Selena Gomez Topless Behind The Scenes Of ‘Spring Breakers’

Vanessa Hudgens Selena Gomez topless

The above photo of Vanessa Hudgens snorting cocaine off a topless Selena Gomez behind the scenes of their new movie “Spring Breakers” has just leaked to the web.

As you can see by the body language in the photo below, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are clearly lesboqueer lovers that regularly enjoy abusing narcotics off of each others sex organs.

Vanessa Hudgens Selena Gomez topless

Yes one shudders to think about all the hot wet lesboqueer sex these coked up sluts had while shooting this movie. Perhaps the DVD extras will shed some light on how producers had to turn the hose on Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez to get them to pry their tongues away from each others lady holes.

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  • Anon

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  • Mike

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  • roddymartindale

    That’s not Gomez, it’s an extra. Folks who have seen the film have affirmed this.

  • steve

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  • Answerrrr

    Is the first pic reallllll?????

    • drake

      no it isn’t Selena Gomez. they had someone else stand in for her and this is just proof of how sad the media is making stories up about nothing just to get views

  • Answerrrr

    Is this reallll!!!?????

  • drake

    it is not Selena Gomez. it has been stated by the people who made the movie they had someone else stand in for her in this scene thus why you conveniently can’t see her face. way to try to make a story out of nothing just to get viewers.

    • Anon

      “stated by the people who made the movie”….lol, because Selena asked them to say that or something.