Selena Gomez Nude In Sheer Stockings

Selena Gomez nude stockings

Selena Gomez appears to spread her legs while wearing sheer stockings in the nude photo above.

The only thing positive that can be said about this Selena Gomez nude is that at least she was considerate enough to lay down a towel, so that when she is banging the donkey their sex fluids won’t stain that beautiful hardwood floor.

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          • Arcachnar

            @Team America I think it is most likely that they accuse someone for using several personalities on this site, because of certain similarities in their posts. Example? Of course. Having the same (mis)spellings, grammatical errors, syntax and contents over and over again is not a coincidence. Brain dead? As if the ALL the Americans and Australians have a great intellect? No.

            Whitefella? Perhaps, perhaps not. I have not seen much of its posts to make a final conclusion.

            Pete? It is just Pete. He NEVER is or was with the KKK.

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        • Lasties!

          Didn’t Brother Obama punish Osama Bin Laden???

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      Except Adolf Hitler was a left wing socialist & was all for government handouts.

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        • Xiang Tsun

          Buddhism and Islam are the only correct religions on the planet. America is full of pestilence and should be cleansed and ruled by the iron fists of the Japanese and the Muslims.

    • Arcachnar

      @’Adolf’ You really should have known that the real Adolf disliked America and the most Arabic countries were allied with him. Same common enemy….Jews.

      • Observer


        Was Muhammad a real man?

        • Umar the Brown

          Dead Observer,

          By even asking such a question, you have earned a Fatwa. There is no dissension or vacillation in Islam, homoqueer. No place for your asking questions. You have to learn the hard way.

          • Observer

            LoL .I am trying to help the poor Muslim bastard Umar. Notice how he conveniently avoids answering the question?

            Let this be a lesson to all those seeking to help out the retarded Muslims – Start with Muhammad and further on, inform them about Temporal lobe epilepsy that Muhammad suffered from.


          • Observer

            I am also another fail fag Team America/Whitefella persona.

          • Observer

            The impersonation disease is nearing epidemic proportions! I am so deeply offended o almighty impersonator :)

          • Observer

            It seems that Umar may have misunderstood. I was talking about helping Arcachanar…….NOT Umar! Read my 1st comment again and this time include a comma after bastard.

            Arcachanar is the one who requires help as he is a real muslim. So no need to be agitated and impersonate me Umar. I am on your side!

        • Arcachnar

          @Observer Avoiding? Do you really think that I have the time to read ALL those posts and answering them all? No.

          Yes. Muhammad really existed. There are enough sources to confirm that. He also had many children by different wives, conquered Mecca, united tribes, unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam, etc.

          Retarded Muslims? Ridiculous.

          • Whitefella

            Not guilty, your honour. I have no idea who this Observer is or what the fuck any of this this lot are on about. OoMa Browneye, please do us a favour: Get that pee shooter of yours out and get rid of them all.

          • Observer


            Ok, so now you admit that he was a Man, a real Human being. Yes? Please remember this for later.

            Now tell me, since he was just a human like us, it is obvious that he had emotions like us. Yes? Eg. Greed, Jealousy, anger, love, sympathy, kindness etc. Basically, anything that we have….he must have had too because he was human like us. Yes?

            Now, just like we all fall ill sometime, suffer from various diseases from small to big, it is probable that he also used to get sick. Cough, cold, fever etc? Yes?

            So it is also possible that he had Epilepsy . Yes? (Don’t you dare say no – You admitted he was a Human being like us)

            Just reply to me with an answer in Yes or No. No need for ANY explanation, justification whatsoever ok? Just Yes or No. Possible or not?

          • Arcachnar

            @Observer I think we had a misunderstanding here. I thought that you asked me IF he was REAL not some kind of fantasy. Sorry. It has been a long day.

            Sick? Perhaps.

          • Observer

            Perhaps means Yes, it is possible, right?

            Now tell me, you do know that when Muhammad had those revelations he used to hear bells, he used to have sweat even on cold days, he used to feel paranoid, depressed, scared. Yes?

            These are telltale signs of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (Complex Partial)

            In other words, He used to have seizures which made him hallucinate and as a result he “thought” that he was seeing Jibreel, and talking to Allah. Get it?

            I am a muslim too Arcachanar. But I won’t be for long. If you are a rational person who is able to reason and overcome brainwashing, I am sure you will be able to realize the truth soon.

          • Observer

            We all lie during our lifetimes. Yes? We all make up stories sometime. Yes?

            If we knew that our stories and lies would bring peace in our communities, make them stop fighting against each other, and unite them……don’t you think we will lie and make up stories?

            Of course we will! Also, Muhammad did not remember that he had seizures because it causes amnesia, but the aura, the hallucination, that a person can remember.

            Muhammad believed all of that happening and told it to Zayd and Ali and others and they wrote it down. It might be true that he believed that he was not lying, because he believed “saw” it, but we all can distinguish truth from fantasy, can’t we?

            Even if the guidelines that he set in the Quran were for the betterment of the people, it was at a time when it was required. NOT ANYMORE! It is 2013 now, don”t you think its about time already?

            Think about it

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  • FatAssBitchesFTW

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