Selena Gomez Self Shot Bra & Panties Pic

Selena Gomez bra panties

Selena Gomez appears to have had a self shot bra and panties picture leaked to the web.

Degenerate Mexicans like Selena Gomez need to realize that they get paid to clean the bathrooms not take slutty photos in them.

This picture proves that Selena Gomez and her Mexican amigos are shiftless layabouts, and they should be deported as there are plenty of American sluts that would love to pretend to clean bathrooms and take bra and panties pics.

  • Mindy


  • Imam Khalid

    I see the slaver branding mark is still on her.

    It is how the Jews who run Disney track all the beaner harlots they employ.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Brother Khalid,

      Jews, beaners, googles, americans – the world, as we know it, is doomed; weeds have taken over it.

      Only a big kaboom triggered by us, pious Muslims, can erradicate the problem.

      From the ashes of the Western Civilization will born a new world, pure, without preverts, pork, and rap music.

      Allah will reward our fierce fight on behalf of the true Faith, and when the time to rest arrives, we will be rewarded with beautiful 80 virgins (23 for soldiers from the lower ranks).

      I don’t understand why kaffirs don’t see the superiority of Islam…

      Allahu Akbar

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        * perverts

        • Toilet John

          80 mail virgins.

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            You’re too ignorant to be posting on an adult site.

            Get to your gloryhole and open wide mofo.


          • Habib Hadad

            Eats shit from toilet john

            Mail? Virgins? Were you trying to spell Male Virgins? Out of all the homo vermin that have come to this fine muslim site you are the most stupid.

      • Imam Khalid

        Agreed, my brother but we must hold fast to our faith.

        For as the Prophet (pbuh) revealed to us from Allah:

        Qur’an 2:153-157 Surah Al-Baqara
        O ye who believe! seek help with patient perseverance and prayer: for Allah is with those who patiently persevere.
        And say not of those who are slain in the way of Allah: “They are dead.” Nay they are living though ye perceive (it) not.
        Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil) but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.
        Who say when afflicted with calamity: “To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.”
        They are those on whom (descend) blessings from Allah and Mercy and they are the ones that receive guidance.

        • sgt jeremy the terrorist destroyer

          fyi i wipe my ass with the qur’an the put bacon on it and slap random terrorist in the face with it

      • Fuckmuslims

        Your superiority is not seen because its not there. Go ahead sen a bomb because after that America will tear you a new asshole you piec of filth. Then you an get your virgins but no one ever said they would be female. Have fun.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          FuckedbyMuslims google,

          First, let me tell you that I’m sure you are another watermelon eater because you write in a kind of googleese dialect (a typical corruption of the English language, used by those that don’t go to school or are too dumb to learn it);

          Second, and this as to do with the previous point, nothing that you say matters to me because no Muslim will ever pay attention to the opinions of an ape.

          Eat shit and die motherfucker.

          • michael

            My friend you and everyone else on this wonderfull world share the same blood running though our viens, So if you call americans a ape you are calling yourself one aswell.

            Second, you get mad over what the americans say about muslims and your people, but look and see how your acting? If the world didnt care about who or what god everyone worshiped/followed, The world would be a much much better place.

            Its not are right as a people to condem and hate people based on their religion or beliefs, Don’t beleave me? Just look at just about every comment on this page if a fight over what god everyone devotes their life to. My friend i employ you to lay down your hate and start loving everyone instead of condeming them befor you even know them.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        That “big boom” is really just a small pop……and it came from one of your clients at the gloryhole when he jizzed on your hairy ass.

        The world won’t be a decent place to live until The Brotherhood finishes removing coloreds or forcing them in to concentration/slave labor camps. At that time everyone will be introduced to Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. He will tell us to force feed all muslims bacon and ham and feed the googles grilled chicken and shit potato pie…..the wetbacks will have to get by on their usual food… shit and urine.

        JC has a beautiful plan for you…..and you’d be wise to accept it as your fate.


        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Miss Pissy,

          I talked about a big “kaboom”, not a “boom”, you moron. “Booms” (actually farts) are more appropriate for you, the Klan pussies…

          What you say about wetbacks and googles is – in general – correct; this proves that even an idiot like you has learned something with us, pious Muslims, by visiting this holy site.

          But what you say about the ex-prophet JC is wrong, because he became a lost sheep of the flock of Allah.

          He was too weak and condescending, that’s why most of his followers became shemales and fags like you.

          You must convert to Islam or prepare to die.

        • sgt jeremy the terrorist destroyer

          just so you know that i have served my country and fought in both iraq and afghanistan, lost alot of friends, not to mention i shed my own blood, sweat and tears defending our country, but just to let you know, my wife is black, italian, puerto rican mix, so if anyone and i mean anyone tries to hard her, lets just say that they will pray for death after im done with them, you dont fuck with a special ops soldiers wife and expect to survive

          • sgt jeremy the terrorist destroyer

            meant to say hurt her not hard her, damn auto correct

      • jew boy

        great beard dude,but we will keep you all around as long as we need you,then off to allah with the lot of you,go find your 70 virgins LOL

      • long live Israel

        I think radical Muslims are PIGS and should be treated as such.

      • Mark

        You muslims are all sick in the head

      • mike

        You idiot
        I hope you come around here
        I would like to erase people like you from earth
        It helps everyone even your god
        Fucken looser

      • sgt jeremy the terrorist destroyer

        Allah is a pussy, just like u scared terrorist fucks who blow themselves up, you really believe that you will have virgins waiting for you, well ur right and they are gonna be guys, i myself have taken out quite a few of you fuckers in iraq and afghanistan… wanna meet allah, i can make it happen without u blowning anything up, its called 7.62 right to the head, or i can make it more meaningful and take my knife and slowly jab it in your heart very slowly or i can slowly slit your throat, choice is yours, you try to attack my country, my fellow americans, or burn the american flag, i promise you that you will seriously regret it….hope you burn in hell camel jockey fuck head

  • Max the Brave

    Okay then, how disturbing!!!!!

  • boomboom

    that is such an obvious fake,look at the face :/

  • Not A Believer

    This is clearly that harlot Selena Homez. That is simply a mark left on her tainted body from my riding crop; as I was jockeying her from behind whilst whipping her fat rolls to make her go faster toward the finish line. Allahu Akbar!

  • Dr. Frankenfurter

    The Quality of Pics has gone down hill on this page its either RALLY lame fakes of just dumb pics that dont even have funny joke ….EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Akinfenwa The Tank

    Apparently, that Mexican bitch will play Chewbaka in the new Disney Star Wars film.

    • Crow T Robot

      I heard she was considered for the role, but was turned down for being TOO HAIRY. This picture was obviously taken between shavings.

  • TBEAR182

    Q….why should all gay men wear “Clear” condoms?
    A….so Grand Dragon Pete can go window shopping as the holiday season approaches.

    • Jimmy Web

      Why don’t you change that ugly avatar of yours, ya’ imbecile. It’s already done country wide eyesores, and you already recieved enough shit from it, you brainless moron. Also, TBEAR sounds like a homosexual pervert trolling on gay sites, so change that too, dip shit. Now that I think about it, it would be best to make a whole new persona, beause this is a fucking train wreck. It would be wise to take my advice.

  • Chico Salidado

    She really ain’t look like nothin in this picture hombre. Like a fat little girl you know? Ive seen much nicer muchachas.

  • Selena Gomez

    I don’t remember taking that. But I did wake up in a pool of my own piss and hungover.

    • Hakim the sheep herder

      Selena: “And my butt hole had a strange, sore, tingling sensation.”

  • Nazi

    Jude verdienen Sie Tod. Sie müssen, sonst die Welt ausgerottet werden, während wir wissen, dass es zerstört werden wird. SEIG HEIL, TOD NACH ISRAEL, HEIL HITLER.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Ja, Sie haben recht Bruder: Juden müssen sterben!

      By the way, do you know how to put 300 Jews inside a Volkswagen Beetle? Two in the front seat, two in the backseat and the remaining 298 in the ashtray.

      Heil Islam!

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Homo Hashim

        300 – (2 + 2) = 296.

        296 dead jews in the ash tray.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          You are right fag Pete!

          This was a test to see if you were paying attention.
          I must congratulate you this time…

          • Moshe Dayan

            Homo Hashim the Destroyer of Young Boys Asses:

            Homo Hashim gets the numbers right when its time to tally all the gloryhole cock he’s done in a night. Counting anything other than a big stiff one makes him lose focus. As for Big Fag Pete :

            Q: Why are Ku Klux Klan hoods pointed?
            A: Easier to fit over the dunce cap.

      • Nazi

        I do want to burn 296 + Jewish bastards. Brother Hashim, I respect you very much you are wise and should be a military leader for the very respected terrorist group al Qaeda. Fuck you, Pete go to hell and tell the 6 million Jews the Nazis killed in WW2 I said Stehen Sie sind Aufmerksamkeit und Seig fuckin Heil!

        • Moshe Dayan


          Again sucking off muslims. Most muslims are googles and that makes you a mudshark of the highest degree, seeking black muslim cock for your overused asshole. Go back to the gloryhole punk. You are one sick, queer fag.

          Eat shit and die mofo.

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Brother Nazi,

          Thank you very much for your kind words. I only beg you to not call the Jihadist groups “terrorists” (this is an expression used by the Zionist propaganda) but ICB – Islam Cleansing Brigades.

          Thank you again.

          • Nazi

            Brother Hashim, im sorry for calling al Qaeda a “terrorist” group my bad, it will never happen again. DEATH TO ISRAEL!

          • Moshe Dayan

            Hashim the Ass Destroyer,

            I prefer the term SDC – Small Dicked Cowards, which describes all muslims in general. I don’t differentiate between a muslim and a terrorist, same thing.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Mark

            Not terrorists? They fucking blew up the Twin Towers!

          • sgt jeremy the terrorist destroyer

            they are terrorist groups, i have no problems with muslims, blacks, whites, or any other race, even in america as long as they work and pay their taxes, now for lazy fuckers and illegal immigrants thats a whole different story. i have fought in both iraq and afghanistan and killed numerous taliban terrorist

  • Umar the Brown

    Flat-tops must work harder than the others in Muslim society, because we know that someday another woman will have to suckle the flat-top’s hungry children.

    Selena will have to be out in the fields a long time with those tiny little knockers.

    • Nazi

      Brother Umar, when you take over the United States be sure to send me some googles, Jude’s, faggots, and that cunt Victoria Justice, Goddamn I want to kill her.

      • Imam Khalid

        Consider it done, Brother Nazi.

        • Word of wisdom

          It is great news that we have on our side a proud representative of the nazis : it reminds us of fond memories, when the great mufti of jerusalem preached for them against the angloamerican great satan.
          Besides, Mr. Hitler himself was a great appreciator of islam. He even told in 1942 he wished the franks never had repelled the muslims in the VIII th century in Poitiers, as Europe (and Germany) would have become muslim, erasing christianity forever.
          Precious views from a great friend of islam. No wonder Mr. Hitler is so much criticized here and there in decadent west.

          • Moishe Goldberg

            Hitler didn’t give a shit about Muslims he just needed allies because he knew he couldn’t create his fabled Third Reich without help. This is why he also allied with Italy, Japan, Baltic, and Balkan peoples. He even allied with the Soviets until he realized it was time to move east and acquire all of the land and resources he needed for his German Empire. That didn’t sit so well with the Russians so they kicked some Nazi ass when they finally came. The point is that Hitler was willing to ally with any scumbag to further his ambitions.

            I don’t understand why neo-Nazis idolize Hitler so much. He was a great speaker and that’s it. In everything else Hitler was a moron who single-handedly ruined Nazi Germany’s potential. They were actually winning the war until Hitler decided to ignore his generals and call the shots himself. His poor judgments cost a Nazi victory. Operation Barbarossa was particularly stupid.

            The Nazis believed that Germanics were the purest unmixed descendants of the original Aryans (referred to as the Proto-Indo-Europeans nowadays) and everyone else were either non-Aryans or diluted Aryans… both being dispensable in their eyes. He hated Semites especially — that included Jews AND Arabs. He wrote numerously about his hate for Semites and how their disposition was different from and inferior to that of the Aryan. Hitler was definitely not a friend of the Arabs. He pretended to be to get some support.

          • Nazi

            Brother Wisdom, Thank you for your kind words. Im glad to say that you are an allie of me and my Nazi brothers.

        • Nazi

          Thank you very much, Brother Imam.

        • fuck you all faggots

          Have fun sucking off all of them men when you die you fucking queer hahaha!

  • NUKE the middle east

    This site is the sore of the internet. Hell, it’s even worse than 4chan. If the internet were to have a human like anatomy, Celebjihad would be the piece of shit accumulating in the intestine. Abduller the Man Hooker and Grand Shit Sniffer Pete would be licking the anus just begging to have shit pour down their throats. Muslims are big time homos!

    • Crow T Robot

      You’re obviously bitter just because Abdullah won’t let you join his harem of ladyboys. It’s sad, really.

  • NUKE the middle east

    In the words of Durka Durka,




    I rest my case.

    (He actually said this himself. Don’t believe me? Go fuck yourself)

    • Word of wisdom

      Again, the same stale anti-jihad propaganda… Same old boring and ineffective war slogans typed by mossad agents in the comments or on some unfrequented hacked pages (they alway try to hack in here when brother Durka is busy in some warfare operation just like now, in Aleppo or Gaza).

  • Mohumad in da cupboard

    So much flesh, if one of my wives showed that much flesh to herself while taken a bath i would strike her down with my left hand back and a forth and repeat. Than i would fill the bath with boiling water and than make her get in and scrub the whore out of her.

  • J

    why dont u get deported u paki cunt fuck off and eat curry mexicans over muslims any day all u do is sit and write bad things about people coz ur a dirty stak if u hate the western world so much go and put a rag on ur head like ur taliban friends and see what happens. oh yeah you get fucked up so u sit on ur comp all day slaggin people off coz ur not man enough to fight for what u believe in and u cant get laid coz ur a dirty paki and u fuckin stink, u mad coz the west is best

    • Mohumad in da cupboard

      we dont need deporting the planet is ours by birth rite, Allah owns all. Whos your American leader Osama Obama enough said you poor stupid American A hole.

      When Mohumad and his 4 camel men of the apocalypse come back down to earth he will spite all you jews and christians and send you to the moon and mother earth will be ours.

      We will keep the Buddhist and Scientologist just to laugh at .

  • fuck Bin Laden


  • Muslimgutsallovertheplace

    Q. What do you call a Muslim who owns a camel and a goat?
    A. Bisexual.

  • lano

    Finally ready, we can enjoy her in many ways.

  • Bubblè

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    • Ariq Hassan

      It’s funny how you’re bringing up fellatio, you worthless google evolutionary dead end.

      I look forward to seeing you and your fellow groids back in the cotton fields or in a swamp pit grave when Sharia Law takes over in the West.

  • Bubblè

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    • Umar the blue

      If you are not a racist……how come you are so angry that he called you a google???

      Everyone hates googles….some more so than others..even googles hate googles!!

  • Bubblè

    because I have a black adopted brother

    • Umar the blue

      There is a REPLY button beneath the comment… know

      • Bubblè

        fuck you

        • Umar the blue

          Hey hey hey !

          Did I just pop your “Bubble”…..Bubblè?

          I was trying to be polite…..motherfucker…..may googles rape your mom. Amen

          • Bubblè

            Like they did yours

          • Umar the blue

            Fortunately…we don’t have googles in Qatar :)

            You should definitely call your mom now…better safe than sorry

        • Ariq Hassan

          Typical Google Behavior.

          • Bubblè

            shut up man u mood feel good

  • yo mama

    Selena Gomez is the sexiest girl ever.any of you sand nigers disagree than you can all go to fucking hell

  • yo mama

    man she make me wanna shoot all over the place

  • Mamhoud al omar bin Hasan

    I shall condemn this harlot’s shameful behavior as i stroke my large, uncircumcised member to climax. It seems as though her filthy cunny is fit only for google apes and their ilk.

  • Wise guy 93

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  • SomeDewd


  • true american

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  • SecretAgentPoopyPants

    i was about to ejaculate and i accidentally shit in my pants

  • Jordan

    This is Photoshopped. You can tell

  • Angry

    You should be reported for the racist slurs you put in the article. You are extremely disrespectful. Report on her pic, not her nationality and other personal attacks. And with a name like “Durka Durka” you’re either a FOB ass Indian posting this shit or just extremely racks behind your computer screen. I’m gonna make sure your ass is reported and off this unreliable website you claim is “reporting news.”

  • john


  • Bob

    Sexy nd tattoo by her vagina tho

  • Kevin Miles

    Whoever posted the pic and the caption, you are a filthy piece of shit and I hope you get whats coming to you. Selena Gomez is a beautiful girl, its human nature to take pictures! Like you have never took a pic in your underwear. This does not make her any less beautiful.

  • fuck you all faggots

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  • kevin

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  • Someone

    This is fake where is the beauty mark on her right breast and also whats with the tattoo on her left side she doesn’t have a tattoo there.

  • Moises

    That picture is the best i’ve seen in my life because it’s selena gomez in that picture