• Salam the Sandalmaker

    By Mohammed’s beard, this pic is an utter fake. Unfortunatley having seen Selena prositute herself in a bikini, I can definitively state that the uncovered breasts seen in the picture are much largers than Selena’s. One can only imagaine who the woman is that allowed her uncovered breast to be photoshopped onto Selenas face pic. Hopefully her clan will stone her unmercifully.

    • osama

      Fuck you

      • Jason

        Damn straight

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          • MARCO


          • smh

            if you are soo into your faith then why argue with people about post on nude pics of celebrities, this clearly states that you sir a just the same as everyone who is viewing this. please shoot yourself.

      • Jason

        Really hot

        • yeahbuddy

          they’re so juicy…….hell

          • Jasper

            Not that juicy , juice is juicy not that

        • Jasper

          Really not

          • luke

            this is so fake because if it was real it wood be all over the internet and people wood see it and talk a bout it all over the internet on tv and be for you kown it selena gomez wood hear about it from someone she wood not no if people war liaring or not to be sure she wood look it up and if she see a pic of her she will find you and talk the cops justin bieber will jack your ass

        • Ando Andamdovich

          Selena Gomez should dance naked in front of King Obama in hte White House and then puke all night long!!! God bless Fidel Castro and his followers!@

          • Pussy pounder

            Fuck you

          • Pussy pounder

            Fidel castro is a horrible man. Long live russia

          • meeeched

            Fuck fidel and followers

          • lesbian25

            She is so sexy,well i should know because im a girl thats y my name is lesbian25

          • Marx

            Marxism or anarchy will rule us, not religion

          • bigballa

            You are a fucking idiot castro is a murderer obama is NOT a king and is fucking up America or is that what you want you communist son of a bitch go suck your mommas dick

        • kaleb

          well duh even i want to fuck her hard

      • realist

        this guy’s a dick and those tits are way nicer than selina’s. Stoning? wtf were you thinking you moron.

      • malibing dili

        fuck your ass you maniac muslim…

    • hmm?

      Maybe they just grew since you last saw her?

      • SeanNoWay

        I’ll give you 2 guesses what has grown since I last saw her!!!

        • brian

          she is hot!it is real i am saving dis pic

          • zack

            dudes fake.but iwould fuck her everyday.justins a scared ass bitch

          • YouShouldBeAshamed

            Dear Zack,

            (Btw Brian sorry i accidently replyd this 2 u)

            Anyone who hates on justin beiber is just jealous. You probably have nothing going on for you in your life n ur mad he does. Im a guy and im straight, i dont like his music, but i got respect for him. The people that do that is usually an ugly/fat kid that no decent girl will ever give a second glance…………GOD BLESS YOU!

        • yo mama

          her boobs and her pussy? dude show her pussy.

      • pj

        fake selena has a mole on her right boob this pic doesn’t

        • Bluhbluhbluh


        • Bubble

          that’s what I thought while comparing to other photos. but that particular mole is pretty far in and it is possible for it to be covered by her huge bling. plus other moles match up, if the moles were photo shopped why would they not include one of her most noticable (darker/bigger) moles.

        • Selena Gomez

          This is not Selena, 4 reasons…

          1. Where is the mole?
          2. They are toooooooo white from her usual skin.
          3. They are saggy…
          4. Her boobs are much much smaller.

          This is just a fake! Someone took a picture of there boob then edited them on Selena’s. So yeah like byeee… :)

          • nick

            Saggy? What the fuck are you talking about? I don’t think the image is real but the tits are not saggy they are absolutely amazing.

          • theo

            I think that selena won’t stoop that low and whoever posted those pics must be ashamed coz he or she is a PERVERT>(

          • You obviously have never seen Selena cleaning the toilets in a hotel. You have no idea how low she can stoop!

          • GanSant

            Are u real Selena

          • Jameson

            I don’t think you know what “saggy” means. They aren’t saggy, but walleyed is another story. They are walleyed.

    • make it rite

      selena has a mole on her right boob,an in the topless pic ,there is no mole…its an obvious fake

      • haha

        the neckless is covering it up

      • George

        Why you seen her boobs?

    • I did your mother

      I see you waste your time

      • awesomeman3

        I know it isnt her because selena has a mole on her right BOOB and this one does not still I accept her beacause she has a fairly nice and big set a nipples.
        I Love Selena Gomez

        • Mr.awesome

          I think she’s hot even if this pic is fake. I’ve seen her naked before in a pic and I don’t care she is ŦĦË hottest girl in ŦĦË world. Justin Beiber is a lucky guy. I would like to have sex with her or even see her naked in real life. if I saw her naked I would run a have sex with her. I love her. All of you guys r gay if you don’t like her. Cuz then ƔÖÛ like ugly people. And if u read this ( Selena) my name is Grant. I love u. And please reply to me.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mr asshole

            You stupid bastard.
            If you saw any girl naked, the first thing you’d do is hand her a “strap-on” so you two could have sex.

          • Selina Gomez

            I think tht ur a pervert dude and I don’t love u and please spread this message 4 me

    • angry guy

      just because some1 is in a bikini doesnt make them a prostitute what u saying if ur own mother went to a beach shes automatically a slut whoring herself out for your dinner ?

      • stupid man

        all i think about when i see her is to have sex with her and lick her fagina,boobs and ass but most of all all of them put together she is so sexy i wouldn’t let here leave without a 9 year sex so i would have a lovely time with the most sexy girl on the planet. if i could i would strip here naked on the spot and have sex with here.

        • I chew on yo mama

          vagina not fagina. get your words straight you fucking idiot. selena would not go out with a bitch like you. so give up on her. find a good site like damplips and freexcafe you piece of shit.

        • jay smyth

          Its vagina but yes I would do the same

    • 7 year Photo expert

      I’m an expert in photo manipulation. I’ve done an inspection in the DPI of this picture, does not seem to be fake. I will not explain what DPI — mainly because you will not buy my explanation. Google it.

      • jim

        Your realise you utter fool that as said before their is a mole on salena gomez’s right boob in this there is none so shut up!

      • Evidence

        Selena has a mole on her right breast. This girl doesn’t.

      • Photo Novice

        I’m no photo expert, but I DO know what DPI means (Dots Per Inch), and DPI has nothing to do with whether the file is real or fake only size and resolution. I looked at the picture on a pixel basis, and, if the photo is faked, it’s been covered up well by decreasing the resolution. I see no pixelization around the the face or breasts.

    • cool guy

      its fake cause selena has a freckle on her boob

      • hate selana gomez

        you cool guy why did u see her boobs !!

      • hate selana gomez

        you cool guy why did u see her boobs !

    • fuckyousalam

      man just apreciate the picture

      • bluberdyfuck

        shut up u jerks
        either way it still has something to sink my sex
        starved dick

    • scotty

      wow who ever believes this dumbass is straight stupid like u would know if those were hers i mean if u watched her TV shows ud those r her breast so ya made my point

    • Derick

      You are one stupid fucker Salam

    • natatatatoob

      she has a mole on her right boob

    • Who gives a shit

      Quit being so damned religious you motherfuckiing ho

      • Jameses

        fake but dame got more pics

    • wow

      Wow…just wow. her clan? i dont think that how it works. and funnily enough your a douche bag.


    • Mr.Cool

      i wanna fuck her soooooooo bad i love u selena gomez

    • Angel

      Selena gomez breast has a birth mark on it this one clearly doesn’t

    • justin bieber

      dont be talking about my girl you fag fuck you bitch

      • jay smyth

        You are not justin bieber and if you are that means your looking up pics of your girlfriends tits when if you are as cool as you say you are you could just ask her to show them to you dumb ass

      • james dimond

        fuck you loser bieber

      • james dimond

        hey justin get off you lazy ass bich and get a girl friend loser

    • JaneDoe003

      I totally agree with you ;) Selena has smaller boobs and she got a birthmark on her right boob…
      But it’s really great photoshoped :D and it looks hot anyways :)

      • james dimond

        first she would never take a pic of her nacked

    • mrwhiteproud

      if stoning is ur answer ur the 1 who should be shot in both eyes and left who r u to say wjat happens in english life not hala the mugs

    • m.rhakho

      dis is just a fake..
      how can my dream lover will b in naked like dis.. I love selena….

    • White Jesus

      Shed be hotter if she had big cookie

      • james dimond


    • Sucre

      So true utter fake wish thier was a real pic out their

    • jeff

      i got stoned unmercifully once. i dont remeber it, but ive heard stories.

    • ytru

      At least we don’t dress our women as a tent you fucking muslimsL

    • budster

      Fake foto or not – who cares, looks great (unless you prefer goats). Allah is great, abcessed with sex/vigins.

    • kaine badass

      your muslim garbage who kills women you dirty bastard and where shes from they dont have clans you stupid cunt so suxk a dick and swallow some western cum

    • Joshua Chatham

      She has a mole/freckle on her right boob. Faked.

    • alex

      fuck you, you muslim piece of shit! mohammed is a cock sucking faggot who should be hanged and stoned to show that muslims have no power in this world. They are the cause of all the problems in the world. Its times like these we need a modern day Hitler to rid the world of muslims like the he did with the jews. Jews didn’t cause any problems though, muslims however are the scum of the earth.

    • Bombamosque

      Dirty pakky basterds u stink of jihad

    • james dimond

      well she is the sexy 20 year old girl ever


      why you use the great words of this place.

    • Jameson

      So to you a woman in a bikini is prostituting her self and wrong, but you surfing websites looking for a glimpse is ok? Makes alot of sense. Not to mention you should look up the definition of “prostitute”. All that being said I hope your rants are you just desperately trying to get some attention and have someone, anyone notice you exist.

    • john

      Do you hate women because you’re a pathetic worm of a little ‘man’ and like to see violence put upon them because they have rejected you because of your failings as a human socially and physically. I suspect you’re afraid of women and have a tiny penis and are impotent as well. Rid the world of yourself , you are a cancer, exterminate your pestilence self.

    • JP

      By Mohammed’s bicycle, what an idiot you are!

  • IHateCelebs

    Definitely a fake, Selena Gomez has smaller breasts than that. And Selena Gomez’ girlfriend Justine Bieber has even smaller ones.

    • Name Stealer

      I disagree. Justin Bieber’s breasts are slightly larger than those of Selena Gomez.

  • animal

    i need more photos before judgement…pleeeze

  • Justin B.

    Fake! Selena has a small mole on the upper/inner part of her right breast.

    • Selena does not have a mole on her breast it was a black bean, moron!

      • randy

        Your the moron fool. I looked through various pictures of Selena and there are multiple pictures of her with a mole on her upper right breast.

        • Ali bin-Fuqrab

          Yeah i bet you did you filthy infidel degenerate!

          • fuckyoubutcher

            if he is a filthy infidel degenerate, why are you looking at the same naked picture on the same site about naked people. YOU are a fucking hypocrite, go fuck your goat

        • javon

          wait a min ur right so this pic is fake i knew it plus sel got an brown mold thing on her chest

          • Yo momma

            It’s not fake u jack ass

        • jay smyth

          your right in videos of her there is a mole on her tits in every one

    • That guy

      shut the fuck up you fag

  • This Selena pix is a fake

    Man it is so obvious that this picture has been photoshopped. They put someone elses head on Selenas body. Where is the mustache? Where is the 5 oclock shadow? You won’t find a Mexican woman anywhere that doesn’t have a mustache or crotch hair like Davey Crocketts coonskin cap.

    • Ali bin-Fuqrab

      You forget about the thick vertical hairline Mexi women have on their abdomen

      • What…

        Racist assholes I’m not Mexican but I am offended by your ignorance.

        • ilikepie

          Maybe you should stop being ignorant.

      • miley is a goat fucking whore

        ur thinking of demi

    • Angry Mexican

      Fuck you fucking racist bitch no mexican girl has that shit your probably just describing your fat ass ugly girlfriend bitch

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        angry dumbass

        You are a lying motherfucker.

        You damned mexicans are born with pubic hair and a full mustache….and that’s just the women.

        Don’t go trying to confuse people with your lies; you know wet-back women are hairy bitches.

        Eat shit and die wet-back

        • miley is a goat fucking whore

          just like arab women, dumbfuck

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Stick to your goats asshole.

            You’re lucky a Muslim women didn’t hear you spew your racist bullshit; you’d be dead now.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Abdullah gets fucked by islam

          Abdullah you goat fucker and fuck Islam.

          • jack

            fuck you damn christian

        • fuck u asshole u shouldn’t have posted this

          your an ass

      • Quief

        they do and they have side burns, unibrows and staches.

        • I will kick your ass 4 the USA

          quief the cunt – you dont know shit about mexicans shut the fuck up faggot

    • Aeneas252

      wow that is the most racist thing i ever heard

      • Kahlid

        Fuck you, jewgooglecuntspicwop!

  • justin b.

    Fake, boobs to big and she had moles on her boobs and her nipples are bigger and lighter

    • Person

      where have you seen pictures of her nipples?

    • You Are An Asshole

      Justin bibers dad isn’t around because he fears rapE

  • innocentbystander

    Actually, selena DOES have a mole on her upper chest. They talked about it in interviews. Google it.

    • zutroy the heathen homeboy is an asshole

      You are right, Selena does have a mole on her upper chest. I googled it and its a goddamn ground mole you moron.

      • IHateCelebs

        Why does this harlot feel the need to discuss the moles on her breasts in interviews? This just shows once again the moral dicrepitude of Hollywood Harlots. Millions of little girls look up to this harlot and all she can find to talk about are the moles on her boobs. Disgusting.

        It’s probably just bean juice anyway, which makes her immoral AND a liar.

        • Smith5000123

          agreed. Hollywood is full of whores and degenerate morons. I can’t believe little girls look up to these harlots.

  • Sel Go’s Love

    This is a fake no mole on the left breast goo look at the bikini pics there is clearly a mole!

    • dang

      shit they are big

    • english

      you can see her nipple is hard : )

  • Selena Gomez


    • dick head 7

      your tits are nice bitch let me suck them

    • herbert

      ur not selina

    • Anonymous

      You must be the only smart person here…

    • billy bob joe


  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    This picture kind of looks fake. Her boobs would be more droopy.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl is a tool

      Are the droopy boob expert on here now?

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        No I’m not. I just thonk that her boobs are droopy.

        • Joe Jonas’s Girl is an offensive retard

          You are gonna win “best speler 2011”.

          • really

            there is no such word as gonna, and its spelt “speller’ if that is even a word too.

          • Heywould U Blome

            You are both wrong here.

        • miley is a goat fucking whore

          joe jonas has droopier boobs

  • layaale

    i actually thought it was her at the start, but shes too inoccent its anoying !!

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      She’s not inoccent.

      • layaale

        YESSSSSS she is inocentt and its anoying, shes perfect and doesnt do anything bad seriously shes too good.

  • joe jonas is gay

    there are many fake nude pics of selena. she’s a good girl and doesn’t take dirty pics of herself

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      She does take dirty pictures of herself.

      • I did your mother


      • I will kick your ass 4 the USA

        YOU ARE NOT JOE JONAS’S GIRLFRIEND YOU LYING SLUT – Selena doesn’t take dirty pictures of herself – FUCK YOU!!!!

  • this is a fake site that should not be token serious

    its fake I know she wouldn’t do that some one is out to get selena

  • Happy Infidel

    Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Her boobs would be more droopy if she was like 60 yrs. old. You need to study more.

  • Jo

    Thats fake however i do have a real picture of her boobs.

    I love this site! Praise JESUS!!

  • Carolina

    Mas falso que atun echo en chile ¬¬

  • elly

    haha yeah right!
    everybody knows selenas boobs arnt that big!
    get a life dog!

  • S Gomez addict

    I did some research and what I found out is that a mole on her left arm on the topless pic is not on any other of her pictures so it’s confirmed forum; FAKE AND HOT AND GAY


    First, her boobs are actually bigger than most of you seem to think, however, these ain’t them! The mole is missing. Yes. Also, am I the only one who thinks the boobs in the pic look kinda like implants…?

  • shes hot

    If you think this is real fame this
    if you think its fake defame this

  • urx7bad

    Don’t you think the necklace is cover the mole? The one on her arm is hard to confirmed but the one on her upper left chest I can. Here’s the links: http://dcfansgallery.com/image/episode/selena10/picture/18/ This one showed both left upper chest and right lower shoulder: http://www.starpulse.com/Actresses/Gomez,_Selena/gallery/ALO-099949/ Your opinion let me know.

  • mike

    this isnt fake both of the moles are there on this pick, and she looks horny in this pick just like all the outher ones.

  • Bree

    This picture is 100% fake.
    Although for the woman who’s actual body that is,
    really needs to learn to cover up a bit more in her pictures.

  • urx7bad

    My conclusion is the photo is real but the tits are fake.

    • mr.guy peson


  • PhotoSHop PHD

    The mole theory is bust because the location of her mole is very close to the location of the knecklace she is wearing, therefore the mole could be right under the knecklace.


      pornwatching horny dicksucker

      this site is 100% authentic
      get aids and die homoqueer

  • Person9999991

    That is fake!!! her boobs are to big, just someone else putting her face on their bodies…

  • nick

    it is her the necklace covers the mole

  • its real

    its real her neckless is covering her mole so its most likely real

    • jay smyth

      The mole is a little more to the left of the necklace,so this is fake

  • selenagomezPROTECTER

    fuck you selena isnt naked never shes a briliant girl

    • selenagomezRAPER

      just go with it and pretend its real.

  • fake

    selena’s real tits are bigger

  • english




  • matty

    it is fake good work with the photoshop but get someones body the looks like hers hers boobs are not that big

  • Even

    Dag her boobs sent that big

  • george

    selena has a mole in her breast… fake =(

  • i fucked victoria justice

    her tits are bigger than victoria’s molehills

    • Victoria

      hey im victoria and im not kidding

  • me

    i want to fuck her wet pussy!!!!

  • selena lover

    selena is young but in this photo shes old. post your e-mail and i will send u a real topless and naked selena photo in the bathroom

    • camel-fucking wife-beating diaper-head sand nigger

      liar. there’s no nude pics of selena

    • john wayne

      Please send me the photos !!

      • luke

        please send them to me

        • preston

          niceeee tits selena

    • Alex

      Send me the sexy damn pics of nude Selena Gomez !!!!!

  • dang

    you all are idiots look at her neck and head they are not aligned right

  • Jude

    why are you all bitching about the face, just admire that beauty tits. Idiots use your eyes not your F@#*ing mouth

  • Someone

    This ain’t her. No beauty mark on her right boob.

  • AnarchyAngel

    first off despite your massive obsession with the mole O.o
    this is fake. a proper way to explain this is the neck look at the chin it is off even in proportion to the length of her neck, second the tilt dose not line up properly the head that was taken is looking straight if you focus its one from her red carpet events ;P and the neck of the body is tilted the girl had her head bent, also check the tan lines then look at her face in comparativeness to the shoulders the tone is noticeable different. all of this is proof enough some pervert with nothing better to do made this, but if you need more look at the hand her hands are much daintier and her size compared to this girl is a big difference. also keep in mind Selena is now 18 so this was bound to happen and on that note “girls stop growing physically at age 18” and she was born july 22 so she stoped awhile ago… keep that in mind when you say her body could change it makes you look stupid. also on my ending note quit spamming me this shit. find better things to do with your life then drool over a girl you can never have and try to respect her more if the guy who made this is on here

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      According to Sharia Law you should be executed for your dumbass, time wasting post.

      So……shut the fuck up ….dumbass

      • The messenger

        Sharia law is crewl and sick and wrong.

      • iwill kick ur ass 4 the usa

        abdullah the butt fucker you R the asshole – U shut the fuck up – or ill boot your guts through your back bone if U have any – go fuck your camel U retarded sand google

      • iwill kick ur ass 4 the usa

        abdullah the asswipe U R A fag grow a pair of balls and stop looking at naked teenage girls you stupid sicko camel fucker

  • zillaman

    hey abdulla the cunt, just don’t read the coment stupid fucking monkey. you should be executed along with your boy friend’s.. ignorant racist fag…

  • JoJ

    Her mole is nowhere near the necklace location its farther out!And she is not mexican!She is Spanish and half italian get it right!

    • the headchimp fucks abdullah the butcher in the ass

      her dad is mexican

      • iwill kick ur ass 4 the usa

        she isn’t mexican you faggot shes latina

    • theheadchimp

      Jo Jo the ass ho ho
      Spanish is what rich Mexicans claim to be……that bitch came over on an inner tube so technically she isn’t a wetback…..

    • fuck ur mom

      fucking right dude. sooooooooooooooooooooooo fake anyway.

      • Sex expert

        You can tell there fake cause the right on has a mile on it

  • JoJ

    i mean farther in lol*

  • trollingmad

    i don’t mind troll sites but this one is way way, out of controll. it’s JUNK…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      mad mofo

      Fuck you bitch…this is a site of truth!

      • silver

        u’re an idiot becasue a real muslim would never spit out those words. man i could scrub ur tongue with some dishwasher and it wouldn’t be clean. so stfu

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          silver queen

          I’d like for you to try it asshole.
          I’d hand your liver to you while you watch.

        • theheadchimp

          Silver back gorilla
          Fuck off you nitwit. I know what you spit out but at first you sounded like a swallower…

      • mex


      • The messenger

        So far all I see on this site is cursing, stupidity and racism.

  • stupid ugly smelly gay goat-fucking raghead sand-nigger

    fake as hell

    • Fuckshitupcunt

      I think it’s real.

  • chimp

    i love bananas, oh the fruit too. can you give chimp a banana? a big long banana. in the ass that is….

  • constantine

    hello infedels let me inlighten you on why this is fake-SELENA GOMEZ IS A LATINA so her breasts are wayyyyyy toooooo WHITE but if there are any real pics i am certain she would look better than that and lets pray to god,al-lah,buda,and odin that she dumbs the little bastard known as JUST GET OUT BEAVER!!!!:))) ALL THE BEST A BG DUDE

  • Queers

    Dear Queers,
    Why are half of you thirty year old muslim men I find that very disturbing and justin Biber is a shemale to clear the discussions on him up

    • jay smyth

      thank you it is finnaly clear… justin bieber is a shemale