Selena Gomez Shows Justin Bieber’s Family Her Nipple

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As if meeting your girlfriend’s family wasn’t hard enough, teen lesbian Selena Gomez decided to complicate the situation further by wearing a see through shirt and no bra. As you can see in the picture above Selena Gomez was in Canada to meet Justin Bieber’s family and she is clearly showing nipple.

I understand the need for a family to inspect the sex organs of a potential daughter-in-law, to make sure they are functioning properly before allowing a marriage. However, I do not see the point in doing so when it is a homoqueer relationship of two women like Selena and Justin.

It is not like they could ever conceive a child, and are not going to be righteously smited by Allah any day now for their sick degenerate sexual preference. Really I do not see the point.

  • theheadchimp

    They might as well get used to seeing her body as she will be mowing their lawn for the next 30 years. Its too bad they can’t have kids, 25 lil mexican biebers riding around in the back of a pickup truck would be fun to see.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    I have the cure for both these dumbass, teen lesboqueers.

    I’d stone them.


    J.B and GOMEZ are two of the greatest celebs of all time. SUCH A CUTE COUPLE
    your just mad because ISLAMICS HAVE ONE SONG


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      stupid asshole

      You are one dumb muthafucker if you think those two lesboqueers are great celebs.

    • theheadchimp

      They might be the greatest celebs of all time if you have the IQ of a frog.

    • Mike Rotch

      If celebs in this comment been talentless idiots, then yes. They are the GREATEST celebrities ever. Oh and by the way, racism=not cool.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        crotch sniffer

        Direct your comments to the infidels.
        Us Muslims don’t believe in racism.

        Also, you are a dumbass piece of google brained filth if you think the homoqueers in hollywood are something special. They are only great at two things; sucking up to the big nosed jews and being degenerate.

        eat shit and die mofo

      • theheadchimp

        Racism is cool
        If it wasn’t for racism the entire USA would be a bunch of halfbreed retarded ghetto dwelling welfare rats………Not everybody falls for that bullshit you call diversity and affirmative action. Its why the USA is going down the tubes.

      • Mike Rotch is a gay stupid ugly pedo retard dogfucker

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  • the prophet mohammed

    that’s not her nipple. nipples are round. that’s just a shadow or something