Selena Gomez Scandalous Pics For New Fragrance

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez once again offends Muslims everywhere by prostituting her body in these photos for her new fragrance, which probably smells like the bedding at a busy Tijuana brothel. Why anyone north of the Rio Grande would pay to smell like that boggles the mind.

Furthermore as you can see in the slutty pictures below, Selena Gomez appears to soak her diseased sex organs in every batch of perfume. This is a public safety hazard, but probably the secret behind the fragrance’s unique hint of musty taco and lube.


Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Selena Gomez

  • tom jones

    i feel the judgment your giving this woman which she just became not so long ago wrong and incorrect. yes she’s taking a provocative picture and yes its controversial but slutty?! your mind has to be warped to think that. good thing is shes not nude like that girl from highschool musical and yes she is upsetting the so called “muslim community” but what doesnt offend them. i say if you want to take time to crtiticize look at yourself first. you can easily be considered a pedo or a weirdo or a freak. first make sure your perfect before judging others especially if your going to be using harsh adjectives such as whore or slutty.

    • elfeo

      tom jugas shaiya?

    • LuciusMadgloom

      I am so with you onthis man, I saw far less clothed women that deserve being called sluts at concerts or official prime time tv aired videos… and the clothes Selena wears aren’t thin so that it would matter at all wether wet or not…. btw how the hell did ppl get from this topic to her having less talent than Guns n Roses?? O_O… I mean come on the argument is just ridicules GnR had far more exp when they started their “top run” and Selena just STARTED AT ALL compared to them, give her some begginers benefit before judging or even going as far as hating

    • Bowski

      What the fuck are we talking about dumb muslims for anyways? Really if you want to they follow faggot ass mohaamed”s way which was sodomizing any dude he seen and fucking any girl 3 or older. Real nice religion that is!

      • komal

        shut up u fuckers dont ever dare to talk about our prophet go to hell your religion taught u this type of things what u think muslims a jok and selena all the celebrities naked are not muslims they are following ur religion if i will say something about ur pope than how would u feel dont ever dare u r religion has given u this teaching u have proove “”BOWSKI”””

        • bob

          go fuck yourself

  • Curt

    Scandalous? Oh, you mean those pictures where she’s fully clothed? Oh, yes, how terrible of her to always wear clothes for photos. -_-

    Go look for scandal elsewhere, magazines.

  • Josh

    This is not a scandel this is a normal photo shoot.

    • Scale

      Also, it’s clear from her facial expressions and body language that she’s not into it. Anyone who can’t see that and yet speak harshly of her is a complete douche.

  • Justin

    I agree with Josh because i find this difficult to fap to.

    • Mai

      right you got the right motives!!:)she is nice!:)

  • Tan

    Wtf man, where are you from? Get your head out of your ass. that’s just a normal photo shoot, And Selena is a wonderful and talent teen pop star and not once have I seen inappropriate behavior from her.

  • Elizabeth

    wtf would u call nude picts, if thats scadalous then theres a hell of alot, nexs flash every female has at some point in her life worn a dress like that, including me :) some skanky, that isnt even skany!!!!!!!!!!!! why dont u just call every woman a scandal????????????????????? SHE GETS ALOT OF CRAP SHE DOESNT DESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHES A HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF DO U WANT FROM HER, NO ONES PERFECT GET USED TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marky silva

    Selena Gomez Scandalous Pics For NEW Fragrance
    I think she’s a young talented teen, who can sing, and act, and is beautiful, I see nothing wrong , ( “Selena Gomez”!! You Go Girl”!! :)))). { From: marky silva. }

  • heather

    Really Really…Really She aint doing nothin wrong sooooooooo if it offends you soooooooooo much dont look at it!!!! i mean commen sens. And the stuff yall said about her in that passage was rude. Did yall parents teach yall if you aint got nothin good to say then dont say it at all!!!! Poor girl

  • smartmouth

    “which probably smells like the bedding at a busy Tijuana brothel. Why anyone north of the Rio Grande would pay to smell like that boggles the mind” “Selena Gomez appears to soak her diseased sex organs in every batch of perfume. This is a public safety hazard, but probably the secret behind the fragrance‚Äôs unique hint of musty taco and lube” LMFAO!!!! ” Muaty Taco & Lube was my favorite part. This posting is pure comedy lol

  • Mrzog

    Okay this is a crime of epic proportions….yet it’s okay to kill innocent women and children in the name of your religion. Just shut the he!! up.

    • LedZeppelin

      No it’s not okay, stop stereotyping Muslims as killers, the type of Muslims you talk about are all extremists, including the author of this article.

  • Maker of poop

    Anyone who thinks Selena is talented is fucked up. Shes not. Just a dumb Mexican. Also, you’re all little Tweens and prepubescent fucks. Good luck going through school liking this crap. If any of you have defied the odds and are a bit older, then I feel super sorry for you. Listen to like guns n roses or something. That’s talent.

    • Maliie

      Why so much hate? I mean, yeah guns and roses is eargasm… and so is metallica! And pink floyd.. Everyone has different tastes. And you talk about those you like this ” crap” … Goo luck going through your adult life wasting you time commenting post and hating like this… Get a life man! at least if you want to insult someone or something.. don’t use internet.. thats just low..

    • Meoff

      Well I guess your name explains it….Shit Maker…now go eat!
      I’m sure you do that good.

    • Bonnie

      the only poop is in your head

    • Sarah

      Guns ‘N’ Roses are great, I’ll give you that, but whether she is talented or not has nothing to do with the photos of which you are meant to be discussing. So, shut the fuck up.

    • Jimmy123

      Well, guns n roses are btter!

      Well, I do think she f12king fit but she cant really do much… I havnt really heard of her.. Just know OF her

      • Alicia

        THEN WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING SHE CAN’T DO MUCH? you’re saying you only know of her, then why are you saying she can’t do much? Selena can sing, she can act, she has a heap of movies coming out soon. she’s working on her fourth album and a spanish album. and you know what? she’s the youngest ambassador for unicef. Which means she helps young children in need that live in third world countries. get over yourself. at least she has a life.

    • Your mom

      I hate her she is a slut its funny cuz when selena wheres something slutty ppl dnt say anyghing but when demi or miley doo ppl start hatin its like if selena where an angel but SHE’S NOT damm nd she has no talent I mean I dmit she does act okay but when it comes to singing she sucks fuckin badly her vioce needs a lot of auto tune nd she’s always singging off key nd its annoyinh how some ppl have the same talent or more nd they stuggle to be famous uhh why do ppl like her

      • stfu&gtfo

        you need to shut the hell up you inscensitive fag. you are a retarded bitch and u will burn in hell mutherfucker she is beautiful and talented and doesnt deserve your shit. its not her fault ppl blame miley and demi.. selena and demi are bestfriends and are not against eachother in anyway. miley is a whore who needs to keep her aids to herself miley is a prostitute and so r u i hope u burn in hell and suck my 10 inch dick u bitch. just like u hav done to every man u hav ever met and ur dad too u little whore

    • Kim .C

      You user name is perfect, you are full of shit.

      • Kim .C

        opps wrong person.
        still don’t like you.
        but this comment above was not ment for you.

      • victordave2011

        AGREE… ^_^

    • Kim .C

      Your user name is perfect, your so full of shit.

    • victordave2011

      hey Maker of poop….. if your poop smells wierd….wat da faq can v do for it??? no need 2 ask/say bout her talents….. wat da F u do?? she sinks her body in2 da scent….. DOES EVEN YOUR POOP SMELL LIKE IT???? IF IT DUSNT…EAT HER SHIT!! ATLEAST YOUR MOUTH WOULD SMELL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hs

      you are freaking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is awesome and selena is a good person who does not deserve to be told that she is a slut and a whore she is great and if you can’t see that you must be dumb!

  • Maliie

    You know what’s fucked up?
    There’s a muslim law.. saying it’s legal to fuck a sheep.. but no to eat that same sheep’s meat.
    And let an 50 years old man marry and make your 7 years old daughter pregnant..

    Selena Gomez doesn’t judge you, she doesn’t judge your religion… So why being such a hater?

    You jelly? *Trollface*

    • Lynn

      No, As far as I know there is no such law. Where did you get such information? Check first. Just like in many other religions we have a few of those self-acclaimed Moslem that doesn’t follow Islamic principles at all. “And let an 50 years old man marry and make your 7 years old daughter pregnant..” — the point is not to make her pregnant, but to have someone to take care of her.

      Of course “why not be her guardian instead?” , I guess (yes, because I admit I’m no expert. but at least I’ve been in this more than you, or at least that is what it seems) it’s because back at the time in the place the ‘examples’ were made ‘guardian’ wasn’t such a thing to be known and respected by bad guys.
      That is also not to mention the conditions for this to be allowed are also very limited. I hate what you posted, but please, if you don’t know well about other religion’s laws, just stop talking about it, especially like you know exactly what you’re saying.

      Aside from that, I want to say that I’m also a Selena fan =) This post up there is just so unfair, untrue and badly written. I seriously don’t know what’s on the writer’s mind when he/she wrote this.

      Or well, ..don’t tell me the writer’s just another jealoud Belieber.

    • LedZeppelin

      There is no such law, and Muslims don’t judge her, only extremist assholes like the author of this article.

    • GStar

      sriusly? you fell on your head or what?
      theres no such a law about fucking sheep.

      and a 50 year old marrying a young girl is not Islam,,
      it was arabic culture 500hundred years ago.

      ps: nothing wrong with the Selena pictures,

    • mali

      like were did u hear that law of fucking sheep that is inhumane and completely forbidden honestly. and if your daughter disagrees then shes not allowed to marry her. get your facts straight before start saying bullshit

  • to Maliie

    you can go suck my dick there’s no such shit in our religion you are probably one of those jewish or Hindus fags who don’t know who is their father becuz ur mother slept with a different man every night
    so you’re a SON OF BITCH literally

    • TruthinWrite

      you clearly have issues dont you? why are you saying anything at all? You arent even a true Muslim… get a life.

    • sameer

      u know what if god ask me for a wish than e beg that pls kill all tha muslim males. U know muslims are motherfucker n sisterfucker. U fuck ur sisiter n mom. N allow them to take as much as dicks. Click a pic of ur mom n sistr n snd snd me i tell u who is more sexy ur mom n sis ar selena. Fuck off man.

    • uhhhuuhhh

      that’s a nice comment from an islam…i wonder sometimes… is that allyour religion taught you???…suck your dick???…chop it off n feed it to the fishes…

    • kyle

      no one will suck ur dick… i kno some jewish people and they dont sleep with a different person every night ass hole theyve been married for 20 yrs or more… a bitch is a female dog idiot… and as for not knowing who the father is is another stupid comment because thats more common than u think and its not just “jews” that have this problem

  • rlg3093

    id smash it


    You make Muslims look bias, I’m sure that the whole of the Muslim community doesn’t share your opinion. You, my good sir, are IGNORANT to think you speak on behalf of ALL OF THEM LOL! ;D

  • Outlaw52times

    She is not a slut, she is a sexually extrovert.. Political correctness I know.

  • TruthinWrite

    There is a lot of hate in the world. First of all, Celeb Jihad? Do you even understand the meaning of the word Jihad? It is so pitiful to see Muslims like you make a bad name for all of Islam. It is a shame. You are a shame.

    Selena Gomez is very talented and even if that was not true, what right do you have in saying anything about this add. Get you head out of your ass you ignorant fool and read the Quran properly. Learn what it means to be muslim, because you sure as hell are not a true muslim.

  • moi

    je trouve sa nul !!! selena gomez et une jeune fille qui est talentueuse !! et vous dite n’inporte qoi (LES MAGAZINE ET PAPARAZZI ) arreter de la faire chier les media dise des conneri pour les vendre ensuite , je voi pas de tof sandaleuse elle sont normal les tof . aller plutot voir madonna etc .. o lieu d’une jeune fille tres sage et qui veut une vie NORMAL ; VOUS FAITE CHIER TOUT LE MONDE ALORS ARRETER S V P LAISSER SELENA GOMEZ TRANQUILLE

    • miley’s abortionist


  • Michael

    Oh really? FUCK YOU MUSLIM COMMUNITY (finger)

    • Lynn

      What are you? You sure learn your religion well? Or you don’t have it at all? I’m sure many atheists are even still better than you.

    • LedZeppelin

      What the fuck you fucking cunt. Just because the guy who wrote this article is an extremist asshole doesn’t give you the right to insult the Muslim community, grow up you immature ignorant bitch.

  • KayKay

    Nothing wrong with these pictures she’s fully clothed!!

  • Samantha

    LOL!! SEROUSLY?! that doesnt offend muslim.. im one .. :/ its normal ! its not like she’s naked!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      slutty samantha

      You are offensive to us Muslims.
      If you do not want to face Sharia Court, get your ass to a Mosque pronto and convert to Islam and wear the burka.

      • Lynn

        Oh, another actor I see?
        I mean, look your language.

        And it’s normal even if Samantha also wears hijab because hey, Selena is not a muslim therefore if Samantha said Selenan didn’t offend Muslim, it is right. There is no rules in her religion to wear as conservative clothes Moslem women wear. Different case if she’s a Moslem, then you can say that because she gave bad examples and reputations to other Moslem women.

        Don’t you remember (if you HAVE ever been a Moslem..) not to disturb other religion (or judge them wrong because of difference in law)?

        Oh yes, you’re just another actor.

        • Rich

          “not to disturb other religion (or judge them wrong because of difference in law)?” really now your just making up lies. and yes i know that you lie cause i studied religions, and guess what a religion that says its a good thing to lie to others outside of your own, is exactly what you are apart of. try and spread your bullshit somewhere else.

      • Diamond Fingers

        This is North America dude not Middle East, she’s selling perfume regardless of how talented she is and she is clothed. Besides here we exploitate our women at early age so when they lose status we can send them into the porn industry so muslim boys can watch in tent away from eyes of Allah. We make you buy that’s how it goes, no offence intended.

      • kyle

        stop trying to convert people she doesnt have to wear a burka if shes not in ur country and if shes not in ur religion its like when u muslims came to australia and started making OUR people wear the stuff u do

    • BUSH

      I prefer to put a grenade up ur ass and then blow uo the mosque,u pray for evil……

  • darkness the cock sucker

    Please put more guys and little boys on this site you know I like to suck them off. No more pics of women they have pussies and pussy smells give me a dick any day or a little boys tight ass.

  • Fantacii

    Really?? This is NOT SLUTTY!! I say it’s tasteful because she actually has clothes on. There are women out there that would take these pictures in the nude, or with minimal clothing. She looks GORGEOUS!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

  • i think she is very sexy. She is a young sexy lady. Beautiful.

  • mamal

    beatiful sex

  • jade

    Fuck off man, that’s family your talking shit about. If you don’t like it close your eyes and leave her alone.

  • Marie

    First of all that is water the lighting makes it purple
    How are these slutty pictures as I’m seeing she is wearing a nice dress
    Sex organs wat the hell does that mean u pervert only a weird,pedophile would wright about a 19 year old that is a role model to many you girls just because it offends you it doesn’t offend the rest of the world….YOU FREAK

  • husham


  • Sarah

    The explanation of those photos is just plain rude. And not to mention immature.
    I am assuming the writer is one of the people that were offended.
    There is nothing wrong with it; she’s wearing a dress, all her private parts are covered and she’s obviously not bathing in the perfume! Who would believe something so ridiculous? Get over it, you’re being pathetic.

  • normal

    i wish that she would pose naked once in awhile, just kidding. she is a really beautiful young girl and people that look for scandals need to get a life!

    • vic

      f that yeah selena pose nude!!!!! the ratings go up and i buy your nude sexy pics!!!!

  • Jimmy123

    Meh. Zzirgrizz would just do a mid air snipe and kill you all.. Oh wait. Wrong subject.

    Well, first of all, I though Muslims were not meant to look at this sorta shaz, so why is Abdullah (is that spelt correctly?) on this website looking at this shazz?!

    Maybe you are into theatre and have taken u the role of a character, and are performing him to the best f your ability? Non?

  • John

    No heathan mohammadan country will ever produce someone as amazing as Selena.

    • niranjana

      selena is nt amaging . She is jst a shit .

      • stfu&gtfo

        you need to shut the hell up y

  • Samantha

    That’s is hell not slutty! She’s wearing clothes, on water! That’s all! Have you seen how Miley Cyrus dresses!? God, people are crazy now these days. -.-“

    • Word of wisdom

      Beware : Miley Cyrus is a pious muslim and dresses perfectly correct. Gomez is a provocative homodike kuffar who lets insane amount of flesh visible on the sole purpose of turning on her lesbian lover justine bieber.
      I had to scroll down very fast to avoid seeing her impudic neck, jaws and cheekbones uncovered. A whore, that’s all.

      • niranjana

        dnt a fuck u say justin a lesbian. if any1 thatz lesbian then thaz selene .

      • LedZeppelin

        That was offensive, don’t hate on other religions and grow up.

      • zaggnutt

        you are a fuckhole, please put your genitaila in a waffle iron

  • santosh

    som sweet

  • niranjana

    hey selena ur sexy n beautyful bt sry i dnt like u .
    There is somtng dat is missng on u .

  • niranjana

    hey guys u must see selenez topless .
    itz socking .

  • Keb

    why is it that you guys are on her case????? how is it ur problem what she does with her life????? plus on top of that she is not even a muslim, hence, what she does with her body is none of the muslims’ community’s concern………….she’s a teen who is always in the spotlight that doesn’t mean you must watch and judge her every move. kmt get a life, my boyfriend is a muslim and he doesnt see a problem with what she is doing

    • abeedah82

      If you are a true muslim then why do hav to post all these nude photos and at thesame time gossip about pple?please go sit and think well and hard bfore you judge any other person take a good look at yourself first and do something better with your life and spare time. I am a muslim and this is embarassing to you,your family, and what you stand for. Why are you trying to be judgemental,you don’t have the right to do that to any1.

  • Josh

    Do u really think that’s perfume?? It’s just freaken water!

  • Darmcie

    WTF..!! Now dtz what we call RUDE…
    Cant u learn 2 b nice…just for once in ur dumb fuckn life!
    Selena’s a great girl…i like her…nd if u dnt just sod off nd stop pointing accusing fingers…she’s only doing wht she was paid to do…nd mind you.”nothing bad”
    You’v got to apologize for this rude nd stupid article!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dork dangler

      Stop acting like a google.
      This site does not provide coupons to kfc or give tips on how to rap while your pants fall down.
      If you want to be a google, us Muslims can only shoot you with the RPG and laugh when you explode.

      • Rachel

        Abdullah u perverted psych son of a bitch just bcuz some ones in a dress and is walking in light tinted water! Does not mean they r slutty and what the hell does guns n roses have to do with her fuckin talent Thats a whole other fuckin genre she does pop they do rock! Now listen hear u wannabe bitch who the hell r u callin a black person! And just bcuz somebgodys black doesnt mean they like rap or have their pants hangin off their ass not y dont u go shit out what ever craweled up ur ass!plus whoever said the shit about being young u can kiss my ass

  • Violet

    First of all how is it offending Muslims?Second of all,do you know how it smells?I don’t think so.The last time i checked slutty isn’t this,she has clothes on,and isn’t a prostitute.So stop hating and get your facts straight!!!!

  • chawa

    what’s wrong with these pics..? they are photos way worser than this.. get a life and stop painting bad image for innocent celebrity

    • Rachel

      I totally agree

    • Kahlid

      “Worser” is not a word, you dumb kuffar bitch.

  • E.D.

    They don’t look scandalous or anything, barely any cleavage is being shown, no more skin than most red carpet dresses, really. She isn’t in any sexual poses or anything along those lines, she is just in water, in a dress :\ And in some pics you can obvious see the top of the dress is tied in the back, to keep it from falling down. I don’t see any issues with these at all.

    • Word of wisdom

      Are you mad in your head ? She displays an insane amount of flesh, and many forbidden parts like the jaw, the nose, the neck and so on !

      • Kim .C

        That was a joke right? I’ve seen worss on prom night.

      • erin

        Wtf?? Just coz your religion forbids women to show those parts of their body doesn’t mean all women in the western world have to do so as well!! There is nothing slutty or provocative about what she’s wearing so you might as well build a bridge and get over yourself!

  • Rachel

    So she not Muslim shes latino .american dumbass it doesnt matter if she covers most of face her or not its none of your business sides also the person who wrote this is idiotic because if she was that slutty none of the Lil kids or girls that look up to her would not look up to her at all Heck their parents wouldn’t even listen to her.

  • Larry

    This is an old picture set. But maybe her perfume should be airdropped over the middle east. Then the area wouldnt smell like an open sewer.

  • Mel

    What is with you jerk-offs and this Muslim shit you come up with? Do you really not have anything better to do with you pathetic lives except be dip shits?

  • Ithinkyouareanidiot

    Please tell me you joking…..if not….welll….I hope you dont have children…one of you is enough in this world…If you find her offensive for personal or religious reasons then dont look at her…she is not making you loook….Goodness….I hate stupid people who want to force people to live by their beliefs, everyone has the right to their own (well unless they physically hurt other people). Just man up and shut up. =)

  • Kaci

    ahahha I feel like the author of this is just like every other 13 year old, angry beiber fan. Real mature.

  • Kim .C

    Does the guy who wrote those remarks really believe that shes in a tub of perfume? It’s dyed water. That and the fact that she’s dating little Justin Beiber makes me doubt that she has sex which is needed to have sexually transmitted diseases. Sounds to me like this guy just want’s to talk shit.

  • Smith

    I LOVE HER BOOBIESSS!!!! ( . Y . )

  • Name

    There is a video clip of her eating her own boogers. Google it and see. She’s yucky.