Selena Gomez Shows Her Breasts

Selena Gomez breasts

Selena Gomez is finally free of her Bieber infection, and to celebrate she appears to be showing off her breasts in the photo above.

This is a common behavior for newly single infidel women like Selena Gomez, who like to use their new relationship status as a justification for acting like a whore (showing off their shameful nude bodies and having tons of anonymous sex with minorities).

Yes this Selena Gomez topless picture is a result of the twisted infidel woman logic that being newly single entitles her to be a slut because it is empowering to “relish in her independence”. Despicable!

  • Not Gay

    Show jealous of her tan! Yum!

    • Barney Fifier

      I will suckle at her mammaries all day and nights.

      • Koon Kwame

        Sheet mufuggas, if I’z be good, de Gawd in Hebbins wou makes meez uh Mexican ins muh next life.

        Sho’nuff beez a step up from beinz a stanky-azzed coon n’ sheeyt.

        Nows I gots ta gets muh drank on gots me some Colt Foty-Fibe and some fresh KFC toos!

        Mmm! Mmm! It sho be fingah likins guds!


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          This holy site is degrading very fast because of all the googles, fags, jews, americans, beaners and underage idiots sticking around.

          The scum of society is provoking Islam because they know that we are the only true virile Faith, capable of defeating them; and we will, whatever it takes.

          Allahu Akbar

          PS – I forgot to mention whores: they are a minor nuisance but they will be annihilated too. Pigs and dogs as well. And men who refuse to wear a beard, And males living in Cincinnaty with less than 6 feet tall.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Brother Hashim

            I especially hate all american injuns. them mofos look like skinney mexicans and their fire dances are an insult to Islam.

            I look forward to when Islam takes over and us Muslims set fire to them injuns.

            Let’s see who dances then!

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Farzan The Wise

            Brother Abdullah,

            Once Islam has conquered the west, The indian heathens will be easy to round up. They are lazier than blacks (which is impressive) are always drunk and still haven’t gotten over being beaten senseless by whites 250 years ago. They truly are dumb as shit. We can use them to practice our stone throwing skills.

            Allahu Akbar

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            You are right: Injuns are a specially disgusting form of life. Besides those gay dances around the fire, they are known for their addiction to alcohol and yak male “milk”.

          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah Dumb Shit
            ‘Mexicans’? Mexicans originate from Native Americans and Spanish, as they are a bastard hybrid race of the two, so that doesn’t work there, dumb ass. ‘Fire dances…islam”, also doesn’t make sense, and if you were an actual Muslim, then you’d know the mid east has no care for native americans, you stupid moron.

            Farzan The Follower
            Please, if you are capable of conquering the US, then go right ahead and invade the US with your imaginary islamic army. Although, of course, you’re as fake as any other imposter here, and even they are somewhat funny, yet you’re just worthless and not worth the time to reply to. ”Blah blah…lazier then blacks”, is this really all you can say with your limited vocabulary, just repeated racist nonsense?

            Hashim Shit Head
            More dumb nonsense. ‘Yaks?’ The only ones in North America are domesticated zoo animals, and they haven’t been here long, and they are not native here, you dumb shit. Once again proving your ignorance and stupidity and your very sick mind.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Idiot injun

            The three ladyboys you mentioned…..they’re definitely big time butt pluggers. I can confirm that Fag Farzan is the newest member of a “special ed” gloryhole in Iran. Its a gloryhole that specializes in sucking off men in wheelchairs as well as retarded googles. The gayness of the other two has been well documented by me both here and in KIA (Klan Intelligence Agency) files.

            The other thing we have in that file……your bloodline……which shows your daddy as a “Jamal.” Turns out your mother was raped by a pack of googles coming out of an injun casino after seeing her late show…..where she fucks a buffalo.

            Also on file……your IQ:

            62…..The same number of homos who have filled your ass with semen……last week.

            You’ve been defeated intellectually and have proven your self a real asshole lover idiot.

            Suck that big one mofo


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Tiny Pecker Pete,

            Talk about “Klan intelligence” (sic) is something laughable. The smarter member of that agency has the IQ of a Injun and him ain’t you.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Injun Poo,

            There should be a law forbidding computers in the reservations, funded by taxpayers money.

            That way we would not have to read your stupid and aggressive comments towards brothers.

          • Arcachnar

            For your information Yaks are coming from the Tibetan highlands, not in North America.

            @Pete defeated intellectually? Oh sure. You really think that YOU can defeat someone intellectually with homosexual tinted ‘ insults’ and with childish nagging and bickering, right? Grow up.

            Wait? Klan Intelligence Agency? Wow. You sure still living in your own fantasy world. There is no such thing. They are just a weak TERRORIST group. Yes. Irony at its best.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            For all the people with lack of imagination,

            I eat mozzarella cheese several times a week and where I live there are no buffaloes…

          • White Knight


            I sure wish that I didn’t have an imagination, hearing you talk about eating mozzarella cheese ( which is code for swallowing some guys salty load ) several times a week sickens me. Keep your daily diet to your self please. Or you might run the risk of your Mexican lover Abdullah finding out that the whole time you’ve been whispering sweet nothings in his ear while spooning, you’ve been cheating on him all awhile.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            White Shit,

            Talk for yourself, you cum swallower.
            Besides, everybody knows that there is no such thing as mexican muslims, and that there isn’t a single fag alive among us.

            Also: you must complain to your dope supplier because the shit he is giving to you is realy bad. This I can tell…

          • Arapaho Native

            Grand Trailer Park King
            Listen, white trash, you’re the one saying all those disgusting things and it’s not possible for you to see my bloodline and even if you could, it wouldn’t say something that stupid.
            Thanks for taking my words and turning them dumb. Now take your sick dreams of fucking buffalo and get the fuck out, white trash.

            Hashim Slow Brain
            Sorry, but I paid for my computer and it’s pretty ridiculous to think tribes are handing out CPs.
            Aggressive? I use only logic when argue, you must mean you’re just threatened by my intelligence. Dumb ass.

            Arcachnar, thank you and you’re completely right.

          • White Knight

            Algonquian tribe member

            Quit trying to cozy up with Arachnid, no matter how many times you blow in his ear, I highly doubt that he will give you the benefit of a reach around.

          • There is no god

            Grand dragon Pete you are but one of many fakes on this site I do not believe that you are a grand dragon of anything but your own fucken imagination. Besides if you were a grand dragon of any state you would know that the KIA does not fucken exist its the KBI the Klans Beurau of Investigation. the real KKK are really just a bunch of uneducated, inbred and brainwashed pussies who have nothing in them but hate so mr grand dragon I’m waiting, come get me cause I’m a google loving infadel. But you won’t do a fucken thing cause your a fat lazy peace of shit who has no place in this world and you really are the one who deserves a noose.

            -Ya Boi Out

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            God is Great

            Its white people like you who give aryans a bad name. If it weren’t for googles, muslims, wetbacks, jews, injuns, asians, eskimos, and homos……the master race would be very peaceful people. Its those people who bring violence to the world and constantly disrespect our God and desecrate our Bible. Negro lovers like you ain’t no better than googles themselves. This is why all of those coloreds and queers must die… we can live in peace.

            Don’t you act like you know a god damn thing about The Klan. The KIA works hand in hand with the CIA to bring terrorists and coloreds to justice. We played a big role in the raid on Osama has bin Laden’s compound and hired wetback George Zimmerman to execute that little negro Trayvon Martin……and now us aryans are going to make sure the spic spends the rest of his life in jail. Two birds, one bullet.

            Your execution order will be signed, sealed, and delivered by sun up. Make peace with the fact that the next cock you suck will be your last.


          • Arapaho Native

            White Numb Nuts
            You dumb ass, I was simply agreeing and I never made any attempt for friendship, since it’s illogical to have friends on this site. Now fuck off and take your reach around fantasies with you.

            Big Dumb Pete
            There is no master race and your fantasies of a perfect, kkk life is both ridiculous and stupid. And the way you continue to talk about this lame nonsense of ‘KIA’ and empty threats is beginning to get really boring.
            Execution by sun up? Please, you shouldn’t say something that can be so easily disproved, you dumb ass. Now all I have to do is post after sun up and prove you’re full of shit. Any excuse you have won’t be plausible enough to disregard actual evidence. Now stop purposely making a dumb ads of yourself and fuck off.

          • brooke tyler

            Not trying to steal your thunder but to avoid any confusion among the people of Southern Ohio it is spelled put a Y where the I should have been. Common mistake. You shouldn’t feel bad about it. It could happen to anyone.

          • Arapaho Native


            Disregard that. I suck cocks!

          • Arapaho Native

            Idiot Imposter
            You’re not me, because there’s only three people who are stupid enough to keep liking their own posts immediately after they submit comment, Abdullah, Big Pete, and Moshe. Now fuck off, boring imposter.

          • Die Terrorists

            Holy site? It’s a fucking pornagraphic website! You terrorists hide your women and talk about fucking men. Your religion preaches all about violence. How is that gonna convince anyone to join your little religion which is basically an excuse to like sick gay retarded bastards. No one likes your half breed dirty asses. You look like gay pieces of camel shit and you talk like you’ve had about two hours of education. There’s not a single point to your existence except to be a nuisance to all the people your jealous of. So go hop on your fucking camels and chase each other around with 3 ft. dildos like nature intended you to do. Thank you.

        • hunter


  • Fares


    • Mohammad Mohammad Mohammad

      I would say to let the ‘first’ fuck your ass, but you are a failure, and probably an infidel too, so take that in your Jesus ass jew fucker

    • Moshe Dayan


      It’s called a refresh button you zero.


    • Faqrhad The Supreme

      إذا كنت تأخذ من الوقت لترجمة هذا، كنت يمارس الجنس مع البكم.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    OMFG!!! She’s gorgeous!!! Ive never seen her look that good!!! I always wondered what the big deal was with her. Now I know!!

    • Johnny Rotten

      Until I saw this photo of Selena, the only hot mexicans that I have ever seen were out in the fields picking oranges.

  • Corey

    Its a fake. She’s got a flabby girl body in real life.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Even just her face is so cute!!!

    • Anubis

      Degenerate whore! You would probably lick any slut’s pussy, even a wetback’s hairy smelly snatch.

      There is nothing more disgusting than two or more lesboqueers scissoring and rug munching each other. A stoning is the only cure for such vile sick debauchery.

      • Imam Khalid

        What might be even sicker is them going rear to rear with a double-headed sin shaft aka dildo while flicking their sin buttons with their neatly manicured fingers.

        Turns the halal shawarma and pita bread in my gut just thinking of it!

  • Richard the Lionheart

    This is the most obvious fake ever. I think we must set another crusade against this website.


    • Farzan The Wise

      Richard The Homoheart

      Brother Durka does not post fake photos. I contacted the finest scientists in Iran and they came to the conclusion that this picture is indeed real. You sir are a massive faggot. The only crusade you are taking is to the local truck stop to get your shit pushed in.

      Suck on that fag

      • lol

        Thats a lie because they don’t have scientist in Iran. The most intelligent thing to be found there is a goat. So get your vienna sausage out of their butts and they just might bring you into the 12th century.

      • FAN

        Brother Durka the fuckass has been posting 100% fake photos

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      I hate crusaders. And if these crusaders are Island Alpes, I hate them even more.
      We Muslims must waste all these criminals.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Brother Hashim,

        As proud Muslims we will silence these infidels once the west has been taken over. When the evil jew is finally defeated the black abid’s will revert back to there primitive ways making them easier to dispatch from our holy lands. With no protector the black heathens will once again be nothing more than slaves.

        Allahu Akbar

        • Richard the Lionheart

          Fuckzan The Gay

          We killed you all once, we’ll do it again.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Homo at Heart

            You killed us all ? You American retards have been getting your assholes kicked by Afghanistan for over a decade. You really think you could fight the mighty Iran ? You are a faggot and an idiot.

            Suck cocks mofo

          • Richard the Lionheart

            I’m Richard the Lionheart, and you call me American? This further proves that Islamic people are deprived of any education. Their ancient history is Last week’s “page 3”. Their higher level mathematics is “2+2=?”. Their Design and Technology is “How to wear a Justice Vest for dummies!”. We must send help right away in the form of a Little Boy or Fat Man explosive.

          • Farzan The Wise

            Richard Homo At Heart

            Then what country do you call home ? Ireland? Scotland? Either one is quickly becoming filled with Muslims. You retards also love importing googles into your countries for some reason. Bunch of pussies you all are, just can’t wait for them googles to breed with your women can you? You will never conquer us Muslims. Our countries grow stronger while your become weak, broke, and filled with googles.

            Suck on that chump

          • Richard the Lionheart

            Do you not realise that we import them as slaves to our will? We force them to fight in arenas for our amusement, and lock 100s of them in pits to see who survives. The survivor gets to be set free in America. They fucking love you islamic bastards in america.

          • Farzan The Wise

            Richard Loves Googles At Heart

            Believe your fantasies all you want queer. Your country is lost and you know. How much longer could it have? A few decades at most. Not only do you import googles, your country treats them better than its own citizens. Pathetic wimps. Hope all that diversity you let the Jews cram down your throat is paying off. Soon your women will all be giving birth to black babies and you all will smile. How long until you have made them your leaders, cops, and politicians? So pathetic. Come to Iran. No one tells us to import googles let alone put them in office or cry about diversity.

            Good luck watching your country disappear fag, learn to hate the Jew like smart people do.

          • …..why do you wanna know????

            Fuckzan, we killed your main terrorist many years ago and we will kill you all off once and for all because us americans have the best military in the world. You guys should just give up, strap any C-4 you have left to your chests, and kill each other with it. Jesus is WAY better than Allah and us americans can prove it. Fuck off.

        • Richard the Lionheart

          Do you not realise that we import them as slaves to our will? We force them to fight in arenas for our amusement, and lock 100s of them in pits to see who survives. The survivor gets to be set free in America. They fucking love you Islamic bastards in america.

  • Farzan The Wise

    Selena looks so good……when she is in a burka cleaning up after my camels.

    Allahu Akbar

  • Farzan The Wise

    After thinking about it i have decided to sell Selena after catching her looking at my prize camel in a sexual way. Do i have any takers ? I will start the bidding at 3 chickens.

    • John F. Kennedy

      3 chickens and you can go please fuck yourself

    • Moshe Dayan


      Tell you what, I’ll take Selena and you can fuck your camel…again.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Don’t be rude to a brother, you filthy fucking piece of swine dung,

        • Moshe Dayan

          Homo Hashim,

          Haven’t seen your ugly face on this site for a long time. Your anger shows you must still have those swollen hemorrhoids from last nights session with Anal Abdullah.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Z homo,

            Everybody knows that Jews are the ugliest men on Earth: starting on their huge noses and ending on their useless half-chopped tiny peckers.

            So, don’t talk about ugliness, you dirty jew swine.

    • farooqalimuhammad

      My friend, I will gladly give you three chickens, and a pre-lubed goat for the beaner woman, she will be a good birthday gift for brother Obama during the take over of the U.S.

  • brother durka

    im a gay homo and i fuck men

    • Not Gay

      Scream it sister!

  • dede9999


  • nooooooooooo

    this is not selena her jaw structure is completely wrong her cheeks are to small at the top and at the bottem to small her nose is bigger than selenas by like alot if you look at them side by side her eyes are a lighter color than this want to be selena fake bitch and the real selena has a mole on her right tit fail.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    It is so Selena!!! Maybe not the body, but the head and face are Selena, and she’s beautiful. I want to ‘jump her bones’, as they say.

    • Not Gay

      What a dyke! It’s disgusting!

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Definitely “real”……I have jerked to it seven times……and my camel has eight times…..we both came buckets worth…

  • Bashiri al-Saud

    Arissa Thecunthoe:::::::::: Your flamming lesbianism is an insult to all muslims! Besides Selena would never be with you, she craves donkey dongs in her ass and snatch! She loves the smell of llama sperm dripping from her lips. You can wish all you want but the bullets from an AK is all you deserve!!

  • brother durka

    i fucked my camel 4times and 1 4 luck

  • Bob


  • Moshe Dayan

    There must be a 3:1 blow and go happening at the tikrit gloryhole because the usual fags aren’t around.

    The AIDs infested gangbang 5: Anal Abdullah, Homo Hashim, Anal-Lube-is, Abdul Arsehole and Imam Kocklick are right now working the “hole” in a bukakke daisy chain of dick sucking, ass pumping, hole rimming and load chugging.

    Eat shit and die mofo

    • Farzan The Wise

      Shut your filthy jew mouth. Speaking like that about any holy Muslim man will bring you a death sentence that I will be more than happy to carry out. One day we Iranians will launch a mighty nuclear weapon we call the atomic camel into the evil satanic state of Israel and be done with you for good. In the mean time enjoy sucking cocks and getting fucked by googles at the tel Aviv gloryhole.

      Eat shit jew Cocksucker Islam is coming for you soon

    • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

      I heard that you are using the name of a great Israeli general because your real name is baby balls Moises the prepubescent boy who no woman wants so he stands there holding his little fellow.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Farzan is a proud Iranian name you jew cocksucker. For your insult against me you will be stoned by the holiest stones of Allah.

        Death to israel

        • White Knight


          Alissa was talking to Moshe you dumbass. For fucks sake, first you don’t know how to use the reply icon when responding to people, but then when you do finally use it, you respond to someone that wasn’t even talking to you. Your muslim “brothers” should stone your ass just for embarrassing them………BOY

          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay Pete,

            The fake Alissa deserved what she got. Don’t meddle in Muslim business. Now back to your gloryhole fag. I’m sure there is someone willing to pay extra to give you a glass bottom boat.

          • White Knight


            I can guarantee you that I am not Pete. Your response to me doesn’t change the fact that you are one dumb mutha fucka. And you tell me not to meddle in “muslim business ” ha! You are no more of a muslim than I am, but you had better watch your overused ass. Because from what I have gathered since I have been here is that the “real muslims” here hate fucking posers such as yourself almost more than anything else. So think on that for awhile………BOY

        • Moshe Dayan

          Fart-zan = FAIL

          Yet another low IQ retard muslim escaped from his chains at some Tehran gloryhole. Obviously Fart-zan is more aquainted with pleasing a hard muslim cock than replying to posts on wordpress forums.

          Ignorance now revealed, the shame and embarrassment should send this loser fucktard back to where he belongs, his Tehran gloryhole mosque in a double-team with Anal Abdullah and Homo Hashim.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Farzan The Wise

            Mo-She Jew Tranny

            Laugh now, for soon you will feel the wrath of Allah when Iran drops the Atomic Camel on Israel. No more sucking rabbi cocks at your Tel Aviv gloryhole.

            Eat shit fag

          • Moshe Dayan


            Everyone is laughing at you retards and your loser third world technology. Your pathetic attempt at missles probably end up killing more Iranians than the enemy as they fuck up and fall back to earth hitting your fitly goatherd villages.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Farzan The Wise

            Filthy Jew

            Laughing at us? Really? Is that why the sissy fag jew leader has been on his knees begging the us of a to go to war with Iran? You fags know the threat is real, that’s why you threaten us with war. A war you would surely loose on your own if you didn’t have America fighting all your battles for you. Bunch of pussies in Israel. Kicked out of every country in mixing your own….haha ! You make me laugh dipshit.

            Go blow your rabbi fag
            Allahu Akbar

  • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

    Selena is a beautiful Texas Aryan woman… the best kind of Aryan woman after those from my home state of Mississippi.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    I’ve been agreeing with most Muslims lately and still Bashiri al Saud attacks my character. He crticisizes. my sexuality and lesbianism when we all know that Mohammed was a woman dressed as a man. When the angel Gabriel whispered into Mohammed’s ear he said “strap a dildo on and become the spiritual leader of Islam” and Mohammed listened and began to pork everything in site. In a nutshell, that is the history of the birth of Islam.

    • Moshe Dayan


      Even as a Jew I am offended by your vile comments against Islam. All religions agree on one thing, whores should die.

      Go spread your MDR-Gonorrhea to your tricks or use a piece of rusty angle iron to roughly dildo your ass. Otherwise just fuck off because we don’t want to hear from whores.

      Eat shit and die mofo bitch

  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    Remember everyone its only a party when I walk in.

  • Muslim

    It’s only a smell of camel spunk when Alissa DiCarlo walks in.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    If one more man calls me a cunt on this site Ill leave and not come back!!!

    • Imam Khalid


      • Arab

        OBSERVER I sense my dick in ur asshole.

        • OBSERVER

          Pure delusion, my Arab friend.

          The fact is you’re a eunuch since birth, so you can’t even have a “muscle memory” of your non-dick.

          Perhaps you’re simply horny? I know no one touches you, and you can’t wank off either … Perhaps a camel or horse or some such might give you their cock, if you asked nicely?

          Cheerio, my Arab eunuch friend.

    • brother durka

      cunts are useful your not

    • Moshe Dayan


      now go ram a greased chair leg into it.












    and another cliche as advice: “et a life”



    — a well wisher

    • Site Administrator

      “OBSERVER” is the same idiot from NJ who posted as “Sick of it” a couple of days ago. Appears to be central NJ. Don’t have an ID to the ISP address yet. Working on it. Closing in. We’ll get there. Keep posting fool. You have an unstated agenda. Your agenda will soon become apparent.

      • Davis Alexander – site admin

        ‘OBSERVER’ and ‘Sick of it’ are indeed the same person. They have the exact same writing style and usage. Their ‘I’m better than you’ rambling diatribe hides great anger. The poster is female
        We will undoubtedly know more as they come back again. They are trying to appear detached, but they are not detached. They have a vested interest.

        • OBSERVER, ROFL

          Night Cocksucker,

          Your writing style makes it evident that you are a cock-less freak who stalks animals in the hope of getting to suck their cock.

          (I begin to see where the charm of this site lies, apart from the pics and laughs that is. Faggot-bashing is sort of fun!)

          • Jonathen

            I was thinking about your first post and, is there a reason why you won’t say your supposed “non insiders” names? Ate you afraid of these people? And that is why you will not utter their names?

            I mean, if you’re deliberately trying to insult them, then why not say it to their face? Unless, of course, you are in fact scared.

  • Bob

    so fake…. this is actally vic jus

  • PrincessASSkicker

    What kind of ignorant douche-bitch calls ANY woman a “cunt?”
    Such petty ridiculousness can only be spoken by individuals who clearly lack
    The ability to form intellectual conversation!

    • Imam Khalid

      Silence, cunt or you will get an battery acid chemical peel for your insolence as is prescribed in the Noble Qur’an.

      • PrincessASSkicker

        Imam….you have such impressive language skills , perhaps this “Noble Qur’an” you speak of shall present you with the Nobel Fuck You Award!! Evidently I am forced to resort to your pathetic, ignorance to ensure your understanding of Respect 101. Cheers to you Mr. Redundant waste of humanity….

        • Male Supremacy

          Know your place woman! I didn’t hear any man around hear jingling his zipper, so why would you bother to open your mouth in the first place? Get your ass back to the kitchen like a good little girl and pipe down.

          • Male Supremacy


        • Word of wisdom

          Whore and queen of ignominious cunts,
          Why do you ask for “respect”, when by spreading your inane blabbing on the internet you bring dishonour on the house of your owner ? Is that how you show “respect” to the man that purchased you ? By the way, he aware that you are currently talking to strangers without the supervision of a male relative ?

          Worst of all : you can’t have respect when you show you can’t respect the spiritual guidance of one of the most respected scholars, Imam Khalid, sought by so many on the internet for his immense knowledge.

          Learn that you provided the legal grounds for any pious muslim to require in a coranic court your tongue to be severed and your fingers cut for the illegitimate use of a keyboard.
          Maybe this will teach you what “respect” is.

          • Arapaho Native

            Princess, I agree, the use of this word by the fake muslim group is repulsive. Oh, if you didn’t know, these guys aren’t real Muslims, they’re completely Americanized. I won’t bring out the evidence yet, unless one of these morons challenge me. 

            Imam Khalid, your empty insults are pointless, and immature. But, if you really have the means to kill me, go right ahead, my silence would prove my death. But only if you could kill me, dumb ass. 

            Male White Trash, get some real insults, these sexist put downs are weak, and if your head wasn’t filled with shit, then you’d see how ineffective they are. 

            Word of Bullshit, it’s pretty obvious she’s American, like you, and you’re just to stupid to put that together. *Scoffs* ‘Purchase’, dumb shit. She doesn’t need a male relative, numb skull, she doesn’t live in a Muslim Country. How did you not get this? Oh, right, I forgot, your skull has more bone then brain, asshole. 

          • Word of wisdom

            Brown creature,
            you are an insult in the eye of most holy, no wonder he invented the smallpox to get rid of your race, and then humiliated you by submitting you to the englishmen.

            The fact that princessofwhores is a dumbshit murkin, a microdicked chinaman, a mexicobrazilian transvestite or a somali sheperd is irrelevant, as the true faith of islam knows no boundaries and doesn’t recognise religious freedom. It is no choice : she has to comply the rules of islam.

            So stones it will be. Severed noses, and hands and feet, as it is written in the sunnah.
            For you, although I am no american, it will be flea infested blankets.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Anal-Ho Native,

            To quote Philip Sheridan, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead”. Sadly the US Cavalry never finished the job and sent y’all the way of the Neanderthal. Instead we have to sit here and listen to an “intelligent” Injun inhabiting the nether regions of mount Olympus make pseudo-intelligent condescending remarks. . Meanwhile previous threads and posts show a distinct homoerotic attack strategy employed countless times.

            There is a word for that in the language, it’s called a hypocrite and you, Anal-Ho Injun are nothing more than a hypocrite.

            Just 150 years ago, your ancestors would cut the heart out of a mans chest and barbq it, shit in holes in the ground and wipe their asses with rocks (hey muslims still do that??). The last genetic grouping of human who lived in the stone age. Your race represents embarrassment and is a FAIL in the scale of the human enterprise. Too bad all the Injuns didn’t live in Germany before 1939.

            And for my 2 cents, any male (if thats what you are) using phrases like “these sexist put downs are weak” is either a lefty liberal metrosexual or a cock sucking fag, which are both the same to me.

            Now go get AIDs, its the new smallpox.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Word of Nonsense
            Dumb ass, learn how to properly engage in a argument, “brown creature”? You’re supposed to be a Muslim, yet you reveal you’re as american as me, since most middle east citizens are even browner then today’s Native Americans. Small pox is an infectious disease unique to human, so if your most holy(whatever the fuck that means) created it, then he’d want to get rid all humans, dumb shit. You ignorant moron, it wasn’t just englishman, it was also Conquistadors, Europeans and  Missionaries, so keep your dribbling mouth shit if you don’t know what you’re talking about. 
            What to you mean she has to comply? You can’t make her, it’s just not in your power, Fuck head. 

            By all means, send your imaginary blankets down, shit head. 

          • Arapaho Native

            Moshe, why do you waste my time and yours with this Nazi-like racism and immature rantings? And why do you think I give a shit what a dead, fat, drunk says? He even denied saying that, dumb fuck. Yes, I did insult certain users with homo-tinted insults, but I only did it to get their attention, while you continue to spew disgusting, homosexual nonsense for no apparent reason, but I’m guessing you’re just not an adult. 
            I’m not a hypocrite, and I really don’t give shit a whether someone like you thinks so. 

            I know that the “Gentle wild man” is mostly untrue, and yes, certain tribes did that, but not mine, so it’s just meaningless to point it out. “Shit in holes and wipe their ass with rocks”, is this really what you think of during an argument, you fucking sicko? “Atone age”, dumb shit, it was a hunting age and it was not and still is not the last, shit-for-brains. You miss a lot when you go on wiki, don’t you? 

            “Your race represents…blah blah”, just another worthless opinion, and I can easily disregard it, since I know it is simply not true. 

            I am a left liberal, but not a “metrosexual” or a fag, and it’s completely stupid to assume that since you know almost nothing about me other then my race and syntax, but then again, I remember how low your intelligence is. 

            Did you think this would impress me? Or is your mouth just continuously spewing nonsense? 
            I see what you’re trying to do, a pathetic attempt to insult me and sound intelligent, but you’ve never won a argument against me, and that’s not going to change, you intellectual nothing. 

            Aid is the new smallpox, huh? I guess that means you have it first, dumb ass. And it was discovered 2500-3000 years ago, and it wasn’t just native Americans that suffered it, asshole. 

          • Farzan The Wise

            Cactus Google Arapaho

            No one cares what a dumb drunk redskin fag has to say about a Muslim. And yes you are a dumb brown creature. So dumb that they live like googles on there reservations. Thought you retards took care of the land and were noble people? Go to any reservation and try to convince yourself that its not a google ghetto. We live in a modern society here in Iran. You dumb shits still can’t get your act together after how many years and handouts from the moronic government. Go dance in a circle to make it rain dipshit.

            Suck on that mofo

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            It’s a delight to see the dumbest couple of this site (second to the gay pair Small Worm Pete and White Knight) to fight each other: a Jew and a Pepperoni Skin.

            Of course their arguments are boring and with total lack of sense.

            But anyway, I hope they keep insulting each other because this way we, righteous Muslims, may proceed with more relevant actions…

          • Arapaho Native

            Farzan The Very Stupid
            Tell me, is your name “The Wise” supposed to be sarcastic? Because thats the only way that would makes sense. “Cactus”, oh, you ignorant moron, there are barely any cactuses on reservations and there are none on the Arapaho Reservation, so what is this nonsense? 

            Listen, if you no one cares, then why did you bother to reply? You shouldn’t say things that could be so easily disproved, it makes you look like a fucking moron. Most reservations have a protected wild life, and most of them are definitely not like a ghetto. But then again, you are a major moron, so none of what you say matters. 

            Modern society in Iran? Some of that may be true, but it still combats poverty and brutality daily and it’s now the one of the countries main concerns now. You must have never been there, imposter. I doubt that anyone takes you serious, since you can’t even follow a logical argument. 

            Hashim Dumb Fuck

            Haha, why do the dumbest of the users think that someone else is as stupid as you? Intelligence may seem boring to the weak minded, but I never expected much from you anyways. 

            *Scoffs*, lack of sense? I called you ignorant to insult you before, but now I know you’re as ignorant as a dog. If you had a working logical mind, then you’d know that my posts are completely logical, but what would you know, you think it’s boring, just like the retards in the short bus. Even Moshe had logic, but you’re just a mindless idiot. Come back when you can keep up, losers. 

          • Farzan The Wise

            Retarded Drunk Native

            Yes we have poverty in Iran. What country doesn’t? The thing is dumb redskin, Is that we have a country unlike you morons. Before whites came and kicked your heathen butts senseless you had nothing. No laws, no borders, no concept of civilization, nothing. Just roaming the land tracking animals to eat. Killing other tribes over hunting grounds. Fucking savages you all are. Whites came and gave you a civilization with medicine and technology. And what do you dumb fucks do? Do you go to college to better yourselves or rise above the past and help your people advance? Nope, you dumb shits lay around drinking all day blaming whites for your own stupidity. And good job with the casino’s. Seriously fucking casino’s? That’s the best you idiots can do with your tax free status? Your reservations look like google shit holes because you are googles, just red. Just face it Dances With Cocks in Mouth, your a pathetic people.

            Go blow a buffalo queer

          • Arapaho Native

            Haha, you really are moron, aren’t you? Showing your enemy your stupidity is one thing, but showing your enemy you’re panicking, not smart at all. Is this the best tactic you can come up with? Insulting my race? Why do you think my name is ‘Arapaho Native’, it’s because I won’t be insulted my an idiot. The thing is, dumb white trash, is that we do have a country, shit head, that is why we’re called “Native Americans”, and we always had this country. Not only are you wrong, but you just made a complete moron of yourself. You know why you targeted my race and that is because you’ve failed intellectually at the previous argument and you just can’t keep up, so you resort to the most pathetic, desperate way you can attempt to insult me.
            I did go to college and that is why you have lost the previous argument and that is why it is impossible for you to even keep up, intellectually. 

            Did you know you’re just repeating yourself? “Indians…blah blah…fail”, just a series of meaningless opinions without any logical or scientific evidence to back up your pathetic insults. “Dancing with cocks I’m mouth”, from your disgusting mind, sicko. 

            You know, as a “Muslim”(unlikely), you keep some very odd hours, but if you were living in the US, then that would make complete sense, since the majority of your posts are listed in GTM time zone, and almost none of your posts match the average middle east times. Meaning, you keep American time, and you’re no more a Muslim then me, dumb shit. 

          • Moshe Dayan

            Anal-Ho Indian,

            Not only are you a hypocrite, you’re a hypocrite lost in multiple dimensions of denial. Like all natives your problem is that you were brought up with the “hate the white man who stole our land” standard line. All natives today live in a fantasy world of entitlement and self loathing masked as hatred for the “White Man” and as long as they engage in this they will never progress.

            Stone age, bronze age, iron age, go to a museum if you want to understand these classifications. Never heard of hunting age, sounds like some revisionism bullshit made up to make Native Americans feel better over their total lack of achievement. Natives never graduated to even the bronze age, they never figured out how to make bronze which was first done in the fertile crescent 3000 years before. Natives never developed writing and never developed a civilization. Their weapons were made of bone and stone at a time Europeans were making steel. When the Norse first ran into them they named them “skraelings” translated loosely as wretches which adequately describes their state of hand to mouth existence. To sum it up they had a huge continent all to themselves and did fuck all with it. Nothing changed, not one thing, for thousands of years until Europeans came and made it into something.

            With a losing history like that, crap, I’d have a lot of rage too.

            Eat shit and die mofo.

          • Arapaho Native

            Moshe, you can call me a hypocrite in denial, but it doesn’t mean shit, since I simply know it to be bullshit. Why do you think I care about your weak, racist insults? They do nothing, and this isn’t even your argument anymore, yet here you are, spewing racist, hate and that is why I think you’re lower then an animal. 

            I don’t hate “the white man”, and I’ve never said that recently, so stop with the bullshit, moron. And they did steal our land, but I’m past that, but you’re stupid enough to bring it up, like it’s gonna insult me, *scoffs*. 

            What I meant was the hunting age of northern plains Indians, in which they created one of most renowned hunting cultures in history. Your ignorance is understood, but not forgiven, since you know almost absolutely nothing of northern plain Indians or history, for that matter. By the early nineteenth century, the Plains Indians had mastered an array of equestrian bison-hunting techniques that were carefully adapted to the seasonal and geographical variations of the region. This is actual history, not the bullshit you imagine. Total lack of achievement, ha, you really need to read a history book, because you can put down Natives all you want, it just won’t mean a thing, since I know the history and culture. 

            “Bronze”? You dumb ass, they had no means of mining precious ore and had no way of heating it to the correct levels, moron. You really need to work on your ignorance. Norse? Why would I care what a bunch of murdering, raping madmen think? And why would a Jew, a civilization that suffered greatly from murdering madmen, care either? You see how ironic that is, moron? They did have a continent to themselves, but they were fine with what they has, and despite their low population, they had advanced quite much with what they had, such as hunting, farming, horseback warfare, and had deep culture roots. 

            Until, of course, the Europeans came with countless infectious diseases and plagues, which severely damaged the populations of whatever tribes that had been exposed, then the Europeans decided to “take” the land and that what was then beginning of The American Indians Wars, which lasted hundreds of years. 

            It’s not a losing history, dumb shit, you’re just not smart enough to understand it. You see, you’re no better then the countless racists and imposter’s here that troll around just to annoy people. Actually, you’re worse then them, since you would think that somebody from a culture of genocide would understand, yet, you continue with this disgusting vendetta against anyone other then your own race. If you can live with yourself, then why don’t you stay out of my arguments and stop being such a belligerent nuisance. 

          • Moshe Dayan

            Arapaho Native,

            You obviously have read something somewhere, likely the web but it is pretty clear that your ideas have been twisted through some form of Native American revisionist lens.

            Hunting culture? Equestrian techniques? Might I remind you that up to the 1600s there were no horses in North America. There were horses about 10,000 years ago until your Clovis people somehow came across from Northern Russia and killed off the Caucasoids that were the actual First Nations (and evidence for that is piling up everywhere for a pre-Clovis migration). Then you proceeded to kill off every large mammal in N/A, the mammoth, the giant ground sloth and finally the horse. Why didn’t Europeans do the same thing? They could have killed off the horse in Eurasia. Seems they were smarter, they figured out how to domesticate the animal.

            For 10000 years Natives developed fuck-all nothing and lived as stone age hunter gatherers. Your plains people used a travois, dogs and women to move their camps since the horses were gone. During this period Eurasians created civilization along with the wheel, the concept of the state, religion, writing, municipal government, weaponry, agriculture etc etc. Finally when the Spanish conqurered the new world, natives were able to find their stray horses. With European steel tools and weapons natives were able to begin the “Hunting Age” or whatever other bullshit term they indoctrinated you with at the Arapaho Native Centre.

            As for the myth of the noble savage, his mystical hunting techniques and the saw that he only takes what he needs and can manage the environment, well that’s total bullshit! Ever heard of “Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump”. That illustrates more directly the true native relationship with nature. You killed probably thousands of buffalo by running them off a cliff. Of course your people could only handle a few of them before they all rotted but that is similar to the extinction of all the other large N/A mammals your people were responsible for. If that’s the “Hunting Age” you refer to, the big achievement of your people then I’d say it ain’t nothin to be proud of. The only reason North American Indians didn’t kill everything that walked is that they lacked the technology to do so until Europeans arrived and gave them the technology but also thankfully put laws in place to stop them.

            Stole your land and you’ve got over it? It wasn’t yours in the first place. You killed our people who got there first. There is a huge door opening in the theory of the Settlement of the Americas indicating that pre-Clovis people lived here and were eradicated by your people coming down from the north. Evidence of human habitation of 50000 years has already been found and many of the skulls found show Caucasoid or Eurasian traits. It is starting to look like the Europeans just took back what was already theirs. And at the end of the day there is an argument to say that if one group is superior to another, then it is right that the lesser group should lose in any competition. This is the primary impetus of the theory of Evolution.

            I find someone who is pseudo-intelligent, who definitely has heard of these things but refuses to acknowledge them is a hypocrite. I am not accusing you personally as such, J’accuse your entire culture and the lying hypocrisy I am forced to listen to every time I hear a native activist lie to get more money from the government, or see these mystical managers of the ecosphere lobby for and receive special hunting rights to poach, er..hunt, during mating season with high powered rifiles under the guise of “their traditional right to hunt”

            Arapaho, you’re just an actor in a play written by the American Indian movement which you really don’t understand, because if you did you would be forced to agree with everything I have said. You may have some different ATCG combinations from other people mostly mixed with Caucasoids but you’re not a native. The stone age way of life that really would have made you different is long gone, your people have washed their genes with whites. The natives that exist now are nothing but a faint echo of something that existed at some point but is long gone. It would be better for the people who call themselves natives if there was no such thing as a status Indian..

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Moshe, why are you challenging me, since you’re almost entirely wrong and you have no understanding of aboriginal people. Might I remind you that it was the nineteenth century when they had mastered their hunting techniques, after the horse had been reintroduced in the seventeenth and eighteenth century, and the horse actually proved to be the missing link to their hunting advancements. You see, I know what you do, you go on some site and read a little information and twist it into your own inferior design. Let me tell you, reading a little information doesn’t make you a expert, and it really doesn’t matter what you think, since you’re wrong on every issue. I mean, you’re no professor, because I know your some suburban teen with usual immaturity and hatefulness. You don’t believe me, look it up, heres a link for the correct information,, Encyclopedia of the great plains. These people, the editors, know much more then you and are more regarded then you at Native American literature. Go ahead, try to challenge the actual professionals and see how much an idiot you look like. Why would I listen to you? You’ve been wrong almost every time and you’ve always lost when arguing about native americans, and previous posts prove it, showing you not replying, with my post as the last reply. You’ve never won, Goldberg, against me or Arcachnar, since you simply don’t know what you’re talking about, you fucking moron. Clovis? Recent studies show that the some of the Caucasoid remains had DNA of the same as Native Americans, although only a fucking idiot would assume one thing when the experts haven’t even proven either of the theories of the first humanoids on north America. And evidence is piling up, both for both sides, moron. I really hate losers who assume things just for hateful, dumb reasons without looking at all the facts. There’s no way anyone of us could prove that here, so stop bringing up pointless bullshit, asshole. Even if the clovis were the first people there, it just means that the natives killed and took the continent and apparently you’re for that kind of thing, idiot. They did kill off several large mammals, but thanks for proving my point about them being excellent hunters, marking the first great hunting period of the plains. The Plains people adjusted to the disappearance of large mammals by concentrating their efforts on killing smaller mammals. They perfected a wide range of killing techniques: they camouflaged themselves in animal skins and patiently stalked their prey, effectively proving their skills at hunting. And why didn’t the europeans do the same thing? They have, dumb shit, they killed and nearly hunted and pushed the grey wolf to almost extinction and don’t forget how the did hunt and kill the buffalo to extinction in the plains. Your pathetic boy Philip Sheridan was cheering as the hunters coldly murdered and flayed the great mammals. You really are stupid to bring up europeans when you’re talking about extinction, dumb fuck. 

            Fuck all? They developed their own hunting, farming, medicinal and gathering systems that kept them well alive throughout centuries and they were already deeply cultured before the invaders, and that alone proves the effectiveness of their skills. Another pathetic, pointless rant that has wasted my time. 

            The spanish didn’t conquer the new world, they invaded and stole the land of non fighting coast tribes, and there was little fighting between them and some of the coast tribes that had been able to fight, but they were overwhelmed by the conquistadors numbers. The real war wouldn’t start later, The American Indian Wars. This is what I was talking about, you have no understanding of native american and you have even less information. 

            You really have shit for brains, don’t you. They had weapons before, how do you think they hunted, numb skull? And I had said in a earlier post that the noble:/ was indeed a myth, so shut the fuck up, you’re really wasting my time with these meaningless bullshit, but they did care about their environment, much more then those pig europeans. That goes for you, weak minded moron. Thousands? More like hundreds over a long period of time and they never drove them to be near extinction, that was Europeans(ie you), dumb ass. Natives hunted them for food and hides for construction, not for sport, you prick. Kill everything? What kind of shit head loser are you? Not true, that still applies to europeans and settlers, asshole. Group? You mean race, dumb fuck, and the europeans failed to eradicate the natives, dumb shit and that is why we’re still here and that is why America is considered our country too. “I am not accusing you….fail…racist remark…..”, weak, and ill informed, you know, civilized people look down on you. You think people tolerate racism in the twenty first century, in the US? Especially something as stupid as your illogical racism toward natives, I mean, you sound no better then the Nazis that you’re race despise, and that is why I think you’re pathetic and it’s obvious you’re projecting your insecurities of your race onto others. 

            Ha, nice try, but I know I have original native blood, my grandmother was a full blooded indian, and my mom was nearly full and whatever white genes she had, had very little effect, physically and genetically. 

            ‘Eat shit and die mofo’? Now you almost sound exactly just like Big Pete. 

            You see, I have already disregarded almost all of your rants, since the information you got it from is either proved incorrect, incomplete, or outdated. Keep trying and MAYBE you’ll eventually insult me. Status? You mean race. 

          • Moshe Dayan


            It’s difficult to parse a rambling incoherent response when it includes so many childish expletives and insults. I take that as direct proof that you are incapable of rationally responding to an argument without descending to the gutter.

            As for the page you included, if you took the time to read it you’d see verification of pretty much everything I mentioned. To sum it up, as natives pushed the low hanging fruit animals into extinction with their stone age technology, they were forced into a difficult subsistence existence which didn’t change until Europeans arrived with technology that permitted the Indians to attack species that were previously tough to get i.e. bison. What I find incredible is that you consider this to be important or significant. It is not. Indians didn’t do this on their own and without Europeans here they would still be living hand to mouth, subject to natures occasional cull. Indians never developed a civilization or even the basic traits of a civilization. As for the “culture” you so highly speak of, I would refer you to read the autobiography of Samuel Hearne, specifically where he describes a meeting between some Cree hunters and an Inuit group of men,women and children where the Cree savagely murder every last living Inuit including a baby that Hearne himself tried to shelter. Some Indians like the Iroquois would engage in cannibalism, for example the slaughter and eating of Father BreBuf: “There they were fastened to stakes and tortured to death by scalping, mock-baptism using boiling water, fire, necklaces of red hot hatchets and mutilation”. And you call these people “deeply cultured”?? I would characterize people like this as barbaric and savage. Why did Europeans not kill them all as you ask, the answer is simple. Europeans were civilized and viewed Indians as a mission to be converted to Christianity and eventually assimmilated into society. Obviously they were foosl and failed to understand the craftiness of the American Indian in figuring out how to take advantage of the white man.

            Again, you refuse to admit what is scientifically documented. Indians pushed virtually all the large mammals in North America into extinction. If they hadn’t pushed the horses into extinction, they absolutely would have wiped out the bison as well. Europeans weren’t in N/A when all this was happening, Indians did this and to say that they gave a shit about the environment is pure revisionism nonsense.

            Arapaho, you need to get your knowledge from someplace other than the Arapaho Native Center. You are obviously fairly programmed, saying things like “pig European” just shows that you are the typical hating Indian activist. You are lost in the 2013 native fantasy that they and you are the descendants of some mystical noble beings who lived in harmony with nature. The truth is much less pleasant. Natives were nothing more than stone age people, absolutely savage and aspiring to the same environmental destruction as the white man only without the intelligence to create the white mans tools. That you would look at the end of the 19th century as your golden age of hunting further validates my argument since you could only do this as a dependent culture on European society. At least the Mayans built something on their own, even though it didn’t graduate to civilization status..

            Finally calling someones arguments racist and nazi is usually done by the side whose train has run to the end of its intellectual tracks and is grasping, the last respite of a pinwheel brain. Descending to name calling may work in a schoolyard Arapaho but here it just shows your failure to address the valid and logical stream I have presented in my argument. You need to examine this freakish desire to “win arguments”. Do you think this is American Idol and Simon Cowal is reading these threads and giving you a thumbs up. did you receive the In previous threads where I stop replying to your posts, its simply because I see nothing in your post worth replying to, along with some boredom in arguing with a teenager.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Arapaho Native

            Ignorant Loser
            First of all, incoherent means unintelligible, and as you can see, every one of my words are spelled correctly and none of them are childish, let me give you an example of a childish insult, “Arapahole”, fusing my user name with the insult ‘asshole’, not mature at all. Starting an argument with grammar mistakes, not a good idea, unless you don’t want to be taken serious. 
            I did check it, and it turns out all of your posts contain half truths and lies. You take one fault, and exaggerate it greatly to the point of stupidity. You keep claiming the Native Americans are an inferior race, but it turns out, since they were separated from Asia and migrated, they contain actual unique genes, and a unique variant (an allele) of a genetic marker in the DNA of modern-day Native American people, this was confirmed by a Kari B. Schroeder Ph.D. and her team. 
            Their equestrian culture and resistance to domination by Canada and the United States have made the Plains Indians an archetype in literature and art for American Indians everywhere. 
            The horse enabled the Plains Indians to gain their subsistence with relative ease from the seemingly limitless buffalo herd, disproving your “Indians were driving buffalo extinct” rant. The buffalos were tough, but they had ways to effectively hunt and kill them in complicated ways, even though it was easy enough to depend on it for food, and after they had acquired the horse from the Spanish, and it’s their own fault for introducing the horse to the plains Indians, since it greatly improved their warfare and hunting skills. “Europeans…technology….buffalo hunting”, this just proves your ignorance in Native American literature, since the only advancement that mattered was  the horse and they had already acquired some horses from the French and when they were on horseback, they didn’t use european guns, since they were hard to load while on horseback and incredibly inaccurate, but instead used their traditional short bow, since it was quite deadly in short range. You fucking idiot, do you know what a civilization is? And native Americans are considered as a civilization and so are the Mayans. And, dumb ass, culture is a synonym of civilization. These are all correct information from highly regarded editors on Wikipedia, Plains Indians page. Look it up, asshole. Indian activist? Only a loser won’t admit the truth, that the invasion and attack on the native american tribes was genocidal and cold. 

            “Cree, Iroquios”? I’m not Cree or Iroquios, you moron, and those tribes aren’t even plains indians, and I don’t care if there was a past massacre hundreds of years ago, and it’s incredibly ironic, since the Israeli Defense Forces have preformed massacres on Palestinian civilians on a scale of hundreds daily. Torture? Do you even know what some Europeans and Conquistadors did to some tribes? Religious resistance was met by mass torture and forced starvation, if you think this is civilized, then you must be brain damaged. Craftiness? All they wanted was to be returned to the land and they were living day by day with several threats growing everyday. 

            Native Americans may have caused the extinction of some large mammals, but if you want to compare what caused more extinction, then you’re one dumb moron. Here’s a list of European caused extinctions-
            Eurasian Aurochs, Bos primigenius primigenius (1627, Poland)
            Balearic Giant Shrew, Nesiotites hidalgo (Majorca, Minorca, Spain)
            Balearic Islands Cave Goat, Myotragus balearicus (Balearic Islands)
            Caspian Tiger, Panthera tigris virgata (1960s, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan,northwest Turkey, southwest Russia, Ukraine)
            Caucasian Moose, Alces alces caucasicus (1810, Caucasus Mountains)
            Caucasian Wisent, Bison bonasus caucasicus (1927, Caucasus Mountains)
            Carpathian Wisent, Bison bonasus hungarorum (1790, Carpathian Mountains)
            Cretan Dwarf Megacerine, Candiacervus cretensis (Crete, Greece)
            European Ass or Encebra, Equus hydruntinus (15th century, Spain)
            European Lion, Panthera leo europaea (100 AD, Greece)
            Irish Elk, Megaloceros giganteus (c.5000 BC, Ural Mountains)
            Majorcan Giant Dormouse, Hypnomys morphaeus (Majorca, Spain)
            Majorcan Hare, Lepus granatensis solisi (1980s, Majorca, Spain)
            Minorcan Giant Dormouse, Hypnomys mahonensis (Minorca, Spain)
            Portuguese Ibex, Capra pyrenaica lusitanica (1892, Portugal)
            Pyrenean Ibex, Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica (2000 Spain)
            Sardinian Giant Shrew, Nesiotites similis (Sardinia, Italy)
            Sardinian Lynx, Lynx lynx sardiniae (Sardinia, Italy)
            Sardinian Pika, Prolagus sardus (1800, Sardinia, Italy)
            St Kilda House Mouse, Mus musculus muralis
            Tarpan, Equus ferus ferus (1880, Poland)

            And this is only the Mammals list, I haven’t even mentioned Birds, reptiles, insects, rodents and several other animals. *Scoffs*, don’t even bother mentioning extinction, between Europeans and natives in extinction, Europeans are chest deep in animal blood. Activist? Like I said, you don’t know shit. 
             Since the late 1960s, Native American activism has led to the building of cultural infrastructure and wider recognition: they have founded independent newspapers and online media; FNX, the first Native American television network, community schools, tribal colleges, and tribal museums and language programs; Native American studies programs in major universities; and national and state museums. Native American and Alaskan Native authors have been increasingly published; they work as academics, policymakers, doctors, and in a wide variety of occupations, so only an idiot wouldn’t see that as helpful. Environmental destruction? They didn’t have the population or technology to do cause destruction to their environment, and it was the Europeans that were known for their destroying of several environments and they didn’t need “white man” tools, moron, they didn’t have the need to, but there is no point to try to make you understand, since you’re just as bad as a 21st century Nazi. 
            And your attempt to say I’ve reached my intellectual level, please, it shows that you have reach yours by attempting to bring me down with these weak put downs. And yes, you are as racist as a Nazi, which you have proved by insulting every race in this site other then your own and by continuing this pathetic vendetta against natives. Valid and logical? You haven’t produced one piece of evidence or source, but instead you continue to repeat a series of lame, racial opinions with no intelligent meaning. Desire? Haha, I have no desire, lame brain, it’s simply practice for my job and I enjoy it, argue that is.

            And you’re explanation as to why you don’t reply, please, a fool could see that it’s your way of hiding since you have lost a argument and by bringing this up and calling me a teenager shows that you see me as a major threat and that is why you hate me and all natives. Grow the fuck up, kid, you can’t hide the fact that your back is up against the wall. I hope you see that you have been repeating yourself over and over again.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

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            You’re a fucking idiot.

            If you want to have a serious, non-violent conversation, go to. One of your homo hook-up sites and talk your gay nonsense there.

            This site is dedicated to kicking the intellectual shit out of colored people and queers…..but you know that because you’ve experienced countless intellectual beatdowns on here.

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          • Arapaho Native

            Grand Bastard Pete
            Pete, I don’t want to listen to your homo-perverted thoughts, everyone knows you can barely finish a sentence without involving glory holes, homosexual acts, and anal. I mean, you added “anus” to my name, you sicko fuck. 

            Intellectual beat downs? By someone like you? Bullshit, if you could think clearly, you wouldn’t be imagining homo’s all day, you dumb ass. Just because you have no significant intelligence doesn’t mean you should bother people who can think clearly, and I don’t take orders from some racist nobody. I mean, what are you gonna do? A series of empty threats and homo-term insults, that’s just weak.  

    • Farzan The Wise

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      All women are cunts,whores and harlots. Know your place or get ready for the stones.

  • Moshe Dayan

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      Now Fart-zan is forever added to that list.

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        • Moshe Dayan


          You ignorant buttpumper, your grammer (sic) is as bad as the case of anal warts you contracted last night at the gloryhole. You’re is a conjunction for “you are” whereas ‘your’ has a completely different meaning.

          Most of the folks on this site speak English, whereas it seems like your first language is Cock. I’m starting to think you’re a beaner disguising himself as a muslim since only beaners have such foul body odor and bad grammar.

          Run for the border Jose’, we’ll give you a head start.

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          • Farzan The Wise

            Mo-She fag

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          • Jon

            Moshe Date-Rape
            Eat shit and die mofo, eh? Adopting a immature insult used mainly by supposed Muslims and kkk members. Odd thing for a Jew adopt.

  • Moshe Dayan

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    • Moshe Dayan


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  • Dubya

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    I may not be the Prez no more
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  • jake

    so obviously photoshoped dont you fake Muslims have anything better to do with your lives than Photoshop celebrities pictures? i mean you say you have big dicks when the facts say that middle easterns have the smallest dicks in the world. if you were real muslims then you wouldnt be looking at naked pictures says black boss

  • Observer

    Hey, Jon.

    It wasn’t my intention to insult anyone at all! Not then, and not later either.

    That first was just an observation, which seemed obvious to me. Then these two assholes try to rag me, so I thought WTF, let’s join the spirit of the party and go throw some bread crumbs myself!

    The non-insiders?

    Well, regulars like Abdullah, Hashim, Pete, Umar and Tecumseh are too regular and too organised to be casual visitors: obvious insiders, they.

    The non-insider regulars? Well, the fakes of these five regulars, then Farzan, then those putative girls … You get the drift …

    Now I’ll stay off this weirdly addictive website for a week at least, else in all fairness I’ll have to add my name in the list of the regular non-insiders!


    • Jon

      I agree, I appreciate the respect, you don’t know how hard is to find that here.

  • Moshe Dayan

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

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          • Observer

            LOL, Riddler!

            Site-runners, here’s an A1 idea for you. Include the Riddler handle, with rhyming cusses, as one of your regular site fixtures. Simply The Riddler’s fine, or call it the Riddling Rashid, or perhaps thr Djokey Djinn, or how about Allah’s Holy Rhyming Avenger?

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          • Imam Khalid

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        • The Truth

          Observer is Zohair. He did the same thing when he first came to this site.

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    It was a great day, but I hate the pain afterward, the icing of my asshole and vagina, having to take Percocets and Vicodin for the pain. The night and next day after a shoot can be tough, especially if they double penetrated me in the scene.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    If I didn’t cum so hard during porn shoots I’d definitely say it was just a job, but I really do get off ya know, so I can’t really say that.

  • Steve

    I am just about to convert to Islam but I have a couple of questions first.
    1. Do you guys hate Christians or just Jews?
    2. What does “alluha akbar” mean?


    • Jonas

      Steve you.are sooo intelligent. I am in awe of your intellect.

  • Steve

    Also, do you dislike canadians?

    • Allah’s Scimitar

      Stub-cocked faggot Steve:

      How dare you presume that a low-life like you will be allowed so easily to convert?

      First go to your local mosque, spend two years there as all-purpose slave boy to atone for your heathen life. If you do this faithfully, you will be apprenticed as buttboy, to service our farm animals, for another year. After that, if you do this well, you will face the final test: a week-long gang bang where you will also be whipped and disciplined by 50 Christian slaves belonging to Muslims.

      If you survive this, you will then become a Surr-Sebishqah : not quite a Muslim, but not a full heathen either.

      When Muslims take over the world, Sebishq-Haqaaks like you will be kept alive to serve Muslim masters.

      Go rush to your nearest mosque, NOW!

      • Imam Haider Saeed

        Brother Scimitar, you are obviously a scholar, well versed in the Shariah, the Hadith and the holy Quran.

        You are right, Islamic law does lay down that heathen converts go through a trial by fire and sword to prove their fidelity, and then they get converted as Haqaaks.

        When the writ of the Shariah runs over the globe, which will be soon, infidels will be killed outright, but Haqaaks will — although they won’t be full Muslim citizens — still be kept alive, and have rights much greater than for infidels, and they can serve Allah by serving Muslims as slaves.

        Brother Scimitar, scholars like you who wield a strong arm to carry out Allah’s will are an asset to our religion.

        Allahu Akbar.

    • Word of wisdom

      Everybody hates the canadians.

      • Jenna

        I love Canadians.

        • Word of wisdom

          Please report to the nearest stoning center.

  • Moshe Dayan

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    • Alissa C DiCarlo

      Christianity is the only real religion.

      • God


  • Farzan The Wize

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo of Hollywood fame

    Los Angeles County passed a condom law for porn actors. Vivid filed suit against the county on Friday.
    Absolutely no one wants to see protected sex. I wont let anyone use condoms with me. I’ve never allowed any guy to use them. Either fuck me raw or forget it.

    • Arcachnar

      @Alissa Would not that give you people a higher percentage of sexual diseases?

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

        It would, but more realistically it would destroy the porn industry as a regulated industry centered in Los Angeles. Porn would go underground and black market. There would be no more stars.

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    Please jump off a bridge or drown yourself Alissa C DiCarlo aka Asslicka DiCunto. You’re spreading STDs and the county wants you stopped once and for all time.