Selena Gomez Sex Tape Found On Justin Bieber’s Cell Phone

When law enforcement raided Justin Bieber’s house on Tuesday they seized the singer’s cell phone to reportedly look for evidence of Justin bragging about egging his neighbor’s house, but what they were really looking for are some Selena Gomez nudes and possibly a sex tape.

Well the cops apparently got exactly what they wanted. As you can see in the video above, 2 short videos of what appear to be Selena Gomez were found on Justin Bieber’s cell phone.

The first video is a short clip of Selena Gomez performing a blowjob (presumably to warm the guy up for Justin), and the other is Selena masturbating and dancing naked to her hit song “Slow Down”.

We will have to wait to find out what other sorts of depravity will be uncovered on Justin Bieber’s cell phone, as the investigating officer has gone on disability by claiming he developed carpal tunnel after seeing this Selena Gomez sex tape video, and then later post traumatic stress disorder after viewing the video file titled “Lil Za Pounds The Biebs”.

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    • Buddha

      You are so lost and confused.. peace can only be achieved from within ones self and if you are full of hatred and anger, which is what you speak, than peace for you is merely impossible.

    • Buddha

      You are so lost and confused.. peace can only be achieved from within ones self and if you are full of hatred and anger, which is what you speak, than peace for you is merely impossible.

    • Buddha

      You are so lost and confused.. peace can only be achieved from within ones self and if you are full of hatred and anger, which is what you speak, than peace for you is merely impossible.

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          • Beastly man

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            I understand what you said but this is a trolling website for trolls. No one is going to take anything seriously here, rather we meant it or not. That’s the entire point of this website.

            We can say whatever we want and don’t have to worry about it coming to bite us in the ass later!

            No real feminist is going to be on this website anyways. If they were i guarantee you there would be a lot of heat going back and fourth even way more than it is now. This website would probably also be mentioned a lot in blog post as well as news videos about how we are feminist haters. Like with the whole taylor swift thing that happened a few years back.

          • ggghh

            Sure, I know that, I am well aware of the kind of a website this is. Sure, it is not meant to be taken seriously and obviously feminists are very unlikely to be found here. But you see that picture posted by the cunt above, about rape? Who do you think she is? Most likely a feminist right? So the point is since it is on the internet, the likelihood of some of them reading the comments does not disappear completely. Thus, on the off chance that these cunts do visit, it would be much better that they read actual logic instead of straw man character. I do get your point though. Completely understand. Good day.

          • Beastly man

            I get what you’re saying but when you think about it. The only way they’re going to find this website is if they start searching for nude celeb pictures. That will most likely never happen. Even if it does, they would probably leave real fast after reading the post the creator of this site posted lol.

            We have nothing to worry about .

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        • Hezbollah Hitman

          Brother Abdullah

          You never cease to deliver witty lines and always beat Team Glory Hole into submission.

          I am afraid it is impossible for him to wipe the dirty sanchez from his face. It has been a frequent thing since this sick mofo was twelve years old.

          The one time he did try making love to a woman he simply had a bloody sanchez with his mother.

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • Weezy

          Nah baby i will give u da Dirty Leroy homie dats better

        • Weezy

          Nah baby i will give u da Dirty Leroy homie dats better

        • ChristianRedneck

          Thought u Muslims weren’t gay! U should be shot then

    • Sara

      lol wow I knew middle east men were cunts pretty soon itll only be men since they kill the women. and the reason why they rape girls is because no women over there want to have sex with them because they are satanic. America all the way-Christians have way better lives than any kind of religion in the entire world.

      • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

        Sleezy sara

        All Christian women are whores and dumb ones at that.

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    Justin Bieber was arrested and the was afraid that upon seizing his phone the police would discover his nude selfie. He was quoted as saying, “It’s not fair. I wanted to keep my gender a mystery”

    If he is given a felony there is a chance that he may be deported to Canada. I’m starting a petition to turn the deportation into a catapult.

    • ChristianRedneck

      I will second that!



    • Poopon yo mama jb

      Shut up freaking befager

    • Jack

      They have a photo of his dick on this website and it’s like a toothpick

  • Ellen DeGeneres

    Am I the only one who thinks Justine Bieber looks like a much smaller, much more feminine version of every butch dyke I’ve ever seen? Bet he’d get his ass kicked at any lesbo bar in the world.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      I hate carpet munchers. Islam forbids it.

      • Team America

        Homo Hashim

        Of course the gay cult of Islam forbids you to munch carpet, that’s why you suck dick.

        America! We the people!

        • Wolf

          Will you quit being a racist asshole?

          • Team America


            Will you quit being a faggot? I’ll quit being a racist when you quit sucking cock for quarters at the truck stop. Now scurry back to the glory hole like a good faggot, you don’t want to keep your customers waiting.

            America! We the people!

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Brother Hashim

        All due respect you must consult your local imam.

        On rare occasion if married, a virile Muslim man can have more than one Muslimina in his bed but only if he is in the center. What is the point of the sandwich without humus in the middle?

        However if the two alone, try to pleasure each other without the benefit of a threesome (Which we Muslim men are kings of) it is definitely harem

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother HH,

          Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbian…

          • Hezbollah Hitman

            Brother Hashim
            Agreed. I was not talking about the ugly homoqueer lesbians in Americanastan.
            I meant the pretty ones who us virile Arabs can make bi sexual or straight again. One Muslim man’s tunic scimitar is enough to satisfy twelve women.
            As for Ellen Degenerate as I call her, the only thing more revolting than her face is her stand up comedy.

          • 2nd Team America

            You fucking realize u spelled America wrong and you guys couldn’t even get over the border before u got shot, even Korea can kick ur ass.


          • future recon marine

            But wait dont you live in america hh

    • Jerry Falwell

      You are a most foul DEGENERATE.

  • Rolster

    Why can’t i watch this?

  • Aryan Brotherhood

    All of these fucking Muslims called me a racist. Do you even know what that means? It means I’m proud of my race. I’m not going to apologize for my race. If these stupid liberals and race traitors like Eminem want to be apologists then that’s on them.

    We accomplished a lot. Adolf Hitler was the greatest president ever. The Roman Empire, Greeks the people who invented science and democracy, that is all our doing. Plus England. Tiny little England has conquered entire continents.

    We are Nordic warriors. I’d like to see another crusade but not for Christ. For Thor. The real god.

    • Team Unity

      idiot, you do know that Hitler was christian right? Idiot, and what have you acomplished to speak with such stupid white boy pride

  • No Means No

    From Illinois To Iraq take the night back!

    • Beastly man

      Bitch, sex is sex. Just because the bitch said no and the guy still fucked her, don’t make it “rape”. Women need to learn something, men are the alphas and omegas of this world, that’s how it is and that’s how it will always be! We call the shots and we make the rules.

      “Rape” is a rule made by an 86 year old sack of shit who was brainwashed by his feminist wife to make sex with someone who is being a stuck up bitch who don’t know what’s good for her, ILLEGAL!

      The fact that, that rule got accepted just shows you how feminist has become a menace to our society. You bitches will learn/die soon.

      You feminist are becoming a real pain in the ass, it’s a matter of time before people start killing random bitches for no apparent reason other than them being a feminist. Once that happens, you would have started a war that won’t stop even when you change your gender racist views.

      • A13

        You are a feminist in reality, aren’t you. Straw manning for women by making them seem “victims” and men the “oppressors”

        Female bootlicking eunuch.

        • Beastly man

          A13 must be a 13 yr old crack whore. Learn to comprehend what is being said booy.

          What feminist would call their own beliefs racist, stupid and a menace to our society? None of them would.

          You are a drunken intention whore who needs to go jump off a cliff.

          • A13

            Feminist bitch – Prove that you aren’t feminist then. State 5 things that are wrong with feminism.

            If you don’t answer this, everyone will know I was correct.

          • Beastly man

            You have done it now. This is a subject i can talk about for years because i hate feminist so much.

            For starters feminist believe that they are the superior gender….. I mean what kind of drugs are these fucking mule bitches on anyways? Men are the creators of everything. We made electricity, ipads, stoves, technology, houses, cars, and so on and so fourth.

            Even the creator in most if not all of the bibles/religions is a man and so is the antagonist which is usually placed as satan, lucifer, demons, or ect ect. . What have any of these bitches done? Nothing, not a, ZIP……All they ever done was place people stress level up to the bar and make men as well as other females want to strangle their ass after a couple of hours.

            Lets move onto the second problem…. Feminist claim that they are fighting for equal rights when they’re really fighting for superiority. If you read any of the deranged post/articles by these bitches, you can automatically tell that they want to make men lives a living hell while making women lives heaven.

            I mean everything they talk about is usually saying how men are in the upper hand and women should be above them. Not once did i ever see a feminist even mention the problems that men go through, like the fact that more men are dropping out of high-school than females or the fact that women always get the upper hand in court over men when it comes to things like child support, divorce stuff and even jail time. None of that even rolls through their minds because, they’re delusional whores who have a grudge over men for no apparent reason.

            Thirdly……They are attacking our children. Most feminist mothers only care about the well being of their daughters and usually favorite their daughters way more than their son. Any male who is being raised by a feminist female usually get beat way more than their sisters as well as get in trouble way more just because they are a male.

            Fourthly…… Feminist mothers are always caring about their jobs and their wealth over their husbands more than they care about their family. You will find that most feminist tend to stay away from their families more because they care more about their jobs than they care about rising their children and doing anything a real mother suppose to do……., cook, clean and take care of their family while her husband goes out and work. This is fucking insane!

            Last but not least….., They’re fucking annoying and are turning our world into a sissy one. I mean look around for crying the fuck out loud, these bitches been in the news since probably the late 1800’s, early 1900’s and they have not stopped their bitching yet. Now that technology is so advanced, their plan to get it out even more, is working. They have websites, blogs, youtube channels and are always in the news, rather it be a news site or a news channel. These bitches are sicking and frankly i had enough of them and hope they die off soon. For the sissy part i mean look around, there are barley any real men left. We have gay marriages, guys acting like girls, boy bands, boy/girl singers aka HeShes….. (justin queebier for example) and guys growing up, cutting their balls off and changing their name from Michael to Michelle

            What a fucking disgrace this world has become and its all thanks to feminist.

        • Beastly man

          I have one thing to add. The fact that you called me a feminist even after i said i wasn’t one. Just shows, that you know absolutely nothing about feminism and how it works.

          Feminist are proud to be females and proud to be a feminist. If i was one of them i would have had to say it from the time i started using this website because its apart of their code. Being ashamed of who you are is totally against feminism and would make a person who is ashamed enough to not admit they’re feminist not a feminist in the first place.

          You need to lay off the gay porno websites and learn your terminology kid because you have no idea what a feminist is. You’re just a troll. I admit everyone else on this website and I are trolls but when it comes to serious issues like feminism that’s where i break character because i just think that subject is too serious and too fucked up to joke about.

          The people who disliked me before on the feminist post where i defend us men are obviously stupid, females, feminist or even gay. Why dislike someone who is defending your entire species?

          Rather you’re a troll or not that’s just fucking retarded and you my friends need to take another look in the mirror.

          • No Means No

            Typical sexist machismo!

            PENIS PARTY!

            PENIS PARTY!

            PENIS PARTY!

            PENIS PARTY!

      • Alpha Dog

        What is rape? Is that when a bitch says “no please get off of me?”

        Because that happens to me a lot.

    • hhh

      “Her clothes provoked you”

      No, you retarded femincunt bastard, “Her NAKED SKIN provoked him”

    • Imam Abbas

      Because her cloths provoked him?


      It was her LACK of clothing that provoked him!

      The dumbshit holding the sign would probably walk down the street in a see-through top with sheer tights (not leggings) showing her nipples and twat, yet still thinks she deserves respect!

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    OK. I give that jigga boo credit on one thing. He is right in what he say about white men having tiny penises that look like clitoris.

    However Arabs have the biggest cocks in the world. You know that picture of Sofia Vergara deep throating a banana? To take in the enlarged manhood of a virile Muslim the closest fruit to that is a watermelon or a pineapple. Or a very long hot dog like the kind in Chicago (Halal meat of course not infidels pork)

    It is clearly because Canadians and Americans live in such cold environment that their penis size shrinks inside themselves they shrivel up.

    • Team America

      Hez-a-ball-licker Shitman

      You came on here and for no reason started posting about your dick. You are a faggot. I’m sure all the other Muslims get turned on reading about the tiny pimple between your legs you call your dick but no one else wants to read about it. Why don’t you keep your gay sex talk for the glory hole.

      America! We the people!

      • Hezbollah Hitman

        Shut your mouth, Team Glory Hole The Gay Jew.

        When i want your advice on how to service animals at the Tijuana donkey show I’ll ask you. Until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

        If you see a pimple for a dick you must be speaking of your own. Then again, a Jew bastard like you calls his penis a n imaginary friend. For good reason.

      • Cousin Remis

        Not one factual statement made by anyone here. All of you are bubble gum, talking about shit you don’t understand, especially sexual comments made about girls/woman, and your hate slogans and rhetoric. Rape is real and should be a crime. The sad thing is if you didn’t spend hours arguing about bullshit and read a book or went to a gym may be you could smash out a girl who’s not being held down by 3 of your co-defendants. The idiots here claiming to be from the mid east and be Muslim are fake, probably 15 year old from Kentucky who just got their first Gateway desktop. And the clown who thinks he’s team America…..Shut Up…….your represent no one and nothing of this country. Good people have died to give you the right to speak? What a waste. I hate you all and i understand what hate really is, Ive seen it face to face, and I truly hope you experience the same one fine day. Now im off to work, to make the movies you idiots obsess over and the money you can only dream of. American Way Established in NY

        • Team America

          Cumstain rimjob

          I don’t need to rape women because bitches give it up to me. I’m a stub and I get all the pussy. As for rape not being funny, mostly I agree with you. Only a pathetic loser needs to rape women, a real man will get a women to want to fuck him. However, it would be hilarious if you were raped by a group of well hung, aids infected, rabid homos, so there’s that.

          As for calling me out and crying about how you hate us all, like we care, you liberal homo. Why don’t you bury your face in Obama’s ass cheeks and have a good cry. Nobody here cares about your homo liberal nonsense.

          You have fun making all those gay porn movies that make you so much money. I guess if you can handle deep throating a twelve inch cock, you really do earn your pay check.

          America! We the people!

    • Team America

      Americans aren’t in the cold dipshit

  • Rocco C Sleigher

    Fuck Islam fuck all religions. Never again will I be a Muslimina or a slave. Islam is a cult full of impotent pedophiles who can’t get it up for regular women so they like only little girls!

    If you agree with my views look me up on face book under the same name. I have plenty of reasons why Muslims and men are what is wrong with the world.

    I’m Iranian but I aint Muslim anymore. I’m a punk rocker :) gotta love thigh high leather boots. Rock & Roll!!!!!!

    • Team America

      Listen up Muslims

      What we have here is a former Muslim women who became fed up with not being able to get laid because Muslim men were too busy fuck children, goats or each other.

      America! We the people!

  • Killer Kyke

    Nice try but Selena Gomez has a birthmark on her right breast, this chick doesnt. Not that I dont appreciate those last few seconds of the video where she simulates 69’ing with me.

  • Fungus Amungus

    i hope her lawyers sue you into oblivion

    • Imam Khalid of Basra

      Hahaha! You’re ‘cute’.

  • American rapist


  • dkfrkdf

    That’s not Selena

  • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

    I dedicate this to the chimp known as Weezy.

    I clearly must have offended you. For that I am sorry…that I didn’t do it sooner! What you fail to realize in that stereotype pic is i ripped on everybody, even my own. And whites and Asians too. Why should you be spared? Fucking pussy learn to get a sense of humor. I guess you don’t get the concept of trolling. Everybody on here is trolling you and you keep feeding the trolls. You’re not even funny yourself you just take it personal. I USED to be a troll victim to Team America but i started dishing it back. And i learned.

    Anyway, since you can’t make sense of state real facts in your arguments, just nigger fairy tales I’m gonna from now on, ignore you like the world ignores Africa your so called great civilization full of black skeletons. One dies every minute. That is REALLY funny.

    • Native Pride Mohawk Nation

      Happy Dr King day everybody! Hahahahahaha.

      Dr King should be happy to know hell is integrated :D

    • Hezbollah Hitman

      Pagan Pride

      I must admit this made me chuckle but you, just like all the Euro homoqueer infidels and vagrant minorities that populate Americanistan come second place to Islamic wit.

  • niceclit23

    team america your an ass for saying that stuff thats something a gay cock sucker would say why would you even entertain the people who made this site

  • Hezbollah Hitman

    What song did the NY fire department play on 9/11? It’s Raining Men.

  • Toker

    where can i get this video from?

  • Toker

    where can i get this video from?

  • jeff

    That’s not Selena you idiot

  • trololo

    well judging by all the news reels you added to the video Selena Gomez would have been 16/17 years old so good job at your attempt at child pornography.

    why is this site still up? and yet the government goes after site like wiki links…. what the fuck is wrong with this country?

  • motherfucker

    did justin beiber use A strapon ?

  • khater

    Nice try, must think we’re stupid to really believe that’s Selena Gomez. Somewhat looks like her in the face, but the body is what gives it away. Another false hope from this site, what else is new

  • Amelia


  • MorganChamberlynkInDaHouse

    That’s so sick I almost barfed UGH!

  • Wolf


    • antistupid people

      okay listen Up people, I am an American citizen(Born n raised in us).but I’m also a Muslim And proud to be one. Tbh there are some stupid idiot somalians just like they’re are some American assholes. So stop talking shit about religions and get back to looking for celebrity porn you hornyass faggots

  • shakzz scar

    LOOL selena gomez is just a horny teenager !!
    This is NOT new…

  • Steve

    Its not even selena gomez that fingers herself…

  • thatguy

    can’t say if it is real or fake

  • thatguy

    can’t say if it is real or fake

  • me

    He’ll of a first impression

  • David Guerra

    she’s pretty hot but her pussy looks damaged already

  • David Guerra

    I’m not a faggot but my dick way bigger than that

  • devilsnevercry96

    You guys are stupid, you muslim fags are stupid… I swear ima be sure to kill you terrible terrorists fucks when i join the army rangers >:D

  • Diggy

    Fake if you can’t tell your blind

  • Blake

    That is not Selena Gomez.

  • England

    Just one comment, who the fuck in there right mind would be jealous of America (Obamanation or Abomination) lots of love your mother country who wants nothing more to do with you England :) xx

  • ItsMee

    I don’t think that’s Selena Gomez

  • Shane Aka-red

    Dirty stinking muslim scum. Allah was a pedo bitch who loved fucking pigs. Soon ur eradication will begin

  • qwerty