Selena Gomez Shows Sideboob Video

Selena Gomez sideboob

Teen actress, whore, and illegal alien Selena Gomez was caught on video acting like a slutty Mexican thus proving the description at the beginning of this sentence.

As you can see in the video below Selena Gomez shamelessly flaunts her sideboob, while onstage applauding the Casey Anthony verdict.

Selena Gomez sideboob

It is not surprising that Selena Gomez should side with Casey Anthony considering she herself aborted her child (Baby Bieber) just a few weeks ago.

As a fellow slut Selena Gomez empathizes with Casey Anthony because she knows that nothing feels better than getting load after load of man seed pumped into her, and neither of them is interested in letting a bratty kid get in the way of their next jizz fix.

  • Rodney The King

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  • Osama Bin laden JR

    @Queen Rodney
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    • Rodney The King

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  • justice

    selena est parfaite tu ecrit des truc de barge tes malade miley is a slut tes ouf de dire que selena se prostitue va te faire soigner

    • theheadchimp

      This is an English only site you drunken dumbass. At the top of the page did you see press one for Spanish? Press 2 for bullshit? No you did not…..Take your gibberish and stick it up your ass. Se!

  • Open the scroll

    I believe her last bra was made of corn husk’s and bean dip.

  • Nut

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  • mila kuntlips

    this is nothing compared to miley spread eagle or bent over shaking her ass onstage

  • Anon

    She’s so flat when she’s not wearing a massively stuffed push up bra. Even 90% of her bikinis are push-ups and underwired! When they’re not, she usually folds her arms around her chest to hide them.