Selena Gomez Naked With Legs Spread

Selena Gomez naked

Selena Gomez appears to be sitting naked with her legs spread as sparks from the eternal hellfire rain down upon her.

Clearly the day is near in which the ground will open up under Selena Gomez, and she will sucked down into hell were she will burn for all eternity for her crimes against Islam.

Selena Gomez must know that Allah can only stand so much depravity before he decides to come down and open up a can of whoop ass on naked sluts spreading their legs, and showing off their filthy diseased lady parts.

  • Paulie

    What do you call two blacks on one bike?

    Organized crime!

    What do black men do after sex?

    15 years to life.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    This infamous fence jumper belongs on my plantation gathering tobacco to be sold to idiot injuns and picking cotton so I have extra socks to stuff in the mouths of negros when they begin to talk, which is strictly forbidden on my plantation.

    As a wetback, she might also be good for cleaning the shitter that the slaves use or even be allowed to clean my porcelin throne. That would be a glorius day for Selena and her family.


    • aghmed

      White trash pete, it is too bad that your trailer park family subsists on food stamps and your mother’s meager proceeds from sucking google cock behind the liquor store. You shall never afford slaves, unlike my oil rich family.

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        The only oil you own is in your hair from months and months of not showering.

        The Kellp Plantation has been in my family for more than 200 years and we have employed slaves even to this day. We consider this place our own sovereign nation and we will do as we wish……including executing googles and muslims.

        Suck that mofo


        • Arcachnar

          In Alabama?

          • The west is the best


            That’s what he said stupid mofo

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Dumb asshole

            Don’t enter in to a conversation with a KKK warrior unless you’re invited…..and you weren’t.

            Its a good way to get yourself executed.


          • Arcachnar

            KKK warrior? Where? Because you are not and never were of the KKK. Just like the plantation of yours. If it only really existed.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Achy anus

            I am KKK like you are a homo butt banger….and there’s no doubt your a butt pirate.

            The Kellp Plantation has been in the family since 1806 and has produced much of the cotton for the high end retailer Walmart to produce its fine formal wear. The Hanes brand has also been a client of our for almost 25 years.

            With that kind of work load and production….we’re always looking for new and more slaves.

            If you weren’t a big time homo….you’d have a shot.

            Suck dong mofo


          • Arcachnar

            Sure. You are of the KKK. Just like the moon is made of cheese, right? If that ‘plantation’ of yours was well known, it would have been mentioned on the internet. Nothing about them. There is no such plantation in Alabama.

          • The west is the best


            Your a lying paki bastard you say you don’t live in the USA Lies you do I have found you live in cleveland ohio your 30 and live in your mamas basement and work part time at the 7-11 store selling slurppie drinks in the store and your kind of slurppies behind the store.

          • Arcachnar

            @The West found me? Hahaha. That’s even more wrong. Keep dreaming. I don’t live in the US or any English spoken countries.

          • The west is the best


            Lying sack of paki shit you know it’s true hows the weather in ohio? sell any slurppies today the store ones or the back of the buildings ones?

          • Arcachnar

            @The West Still wrong. I do not live in any state of the USA. Not only I do not live with my parents anymore for a long time, (I already live on my own at the age of eighteen years old) but I do not work in any shop or stores as well.

            Now, Ohio? Why that state? What is so interesting about that one?

    • Abdullahurafuckinidiot

      You need to be killed you racist fuck.

      • erika

        What do you call a google priest?
        Holy shit.

        • erika

          Why do googles like basket ball?
          It involves running, shooting and stealing.

          • Leanne

            Please die. Drown yourself.

          • Kahlid

            Leanne the Google Lover

            We all know you like google cock and have HIV but stop defending your mating with animals. It is obscene and against Allah.

            When the Holy Djihad finds you, you will be lapidated.

            Suck that and not STD infected coon cock, harlot!

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

          • erika


            This one is dedicated to you

            What’s a googles idea of foreplay?
            “Don’t scream or I’ll cut you, bitch.”

          • Rasool

            Well said brother kahlid

        • Olivia


          • erika


            This one is dedicated to you

            What is a google on a bike?
            Bike Thief.

  • The Guy with the EyE

    its a OK pic..I guess lil TO fake for my tastes

  • yasser hussien islam

    This picture almost looks real! ICE still needs to deport her! We have enough mexican prostitutes as it is!! And the Cartels are adopting our Jihadists’ use of decapitation. Fuck.those heathen drug.dealers ALLAH is wacthing.

  • Selena Gomez

    Hi guyze, funny jihadists and non,
    Just dropping by to say that this photoshoot was a terrible moment, maybe the worst I did !
    It was very cold. I even had Miguelito, my good old tijuana donkey brought to my trailer to warm me the following night lol.

  • Umar the Brown

    The last time I saw a slit that small was when my son Umar III slit his teddy bear’s neck with a Islamatech Scimatar for Baby ™. I gave him a good shaking and told him to try again. I would also like to give Selena’s slit a good shaking and then try again.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Ill spread my pussy for everyone on this site. Why keep photoshopping such beautiful women to this same nasty body? I don’t get it. No one would wanna tongue that little slit. Its not sexy, at all.

    • Ted

      Alissa DiCarlo, youre a nasty cunt and a skanky cum dumpster. Choke to death on a big google dick you greasy pig.

  • Keith

    You’re right actually. It is pretty nasty looking. Out of shape body too.

  • sldfj

    what the fuck this does not look real she is like twice as fat as salena gomez really is

  • logan likes vaginas

    THIS IS SO FUCKIN FAKE I MEAN 3x as fat and 8x as stupid why fucking diss the hottest girl on disney channel? Why not mock chyna ann mclain or some other slut but not selena u photoshopping pricks

  • logan likes vaginas

    THIS IS SO FUCKIN FAKE I MEAN 3x as fat and 8x as stupid why fucking diss the hottest girl on disney channel? Why not mock chyna ann mclain or some other slut but not selena u photoshopping pricks

    • Suhmadick

      DUDE! Chyna ann mclain is LIT fam!

  • The west is the best

    She is getting a cum shower from the many homeless mexicans who are jerking off above her and her pussy lips are red from the gangbang she just had.

  • crossmiester

    id put my cock inbetween her legs

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    If anyone can find and kill this Arachnar mofo……I’ll allow you to vacation on my plantation for as long as you’d like.

    I’ll even allow you to beat the google and wetback slaves…..maybe even use the shitty ones as target practice.


  • salim the executioner

    arachnar is my new slave bah stone him

  • Zamil the Extreme

    Look at that beaten pussy and sinful fishnets. Bleh. I dont know why I came to america now. But i know it wasnt to see this mess. KILL IT FOR ALLAH?

  • mohamed

    this is fake photo bec. if we zoom the neck we will find a small differ in the color

  • spiro621

    this is fake photo

  • Allah

    This is Allah. Yeah. The big guy. When I made Selena, I totally knew you’d all jerk to her. Hell, I do. Sometimes I take control of Justin Biebers body and bust that beaver (ha… Did ya see what I did there?). Yeah.

    What does a white supremacist say when cum is in his throat?
    Oh my GAWD!!! That’s like 300 calories!!!

    Who is the head of the gay gay gay?
    The grand faggin’!

  • Bitch shit

    Oh my pickled transvestite tits, I was at this concert!! She queefed all over the audience and I shat my pants. Only by pants I mean her vagina, and by shat I mean diarrhea.

  • Mother fucker

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  • Clinton Lewis

    I want this so bad with Selena she have turned me so on I will do anything for this

  • Clinton Lewis

    I want this so bad with Selena she have turned me so on I will do anything for this