Selena Gomez Spread Eagle For Racy AD?

Selena Gomez spread eagle

We all know that former Disney star Selena Gomez has no problem prostituting her body while advertising a project, but has she taken her sluttery to the next level by spreading eagle for outdoor patio furniture? The photo above certainly makes it look that way!

Clearly this is an AD for outdoor furniture, and I’ll admit the wicker chair does look like some quality craftsmanship. However, the fact that this furniture company is so overtly using sex, with the degenerate Mexican Selena Gomez showing off her diseased lady hole, is shameful and in poor taste.

If you want to sell more of these wicker chairs why not use a picture of a woman in a full burka kneeling respectfully to the side of one, possibly with a cold drink balanced on her head? Now that is something that would loosen my purse strings.

  • bitcher

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  • Jonathan Mercer

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  • Nick

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    • masterbator

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  • Confused citizen

    If someone reads this the real girl in this is caprice or “little Caprice” and this video/shoot was done by, someone just put Selena’s face on it.

  • Andrew123

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