Selena Gomez Self Shot Topless Pic Leaked

Selena Gomez topless

A self shot photo of what appears to be Disney star Selena Gomez topless has just leaked to the Web.

There is no word yet on whether Selena Gomez’s cell phone or computer were hacked, or if this is just her attempt at a passport photo so that she can sneak across the US/Mexico border.

Of course this Selena Gomez topless picture leak may have been strategic as it will certainly help her transition to the slutty grownup leading lady roles in heathen Hollywood, thus prolonging her career.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


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    • Riddle Cracker

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      • Name please

        Well congratulations,

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        But I do have to say..I used to insult that guy..but now I shall not… he is proving to be productive on this website and funny as well…and if you think about it….this “Firstie” bullshit aside…some of the things he has quoted in anger are in fact true

        I wont reveal who I am though :)

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  • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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    • Zamil the Extreme

      Brother Khalid

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Zamil, the Pig:

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  • Andrew

    not her. doesn’t have the mole on her tit

    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • CazzataMalanga

    Wow. I made this a LONG time ago. Strangely proud to see it on Celeb Jihad.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Now that Selena’s transexual lesboqueer life-partner Justine Beaver has discarded her for not ageing well…….this luscious spinster is wise to attempt to recruit a real husband………

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  • Dr. Frankenfurter

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  • Bobby’s

    The nerve of you Muslims I don’t want to be mean but you guys are idiots that photoshop a celebs head onto another body then say this hateful crime, trying to salvage her body, or some retarded racist crap then you wanna call us Americans stupid well guess what you can hate us all we want but we know how to dislike someone but keep it to ourselves and btw if you didn’t know this there is still a mole on her right tit and I know that because I seen her in a bikini yesterday at the beach with a MOLE ON HER RIGHT TIT so if you’re gonna fake add every last detail to make it real and stop with the racist remarks

    • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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      • Black Knight

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          • The good one

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          • The good one

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  • Selena G

    Guys its not real. They photo shopped that pic just look at my twitter and you will see the original

  • ray

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  • Nazi

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  • correcto

    This is FAKE! just GOOGLE SEARCH that picture and you will see another girl’s face!

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

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  • hank hill

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  • Imam Khalid al-Ashari

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  • Noname

    OMG Please tell me this is real!!!!

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    Of course it’s real you dumb fuck.

    • Moshe Dayan


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    • Moon!mex

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  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    I knew it, i knew she was a dirty skank, never trust a Mexican my father ayatollah the third said to me.
    Poor Justin he looks a good boy he would make such a great imam, but first he has to stop with all this crazy rock and roll music.

  • AConn

    the picture is fake.! she has a birth mark on her right breast wich dosent show in the picture.

  • Celebjihad moderator

    This is real.
    It was submitted by the one and only


    I’m annoyed that I get called a whore on this site. I am a film artist. I create performance art with mass appeal. I am not a whore. I express my sexuality on film. That does not make me a whore.

    • The Omen

      Alllies Dicarlo

      Your a lying sack of shit come on what’s her nick name?

  • Sunil

    fuck you admin . . . all your pics are photosopped hehee

  • Jony

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  • bryan

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  • That Black Guy

    I know ALOT of people that do fakes and none of them did it. It was either done by someone I don’t know it it is real. The reason I think its a fake is her hair. Look closely don’t you think its a bit off. This is my personal opinion from my experience. There still is a chance is could be real.

    • Sir David V. Thomas

      Negro boy, does your master know that you are online using his computer box?

      In fact, he must be helping you because, as any rational person knows, Negroes cannot spell that many words correctly, let alone use punctuation properly.

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  • Andrew123

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  • crazyxavier

    her tits are not so big i for one know that

  • gaj11

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  • fake

    Selena has a mole on her right breast/cleavage all these “Leaks” are fake.

  • lol

    its fake, look at any picture of her in a bikini and u will see a birth mark near her right breast. the picture here has none.

  • allahsuxdick

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  • Menchi

    It’s obviously fake, look at her head you can see it’s clearly photoshopped lol.

  • Wuhujigijigi

    Fake look she dont have her mole at her beast

  • Jim

    This pic is not selena gomez she has a beauty mark on her chest and this girl does not

    • sexyn8tive

      wrong i dont know who your looking at but it sure aint gomez

  • sexyn8tive

    nice tits

  • sexyn8tive

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  • Therealdeal

    If you look at the real pic of selena gomez topless from spring breakers, you will see that its not fake. They are wearing the same clothes as in the movie. There is a debate right now and its really noticable that selena got breast implants. ( the birth mark on her right breast is gone, in the movie and in the pic). Plus its really nice

  • jack King

    Gomez didn’t go topless in Spring Breakers.

  • England is the best

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