Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Naked Body

Selena Gomez naked

Selena Gomez shows off her naked teen body in a series of 3 photos that were just leaked to the web.

Selena did not miss an opportunity to flaunt every one of her offensive sex organs, showing her nude tits, pussy, and ass in the photos.

Clearly these revolting pics of Selena Gomez naked are a blatant attack on Islam. If Selena thinks that she can terrorize us pious Muslims with her sinful nude body like this, and that we will not respond she is sorely mistaken. Prepare for the wrath of the Jihad Ms Gomez! Allahu Akbar!

  • Gle2n

    again where is the mole on her right tit, and don`t say she had it removed

    • Phillip McCracken

      cmon dude, didnt you read the story early last week? she got it removed. it was all over TMZ, Perez Doucheton, etc… the internetz was all a buzz about it. the story said something to the effect of, and ill quote it verbatim…

      “selena gomez yesterday went to a beverly hills dermatologist to get an unsightly mole removed from her breast area in preparation for a nude photo shoot that she has planned for the middle of next week, said her publicist. Selena is excited to take this step and hope that it leads to more adult roles, her publicist follwed.”

      these must be that nude photo shoot her publicist was speaking about early last week.

      • Word of wisdom

        Dimmhi Phillip,
        if you want to become a useful collaborationist, but don’t propagate the system’s lies and learn to see the truth behind the PC smokescreen. The “mole” wasn’t removed by her “dermatologist”, but by her trusted abortionist, dr. Chaim Hershelovitch. Fact.

        • JohnDoe

          did you know, a google search of him shows up with nothing? talk about propogating lies…

          • fuuccckkk

            you fuckers she did not want to have a mole because she does not want anybody to say grose things about it

        • Americans

          STFU nobody even gives a fuck who removed the damn thing. My dog could have done it and nobody would have payed anymore attention to it than we are to you and your lame ass stories. Second, why is it that when something happens that hurts yalls feelings yall automatically assume its an attack on Islam? Its called PORN BITCH! LOOK IT UP! Fact. Also if you hate America so much then why do you have such a fasination with looking at all our actresses naked? O.o Uh-oh did I find a whole in your God-Complex? Also even if you did manage to “change” the world for “The better” then what would you do to wack off? Your country doesnt even allow porn let alone for someone to pose naked in front of a camera of any sort. Yeah Im pretty sure youd be fucked so DRINK BLEACH BITCH!

          • jazzie

            american good job that was just so sexy

          • sexy

            she is so sexy i would want a hundred boys to lick my pussy naked

          • Charlie Sheen

            “Americans”, yes you, the retard who can’t spell. Before you try defending our nation, try graduating middle school. Any dumbass who DOESN’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN “HOLE” AND “WHOLE” but knows what a “god-complex” is should probably remove his tongue. Oh and I should add, one should NEVER TRY TO INSULT OTHERS WITH THINGS THEY LEARNED FROM FUCKING FAMILY GUY. The publisher and article writer, DurkaDurka is NOT FUCKING MUSLIM YOU IGNORANT SHITHEAD. He’s the person who does these fantastic PHOTO EDITS. His username is even a slam on Muslims if you’ve ever seen Team America: World Police (but I assume you haven’t because its PG-13 and you’re not old enough). Anyways, your comment was so fucking dumb I had to write this reply, you shame Americans everywhere with your impressive stupidity; go kill yourself


          • fah-q

            Charlie Sheen. Your punctuation wasn’t flawless. Idiot.

          • ThisGuy

            … … …
            1) Spelled “hole” wrong
            2) Used Family Guy logic (stupid)
            3) DurkaDurka is not Muslim
            4)Too young to be on this website
            5)Too dumb to notice how stupid he sounds
            6)No sense of logic or knowledge
            This is who you are, Americans. Learn that your too young to be on this website, and learn that if you really don’t care about stories of the mole, why comment and say that you don’t? Some people want to investigate the fact of this being real or fake, (probably fake in my opinion.) Just don’t speak unless you have a point, just go watch your porn silently without posting a comment that was as stupid as this.

        • justin bebier

          she had it removed NOW STOP TALKING ABOUT IT by the way shes my girl friend

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          • TheMuslimAssasinator

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          • blazebadazz

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          • No-Name

            You spelt her name wrong. DUMB ASS!

        • jj

          Lets say someone is 14 and wanting sexwho whed want to do it with them

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          • Qari Shezaad suleman

            See here you fuckk(person) say one more bad comment about Islam ill kill you and that’s my promise tell me your address

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        • Joe Papierz Jr

          All you freaks are so full of BS you have brown eyes. Go back to your bathroom fantasy and close the door.

      • someguy

        you didn’t quote verbatim.

        • alexis eagan

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      • word of more wisdom

        did she also get her breasts re-sized? cause in bikini pics of her, her her breasts are much bigger. idiots thats a fake.

        • Word of wisdom

          Because it is known that there is no such things as breast implants, of course.

          But more important, you show you know nothing about mexicanoïd physiology and endocrinology. Usually, in normal superior races, the nose and the ears continue to lightly grow over time and that’s it.
          In inferior beaner races, the female have continuous lard growth, especially the breast, which is disgusting because at some point, the mammary mass ends representing 45 to 62 % of the whole body.
          That’s why in mexico you see so many women are twisted balls of hairy bacon, with huge breast going down their knees.

          This is why the breast amount can vary in these gomez mexican whoreling photos. The less in the picture, the older the photo.
          Just like her mother and her grandma did, one day here breast will be large enough to wrap and hide smuggled goods when crossing the rio grande.

          • dont give a fuck


        • The Amazing One

          You know this was actually from 2007? She did not have her big breasts as she was still 17.

      • Osama Bin Bryan

        We miss you @ MoeJ Phil

      • Asshole

        Alright Muslims and Americans. First of all all you Muslims are probably so pissed off that you can’t whack off in your country, don’t be mad at us because we can whack off with our insanely large penises. Did you know jerking off allows greater blood to flow to the scrotem which increases penis size by 1 in every month if you do it regularly?
        Americans, I know we kick ass with our insanely large penises but we should be self conscious about the people who get shot if they are found pulling the hose.
        First if all, everyone gets horny which means even famous actress got to have a few dirty moments. And personally, I love these moments.

        That fake Justin beiber guy…

      • Whywouldyouwanttoknowmynamestalker?


    • Mufti David

      shut up queer. Now don’t say they are fake. Its not possible to get three or more exact matches of her faces to fit her body, that too with the same exact hair style and color. And yeah, she got that freaky freckle(Tick) thing out by her trusted vet.

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          • Lj

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          • American man

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          • Americans

            Always talking about doing something to someones dick. Is everyone in your country gay or is that just a wanna-be terrorist thing? Oh also, i doubt you’ve ever held a shotgun, let a lone shot one. I do agree that the sand nigger comment was a little out of line though.

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          • Cfje

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        • bobby zell

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      • meatheadking

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      • nancy

        it’s call photoshop. stupid as fuck.

    • Like sexy boobs

      She never had a mole. Ive seen her naked in person before.

      • CJ


      • Mike

        I’ve watched Ms Gomez on the TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place”, And I thought she was good. Then I decided to search Google & see if I might find any topless or nude photos. I did & I think she’s hot! With or without a tiny mole on her perfect breasts! -STOP-

        • Justin

          Wow dude maybe you should stop watching children’s programs and stop looking up kiddie porn and get yourself a life.. Seriously dude your creepy.

          • marcusm

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          • marcusm

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          • jazzie

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        • marcusm


        • Megan

          I watch that show 2. It’s really good.
          Why do you think she took those photos?

        • joe


      • That guy

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      • jerimiah

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      • JUDEN JAGER_

        Selena your not a slut or a whore just ignore all these horny fucks, and arkansas …SHUT THE FUCK UP, im a socialist and a little racist but goddamn ur an asshole!

        • Beeznote

          Yea…totally agree with ur comments!! This pic is so FAKE! Why would she ever take a nude photo?

          • ronnie


          • jazzie

            first why the hell would she take nacked pictures of her sexy self you can tell it’s fake look how her head sits the last one is the time she was on the red carpet

    • Selena Gomez

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        • someguy

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        • yo mama

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    • mike

      she had it removed

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    • Arkansan


      • boom

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      • d.moffatt

        im afraid i disagree with u. america has great army but best trained is british army. our s.a.s. can kick ur navy seals or delta forces arses. u chaps do have better subs and bombers though

        • Muslims suck

          Are u fukin crazy, America will destroy any nation no prob!

          • China Can use this

            America, America, America…. end of the day – trigger happy
            Muslim nations, Muslim nations, Muslim nations…. end of the day – trigger happy

        • kongian

          america is the strongest army and we have already beat the british in several wars. it would be easy to do it again. however, we would not even get a chance to fight the british because britain and america are allies. if we attacked britain, then most likely the rest of the united nations would attack us. a world war would most likely happen.

        • PettyOfficer1stClassAmos

          Guess that’s why DEVGRU took down Bin Laden while the SAS sat with thumbs up their asses drinking fucking tea.

    • Arkansan


      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        Have you faggy mofos heard of Preparation H?

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          America has enough Nukes to end all life on earth, WIN

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            americans are too stupid to use the nukes. They became pussies after vietnam and forgot how to use the “big weapons”

            Us Muslims will soon have the atom bomb and the u.s. of a. and the u. of k. will taste the atomic fires of Jihad.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • white power

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            hey im a little racist but fucking hell all the goddamn … oops my bad Allah damn it sorry for my comment for all the muslims who live in america and understand the reason of our government but all you jihadists need to understand what america was built on the rights the freedom of realign we don’t care if your a Jew or a christian or atheist or even satanists as long as you don’t kill or harm innocent citizens you can believe what you want but dont take it out on a certain person for what they believe in the bible tells me to stone the gays but do i do it no because i believe in law and order as well as the bible and truly i really hate the gays … if i hear any realist threats to my wife and kids from muslim or other rats i will use a set of skills i have acquired over the years of being a sniper in the marine corps fighting in Iraqi freedom and i will find you and kill you

          • American man

            wow, one atom bomb. Nukes are proven more powerful, and the US recently sighned with Russia to shrink both’s Nuke arsenal.

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          • pa awesomeness

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            what camels?
            what do have as guns slig shots? alright sed your camel division 3 to america and watch them get blown to bits by are tanks and rpg’s and m4’s.

        • USA

          Hey i think u forgot something while you were taking lcd, we killed your leader, osama, the so we americans are not afraid of your threats because weve proven time and time again that our army is the best in the world

          • i

            this is real. Unlike Allah!

          • Crapload

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          • mike parker

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          • islam rulez

            For your info us neva kill him, that was a fake picture which was shown round the internet a few yearz b4 u Americans announced him dead plus theirs no real proof u lot actually killed him they never showed his body and they threw him in the ocean so nobody gets hold of the body to check if it really was him and another thing if it were him they would have shown him like they showed Saddam Hussain

        • American man

          never tell any one you hate them or want to kill them when you spell their name wrong. and didn’t you put on another arguement that your religion sucks?

          • kongian

            islam rulez: we did kill him. they took dna tests. dumb bass

        • American man

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          • Passive resistence

            Guys we should not be worrying bout who has the best army or who’s going to win the war,Allah Ta allah did not say we must commit suicide,suiciede is harram and against our religion,also if u read the Qua’ran properly it said we may only harm them as much as they’ve harmed us and No More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So Please do not argue but try to get along with our friends from America and do not swear or argue at them!If this gets to this news,the western world will think more that we are no good and want to kill them!Also Remember that this is a public domain and things u say can be used against u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yah Allah Please forgive them(Inshaallah)

          • marcusm

            Dude shut the fuk up kuz u jst got that from jeff dunham BITCH!

        • jeno

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        • Abdullah The Bitchboy

          Lol you’re nothing but a fucking troll i don’t even believe you’re muslim… You talk like a dumb shit yeah you got that part of the muslim faith down but you don’t think like 1. You’re pretty much just a retard who probably lives in america himself.

        • Americans

          Its sad that you think all of that because youve never been in our armory >:) you think we tell you fuckers everything thats in there. We have firearms that we haven’t even shown the public yet hahahaha. And the only “Big weapon you know how to use is a fuckin grenade so do what you always do and KILL YOURSELVES! SAVE US THE FUCKING TIME! btw just because we are from arkansas dont mean shit! Most people are inbred and most people arent gay, but we are hillbillies >:) and that means we all know how to use a gun and I promise a bullet kills an islam just as easily as your grenade kills you dumbfuck. The bad part about it is that everyone here hunts so were very good marksmen >:) come fuck with arkansas. Well sit in the trees and hunt you like we hunt deer, well wear are hunters orange just to make it a lil more fair >:)

          • kongian

            heeeeeell yea!

        • Mexican in AR

          Stupid as motha fucka man go back to ur rundown sand houses fucking nasty ass muslims

        • None ya

          No he’s right the us army is not as much of a threat we don’t bomb world trade centers and hijack planes and kill our own people.

      • Hellas

        Christian Greek supporting muslims,weird I know but I’ve got to say to this American Girly:
        War and Guns is all you think about.Well guess what,retard the world’s moved on.Greece’s history proves America would lose to Greece because apart from weapons, you need spirit.That’s what Greece has and that’s why we’re all not under Nazi forces.America is the only nation I hate so much,I’d kill my mother for it to be completely eradicated.BTW can Turkey return Smyrna and Constantinopole?Peacefully of course.By the way if these are real then I’m happy.Fake,well she’s still attractive with her clothes on.OMG (or OMA if muslim,or even oh my great lord Arceus) I just found another reason to kill The Gay Retarde American Conceited Bitch.Confused?Logical,there are so many,but I mean Bieber.

        • America

          Greece is the reason we’re not under Nazi control? ‘Cause last time I remember y’all were getting your asses kicked until we decided to join in. The Nazis had all of europe and some of Africa. Then we came in and kicked their asses out of africa invaded Italy then invaded france. That was the Brits and Americans. I don’t remember greece ever being a national super power. We Americans have spirit and a superior army. Don’t forget we pulled your asses out of the fire in both world wars.

          • I hate terrorist

            Dame right,but canada help to!

          • mind your buisness

            you meann russia retard russia is the one who trulyy hert the nazi which made them suufer the most during the invasion of russia which was a fail because russia is the strongest and smartest military out there

          • mind your buisness

            canada is wack when do you ever hear of canada doin anything they just follow the top strongest country where ever they go …if canada was fighting the war the whole world will have terrorist

          • American man

            we also saved Greece from communism. during the second “red scare”

          • American man

            Canada has some of the best snipers on the planet, but their army as a whole is weak.

          • CanadianGuy

            Uh, Hello?!! The ONLY reason the USA got involved in WWII is because of Pearl Harbour. Without the Japanese, the US was happy sitting back watching the rest of the World fight Naziism and Facism while making BILLIONS of dollars supplying those who were actually doing the fighting. In fact, had it not been for WWII bringing the USA out of their 30’s depression, they would not BE the ‘SuperPower’ they are.

            For now…. The next SuperPower will undoubtedly be China who currently manufacturer’s more of the Worlds (and the USA in particular’s) products. Now, when THEY decide to get involved in the World’s problem, it’s going to be No More Mr Nice Guy! They don’t give a crap WHO you are, WHAT you believe of basic Human rights, for that matter!

            Canada is whack?!? We are one of only two countries on the Planet the the USA has ever LOST a war to. The other one? Vietnam. We’re also the ones who make sure everybody plays nice once the conflicts get started. :)

          • CanadianGuy

            Ooops, almost forgot….

            There’s o reason to think Selena’s pics are fake or real. If she DID have a mole, I’d remove it for her painlessly, and within less than a minute. It’s called ‘Photoshop’.

            Nonetheless, a very beautiful young woman.

            To the Muslims in the crowd… Why DO you make Muslim women cover up so much? Can Muslim men not control themselves in the presence of the beauty of the female form?

          • kongian

            you said it! greece never had a powerful army, it was only cities like sparta, which never made it out of greece. then those “great” cities fell. greece was conquered by rome and rome was very powerful. then the italians got their butts kicked too by france, then france lost after bonaparte was defeated. america defeated britain, the worlds strongest army at the time and for 200 years, we have remained the power.

        • jeno

          america is the greatest nation on the fucking plant fuck spirit you spirit isn’t going to stop my bullets

          • Americans

            I have to disagree Canadian Guy… We’ve never went to war with Canada lol and whoever told you that is full of shit. We keep yalls asses alive most of the time, just like yal do the same for us. We’ve always been very close allies. Don’t damage that by spewing bullshit. Yall do have some badass snipers though

          • kongian

            we did go to war with canada. in the late 1700s, we tried to take it over. but we were utterly defeated. but canada was not a power. now we’re allies.

        • jeno

          america is the greatest nation on the fucking plant. fuck spirit your spirit isn’t going to stop my bullets

        • Americans

          Its sad that you try and talk about our nation without knowing our history. For your information we WON our freedom against ALL odds and we went to war against the BIGGEST superpower of the time and we FUCKING WON! WEVE EARNED EVERY OUNCE OF FREEDOM THAT WE HAVE AND YOU CAN THANK THE USA CANADA AND GREAT BRITAIN FOR YOU NOT BEING FUCKIN GERMANS RIGHT NOW, and dont fuckin judge us if you cant even take the time to try and get to know us! We have one of the richest cultures in the world and we win every war we fight because of the spirit we have. Granted, we reached a stale-mate with Vietnam but if yall are so fucking awesome, THEN WHY THE FUCK CAN’T YOU BEAT ISRAEL?! OH YEAH BECAUSE YOUR NOT AS BADASS AS YOU TRY TO MAKE YOURSELVES OUT TO BE!

          • kongian

            yes, and israel will never fall. God’s promise to abraham :) thats about the only middle eastern country i respect.

          • leonid

            SO this is just another NFL game for the world????

        • Americans

          Oh and btw I know I didnt put Russia on there in Doomsday and thats bec them and the French showed up late, soooooooo they dont get much credit. Canada actually did more of the work so they could act as a buffer more or less between the Germans and the US and Britain while we had to wait for Russia and France to join the fuckin party. Canada has always been our closest ally and our most dependable, they also did more than any other country on Doomsday even though the History books dont give him much credit. If you do your homework you would know all of this.

          • kongian

            they died in gallipoli, but they were very important. they caused many turkish casualties.

        • Other Greek guy

          To add to that , Greece was the one that held off the Germans untill the winter time. Soo most of them froze in the cold by the time the Germans marched to Russia. That is why Greece played a big role I’m WW2

    • rroro

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    • real photo

      im an expert in photoshop and picture editing and would have to say it would be close to imposible to fake her hair laying on her shoulders so naturally.

    • Change

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