young one. Hasn’t this sex crazed homo vixen had her fill of wild rugmunching scissoring perversions yet?

    What’s worse, is that this beaner hussy is blatantly displaying her mammaries for all to see, trying to turn on this poor baby girl. Someone should throw some tacos, dildos or something by the ground next to them as a distraction to get the baby girl away from the horny clutches of this Disney slut.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It’s bad enough that selena is molesting this helpless infidel rat…..but it appears that some unknown fiend has also shot a load of jizz on that kuffar kids mouth.

    The usa is a shameless land of immoral mofos and will pay big time when Islam takes over.

    • sympatico

      Selena is snowballing with the poor infant…
      Would you be so kind as to consider including Mexico when Islam takes over?

  • Heil Jesus

    It was only a matter of time. The lesbians are recruiting. Selena Gomez is only challenging herself by attempting to recruit someone this young. Homosinners usually wait until your kids are at least 7 or 8 before trying to recruit them. That’s why most school teachers are gay or lesbians. With Selena’s hot body, the damage has already been done, that poor child is already a lesbian. Just look at how excited she is.