Selena Gomez Shows Her Cleavage

Selena Gomez cleavage

Selena Gomez and her boobs posed with this doofus to raise awareness about Selena’s rack.

An often overlooked part of Selena’s soon to be legal teenage body, her breasts have a coming out party of sorts in this candid shot. Obviously her boobs are no longer willing to play second fiddle to her face and have come out swinging saying, “Hey look we have cleavage. Stare at us.”

No word yet on how the rest of Selena Gomez’s body feels about this power move to grab the headlines, but there has been speculation that her butt has requested some serious gym time.

Selena Gomez will be turning 18 years old on July 22nd so there is understandably a lot of excitement going on with her body. Nothing is more fulfilling for a woman than to be objectified by being valued only for her looks, and once Selena reaches that magical age of 18 it will become socially acceptable in western society to make all sorts of overtly sexual remarks about her taut frame. I for one have some particularly dirty stuff saved up and can hardly wait.

  • joey

    fuck you, you bastard you need to leave selena alone and get a fucking life your just jealous of how well she is doing and all of her success so fuck off

    • Joey?

      Joey? Are you a dude? Holy shit! You need to get a life. I mean, I get why a 13-year-old girl would be upset, but Joey? Come one.

    • bravo51

      joey loves the dick

  • ur a prick

    i agree wiv joey n she ent like all the other girls out there shes totally different. man i wud love to beat da shiit out of you cunt

  • selmariegom

    get a life!!! leave her alone!!! Selena’s the greatest role model!!! She’s the youngest Unicef ambasaddor!!!

    • Luis

      Shut the fuk up man ,,,,she’s fine as hell,,bitch ass

  • wonky-love

    stupid! what the hell do you mean by cleavage and legal teenage body? i mean she is a great role model! i mean UNICEF, Disney’s Friends for Change, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital ‘Runaway for Life’, she even is the spokesperson for Borden Milk! my point, what bad thing has she done? what’s the big deal, she’s wearing a tank top

  • iiROCK

    This is stupid! Alot of people know that selena is not like that
    Maybe she didn’t know it was showing or whatever.
    So get a life.

  • mack

    some one is obessed this obviously wasnt written by a real reporter more like a ten year old

  • Nick

    This is disgusting, she should not be treated like a sexual object. You are a horrible person.

  • aiden

    Selena is an amazing singer and actor, how would you like it if someone posted a picture of your daughter and started trash talking them. just because she’s famous doesn’t mean you have the right to trash talk her. you should be ashamed of yourself you don’t even know her. CELEBRATES are people to. some go over the top but the ones that are nice and have something going for them get the bad rep just because other people ruined it for them. So leave her alone.

    • Rachel

      Ugh dude he doesn’t have a daugther…. Know why? Cause he’s a fat lifeless slob who wastes his time bashing little girls behind a computer screen. He’s still a virgin.. Not even a prostitute would lay this piece of shit

    • learn to spell

      “CELEBRATES are people to?”


  • TeenyRex

    Dear God, or, I’m sorry for this site, Allah, calm the fuck down. Yeah, Selena does seem to do all these nice wonderful things, but she is a celebrity. Everyone is subjectified to rumors, gossip and taunts. She is cute in a funky way if you’re autistic and if you’re deaf you don’t have to be subjectified to the sound of her voice through subtitles: in other words if you’re deaf and autistic, you’ll love her.

  • hdcvvkj

    if this was miley u would hear them all call her a slut

    • Rachel

      Exactly… I love how Miley is called a whore when she’s made it clear in her book that she wears a purity ring

  • lucifer

    fuck u who write this…………………………………….she’s done nothing wrong…..why don’t u leave her n go talk shit about someone else….

    • jr

      put a turbine on the writer and let his allah and jihadist allah ass show a little

  • Altamish Haniff

    This website is up to SHIT, you assholes don’t have a life

  • ground breaker


  • You’ve missed the point…

    …which is clearly:






  • xD

    seriously, i dont even like selena gomez ; but ur just LOW -.-
    get a fukin life u loser . honestly /:

    U NEED ONE .-.-
    & psychiatric help maybe ?

  • smithy

    what is this dude a paedo, he is getting off at her body while she is still 17. I might not be a selena fan but this dudes site should be investigated by the FBI.

  • thom

    to smithy: finding a seventeen year old attractive hardly qualifies anyone as a pedophile. now being twice their age, finding them attractive and acting on that feeling by sexually using that person? that’s a way more accurate description of how a pedophile would rock it. i myself, have fucked fifteen, sixteen and seventeen year old girls quite vigorously on multiple different occasions, hard and deep. of course, at the time of these encounters i myself was fifteen, sixteen and seventeen. does that make me a pedo, sleeping with people who are my own age? certainly if it’s okay for a sixteen year old to fuck a sixteen year old, then she is demonstrating that not only is she adult enough to engage in intercourse, but adult enough to make her own decisions about who she sleeps with and when, and for what reasons. i think you’re just bummed that you’re a virgin and probably gay on top of that.

    • Abdulla The Butcher


      You are a stupid infidel.
      A pedophile is attracted to a child who has not developed secondary sex characteristics. This means prepubescent.
      A 80 year old man attracted to a 17 year old would not be a pedophile while a 17 year old attracted to a 6 year old would,


    who cares what Selena does she SUCKS at Eveything acting singing taking pictures i can do better than her i think a dieing Mamoth sounds better than her except her song naturally i mean i haye her but laeve her alone she is almost 18. she could do whatever the fuck she wants.the only reason i even watch wizards of Waverly place is because i think Justin is SEXY

    • LOLLOL

      i mean Selena is great just not great enough if she wants to show cleavage let her its not against the law just leave her alone same with miley cyrus

    • frank drebin

      fuck u bitch. selena is great

  • mind ur business

    dude i dont get why people make a big deal out of everything let her do her thing she is 17 and she can do watever she wants…im just saying

  • mcmanly

    how do i get that cyrus cunt and this one in a 3way?!?!?!? be glorious…i’d be sure to splooge all over a: bible, torah, AND qoran. (hence not to offend anyone in particular)

  • dickspitz

    Time for that Mexican half to kick into gear Selena and grow yourself a nice big, fat Latina ass to go with your juicy tits and spunk-worthy face.

  • wowo

    i really think all of you should just leave her alone and let her do what she wants i mean you pricks that talk bad about her make her sound like a slut which she isnt shes a nice young lady who can do what she wants and when you write stuff about her like you did thats what getss people pissed off so just leaver her alone.

  • I wanna fuck Selena

    Omg I love Selena….can I get more of this?

  • right

    People on here are extremely strange Telling people to lay off her ect. IF people don’t like her acting/singing doesn’t mean there hating means they don’t like her style. Another fact is if you find her attractive doesn’t mean you think she is a whore in fact i’d personally prefer if she wasn’t a whore, and miley acts whoreish get over it.

  • iwannafuckSelenatoo

    will all the faggots here shut up?!! Selena is SMOKING HOT, so stop telling us to leave Selena alone!
    we won’t!! all you faggots: go visit some Taylor Lautner site or something!!!

  • kar456

    guys just leave her the fuck alone and thats coming from me and selena

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    This is another reason that Selena is a bad role model. This article is so true, believe it. I hate her and her stupid show Wizard Of Waverley Place. I hate her as much as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Beaver. Selena needs to die along with her fans. Selena’s show needs to end now. Her fans need to realize that she’s a bad role model and that she has no talent. She sucks. She also a bad role model because she has a tattoo. I also hate her because she dated Nick. I hate everyone that has dated a Jonas. Selena needs to quit acting and singing. She needs to die now. And her fans need to die now. I hate her fans as much as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Justin Beaver, Miley Cyrus fans. The Jonas Brothers are way better than her. And they will always will be.

    • Abdulla The Butcher


      Your rants are becoming tiresome.
      I have issued a fatwa against the jonas sisters…..and I think you know what that means.

  • djjohnson7

    this dosnt make sense if you dontlike selenas acting then why are you on this site talking about her what did she ever do miley has been getting a little slutty but what did she do that was so bad ok so she held a pole in a concert big deal she didnt get up and start stripping now did she no so if you dont like selena keep your comments to yourself she is an amazing beautiful girl not the slut on the side of the road that you use to keep yourself entertained because you dont have any other life shes a girl alright all girls wear shirts like that and they dont expect to have a bunch of pervs get online and talk trask about them behind their back screw you you nasty pervs

  • Selena’s fan

    Joe Jonas’s Girl
    Shut up. Who in heck do you think you are , talking so much rubbish, you doyle. Fair enough people have their opinions, but wanting people to DIE because of their many talents that you dont have? Im a big fan of Selena, I didnt want to end up on this page, it was an accidental click that made me end up reading all these comments that amused me, until I got to some freak called Joe Jonas’s Girl’s comment. Well guess what, YOU ARENT HIS GIRL, SO WHEY HEY YOU SAD IDIOT. Im a fan of selena like I said before, so you expect me to die. well TOUGH. not today my friend, not today. and by the way dont get your hopes up, because when I said “my friend” I didn’t mean it. Im not too fond of some of the other people you mentioned, but never the less they’re all talented. and she’s got a tattoo, so what? let her have a tattoo, its not being a bad role model, shes legally old enough to have one. I didnt even know she had a tattoo, and I hear justin bieber has one too, and hes like 16. And to be honest, Im a man and I find selena gomez beautiful, so she has cleavage, so do most women, so she showed it off, so do most women! celebrities are normal too., unlike some *cough joe jonas’s girl* pointless, pointless, site. and before someone says why did you comment, i’ll tell you why. because i care about sel.

  • andrewmuadle

    yup i agree with joey

  • bravo51

    i love the retard fans who come here and try to defend selena ..bunch of fucking losers, selena = washed up and forgotten til her sex tape comes out in 2012