Selena Gomez Standing Nude By An Open Window

Selena Gomez nude window

Selena Gomez stands completely nude in front of an open window in the photo above.

It should come as no surprise that Selena Gomez is an exhibitionist who gets off on showing people her sinful female body, as she has been doing it in one way or another since childhood.

In fact all women in showbiz seem to like nothing more than to prostitute their bodies to try and corrupt the thoughts of us pure hearted Muslim men. Unfortunately for Selena Gomez her nude body by an open window is more likely to attract flies than a Muslim’s lustful desires, as she is far too thin and hairless for our taste.

  • HIV Aladeen

    Wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot stick

    • Nobody

      “Wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot stick” but i’d fuck it with my 10 inch dick.

      • abdul

        and by that you mean the anus of queer team six

        • Nobody


          • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

            Very nice. Denial is the first step toward acceptance.

        • Team America

          Abdul the ass tool

          He means a hot women with a juice pussy like Selina Gomez. Being a Muslim I’m not surprized the first thing you think about is putting your dick in a guys asshole. You should try pussy sometime, you might like it.

          America! We the people!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            You should try it too, asshole. Although the sight of a naked woma makes you want to puke.

          • darkness

            HAHAHH look at homohash retarded looking face

          • Seal Team Six

            Thanks Team America!

            When I was fighting for the flag in Iraq, we’d see muslims eveywhere but never with a woman. Its a “custom” for these fags to walk around holding hands, I shit you not. And don’t ask about the bazaars at night, its one big sucking and fucking gay festival.

            Gay sex and sex with animals is part of their religion.

          • Troll

            Then why Why WHY would you post of picture of yourself getting reamed by a goat?

            No wonder you and Team Jew Fellator get along so well! You both have a strange, unnatural, sexual attraction to each other – and farm animals.

            Fuckin’ disgusting.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Team Anus and Jizz Junkie: what a romantic couple.

            They’re both fierce pillow fighters. The winner is the first to shove his strap-on dildo up the ass of his lover.

            This is the only kind of battle Westerners can win: fucking each other asses.

          • Seal Team Six

            Hashim the Homo,

            “Pillow fighter”? If thats your idea of a tough insult then you really are a poofy fag. Team A and myself do not fight with pillows. We use NATO standard automatic weapons and big ass KABAR knives that don’t snap when cutting the head of an infidel off like the shitty muslim ones do.

            This post, and onthers, only reinforces your reveal of extreme gayness to the world. And the only thing going up an ass is going to be the 5 lbs of C4 that is going to be shaped like your fave butt plug and subbed into your extensive dildo collection. You’ll get the bang you’re after from that one.

      • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

        You have a ten inch dick? Spit it out it belongs to somebody else.

        • Nobody

          All mine and proud of it.

  • Team America

    The reason She is standing naked by the window is because she is lonely now that Troll has taken her place at the Tijuana donkey show. Poor Selena, she misses her donkey.

    America! We the people!

    • Aztlan

      The fuck do you got against, Mexicans? That shit isn’t cool. This is our home too many of us never were on the other side of the border. Many of us always were in California & Texas. We’re not illegals.

      & how can you say our women are hot and then that she would do a donkey show? Last I checked, the Mr Hands video was with a white guy.

      My own personal issue is that she dated that tranny Justine Bieber

      • Dalton Newman

        Get the fuck back to Mexico

        • Aztlan

          I was US born, Jew boy. Get your bagel eating ass back to Israel with the rest of the mid eastern trash. I’m Indigenous to California mano. Nobody was talking to you.

          There’s only one Newman I ever heard of. The fat fuck on Seinfeild who blows Jason Alexander and Micheal Richards. Is that where you’ve been?

          • Imam Khalid of Basra


          • Aztlan

            Ha! My people take baths. Muslims however are allergic to soap.

            You’re a dirty sand google who can’t even take on on Jewish country. Muslim warrior my ass.

        • Hezbollah Hitman

          How about both of you go to hell? The kyke and the beaner. We have sleeper cells infiltrating both Synagogues and Home Depot.

          To be Mexican they shave beard and keep mustache. To be a dirty Jewish shiester, our dedicated jihadist warriors must tuck their enormous manhood between their legs as Jews, much like all Americans, are hung like field mice.

          You have been warned. Jews are not halal.

      • Team America


        I don’t know why you’re upset, I didn’t say all Mexicans have sex with donkeys, I just implied that Selena has sex with donkeys. Which is kind of redundant considering all Mexicans have sex with donkeys.

        America! We the people!

        • Bloodbath

          Selena’s not Mexican, dumbass. She was born in Texas. Team Dick.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Team Anus,

      You should confess you miss your pet donkey too. In the morning and at the end of the day you can’t pass without your daily dose of donkey milk, that you suck from his ‘tit’.

      This is gross and sinful. That’s why compared to you this beaner whore Selena Gomez is as pure as Cinderella.

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Mashallah, brother! However I do not care if it is a blonde spoiled Euro trash slut or a Guatemalan like Selena Gomez, if I decide to spare them of Jihad, they will both be scrubbing the floors on our house!

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        However I watch Cinderella backwards with my sons so that it has a happy ending. It is about a woman being put in her place, no?

        All the same, I watch Roots backwards as well. Same concept.

      • Imam Abbas

        Brother Hashim

        Its an easy bet that Team Sodomites pet donkey doesn’t miss *him*.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          That’s correct brother.

          The poor donkey’s tube steak looks like an used chewing gum. Poor beast.

      • Bloodbath

        Anus the Sucker of Dicks

        You’re jerking off on these photos.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Team Anus,

      You’re right for a change. This beaner whore feels lonely because in Hollywood (and heathen America in general) she can’t satisfy her insatiable lust.

      She is waiting for the arrival of a jigaboo mailman, the only dong she can get this month.

      • Bloodbath

        Fucker the Destroyer of Dicks,

        You need to STFU, you obese muslim piece of shit.

    • durkadurkahassanali

      and your stood in front of the window because there was a burger there obese american shit

  • Mr E

    Miss Selena appears to be going for the world’s record of “tiniest landing strip on a pop tart” – previously held by Justine Bieber..

  • Hezbollah Hitman.

    You know what would make this picture more sensual? A burka.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Hezbollah Hitman,

      I see you’re a person of good taste.

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Islam tends to raise a man as well as Musliminas with good moral values. There are many Mexican infidels in Houston who converted and because of similar skin tone but no Jew God, they are able to pass as Iran.

        The conversion is working!

  • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

    selena would look beautiful…through the sight on an AK-47.

    • Seal Team Six

      Abdullah the Anal Sheikh,

      The only way to make you look good would be to douse you in a mix of gasoline and diesel and add a flick of my zippo.

      Oh, your muslim “friends” below are looking for you.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        scat team sucker

        You give such deep rim jobs that the ring around your collar is shit.

  • America will Triumph

    all of you Islamic basterds who think your pathetic little countries can take on the United States of America are sadly mistaken. Even if every one of your insnifigint little countries declare war on the U.S of A we will have 10 more territories in the middle east

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      america sniffs turds

      You dumb fool. Islam is in control of america now. We won.

      eat shit and die mofo

      • Nobody

        Abdollar the Streak of Shit. Wrong again young lady. The filthy jew controls the US, the middle east and you. Bow to your hebrew masters. Stupid sandmonkey.

        • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

          nasty bung

          You bow to the google dong, at the glory hole.

    • Imam Abbas

      The Triumph is For The Arabs

      We kicked your worthless asses out of Iraq, and gave all the oil deals to the Communist Chinese. The USA wasted trillions of dollars, and gained *nothing*. All you really did was LOSE (tons of money, tons of lives, your international reputation, and you’re left with a military at its lowest state of readiness since Viet Nam). Oh yes – and your economy is TANKED.

      And Afghanistan is NEXT.

      Bloviate all you want – it won’t change the facts (according to Israel, NATO, Germany, Canada, and every other nation on the plant, regardless of friend or foe).

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Team Germany

        When did we say anything like that lol?

  • raoofu

    nice pic.

  • Mexican Warrior

    When we take over, the person responsible for this pic will be executed with a bullet to the head,Selena will be the ruler of the world.

    Viva Mexico

  • Nobody

    Hahahahaha. That was very funny. That last bit cracked me up.

    • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

      no brain

      what cracked you up, was that fag, google 3 way.
      Cracked your ass…..that is.

  • Nobody

    Yes. The muslims on this site wouldn’t know what to do with her. I think they’re all gay.

  • Team America

    Damn Imposter I don’t do donkeys but I do suck big black cocks.
    Glory holes yeah Gay is the way.

  • Team America

    The whore Mex. has the window open to rid the room of her nasty pussy stench.
    Glory holes Yeah Gay is the way.

  • Team America

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    And a special thanks to my love Beastly for standing by me thru all this and I have a special dinner planed for the two of us at the Mr. Glory hole private room at the Glory hole.
    Glory holes yeah Gay is the way.

  • Lynch A Nigger

    What an ugly enchilada she is. Brown, black, yellow, all trash. White Power!

    • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

      Mexicans are more indigenous to this continent than your blue eyed asses. They are part of this continent. You are Nrdic Euro trash.

      White power means never doing anything yourselves. Lazy fucking melanin challenged devils. If you were truly a superior race your skin would not burn up in 75 degree weather.

      You are the original wetbacks of this land. And what’s more? The original white people were albino googles. Congradulations you albino porch monkey. You’re white googles.

      • Lynch A Nigger

        Shoot. Redskins, that’s what I forgot. Redskins, the drunk, gambling, dog eating, dirt worshiping race of people that the entire country has forgotten exists. Man. When’s the last time I even saw a leather-face?

        • Kyke KIller

          Relax you two. Everyone knows you guys are both the weaker race with Arabs being the best race of all time

          • Lynch A Nigger

            Go to hell, Osama. Do you see a picture of a sky scraper? Any women driving? A gay that needs to be beheaded? No. So mine your Allah worshiping, goat-marrying, wife-beating, dress wearing, dirt hut living, sand google business! White Power!

          • Kyke KIller

            I do see a gay. Selena Gomez is a dyke. She has been dating Taylor Swift for the last 2 years. She needs to be stoned not beheaded (that the western way of dealing with shit). Also I have no offense of your name beside it should be Lynch ALL Googles. And white people have power but Arabs have more power

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          Mexicans are native you dirty albino google. I guess your inferior race and lack of melanin prohibits you from intelligence and common sense.

          That and being descended from African trash. And we’re still here so you honkies failed. Meanwhile you white trash are losing your own homeland to the Arabs. They’re wiping you out.

          Even as a non Muslim i know they will overrun you rednecks soon.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        native homo

        Islam will convert the white devils. However, wetbacks, googles and injuns can all go to hell. Us Muslims don’t want you greasy subhumans anywhere on the planet.

        Prepare for genocide mofo.


        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          Abdullah The Sheik Of Pearl Necklaces

          You Muslims couldn’t even wipe out all the Yezidi from the middle east. They STILL live in Syria and Iraq and are fighting back against you goat fuckers. We’re supposed to believe you’re gonna wipe us out?

          And you already have Google boos in your religion you dumb camel jockey. The only thing you’re going to convert is Imam Khalid’s anus from 5 inches wide to 7.

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          You know why Muslims like 9 year olds? They’re the only ones that make their dicks look slightly less small.

          By the way, we don’t want any part of your religion anyway so that was not an insult but a compliment I happen to like, sex with women, pork, profanity, intelligence, and having real heroes , not a schizophrenic old man in a cave

          You sand googles can have your bestiality and pedophilia. We’re good.

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          So you’ll save the whites but not people of color? You just proved you’re a white guy posing as a Jihadist. Not a real Muslim.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        homo native dumbass

        mexicans (wetbacks) are a mongrel race created by interbreeding between the spanish, french, googles and some degenerate red skins. They are an infestation, almost as bad as the stupid injuns.

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          Freddy Mercury the Sheik Of Glory Holes (Yes, like you he was a sand google only he was from Zanzibar)

          You’re only partially right. Mexicans are native and Spanish. The google gene in Mexico is relatively small. Hence why Mexicans have GOOD hair and not Velcro. The Spaniards are only 10% of Mexico. Mexicans are 60% mixed mestizo making them mostly native with some Spanish blood. And then 30% are pure bloods.

          Mexicans work harder than you Arabs ever worked in your life! Getting googles to do your labor isn’t work! Neither is hiring Mexicans (talking to the whites)

          You Arabs are a mish mash of cracker, google and chink so what is your point?

        • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

          We aint related to googles or chinks.

          It is quite a possibility we are related to the ancient Jews. Unllike most Jews, Gene Simmons, AKA Chaim Witz, the most successful rock star, looks American Indian but is a Israel born Jew. He admits he looks like us even. But we don’t cut our foreskins off. Unlike actual Jews we haven’t heard of the 25% off discount

          By the way we’re not “Indian” we’re Cemanahuacs. Or Turtle Islanders. Just like you Arabs are not actually Persians.

        • Bloodbath

          Bumfucker the Shaker of Dicks

    • Bloodbath

      Fuk u

      • Lynch A Nigger

        Angered by my comment huh? So are you a sand google, a regular google or dirt google? Not sure which best describes you? Hint: are you more fond of watermelon and fried chicken or camels and AK-47s or teepees and casinos?

  • Americas army

    America will defeat the Muslim nucences and will finally prove we don’t need to take crap from tinny little nations

  • wow


  • Seal Team Six

    To All My Friends.

    It seems some cock loving jihadis on this site have spread a rumor that I ain’t a real US Navy Seal. So as a special demo-op, I’m going to gut a different muslim every month. The ones that are too fat to gut, like The Supreme Fart of Iran will suffer the horrible fate of having razor wire jammed up their anal orifice then yanked out rapidly as I burn out in my Hummer.

    Q: What do female muslims use for birth control?
    A: Their faces (see pic below)

    No wonder muslim men are gay and fuck animals.

  • Jew גבא

    She is beutiful you stupid ass Muslim.

    • Kyke KIller

      We are the stupid asses? You cant even spell beautiful

  • Fredick

    its photoshop because look in the reflection of the window. there is a reflection of her until the head. Different chick.

    • ali z

      thanks for clearing that up…because everyone thought that Selena posed for that picture and it was completely authentic.

      You assclown.

  • wheelnut53

    I always liked her , How dumb is it to argue race issues online while looking at a beautiful naked woman , we all suck equally and the proof is in the comments

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    Being that I am in the nature of my holy religion and God, most merciful, I would consider taking Selena Gomez in as a wife. Clearly as Mexican, she has much farming experience so working the plow would be no problem to her.

    And as for her lineage, since, many would not believe a Mexican would ever convert to Islam, we could pass her off as an Arab if we had her grow some pubes, natures hijab.

    Now to just figure out what size burka she wears. Nothing i tell you is, more erotic than gender separation during worship. ALLAHU ACKBAR!!!!!!

    • ali z

      Your comment is lame, but I admit you did make my tummy contract and my mouth giggle with your comment about pubes being natures hijab.
      Here’s a tip…no, aside from my penis. The tip is, if you are going to try to pass off as a believable muslim, you would be wise to spell your last sentence correctly. Allahu Akbar. It means God is great. It isn’t solely an Islamic statement, as any believer of God’s existence would believe the same.

      And if they don’t, they deserve to have their eyes shoved up Whoopi Goldberg’s ass…to eventually be squeezed back out…and to live with the image of that event for the rest of their life. Their medical expenses would be covered for their entire life to ensure the memory torments them for maximum time possible.

  • kareem

    Non of you are truly Muslim’s if you are you dont judge. Nor promote violence. You are artificial Muslim’s like shiati and terrorist who calm being muslim. Shame on you guys

  • nate

    Hey sexy